Report: Bucs willing (or maybe eager) to trade Mike Glennon


The Buccaneers signed quarterback Josh McCown this offseason, and might draft a future starter next week.

Which means they have a gently used former third-rounder, which could be yours for the price of less than that.

According to Adam Caplan of ESPN, the Bucs are willing to trade quarterback Mike Glennon.

Last year’s third-round pick started 13 games, and was not awful. There were stretches when he looked downright competent, so someone who valued him a year ago might be willing to part with something to bring him in at a reduced rate.

The Bucs have been mentioned as a possible landing spot for Johnny Manziel, so with McCown already on hand for short-term cover, Glennon would be extraneous.

The Bucs could also stand to add some picks, as they’re short a fourth-rounder (the remnants of the Darrelle Revis trade).

63 responses to “Report: Bucs willing (or maybe eager) to trade Mike Glennon

  1. Are any of Schiano(head coach), John McNulty(offensive coordinator) or Mike Sullivan(QB coach) hired by a NFL team ?

  2. Was glennon really that bad?? If Reggie Mac hadn’t traded some of our draft picks for Flynn/schaub , I’d be interested for the right price.

  3. Odds are that there will be a draft day trade. Unnamed team trades for Ryan Malett. The Patriots take some of those picks for Mike Glennon (since Schicano has a hard on for him), and every one is happy for a year.

  4. As a bucs fan. I think the bucs staff is completely stupid to put a 10 yr back up in over Mike Glennon. He was the rookie qb of the year. If they do this, I hope to see McCown to be flop. If anything McCown should be Mike Glennon’s back up, since we already know he’s a good bench warmer.

  5. The Bucs pretty much didn’t win anything last year until they installed Glennon at QB. They played markedly better after that, and Glennon, as a rookie in a tough situation, won several games and put up a 19-9 TD/INT rate.
    For that, his reward is to be trade bait?! Doesn’t make a lot of sense…
    I would have to think that there would be several teams interested in him as their potential starter, or to at least compete for the starting job, and would be willing to give something up for him in return.

  6. Lovie Smith is off to a great start! *crickets*

    At least they have those cool new uniforms to boost morale… *record screeching noise*

  7. Mike Wherever you go I hope you become the next Joe Flacco. How can The Glazers let this happen. Glennon was the BEST rookie QB in the league last year.

  8. depending on what they want for him, he would be an upgrade over current Detroit backups Dan Orlovsky and Kellen Moore. But i wouldn’t give up more than a 7th for him.

  9. I watched all of two Bucs game this past season (both losses), but Glennon looked solid to me. Good zip on his passes, seemed to have control of the offense. I saw some real potential from a guy taken in the third.

  10. Writing was on the wall. They signed McCown and were still talking about a qb. Glennon is okay but they don’t see him as a star. He belonged to the last regime, L&L want their own guy.

  11. And here goes Lovie. They would be better served to start to young man instead of McKown. I guess this means they are drafting one in Rd 1 or 2.

  12. Would love the Lions to get him. Rather have a guy that had 13 games under him than a 5th round guy from the Div II school of your choice competing with Ovlovsky to back up Stafford.

  13. The Browns should be all over this. Let him compete with Hoyer and the best man starts.

  14. Maybe Arizona would be a good landing spot for him. Would put some real pressure on Palmer, and Glennon would probably be the starting QB by 2015. I’d be surprised if any of the rookies in this year’s class have a better rookie season than what Glennon just had.

  15. Glennon played very well last year (better than any other rookie QB selected that year) and statistically had a season that ranked solidly in the middle of the rookie seasons from some other QB’s named Flacco, Manning, Romo, Dalton, Rothlesberger, Brady, Brees, Rivers, Ryan, Wilson and Luck. It’s even more impressive when you consider that for a large chunk of the season, the Glennon led Bucs offense lacked key offensive weapons (Mike Wiliams, Doug Martin, Mike James, Tom Crabtree, etc..) and was forced to play behind an O-line in a state of turmoil and chaos…not to mention the whole Josh Freeman debacle and poor coaching and playcalling! With so many other holes to fill on this team (2-starting Guards needed, #2 WR needed, slot WR needed, OLB needed, depth at DT and OT, DE, TE…), it makes a lot more sense to keep an experienced young QB (who had a 19/9 TD vs. INT ratio his rookie year) and fill the holes in these other areas with our first few draft picks! Let’s also not forget that Lovie Smith has named a 35 year old journeyman signal caller who’s started about the same number of games in the last 5 years as Glennon did last season! Odds are McCown doesn’t last through October!

  16. Glennon is a smart QB and very Accurate. His trouble is his release time (holds the ball too long) this causes him to take sacks and hit the deep ball in stride. He misses a lot of plays. That’s pretty much the sign of a rookie QB. I think he has talent, but he isn’t on the same stratosphere as Johnny Football.

    If the bucs get Johnny Glennon =gone
    If the Bucs Dont get Johnny Glennon stays.

    I’d hate to see him go but it is what it is… Go Bucs!

