With 12 picks, Jets have the flexibility to trade up


The Jets have 12 picks in next week’s NFL draft, tied with the Rams for the most of any team, and as a result they think they can be big players in the trade market.

“The nice thing about having 12 picks is it does give you flexibility and maneuverability within the draft,” Jets G.M. John Idzik said. “So if you have fewer picks, I guess you’re less apt to do that.”

In addition to their own seven picks, the Jets have the Buccaneers’ fourth-round pick from the Darrelle Revis trade, and they have four compensatory picks. Compensatory picks can’t be traded, but the presence of those picks makes it easier for the Jets to justify packaging some of their other picks to move up from No. 18 in the first round.

“Having 12 picks is certainly nice to have. We don’t mind picking them all, and it also gives us a little maneuverability in the draft,” Idzik said.

Whether they use all 12 picks or package some together to trade up, the Jets should be a much more talented team 10 days from now than they are today.

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  1. By drafting a 3rd string guard from Fargo community college the jets become a better team

  2. “with the number one pick in the 2014 draft the Houston Texans trade the pick to the NY Jets for a reported 12 picks. Details have yet to be reported.”
    With the first pick in the 2014 draft. The NY jets select……..Chris Boswell kicker from Rice.

    what do you expect…its the J E T S jets jets jets

  3. I don’t understand how people can knock the Jets for over $23 million still in cap space young d line and they have 12 picks for this year. Sounds to me the team is heading in the right direction with a GM that might actually keep stability

  4. I could see them moving up to 14 with the Bears to take either Ebron or one of the WRs, but don’t be surprised if their move up is for Anthony Barr. Seems like the kind of project Rex would take on to play with that outstanding DL as a pass rushing specialist OLB.

  5. I can’t see Idzik trading picks to move up from 18. I think he sits there and takes a WR and then packages picks to move up in the 2nd or 3rd rounds to get the players he wants. This way, the Jets end up with maybe 9 picks but a higher 2nd and maybe 3rd rounder.

  6. Idzik is a very different type of GM compared to Tannenbaum who spent like a drunken sailor (eg Revis deal, Buttfumble). In contrast, Idzik has been frugal in Free Agency and picked up good players (eg Vick, Chris Johnson) at low cost from patiently waiting and negotiating tough. He is now sitting on 12 Draft picks with so many compensatory picks. It seems unusual to see the Jets under responsible fiscal management.

  7. Idzik is a very different type of GM compared to Tannenbaum who spent like a drunken sailor (eg Revis deal, Buttfumble). In contrast, Idzik has been frugal in Free Agency and picked up good players (eg Vick, Chris Johnson) at low cost from patiently waiting and negotiating tough. He is now sitting on 12 Draft picks with so many compensatory picks. It seems unusual to see the Jets under responsible fiscal management.

    What negotiating and patient waiting was there with Vick and Johnson? Vick had little interest from other teams and nobody else courted Johnson at all. I truly believe that Vick was signed solely for the purpose of luring DeSean Jackson in but when the gang theory came up along with the money that Jackson was looking for, Idzik backed away from Jackson.

  8. So now if they can just draft CB, S, LB, bit of depth on the impressive DL, OT, OG (maybe 2 of both), WR *2, TE and maybe, just maybe a proper franchise QB they’ll be set.

    But seriously, these picks when used wisely should help them get in a bit more talent for their strong defense which Rex will coach up.

    But does anyone have faith in the Vick/Geno and CJ2K offense led by Eric Decker at receiver. You’d want to nail some picks to make sure you’ve got a good supporting cast on offense. Starting with a good second WR I’d say.

  9. Take Blake Bottles. Move up a little and grab him. Let him sit this year why Vick and Smith are just good enough to win 6-7 games. Then hit the draft hard again next year. If they use the picks wisely and plan to “put the correct plan in motion” to be able to pick high again next year. By the following year they could be a real division favorite with a chance to build and be much much more. I think they can really capitalize in this draft, its the deepest in years. They can plug a lot of holes by 2016 and be ready to make a huge jump then.

