Reports: Browns signing both Vince Young and Tyler Thigpen


As it turns out, the Browns didn’t make a decision on which extra veteran quarterback to keep, they kept both of them.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Browns have signed Tyler Thigpen to a one-year deal, while Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network reports they’re going to sign Vince Young too.

Both quarterbacks were in minicamp with the Browns this week on a tryout basis, and both apparently made a good impression on Cleveland coaches.

Many thought Young was done after last year’s preseason cup of coffee with the Packers. He hasn’t been on a regular season roster since 2011, and had a job waiting on him with the University of Texas.

The former BCS Championship Game-winner gives the Browns some name recognition at the position, where they also have incumbent starter Brian Hoyer and trick-shot artist Alex Tanney.

Of course, the Browns might add even more next week, as they’re still expected to draft a quarterback of the future, again.


77 responses to “Reports: Browns signing both Vince Young and Tyler Thigpen

  1. Vince Young did much better for the Pack during the preseason than Rodgers’ backups did during his injury. Vince isn’t a star, but he would make a better backup than Matt Flynn…

  2. In the biggest screw – job ever, Vince did not win the Heisman. Unless you are saying after Bush was stripped of his. But they never awarded it to the runner up. So yeah, you’re wrong there

  3. It’s too bad Vince did not have the benefit of a full training camp with the Packers last season. I have every reason to believe he would their #2 right now if he had. This is a good move by the Browns.

  4. and i’m sure they’ll still draft one.. so that puts 5 qbs on there roster.. you know what the say “if you have 2 QBs you really have none”…. well how about if you have 5?

  5. If he’s truly taking responsibility for his actions and mistakes nowadays, if he’s intent on being a student of the game and growing as a leader, then I will pull for him–to win the starting job in Cleveland and become the good and uplifting QB he never became for Nashville.

    – Titans Fan

  6. Upon signing, Vince Young promptly declared the Browns to be this year’s Dream Team, in that he is on the roster.

  7. Well they are both fast qb’s with iffy accuracy and kinda short . I am starting to buy the Manziel at 4 hype . I liked Thiggy when he was in KC a couple years back . He used his legs well .

  8. Oh God, why is it so hard to be a Browns fan? I guess Farmer is just hedging his bets against VY having a meltdown un-tying his cleats.

  9. I still refuse to believe Vince Young is only 5 months older than Brandon Weeden.

  10. Love all the hate the Brown’s are getting from signing two POTENTIAL BACKUP QB’s. Hoyer will start the year. Hoyer either does good and keeps his job and rookie QB is #2. Or, Hoyer struggles and moves to #2 on the depth chart and rookie QB will start. Trick shot Tanney will more than likely be gone or signed to the practice squad. Thigpen or Young will be #3 on depth chart, both will not be on the team. The Brown’s are just covering their bases. Any way you look at it Thigpen or Young are better than most if not all the 3rd QB’s in the league. But, Browns Basher’s are always gonna bash.

  11. VY’s Titans-turned-Browns QB coach, Dowell Loggains, never saw Vince at his best (2006) … rather, only saw him at his worst (2008 – 2010) … and is STILL choosing to see him.

  12. As a Titans fan I have no faith in VY whatsoever. That said, it isn’t a bad move to give the guy a looksee & hope that maybe he’s taking his last chance very serious.

  13. With the Browns drafting a QB, I don’t know where this crowded elevator is going. Two of these QB’s will be let off on separate floors going down, no doubt.

  14. Helter Skelter continues
    Just don’t understand this move.
    Browns needed veteran QB to compete with Hoyer.
    Hoyer is not a bonified starter. So to me you need to sign a veteran QB to see who could be your starting QB. Michael Vick or Josh McCown would have been great choices to me.
    Kansas City got Alex Smith a proven starter and turned their season around in one year.
    When Hoyer falters you got these guys to fall back on Young and Thigpen.
    Browns no splash in head coach,no splash in owner,no splash in QBs,
    No splash in playoffs.
    Hopefully I am wrong.

