Ray Rice pleads not guilty, applies for pretrial intervention program


Ravens running back Ray Rice was in a New Jersey courtroom Thursday to enter a plea on the third-degree charge of aggravated assault he faces as a result of an altercation with his then-fiancee and current wife at an Atlantic City casino in February.

Justin Fenton of the Baltimore Sun reports that Rice pleaded not guilty to the charges and applied for a spot in a pretrial intervention program. If accepted into the diversionary program, which New Jersey uses for first offenses “when such services can reasonably be expected to deter future criminal behavior,” Rice would have no criminal record associated with the case.

Prosecutors said Thursday that they consented to Rice’s application for the program. Should Rice be rejected, they have also offered a plea deal that would include probation and anger management classes without any jail time.

Given those two options, it looks like Rice will not spend any time as a guest of the state as a result of his actions. Whichever path Rice winds up taking, the potential for NFL discipline will remain on the table.

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  1. This is part of what the rehab program states:
    “the rehabilitative model emphasizes that social, cultural, and economic conditions often result in a defendant’s decision to commit crime.”

    Yeah, that really applies in this case since he lives in the hood and is just trying to make ends meet – oh, wait…

  2. Wow, all these ultra-gentle punishments for disturbing acts of violence. I now realized that any of us can go out and do the most heinous things and we just have to point to the precedent in cases like Ray Rice to basically walk away scott-free.

  3. Additionally, you can only qualify for the pretrial intervention program if you have had a completely clean record before the current charges are levied, the crime is not considered a serious offense and there’s an assumption that no future crimes will be committed after completion of the program. Although what Rice is charged with is reprehensible, I find it odd that the video with allegedly more specifics hasn’t been discussed or shown. If it was such a strong case, he wouldn’t have been offered such a minor plea. The video allegedly shows the event happening and if it was a severe as claimed, a minor plea like probation wouldn’t have been offered.

    Either way, they both should be punished for resorting to violence.

  4. Will Rice be banned from the NFL for life? Oh, that’s right, he didn’t say something offensive, he only did something offensive and broke the law in the process.

  5. My bet is that in light of the prosecutors’ plea deal and Rice’s own effort to enter a rehabilitation program, he’ll face a 1-game suspension for 2014. If/when that happens, I hope he’ll serve it with no questions asked.

  6. It must be fun to be rich and famous so normal laws and consequences don’t apply to you. I, on the other hand, must follow all laws and be threatened with the possibility of maximum punnishment allowed.

  7. Getting on an elevator with this guy is like entering Thunderdome. Two people enter, one person leaves.

  8. Does anyone actually know if he knocked out his then fiancé? There has been no evidence to prove that just talk that there was a video that showed it.
    Obviously his past history and his marriage and counseling with his now wife are what’s making this a quick resolution.

  9. It’s amazing that the concept of “no prior criminal record or history of domestic violence” has somehow escaped the vast majority of comments here. What Ray Rice allegedly did was reprehensible, and he’s already taken steps to make amends for it. He still faces potential punishment from the league office, so he isn’t getting off “scott free,” as some have put it.

  10. I know some of you complain that it must be nice to be rich, or not having faith in our justice system. However, considering Ray and his wife married after the altercation occurred I can bet without a doubt that the prosecution is not getting the cooperation they would like from the “victim”. It’s very hard to prosecute a case like that without a willing victim. They are probably trying to get what they can out of this case. This happens a lot, regardless of social or economic status.

  11. Glad he can put this behind him and get back to his 2yd per carry average. Not sure about a pretrial intervention, but a RB intervention couldn’t hurt.

  12. I wonder if his pre-trial diversion program will include avoiding elevators with video surveillance?

  13. After all is said and done…no matter what his punishment is…when any football fan hears his name…or watches him play…they will forever think of him as scum.

  14. To those wondering about the plea. Ray Rice is getting married to her(if not already) and that means she doesn’t have to testify against him. His money tastes too good to her. The municipality rarely has cases when a victim is also a spouse and is okay with the violent act. This is all the municipality can do. This also allows Roger Goodell to continue his disappearing act when it comes to crimes committed by NFL players.

  15. Guilty until proven innocent …
    Isn’t that the American media today?

    And don’t pretend you aren’t the same way with guys on other teams…

  16. He knocked out his fiancé. Knocked her out! This is where the NFL needs to make a statement about violence against women. They should suspend him for 8 games. The Players’ Association will appeal the length and probably get it reduced to 1-2 games, but at least the league will be sending a message to their fans that they are against domestic violence.

  17. He’s been offered a sweetheart deal, and still bucks for being left off scot free. It’s bad enough no one seems to be treating this seriously. It’s worse that he is trying to deny any responsibility for his actions.

    If I were the Ravens, I would have made it clear that his actions are unacceptable. Period. I understand that the League trumps them in terms of punishment, but standing by him so strongly sends a message that violence against women is OK. Which doesn’t surprise me in the least.

  18. Instead of being known as a decent palyer who won a super bowl, he will always be remembered for beating her up even if it isn’t on his record.