  10. the Jets are a better team offensively. They still need another receiver but if you watched their games last year you’d know they needed a corner and a safety as well. Draft a WR in the 1st then perhaps make a trade for a either a cb/s.

  11. I think the Jets are more likely to trade DOWN than to trade up. The Jets NEED to address CB and WR to fill fairly glaring holes. They also can’t rely on Calvin Pace staying healthy, don’t have a true FS on their roster and don’t really have any quality DT. If the Jets trade UP they will have to give up their only Round 2 or Round 3 pick and it is very hard to find impact players in Rounds 4 and below. The Jets probably have about 6-7 players they think they can realistically or might get lucky to get at 18 (3 CB out of Dennard, Gilbert, Verrett, Roby and Fuller; and S Dix, TE Ebron, LB Barr, and an OL they love). If 2 of the 3 CB they want are still available I think they trade down to 20-23 so they are still ahead of the Bengals who need a CB and pick up maybe an additional 3rd rounder, or they may trade way down, possibly even out of the 1st round, and pick up 3 or more 2nd and 3rd round picks or an additional 1st rounder next year, and pick several quality players at their need positions, possibly even being in the position to get one of the big QBs that might fall in addition to filling their needs. You can NEVER have enough good QBs. That being said the Jets MUST address a fair number of positions, some just for depth, before the draft is out and I don’t think they can get the quality they need in several positions by trading up. They have to address CB, WR, FS, OLB, and OL. Also, keeping a lot of picks allows them to be able to draft a really good Punter which KILLED them last year, as any Jets fan can tell you.

  12. Why draft a safety or corner, when you need a QB? You can grab a franchise guy in Bortles. Nothing is guaranteed, but take a shot on the most important position, and that’s quarterback. As other teams have shown, safety and corner can be addressed in round 2,3, and possibly 4. You can trade to the back end of 3 to get the WR you want. The plan isnt to be great now but to develope a great TEAM!

  13. Tanny is gone,the annual “Will he or won’t he?” Revis holdout drama is gone, Mr Buttfumble is in Philly and they didn’t do anything dumb and use up picks to get DJax.

    Sorry boys, looks like the circus has packed up and left town.

  14. The only glimmer of hope for Jets Fans is to count the days until Tom Brady retires. Until then, they will be a wildcard team, at best. You need a decent, not great, QB to win in this league. The Jets have a has-been and a wanna-be…

  15. Joe Benigno, sports radio jock here in NY, is a huge Jets fan. He says Joe Namath sold his soul to the Devil so the Jets could win their only Super Bowl in 69 against the Colts. He might be onto something….

  16. Yea, and the Redskins had all of the Saints picks in 1999. 1 play-off victory in the following decade. Worked out great.

  17. Jets trade down and collect 2015 picks. Its the idzik way. Moving up is pointless unless its watkins and thats too expensive.

  18. I look forward to seeing who is booed by the Jets fans in the draft room this year. Welcome to the team!

  19. So this is Idzik’s chance to put his signature on the Jets team for the next couple years and prove he’s good at his job.

    2-3 years from now when its clear that most of the players were good choices or busts is when we’ll really see how good Idzik is.

  20. I want Jets to pick the two best WR in first
    two round. We have been reading that
    this draft is deep in WR. Lets see if Kiper
    and the boys know what they’re talking
    The next 10 picks should be 8 for defense
    and 2 for OL
    Vick was signed for only 1 year so even if
    he is good and leads us into the playoffs
    he is gone next year and we have no more
    input on Geno. Should have signed him
    for 2 years/with Jets option for 2nd year

  21. The Jets signed Decker, so now they need to draft a #1 WR. As they will soon find out they gave #1 money for a #2 WR.

  22. You have the picks to move up to the top 10, just don’t pull a Redskins for that “can’t miss” prospect.

  23. NOBODY wins the off season tournament like these guys. Every year they are winning the off season Super Bowl. Money can’t buy this kind of consistency.

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