  17. The thing that Glennon has, is he is accurate, and for a rookie thrust into the limelight, he was a good decision maker. His downside is he’s not a great scrambler and lacks some agility. He doesn’t seem to have fully grown into his body. He tailed off a little bit toward the end, but the offensive injuries were crippling at that point. Half of the offensive starters were gone.

    Obviously the Bucs are looking QB in the draft or they wouldn’t be parting with Glennon.

  18. If the Vikings don’t get Bridgewater or Manziel, I would be ALL for trading our 4th rounder for Glennon. He would be a great fit for Norv’s offense. I watched him play last year and he played pretty well. I’d rather have him than garrapollo, carr, or mettenberger in the 2nd.

  19. Arizona would be a wonderful landing spot, cause you know Arians would make Glennon a very good QB with some time to sit. It’s amazing how many Bucs fans want Glennon gone, as if somehow Bucs fans know what a good QB looks like.

  20. Here I thought the Bucs were only a couple pieces away going into last year but I guess they are in full on rebuilding mode. My squad even picked up their best player just so we could throw him away. I miss when the ViKings used to annihilate them twice a year. Vikings lead series 31-22-0. (i saved you the trouble of a search)

  21. Sounds like the Lovie affair in Tampa is already over. Wasn’t he brought in to fix the defense?

  22. come on lovie show the bears you so much smarter than they are and trade him to them. would be a solid back up for Cutler and if Trestman could make McCown look good imagine what he can do with a young qb with talent. for that reason alone it will never happen and if he is traded it will be to a lousy team like the raiders or browns,teams that have no chance to win and will make him look good for trading him.

  23. All the arguments made by the Glennon fanbois are the exact same type of arguments you could have made about Freeman before the year started. Freeman’s stats as a rookie and throughout his career (before this train wreck of a year) were very solid for a young QB.

    I probably have never seen a coach (Schiano) torpedo a career more than Schiano. Perhaps one of the worst NFL coaches of all-time.

  24. This makes no sense. Who in thier right mind thinks signing Josh McCown and letting Glennon go is a good thing for this team? It forces the use of a pick on a QB for a team that needs as many picks as it can get…AND they already have a QB at least worthy of a shot. Ridiculous.

    It’s a shame he doesn’t have recent success from another 3rd round QB on his side. Maybe Lovie would like him more?

  25. Are Frazier and Smith allergic to talented players? Frazier walks in and sees a guy like Revis who makes plays and gets INTs. “Hey Lovie, maybe we should go for Chris Cook caliber guys. I don’t like my guys battling and making interceptions”.

  26. Glennon had the best season of any rookie QB taken last year. Where is the Geno Smith rumor. He flat ass sucked. Any team trading for Mike gets a minimum $405k salary for the next 2 years. That is cheap.

  27. A team that needs a QB could do a lot worse. Remember, this is the guy who got the Bucs out to a 21-0 lead on Seattle.

    Bit stiff in terms of mobility, but as far as flaws go, there are much worse ones for a QB to have.

  28. .
    Having Glennon on the roster is an instant QB controversy. Many believe that he performed well as a rookie under difficult circumstances.


  29. I would not give up on Glennon for Johnny Wildcat. I respect Lovie too much to think he would do that, unless forced.

    Wildcat is a wildcard. Each play is an adventure. You never know what you will get. He’s liable to turn a 2nd and 1 into a 3rd and 21. That sandlot stuff will not work in the NFL.

    If Mike Vick with a 4.4 couldn’t do it, this guy running a 4.68 definitely can’t.

  30. For Bucs fans I would hope this is a smoke screen where some team expects Bucs to take a QB and trade up to them. They hit a jackpot getting a 13 game rookie starter in the 3rd round. Why they would want to throw that away seems ridiculous. I seriously don’t think Jeff Tedford will get anything out of McKown like Trestman did. The Bucs have long been a mediocre at best franchise. This may end up just another bad decision piled on all of the others. Hey, they hired Lovie Smith. That is all anyone needs to know.

  31. Pretty hard to evaluate just how badly Glennon sucked last year when he had ZERO protection.
    Surely, One of the worst O lines ever.

    Schiano ran “Cover Nobody” and “Block Nobody”.

    It was definitely good enough for a whopping 4-12 record.

    Did I mention the “loop-d-loo-run in circles” no pass rush?

  32. Offense was never Lovie’s strength in Chicago. He sat in on the Rex Grossman fiasco. He wasn’t GM, true, but had to have had some input on drafting that bust.

    Honestly though, assuming they’re grabbing a QB in the first round and also assuming they could get a 2nd/3rd rounder for him, I’d trade Glennon too. The Bucs could use more picks.

  33. or this could just be part of the smoke screen to make teams think that the Bucs are thinking about a QB at 7, hoping that they can bait a team into trading up to 7, dropping back in the 1st round, getting a solid player of need AND getting multiple picks on top of that.

    and if they do take a QB, i don’t see it happening until the middle rounds, letting him sit for a year or two behind McCown and learn how to play QB in the NFL.

