Ted Thompson proud of quiet signing of Julius Peppers

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Packers General Manager Ted Thompson took exception to the notion that he’s not an active participant in free agency.

He’s just a ninja about it, that’s all.

Thompson said more about veteran pass-rusher Julius Peppers than anything during his pre-draft press conference, and seemed as proud of adding such a productive player quietly as he did the act of adding him.

People who say we don’t use free agency are wrong,” Thompson said, via Tyler Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “We’ve always dabbled in free agency. Sometimes you can spend a lot of time and effort recruiting a guy, which we’ve done in the past, and nothing comes of it, and nothing comes out publicly and people assume we didn’t try to do something. We almost always, almost every offseason, try to do something in free agency, certainly with our own guys but also with guys around the league.

“This happened fast. It happened very quietly. It was one of those rare things where the thing was put to bed and everybody was back home before anybody knew about it. Quite frankly, it was kind of refreshing to do it that way. We obviously followed him throughout his career, and we look forward to seeing him in a Packers uniform.”

Thompson was clearly excited about adding a player with 119 sacks and 40 forced fumbles to a defense that needed some pop opposite Clay Matthews.

“There’s no evidence of any decline in his play, in our opinion,” Thompson said of Peppers. “He still has the same athletic traits that he had coming out. He’s had a remarkable history in the NFL in terms of durability. We’re looking forward to it. I think he is, too.”

And the fact that business was conducted out of the spotlight suits Peppers as well, as the 34-year-old has never enjoyed the spotlight, except when it finds him on the field.

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  1. “There’s no evidence of any decline in his play, in our opinion,” Thompson said of Peppers

    he so past his prime and almost washed up. but if you think he hasnt declined thats your opinion.

  2. well seeing that his former teammate Vince Carter is still ballin out at 37, I imagine Peppers (who is no doubt one of the best all around athletes to ever play in NFL) can produce good numbers for the Packers for another year or two.

  3. Ted Thompson is resorting to signing washed up 14 year vets that didn’t even produce last year to a major contract.

    This is why the Packers shouldn’t participate in free agency.

    Incompetent management.

  4. Aren’t the Packers going to be expecting more out of Peppers by making him play a new position as hybrid linebacker in the 3-4? He’s still good, but you don’t see this sort of thing with old veterans, unless they’re switching to a slower position.

  5. I am sure Ted is also “PROUD” to draft first round busts as the new spring tradition in Turd Bay!!!


  6. There’s absolutely nothing to look forward to for any Packers this season.

    A soft QB who’s bound to get injured under that terrible offensive line.
    A coach who can’t play calls for his life.
    A defense that has been terrible for years now.

    It’s a bad time to be a Packers fan

  7. “There’s no evidence of any decline in his play, in our opinion” – TT the Genius.

    Pro Football Focus begs to differ, having analyzed every play of Peppers’ career. His overall ratings the past several years:

    2013: -4.3
    2012: +9.9
    2011: +21.7
    2010: +39.2

    Notice any trend the past 4 years as Peppers went from 30 to 34 years old?

  8. The guy can still rush the passer … When he isn’t (stupidly) over used on run downs >> like the Bears consistently have done.

  9. Peppers has a real QB on his team now, and is playing opposite of Clay Matthews.

    Even if you’re “washed up,” a situation like that can really help mask whatever steps you may have lost.

    I’m an AFC fan, but I won’t be surprised to see Packers run away with their division and perhaps even conference.

  10. If only Peppers played a position that exists in the Packers 3-4 defense, this could be seen as a solid move.

    As it stands we’ll be treated to watching the slowest and clumsiest OLB of all time.

  11. Its quiet because TT is a Ninja.

    I don’t care if the 1st round pick winds up panning out or not, as long as he gets a couple starters each draft. That’s most important.

    Lacy, Bahktiari being good and hopefully Tretter pans out as well.

    Just remember Peyton Manning wasn’t great his rookie year either.