  15. I hope VY does well. Whether self-inflicted or not, he’s had enough bad news to last a lifetime.

  16. LOL, all the hate for a couple guys that will be 3rd string or maybe not even on the team. People act like the Browns are signing these guys to be the #1 and #2 QB for life.

    Meanwhile, the same haters would be praising Vince Young if he was being looked at as a camp arm or back up for *their* team.

    Yawn. Everyone knows how this works.

  17. The browns are showing some wisdom finally, by being proactive, acquiring depth, at all positions. This will be the year the browns start to turn the corner to become perennial playoff contenders, and of course AFC North champions. Go Browns!

  18. As an Eagles fan who absolutely despises the stupid “dream team” thing he stuck us with, I genuinely hope Vince does well and makes the team. He never seemed like a bad guy to me. Finished his UT degree to make his mom happy and was always respectful when he was here.

  19. If I thought that Hoyer’s knee would be good for 16+ games, I’d say the Browns might have all the QBs they need now.

    I have no idea, but I bet the Browns do.

    So, let’s see what happens in the draft.


  20. hope VY blows it again. you had many chances dude, whatever it is, you just dont have it

  21. Great news. This looks like a good spot and the best chance for VY. All Browns QB’s are starting from square one in a new system. The system fits VY. His QB coach was with him during his best season with a 98.6 rating. His OC is a former teammate at Texas. The head coach seems to respect him. It will be interesting to see how the draft & offseason play out.

  22. VY – he won’ t make it to September – guaranteed.

    Should have worked and studied – both obviously required after that stellar wonderlic score

  23. Even as a USC fan, I hope Vince Young finally puts together a decent career. I never like to see kids flame out the way he has with all his internal demons. Don’t know a thing about him, but maybe, just maybe he’s in the right place as one of the posters said above. I wish him nothing but the best.

  24. Well, I guess this is the proof they are not going to draft Derek Carr since he said some teams want to sign his brother to be a back-up and mentor.

  25. TRY AGAIN. — which won won the Heisman? If I remember right, Vince was runner up and Tyler was NO WHERE near that trophy.

  26. Party planners in Cleveland are clearing out their calendars for the party of the year.

  27. This is pretty easy to figure out here. Browns preparing for the arrival of Johnny Football. VY and Thigpen both very mobile quarterbacks who will be able to run the version of the read-option that new OC Shanahan will be installing for Johnny football. Now if only JF will learn to slide or get out of bounds unlike RGIII. Hoyer will be taken to the curb and dropped off like a can of garbage.

  28. getting Vince Young is a great move
    he can be a deent # 2 or 3 QB on the Team
    Tanney & Thigpen will be gone by JULY-AUG bet on it or hey i might be wrong but Young Has Better Skills & is a better Athlete Then All The Other Qbs on da Browns cant wait too get too Radio City Next Week

  29. Here are a trio of interesting responses ( back to back to back ) regarding PFT’s report on Ray Rice eventually having no mention of a criminal record if he goes through a court-sponsored program: 1) “seems reasonable” 2) “reports say only that he allegedly punched” wondering if there was any actual PROOF 3) the last of the three opining that Ray did NOT get off “Scott-Free.” However, there is one person on THIS post, obviously filled with a boundless amount of mercy as well as sound judgement wishing and hoping that VY “blows it again,” given as his REASONED reasoning that, by his math, VY has had “many chances.” Perspective skills…ain’t dey WONDERFUL when mastered?!

  30. Signing someone doesn’t mean guaranteed to be on the roster come opening day. They’d like to see more of these two with actual reps and maybe some pre-season gametime. I’m not sure what other free agent QBs are out there that have the NFL experience of Thigpen or Young,but after the “top tier” ones were signed,the options were limited. I’m not in love with Hoyer like many are. We saw a 2 1/2 games against three mediocre teams and his stats weren’t eye-popping. I’ll give him credit for being a player that fights and obviously motivated his teammates,but anointing him as a savior is nonsense. He needs to play for a season or at least more than 2 games and the new staff knows this. So why not sign some other QBs that were in his former situation…a backup and unemployed.

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