  34. More proof that Lovie is clueless. Hate to see this guy land with Arizona or Minnie because he has Joe Flacco upside. Hope he ends up in Houston.

  35. I really think Glennon did a pretty good job in his rookie year, but this could just be a case of Lovie Smith wanting to start entirely over and wanting to bring in his own QB. I can’t imagine McCown was brought in to be the long term solution for Tampa. He’ll mentor whoever gets drafted or mentor Glennon if he stays

  36. Glennon wasn’t bad last year in a game manager role. The issue was he didn’t make plays when it mattered. For the life of him he couldn’t complete a 3rd and 6 or more. Now how much of that as the high school offense he was playing in that only had one WR? I don’t know.

    If Glennon went to a good team with good personnel with a strong defense I think he could be serviceable with his top end ability being that of Brad Johnson – who lead the Bucs to a Super Bowl win.

    I’m not sure why the Bucs would want to trade him at this point with no replacement in place, and certainly I don’t see the value of giving him away for nearly nothing even if we draft another QB. I think having one vet and two young guys is a good way to go and if it’s obvious Glennon isn’t advancing then you dump him.

  37. This is great news for Glennon.
    Steve Young: Lousy in Tampa Bay, then wins a Super Bowl in San Francisco.
    Trent Dilfer: Lousy in Tampa Bay, then wins a Super Bowl in Baltimore.
    Doug Williams: Lousy in Tampa Bay, then wins a Super Bowl in Washington.
    I see a trend.

  38. He would be attractive to a lot of teams if they can get him for a 4th round pick. If they were going to roll the dice on a mid round QB, Glennon at least has NFL game film and apparently did OK.

    He does look kind of girly in most of the photos I’ve seen of him, especially the “Jazz hands” pic they used on this site in every single post about the guy.

  39. Haha…there’s the Lovie Smith everyone knows. He wouldn’t know how to develop the QB position if he was gift wrapped Andrew Luck. Get ready Bucs fans, you might end up having a solid defense but history shows Lovie’s teams will have zero offense. He blew through OC’s in Chicago and will do it again.

  40. Can someone please explain to me how Glennon who was offensive rookie of the year… Also a 3rd pick suddenly only worth a 4th pick or later?!?!? The man was OFFENSIVE ROOKIE OF THE YEAR! %60 percent completion ratio 19td 2600 passing yards ish, 13games… And suddenly he isn’t even worth a 3rd pick…😐 because of his performance last year I wouldn’t sell him for anything less than a 2rd pick he has that kind of talent

  41. Glennon looks good because of his first few games he played. When other teams figured out you could rush him and mess him up (get him throw on his back foot), they did it consistently his last five starts – where his QB rating stunk up the world. If he was a high quality starter, his QBR should have not have done so poorly. Let’s review them: against Carolina – 73.5, against Buffalo – 40.4 (miserable, worst in the NFL that week), against SF 49ers 75.4, against St. Louis 78.7, and against New Orleans 75.2.

    How did he do before that point? Stellar. He had ratings the previous weeks of 138.4, 137.5, 69.3, and 123.1. Not surprisingly, the Bucs won 3 of those 4 games. The difference was those were his 5-8 starts. By that point, there was plenty of film to figure out his weaknesses – and all five teams from that point on exploited them.

    So please don’t keep telling me about his great average – he started out well, and collapsed when he was figured out by the other teams. He has some trade value, but if he develops into a bona fide starter – it will be a surprise to many.

  42. yeah I do not get the Glennon hate, as he was the best rookie QB of 2013.. admittedly not saying alot vs the 2012 class, but not worth hitting the 1 year eject button

  43. It’s funny all the criticism the Buccaneers are getting. They’re being proactive in a situation, where the current regime inherited a QB that doesn’t have the required skill set to run their offense, where a trade would benefit all parties involved. It’s typical that all these comments are full of skewed views & narrow minds. A trade makes perfect sense. Draft a QB that fits your offense & trade the one who doesn’t, so he’ll get a fresh start somewhere that he’s wanted.

  44. Glennon was a solid rookie and will flourish with his next team. As a Bucs fan, i’m kinda upset bec i felt that he was def a step up. He’s very similar to Matty Ice and could have given us a several winning seasons.

  45. Glennon’s rookie year mirrored his college career. Has definitely got some talent, but doesn’t take it very far. I saw all his games last year. Obviously, you have to take into account that he is a rookie, was stepping into a very bad situation, and missing some important weapons. But his performance alone, was mediocre at best. He did do well enough that he may have some value in a trade. For all those who think Smith is looking at McGowan as the quarterback of the future, calm down. He’ll start a couple of games, but he’s there to be a back-up and mentor. Since he has experience with Smith, also a great guy to have in the locker room. Manziel, Bortles, Bridgewater, Carr…ALL way better than Glennon, who might have gone in the third or fourth round in this year’s draft. Smith is clearing the air from what has been a very toxic environment for the last 4 years, and I see it as a win-win situation for both parties. The most important thing for any football coach is to assemble a group of players who are all on the same page. He’s the first coach since Gruden who actually knows what that page should look like.

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