Report: Falcons not interested in trading up to No. 1 for Clowney

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The Texans have identified the player they’d like to take at the top of the draft, and G.M. Rick Smith said Thursday that the team may trade down to get him.

That disclosure reinforces the idea that the Texans aren’t targeting defensive end Jadeveon Clowney, and that the Texans would trade down with a team that wants to spring up for Clowney.

According to SportsRadio 610 in Houston, the team that intends to trade up to No. 1 isn’t the Atlanta Falcons.

Not long ago, the Falcons were doing little to hide their interest in Clowney.  And speculation had been mounting that the Falcons would trade up to No. 1 to get Clowney.

For the Texans, the more feasible approach would be to take Clowney at No. 1, wait for a trade partner to take the guy the Texans really want (e.g., Johnny Manziel), and then pull an Eli Manning/Philip Rivers trade, 10 years later.

By getting the word out that the Falcons don’t want Clowney, the Texans and the Falcons could be throwing dirt on the notion that the Texans will take Clowney and then trade him to the Falcons, if the Falcons can get Manziel.  Absent that message, the Falcons could be susceptible to being leapfrogged by a team that wants Manziel.  Which would keep the Falcons from getting Clowney, and the Texans from getting Manziel.

So, basically, it still remains impossible to know what to believe at this point.

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  1. …or maybe Clowney didn’t pass the Falcons force plate/aptitude testing.

  2. “For the Texans, the more feasible approach would be to take Clowney at No. 1, wait for a trade partner to take the guy the Texans really want (e.g., Johnny Manziel), and then pull an Eli Manning/Philip Rivers trade, 10 years later.”

    This presumes that the team that takes “the guy the Texans really want” prefers Clowney more than who is sitting on the table when they select. This is hardly a given, considering all the well-documented and growing list of question marks flying around about Clowney coming seemingly from all directions.

  3. To reassure any teams thinking of leapfrogging them, both the Texans and Falcons let it be known that it’s highly unlikely they are going to use their first round pick at all this year. “Sometimes it’s better to just let the draft unfold and see what drops down to you in round two.”.

  4. If the Texans really want Manziel, they’d take him at #1 instead of hoping he falls to another team in order to make a trade for him. That’s what common sense tells me, Mr Florio.

  5. Too expensive for any team to trade up with Houston, and there will be a top player available to meet a pressing need, so why sacrifice valuable picks?

    Not gonna happen. Houston trying to make a market, but nobody’s buying.

  6. For the time being I’ll just guess that Rick Smith postured too aggressively during the negotiation and might have killed the opportunity to make a pre-draft trade.

  7. Since he is widely considered the best player in this years’ draft the Texans should without question take Clowney with the number 1 pick. Even if they don’t want him they can trade him to the highest bidder. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to make a trade for draft picks in this years’ draft. They would also have the option of making a trade for a player(s) currently under contract.

  8. Seems the Big Red Birds will be going for Mack from Buffalo or Robinson from Auburn. I wouldn’t mind them trading back and picking up Barr or Ebron and collecting 6 or 7 linemen.

  9. Seems like another over-hyped #1 pick in a very potentially mediocre draft year that’s been over-hyped by delaying the freakin draft!!! What’s in the suspense roger??

  10. This is the most ridiculous reverse smokescreen I’ve ever seen. Hopefully they don’t employ this in their offense cuz Ryan will get killed. Unless they draft the best OL……..

  11. Please move the draft date back to where it should be next year. This extra 2 weeks of nonsensical blabbering about the same people is getting painful.

  12. JERRY: Just give me some idea of what you think it could be.

    GEORGE: I don’t know if you’re ready for it.

    JERRY: Please.

    GEORGE: I believe that I am about to become the target of a systematic process of intimidation and manipulation, the likes of which you have never –

    JERRY: Hold it, hold it! You’re right, I’m not ready for this.

  13. Just draft already.

    Enough of the circus act leading up to it.

    When you think about it, most of these players will be out of the league in 3 years anyway.

    What’s the big deal?

  14. Texans, Browns, and Jags are all taking QB’s. out of those only cleveland will pass on one if Manziel is taken.

    Texans would love to trade down because Bortles will be avaliable later.

    To the Bridgewater fans, you are kidding yourself if you don’t think he shot himself in the foot regarding his draft stock. He had two big games this year at the end of the season to show how good he really was, and he fell flat on his face in both of them. This makes people really wonder about his stats, and perhaps even how much of a boon his ability to learn an offense really is. Maybe the offense he learned wasnt’ that great to begin with but the lack of competition in the big east boosted it. Tape is worth 85% of the grade, but those prime time games took “A+” tape and made it a “B+”
    Either way, on prime time TV, big game, Bridgewater only hurt himself, then he did nothing but take steps backwards after the season (Combine, Senior Bowl, especially his own pro day) If you can’t impress on pro day, a day made solely for you to impress, then your stock plummets.

