Should Chiefs address offense or defense with their first pick?

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In our exploration of the Chiefs’ draft needs, we noted the club has only two picks in the first three rounds. The second-rounder, as you probably recall, was dealt to San Francisco for quarterback Alex Smith.

Considering Smith’s 2013 play and the value of his position, it’s hard to have many qualms with giving up an early second-day pick for a starting quarterback in his prime. Nevertheless, the Chiefs enter the 2014 NFL Draft with a 64-selection gap from when they pick in Round One (No. 23) to when they are slated to be on the clock in Round Three (No. 87).

It’s quite possible the Chiefs could look to add picks; this seems a tailor-made situation for such an approach, frankly. For now, though, let’s assume they stand pat at No. 23 and No. 87. In that case — with all that time between Rounds One and Three — should they draft an offensive or defensive player first? Cast your vote and share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Offense. Their biggest free agency losses came from the o-line. They really need another tackle to pair with Eric Fisher. They also lost Dexter McCluster to Tennessee, so they could try to replace him as well.

    Defensively, they’re more or less OK.

  2. real niner fans dont care for alex ”bust” smith. glad hes gone. 6 years of garbage play. when he got cut , everybody was celebrating. everybody was like ”its about freakin time”. kaepernick has had more success in 1 year , than alex had in 8 years.

  3. Red and Gold, I think that language is a bit strong concerning Alex. I prefer Kaep, but Smith had a raw deal for most of the time he spent in SF. He’s no savior, but he is a top 15 QB imo. Wish him well, glad we got a quality pick for him.

  4. The Chiefs have some 2nd and 3rd year players—Sanders Commings at safety, Mike Catapano at DE and Rishaw Johnson at Guard—from whom they expect good things this year. There may be a less glaring need for talent than some people believe exists.

    If a likely ten year fixture on one side of the line or the other unexpectedly falls to them at 23, Andy Reid would probably push to snap him up. Otherwise, it should not surprise if they trade down to pick up draft choices.

  5. Bowe is overrated. Avery & Jenkins are still works in progress that may not progress. McCluster is gone and most folks don’t realize he had more catches & yards than Eric Decker last year.

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