Seahawks looking at Terrelle Pryor solely as a QB

The Seahawks were willing to risk their final draft pick to see what Terrelle Pryor could offer them.

But at the moment, they’re only looking at what he can offer them under center.

Seahawks General Manager John Schneider made it clear Wednesday that the team was viewing Pryor only as a quarterback, after acquiring him for the Raiders for a seventh-round pick.

“Right now, he’s learning the quarterback position and [playing another spot] is not even an option,’’ Schneider said, via Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times.

The size and speed do make it tempting, especially with the top two spots on their depth chart covered.

“The fantasy football guy in me is like, ‘Yeah, Kordell Stewart was great at it,’ ’’ Schneider said, referring to the former Pittsburgh quarterback/receiver.

If the Seahawks get anything out of Pryor, it’s a bonus, although it would also mean that something happened to Russell Wilson, so they’re probably better off never finding out.

23 responses to “Seahawks looking at Terrelle Pryor solely as a QB

  1. Should have been the #2 QB in Philly. Would have been fun to watch/talk about over the summer.

    I bet Kelly didnt want that monkey over Foles shoulder though if he regresses this year.

  2. “I bet Kelly didnt want that monkey over Foles shoulder though if he regresses this year”

    Sterling, is that you?

  3. This is why Seattle is great.

    They are not assuming he can’t play QB like many are. They’ll give him the opportunity to compete. A fair opportunity.

    If he can’t do it my guess is HE will ask to be tried at other positions to help the team. When he’s finally on a TEAM he’ll want to do what he can to help the TEAM.

    Not many teams with even playing fields in the NFL.

    If it happens, forget about it. He, Harvin and Michael along with Wilson, Rice, Baldwin and Lynch… Wow. Talk about shock and awe.

  4. Pryor will replace Wilson as the starting QB by week 5.

    He will then remember he is actually a skinny JaMarcus Russell and lose the job to an undrafted CFL washout.

  5. I am really looking forward to the gadget formation that has Russ, C-Mike, Percy, TP, and Kam Chancellor (shut up, he is the Hawks’ emergency QB) in the backfield. I call it the ClownCar package.

    Bring back the wingback!

  6. I think it is a dumb move to not force Pryor into the wide out position… The guy cant throw a ball to save his life but he is fast as hell and great on his feet he would be excellent as a receiver.. Makes me wonder if they are going to let Wilson walk in FA and just use a run game because it doesnt make sense to bring that guy up here to compete at throwing the ball unless your plan is having a 5-11 season.

  7. He’s going to learn the NFL version of the position over the next couple of years, then be used as trade for another player they need.
    Smart idea. Create your own money basically.

  8. So many remarks. As a former tight end & a life-long Raider fan, I can say with absolute confidence that Terrelle Pryor is a potentially brilliant QB with currently far above average arm strength AND accuracy certainly he can “throw a ball to save his life as one of the many unfathomable Pryor-hating posters so eloquently stated in this thread). If he “sucks” so much, then how did he manage to beat out 3 other quarterbacks including the team’s so-called “great white hype”, Matt Flynn, who the Raiders had paid such a high price to acquire & sign and who was supposed to be the Raiders’ hands-on favorite at the position going into last year’s training camp? (Last time I checked, Flynn was doing a pretty admirable job in Aaron Rodgers’ absence yet couldn’t beat out Pryor for the starting gig in Oakland…hmm….). Furthermore, if Pryor was indeed totally incapable of throwing the ball and was actually plagued by flagrant accuracy issues, doesn’t it stand to reason that these glaring impediments would have been glaringly apparent to the Raiders’ coaching staff? Certainly enough of a concern that he wouldn’t have been given the starting job in the first place?

    The truth is Terrelle Pryor is a dynamic, highly skilled, extremely talented upper-eschelon young NFL-caliber quarterback, the most gifted of which I have seen since Kenny Stabler & Darryl Lamonica. The problem that Pryor had in Oakland (in fact, for all intents and purposes, the ONLY real problem) was simple…Dennis Allen didn’t like him; not AT ALL! For whatever reason, the idiot Allen had it in for this kid from the word “go”. Even after blowing away Flynn & the ludicrously overrated Matt McGloin et al in camp, Allen STILL didn’t want to start Pryor. In fact, had it not been for the insistence of owner Mark Davis, Pryor never would even have been given the ultimately unfair & shamefully sabotaged shot that he ultimately did. When you stop to think about it, you don’t require a genius-level I
    Q. to surmise that Davis’ circumvention of Allen’s authority contributed significantly to his disdain & subsequent mis-treatment & brutal mis-handling of this rare talent. Pryor’s former agent in fact was dead accurate when he said “Dennis Allen is setting my client up to fail”.