  19. I’m sure the victim had millions of reasons to stand by her $man$ and marry him. My bet is that there is no pre-nup.

  20. An intervention program? Sounds like a program for at-risk teenagers…

    Did the prosecutors see the same security tape we all saw with his wife completely unconscious?

    NFL and the prosecutor are both jokes.

  21. If that was your daughter or mother he knock the crap out of, would you be ok with the plea? But he had no prior criminal history…

    Any male that places hands on a woman is no man.

    The commish should issue an 8 game ban and donate his game checks to a battered woman’s center.

    He needs to leave the hitting out on the field.

  22. Did someone really suggest an 8-game suspension for this? If Ray Rice had any kind of prior history of crime at all – domestic violence or otherwise – you *might* have a case. Instead, we are talking about a first-time offender. How is that fact escaping so many people?

    I’m not excusing the severity or nature of the crime here. Ray Rice is working on making amends for his actions. He already went to couples counseling with his now-wife, and he will likely be entering the intervention program and/or anger management counseling.

    Nobody seems to keep in mind that the prosecution isn’t seeking jail time either. It’s not like Rice and his lawyer(s) had to negotiate down; they realized Rice is a first-time offender and an active member of the community in Baltimore. They took all that in account when determining a legal course of action. Why does no one think about this?

  23. If he has another year like last year his time with the Ravens is limited. Not only off the field but on the field as well.

  24. Was she unconscious? Yes

    Could she have passed out from drinking too much? You bet.

    Could he have hit her with an uppercut? Yes.

    If they have tape of him throwing a punch & knocking her out, then he deserves jail time & a season long or lifelong suspension. If not, too many variables to say for sure what happened.

    I’ve had teammates pass out drunk at bars & I’ve thrown them over my shoulder to get them out of the bar. Not being totally sober myself at the time, I’m sure a video of any of those incidents wouldn’t make me look like the saint I am…..

    If there were enough proof, the prosecutors would have pushed this harder. At least that’s my guess. And, if he did knock her out (see a lot of people leaping to that conclusion on here), he has no business on an NFL field.

  25. This is the part of the story that most amazes me:

    “… as a result of an altercation with his then-fiancee and current wife …”

    Hard to believe she married him, unless the millions were too much to pass up. A little piece of advice. If he hit you once he WILL most definitely do it again. No amount of “I’m sorry baby, it will never happen again” will change that.

  26. Sorry I didn’t read this article I couldn’t get past “Ray Rice pleads not guilty”

  27. Lucky for him he is an NFL player otherwise he would be in jail. Whew! Listen kids, as long as you are an athlete and are descent, you can do whatever you want so make sure you concentrate on sports in school!

  28. The bigger question is who will packers pick in next years draft as they will have the #1 pick

  29. Wow. Lots of stones being thrown at Ray. I hope you all know what kharma is….

  30. This case will never get to trial. He will complete his PTI and the case will be dismissed or he will plea to a lesser charge before the real video footage is released. Goodell will adhere to his usual double standard and probably issue no suspension.

  31. He knocked out a woman cold.
    Suspend him for life Goodell. Let’s see how many players threaten to walk if it’s not done.

  32. I would say that applying for the diversion program is admitting he is guilty of beating his fiancee.

  33. He knocked his wife out cold. There’s video proof of it. Baltimore fans defending this criminal is almost as bad as the act itself. That he’s still on the team speaks volumes about the ravens organization. Ravens fans are the first ones to hammer other organizations for their players, but their own get a pass.

  34. I’m sure if he played for he Saints, good ol’ Rog would figure out some way to take away draft picks. #Quadruple standard

  35. I think most people,posting about what a turd Ray Rice is know what karma is and want to get his payback with a legal punch. But he has lost in the court of public opinion as have the a Ravens and their fans. Karma is no respect for an organization that supports abusers of women…Suggs and Rice.

  36. Not trying to defend Rice at all, what he did was reprehensible. However, his celebrity status has nothing to with him not serving jail time. He was a first time offender and NJ has this system set up for his kind of case.

    Jethro down at the quality motor inn would get the same treatment if he were a first time offender…

  37. “How do you plead Mr. Rice?”


    While I like diversionary programs in comcept, I am amazed that they apply to violent offenders and still more amazed that it means no criminal record. He didn’t call her a name, or take her cell phone away – he knocked her unconscious, then draggged her.

    It ins’t “he said/she said” It was on camera.

  38. All the people saying it was on camera that he hit her – just stop. The video released so far does not show him hitting her, it shows him dragging her. Maybe he did hit her, and if he did maybe there is video showing it, but the video released so far does not show it.

    And Ravens fans are NOT defending hitting a woman, so just stop with that, too. They are saying he should bear some consequences. More than, for example, James Harrison ever did.

  39. Why is everyone saying it’s on camera or video? I haven’t seen it? Has anyone else? Or are you just speculating. This was an argument between a drunk girl and a drunk guy. Nothing more than that until there is proof. Move on already.

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