Rick Smith knows who he wants, sees value in trading down


Texans General Manager Rick Smith knows who he wants to select with the first overall pick in the 2014 NFL draft. Unless some team offers him a package of picks that he wants even more.

I absolutely know who I want,” Smith told FOX Sports Southwest. “I know the guys we like. The fortunate thing about having the first pick is I’ve got the pick of the litter, so I will know exactly who I want at that point.”

Most people seem to think the player Smith wants is South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney, but there are those who think he wants Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel, Central Florida quarterback Blake Bortles or Buffalo linebacker Kahlil Mack. The question is whether, at some point in the next week, some team will bowl Smith over with an offer that makes Smith move down.

“Now where the game is played is if there’s an opportunity to move and, in this case, obviously to move back if somebody else wants to come up to that first pick,” Smith said. “Then you weigh what the opportunities are versus who the individual is that you want to take and what that value is relative to the value that somebody might be offering you. But as you move through the draft, obviously you don’t know who’s going to be picked when.”

There will probably be some team that loves Clowney enough to give the Texans a good deal to move up to No. 1. Smith may end up with the player he wants, and some extra picks as well.

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  1. I think it’s either Clowney or Watkins. Possibly Manziel. No way it’s Bortles or Mack, he could trade back a few spots and get either one of them.

  2. I would be trading down since this a very deep draft because the Clown’s lack of work ethic and possible off field issues is just enough to push me in that direction.

  3. Problem with trading down is finding a team to do it. Teams saw what the redskins gave up to draft ‘ a can’t miss guy ‘. Is there really a guy some team would be mortgage their future for?

  4. The Texans aren’t stupid, they know Quarterbacks are hands-down the most influential position.

    The Colts went from 2-14 to 10-6 with Andrew Luck. Am I saying Manziel is on Luck’s level? No.

    But I am saying that Rick Smith is throwing a smoke screen, he want’s Manizel but I can gaurantee the Falcons or someone else trades with them to pick up Clowney.

    File this one away MDS, Texans will trade back and pick up Manziel.

  5. None of the QB’s a worthy of a top 10 pick, he is looking at Clowney, Mack or Watkins ……..

    Costner’s note said “Mack No Matter What”

  6. If anyone thinks that Ryan Fitzpatrick, Case Keenum, or TJ Yates will be Bill O’Brien’s starting quarterback this year, you should probably be locked up in a mental facility.

    This team is drafting a quarterback. They’re just bluffing in hopes that someone will trade up and give them a bounty for Clowney.

    O’Brien had Brady, then Hackenberg, and he’ll now either have Manziel or Bortles…it just depends on how far down they trade.

  7. If he is willing to trade down at all it tells me that Clowney isn’t their pick. They have their eyes on a QB (they need one almost more than any other team). In that regard, if it is Manziel it will throw the whole draft into disarray.

  8. Can we please stop talking about trading down – no team wants to give up that much for the #1 pick, even if they want Clowney. Atlanta is the only team, and even they would have to give up the farm to get him. Trading down isn’t happening.

  9. Take Clowney, then if Manziel is there at #6 and Atlanta wants to trade, trade him to Atlanta for Manziel and a bunch of picks. If he’s not there then just keep Clowney. I’d hate for them to trade out of the top spot and not come away with one of those 2 guys…..

  10. Read between the lines people..

    If he says he knows who he wants, and wants to trade down, that means it isn’t Clowney. Meaning that it’s Manziel.

  11. I’m sure this is a minority view – but I don’t see the Texans taking either Manziel or Clowney. They are not an organization that takes changes on guys with character questions.

  12. He is just trying to get value for his pick to be traded. He will settle for much less what the ‘skins gave up.

  13. Smh at my RAAAYYYDAZZZ and the texans….
    We should have traded pryor for shaub. It would have bee a win-win situation.
    1. It would have saved us a valuable pick in a deep draft.
    2. It would have given houston more leverage in trading out of the 1st pick and still getting manziel.
    how? By getting pryor, they would have appeared to be set at q.b., making it look like they would draft clowney.
    Even if they couldn’t trade the pick, they could try for a draft clowney, and trade with a team that drafted manziel,and gained some more picks.
    even if they couldn’t trade clowney, they would still have h8m AND pryor. ..
    easy peasy…

  14. My opinion is the Texans take Manziel, the Rams then trade with the Browns who take Bortles, Jags trade down with Falcons, Falcons take Clowney, Rams still get Watkins, Raiders do something retarded, Jags take Bridgewater.

  15. “Rick Smith knows who he wants, sees value in trading down”.
    Now all he had to do is find another GM that doesn’t know who he wants but sees value in trading up.

  16. I don’t get the Clowney hate . Yeah he is real lazy . Licking the cheetos dust off his fingers while running a 4.5 shows us he hates work and exercise ; )

    JC will fine in the NFL . I bet he will be great .

  17. Rick Smith likes to talk a lot, say nothing and use words he doesn’t know the meaning of.. For the first 4 years as GM he never went anywhere without his cued up thesaurus on his laptop…… he never made a lick of sense

  18. With the first pick in the 2014 NFL draft, The Houston Texas select….Rick Smith. (after all, he’s the most important – and self preservation is important)

  19. Further, I’d be more interested in knowing who Bill O’Brien wants, seeing as Smith is associated with a failed regime.

  20. Clowney is the best player in the draft. He holds more value for a team running a 4-3 than the Texans running the 3-4.

    In theory the Texan’s best move is to trade down. Falcons or Vikings may be interested in a once a generation DE prospect. You could maybe pull in a 1st rounder this year, a next year first rounder, and a 2nd/3rd rounder this year and STILL get the guy you really want.

    Truly don’t think Clowney would be as good at OLB as he would DE. But the thought of him and Watt on the same side is pretty scary. Tough to throw over that, or block it, or run at it. Basically your playbook would become throw/run right.

    Then you bring corners off that edge since the QB isn’t looking that way to pass anyways.

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