    What amazes me more than anything is the level of criticism & expectation thrown at this kid as though he were a struggling 10 year veteran. Has everyone forgotten that Pryor was a rookie and as such required further training & development in the starting role, just like any rookie NFL quarterback? Certainly Pryor made his share of mistakes (albeit behind an ATTROCIOUS & banged-up offensive line that wad incapable of sustaining a pocket) but he also achieved a remarkable amount of success, particularly when you consider the fact that it was his ROOKIE season! Among other achievements, he set an all-time NFL single play rushing record from scrimmage, scoring a td in the process and won 3 of his first 5 starts before being sidelined ny a minor injury. Regardless, rookie quarterbacks are EXPECTED to make mistakes in their rookie seasons. Both Peyton Manning & Drew Brees SUCKED in their respective rookie campaigns yet neither of them were publically humiliated nor unceremoniously benched in favor of a clearly inferior 3rd stringer! Brutal!

    The Seattle Seahawks STOLE Terrelle Pryor with the last tradeable pick in the draft, an effectively useless pick which certainly won’t yield a talent anywhere NEAR that of Terrelle Pryor and one which Reggie MacKenzie could easily have refused, in turn allowing Pryor to find an appropriate starting gig of his own as a ftee agent; that is if MacKenzie & his team had any class whatsoever!

    At least he ended up with a great and decidedly classy organization that will likely give him the chance that he deserves.

    Don’t be surprised if Pryor ends up stealing that starting job from Russell Wilson within a year or two (and he’ll certainly prove to be a great deal more than “a skinny JaMarcus Russell”).

  9. There was this guy, RoLando McClain the Ravens thought coaching and opportunity was all he needed too…good luck with that and thanks 4 the 7th rd pick.

    “Is that you Sterling”, hillarious, nice one!

  10. I think that the Hawks may want to try him out and see if he is just a mismatch in Oakland’s scheme. They may give him the shot and if he does not pass muster they try to convince him to try out at some receiver position. But it is hard for a guy to change his whole outlook from throwing the ball to catching it.

    I wish him the best and hope this works out.

  11. i dont understand the hate towards pryor. nor do i understand this desire to see him at another position. the man is a mobile QB, the seahawks clearly saw enough to think ” if wilson goes down he might be our backup” i think he has the same skill set as wilson he’s just not finely tuned like he is. couple years he learns from a Super Bowl winning Qb gets some better coaching, gets to practice against the best defense in football, and as someone else stated even if he never plays a snap in seahawks regular season they can up his trade value by enhancing his skills. for anyone who is curious I’m a saints fan.

  12. Yea, he is a great athlete but an NFL QB has to have an NFL caliber mind that can process, grow within the confines of what he is taught (pocket presence and reading defenses) and then translate that to the field. That never happened in Oakland for many reasons. One of which were a bad O line resulting in no running game. The bottom line is he is to much of a project for a bad team. He is a much better fit in Seattle where he can be a bench warrior until they figure out if they can use him.

  13. Oh yeah, with the whinners and hawks both pursuing TP , Reggie McKensie should have been able to play one against the other and at the very least sent TP to Seattle for the 5th rnd pick we owed them for Flynn. But once again RM proved that he is way over his head in Oakland and won’t last into 2015. Guarantee it!

  14. I will be so happy when, what other teams do with players no longer on the team I root for is not popping up as news.

    Pryor is gone from the raiders. I’m guessing he will be on the bench in Seattle, behind a SB winning QB. What didn’t we already know?

    The past is done and gone. He’s in Seattle.
    Let’s move on already.

  15. I agree wholeheartedly on DA’s BIAS towards TP but I do disagree with thinking that MD forced Allen to start TP vs the Donks. Hhe doesn’t like Pryor so if that was the case we would have noticed it like it was witnessed when Davis forced him to start Pryor vs the Bolts back in the 2012 season. DA was as mad as a wet hen that press conference, LOL.