  12. This old washed up guy still led his team in sacks and would be #2 on the Packs. I think he will fit in just fine, especially with that contract.

  13. If you’re going to pay, good to at least pay someone who’s shown he can get it done rather than, for instance, a part-time player with one career start.
    Peppers may not strike fear into offenses anymore like – oh – Cap’n Munnerlyn, but I’m glad GB signed him.

  14. The Packers won’t win this year…they will dominate. Big difference.

  15. Say what you want, Peppers will be among the top 2 or 3 Packers in sacks in 2014. They are not asking him to play every down, they just want some impact when he does play.

    I love the Viking trolls, you would think winning just one game in 4 years vs the Packers would shut them up but you would be wrong. Even when they lose two more in 2014, they will still be back. In last place again, but back.

  16. I see there are many Vikings and Lions fans heard from today on this,Peppers is going to get the job done of freeing up Matthews from the double team so he can once again raise havoc on the quarterback,Peppers is going to stuff the run with the new way they are going to use him,moving him around play to play will be to his benefit.it is going to be great watching Peppers and Matthews bringing Stafford and Cutler to the turf with malice and forthought.

  17. Man there must be a lot of bears, vikes, & lions fans on here all of yall are just mad because your teams havent won a super bowl in the last 30 years but believe one thing my pack won it all 3 yrs ago yall keep hating on rodgers the only qb in the nfc north thats soft and sucks is jay the butler cutler yall bears will never win the big game with this chump hes just like tony romo a nobody heck green bay goes half the season without there starting mvp QB and the bears & lions & vikes still cant make the playoffs pathetic

  18. Perhaps he’d gotten tired of playing his ass off and Cutler always throwing 3 picks in the fourth quarter. Personally, I’m rather excited. You can’t double-team him and Matthews.

  19. no problems with Peppers but his cap hit is more defined by his past than present. The production they will see out of him would be the same as a 2-3 mil a year DE, they could have used that cap space to fix several other needs and have the same production that Peppers will give them. In Chicago you could see the last two seasons a gradual slow down blamed on planter factitious both years. Yes he did play but not very well when he was hurting.

  20. Q: Is he a significant improvement over what they had last year at that position?

    A: Yes.

    Next question.

  21. 2010: 8 sacks
    2011: 11 sacks
    2012: 11.5 sacks
    2013: 7.5 sacks

    Peppers’ sack totals actually increased every year until last year. The most likely cause of that is not age, but the fact that Urlacher was off the roster and Briggs was hurt most of the season, leaving Peppers to be double/triple covered more than in previous years.

    If someone put the over/under of his sack total for this year at 8.5, I would take take the over and would not even have to think about it.

  22. I swear Viking fans on here have a combined IQ or 4 which just so happens to be the number of SBs the team has lost in its existence.

    Its understandable that a lot of you folks think Peppers is just gonna play OLB for the Pack but the reality is he will play more of a hybrid Elephant End role where he can line up in a 2 or 3 point stance(whatever he prefers) to rush the passer from the edge.

    Im sure he will drop into coverage sometimes just to keep teams honest but for the most part he will be a pass rush specialist for GB.

  23. 1) His contract is not that large.

    2) He will be a pass rush specialist. Not an every down player. The Packers rotate players.

    3) He will be moved around as will Matthews. They won’t necessarily be on opposite sides of the formation.

    I can see his performance exceeding the cost of his contract. I think he will have fun this season.

  24. Ted’s thumbs-up in that picture is directed at Mendenhall. More appropriate to say the Steelers lost that SB than the Packers won it.

  25. Now that A-Rodg has a full year of the Braun friendship out of his system, I’m curious to see how his body will hold up. Based on last year, diagnosis doesn’t look good. At least they have a durable workhorse RB to feed the …. nevermind.

  26. “There’s no evidence of any decline in his play, in our opinion,”

    Getting cut from a team before your 90 million $ contract is fulfilled is clearly evidence of decline.

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