    Lastly, there is the interviews. He was hyped about how smart and charming he was, yet underwhelmed in both ESPN interviews, and the pritate team interviews.

    So, Bridgewater is currently the lowest of the three, but even then, Jacksonville may take him because they don’t like Manziel.

    So, the most likely scenario is:
    1 Bortles
    2 Team Trades to get Clowney
    3 Bridgewater (unless someone trades up w/ Jags)
    4) Manziel.

    The only way that falls through with Cleveland is if they become certain that Manziel will be available later in the 1st round, then they will go WR, QB. But Manziel isn’t going to fall far enough for Cleveland to get the deal they want.

  15. As a Falcons fan I’m glad, theoretically I’d rather Rudy than Clowney. It’s much better to have a small un-athletic guy willing to bust his a$$ than a 7’0 guy that runs a 4.2 who’ll miss games because they feel sick.

  16. They shouldn’t be. That isn’t their primary need, besides they made the mistake of using up picks before. Don’t need to do that again.

  17. If the Texans stay put at number 1 i have this gut feeling its going to be John Manziel…Im not obviously a expert but just looking at there roster I see 3 QBs and you ask who..? well the starter out of the 3 would be Ryan Fitzpatrick and then the other 2 will battle it out for the backup…now even a sports page reader like me and fan on the outside could figure that out dont need to hire a GM pay him all that salary when a guy like me can pick that 1st pick for need…now if you trade thats diffrant i would trade down and get few extra picks for a team desperate for Clowney…this draft is loaded with talent and if you did your homework you can grab serious talent in late rounds …

  18. Bee Ess. The Falcons would move heaven and earth to get Clowney. As a Panthers fan, I am convinced they just know there’s noway to get him, so we hear this.

    It’s just them saying, “well we didn’t want you anyway”. The best player in the draft, just happens to play the spot where you need the most help, but you don’t want him …yeah OK.

  19. ATL needs offensive line help if they plan on being contenders. If they’re smart that will be their first pick.

  20. every team is so afraid to pass on Clowney.. Im sure next Thursday at about 2 pm, a story will leak that Houston has taken clowney because I just can’t see a team willing enough to give up so much for a guy that is considered such a huge risk

  21. One problem is the idiot trade the redskins did to move up for rg3. Now the texans think they should be given a kings ransom for the first pick. There are not stupid teams every year.

    I would swap first round picks and grab an extra second round pick if it meant we could still get Manzel. What’s the alternative? Take Manzel first and get nothing else. The texans should not waste a pick on such an obvious bust like clowney (3 sacks).

  22. Atlanta does not have the assets to move up to #1. They have one of the thinnest teams in the NFL as it is, they can’t give up three or four picks for one player and expect to compete with the Saints in the NFC South.

  23. If the Texans know who they want… why don’t they just take him at #1? If there’s a guy they want, particularly a QB, then it’s a moronic move to start messing around with draft position. If they trade down I hope someone else takes the guy they want.

  24. They haven’t competed with the Saints since 2005…NOLA owns Atlanta…15-3 since 2006. Another sweep is coming this year…starting with a week one beatdown.

  25. I’d take Clowney at #1 and a QB in rd. 2 if I were GM of HOU. If the QB isnt there, take Van Noy to lead off rd. 2…Clowney and Van Noy with what HOU already has with Watt?? WOW!

  26. Falcons: We’re not interested, never have been in Jakanian Clowney. Not even sure if that’s his name or not. We have our eye on another player who we feel with fall to us and we have no interest of trading up in this draft.

    Fast forward to May 8th…

    Berman: Ok, the Texans are on the clock…wait, we have a trade. The Falcons have traded up to the first pick and the card is on the way to the table.

    Commish: (Boos!!!) And with the first pick, the Falcons select Jaclavian Clowney.

  27. Which means they desperately want Clowney ; ) I have heard and there is a comment here that I don’t get . Why do people thick Mack will be available to the Falcons at 6 ….He won’t . There’s not a chance .

  28. Matt Ryan (and his contract) plus #6 for Houston’s #1. Houston’s new head coach gets to work his QB magic and ATL gets Clowney and best available QB in round 2 and a lot of extra $ to spend on perennial pro bowlers up and down the roster.

  29. Lets look at the 5 players that will be taken before the Falcons pick.

    Possibly Bortles/ Matthews/Mack

    either way the falcons fill a hole on Oline or DL/LB. Mack is a great shot of still being there, if not they are going to get a great OT

  30. To everyone that thinks the Falcons should take Mack instead of Clowney I have news for you – they still have to trade up to get him. No way Mack falls to 6. If they want a pass rusher they have to trade up, otherwise they can set at six and take Mathews or Lewan which might be the smart thing to do.

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