    However, this is what I believe happened, after watching his LATEST BOI TOI MM lose 5 consecutive games and with Manning and his dynamic offense coming into town intent on breaking two NFL records as well as the Raiders 1983 SB winning team on hand, Allen wasn’t about to run his guy out there to embarrass the team so who does he choose to throw to the LIONS? Why of course the guy he has hosed all season, TP. That is why Pryor’s agent said that Allen was setting his client up to fail, if MD had forced Allen to start TP, then that statement could not be made for it would not have been Allen’s decision.
    Dennis Allen does not want a Black QB being the face of this franchise, it’s just a shock to me, people can’t see that but then again, they didn’t notice a lot about Donald Sterling either……

  16. Dear Mr Pryor,

    I can help you with your throwing problem with two words… laces out!!


    Ray Finkel
    Miami Dolphins kicker – 1994

  17. To: rodster213:

    Great comment with some interesting insight. I had certainly considered the racist component when attempting to determine the primary reason for his otherwise mysifying disdain for Terrelle Pryor and the corresponding flagrant and passionate refusal to afford Pryor a fair & reasonable opportunity to start for the Raiders. I would genuinely hope that Allen’s reasoning wasn’t purely racist in origin as I thought, perhaps somewhat naively, that at least in professional sports circles we as a society had put the antiquated, unfounded and absolutely ignorant notion that the color of a person’s skin has ANYTHING to do with his or her intelligence, capabilities, potential or worth as a human being but the recent disheartening debacle in Los Angeles involving the exposure & subsequent lifetime banning of racist L.A. Clippers owner, Donald Sterling has made me sadly realize that this sort of nauseating, arbitrary, adel-minded, discriminatory hatred towards African American/black people is still infuriatingly alive and well in America. It at very least begs the question, “when is enough finally going to he enough?”.

    I’m not saying that Dennis Allen is a racist, necessarily, nor am I in any position to claim unequivocally that the motives behind his evidently extreme dislike & flagrant mistreatment & mishandling of Terrelle Pryor were of a racist nature, but it would certainly explain a lot. Why else would Allen refuse to even entertain the notion of starting this extremely talented young man after he had definitively beaten out the competition in training camp until he was literally forced to do so by ownership? If not due solely to the color of his skin, why then was a healthy Terrelle Pryor denied the opportunity to start on Thanksgiving while the fanbase (myself included) were forced to watch a clearly inferior Matt McGloin incompetently stumble around the field while the ever-classy Pryor looked on from the sideline, representing an actual chance to win a game that the Raiders seemed destined to lose with that skinny, white, undrafted 3rd stringer under center? Short of catching Pryor in bed with his wife, I can think of no other reason for Allen’s disdain & public humiliation of Pryor. Perhaps Allen’s otherwise inexplicable preference for McGloin and his subsequent embarrassing overestimation on McGloin’s capabilities to the media were rooted in the increasing ludicrous notion among NFL pundits that black quarterbacks are “too athletic” or “not intelligent enough” to effectively play the position. This sort of nonsense is easily refuted, of course, by the illustrious careers of such immensely talented (and decidedly cerebral & articulate) former quarterbacks as Warren Moon and (at least until he became a bit gun-shy after breaking his leg) Randall Cunningham as well as current superstar pivots such as Michael Vick, Robert Griffin III and recent Super Bowl winning quarterback, Russell Wilson. Either way, it’s racism.

    Regardless, I enjoyed your comment & applaud the fact that you had the conviction to raise this sensitive issue as a potential and very real consideration. I must point out, however, that I didn’t claim that Mark Davis forced Allen to play Pryor against the Broncos in the final game of the regular season (although I completely agree with your analysis of the situation); rather I was referring to Mark Davis’ insistence that Allen start Pryor at the start of the regular season and how this subversion of Allen’s authority likely contributed to his disdain for Pryor. Furthermore, I felt that the comment by Pryor’s agent asserting that “Dennis Allen is setting up (his) client to fail”, while referring in an immediate sense to the Bronco’s game, actually was in reference to the entire season when taken in context to the balance of his remarks.

    While I appreciate the desire of some to “put this behind us”, I feel that it’s important to pont out that an injustice has been done here before the whole matter inevitably gets swept under the carpet as is so often the case in situations like this. I also firmly believe that if Terrelle Pryor had been drafted by pretty much any NFL team other than the Oakland Raiders, he’d already be a highly successful starting quarterback in the National Football League.

    As much as I’m a loyal, diehard Raider fan, I genuinely hope that the shortsighted & brutally handled trading of Terrelle Pryor comes back to both haunt and embarrass both the Oakland Raiders organization and, in particular, the incompetent buffoon, Dennis Allen, who in my opinion needs to be fired before this team can find any substantial measure of success.

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