49ers meet with Aldon Smith, no option decision yet


The clock is ticking on the 49ers’ decision regarding linebacker Aldon Smith’s fifth-year option.

Per multiple sources, the team still hasn’t resolved whether to extend his four-year rookie contract by one year to the 2015 season.

The 49ers, we’re told, have met with Smith in advance of making their decision.  By rule, the option must be exercised by May 3.  If he’s not provided written notice of the intention to extend the contract on or before May 3, he’ll be eligible for free agency after the 2014 season.

The option would give Smith a $9.75 million salary for 2015, guaranteed for injury only.  Multiple off-field issues have made the 49ers leery about extending the commitment.  There’s a belief that the 49ers want to get Smith’s attention — and that if not exercising the option is what it takes to get Smith’s attention, they’re willing to do it.

They’re apparently willing to do it even if it means not having him under contract beyond 2014, if they get his attention and he continues to register on average nearly one sack per game.

33 responses to “49ers meet with Aldon Smith, no option decision yet

  1. This guy should have been in jail months if not years ago. Good god, what does he have to do to be punished? Murder someone? If Goodell doesn’t do something about this, i will have no faith whatsoever in the NFL’s safety rules. What a joke

  2. Tough call….I don’t think there is a clear answer. I will say its a shame players who aren’t superstars get virtually no tolerance vs good players who are afforded reprieve after reprieve.

    That basically says to our youth – you better be good at what you do if you want to screw up so much.

  3. I might be wrong but if its guaranteed for injury only then pick it up. If he has another incident and the situation gets worse then cut him, ie Desean Jackson. Make sense.

  4. It should be an easy decision for the 49ers if they”want to be above reproach in everything they do.”

    Practice what you preach, Harbaugh.

  5. All these schmucks talking about how Aldon should be in jail. and if he was on ur team ur mouth would be shut. Idc if he had guns in his house. That’s what the 2nd amendment is for. He has a drinking problem he needs to overcome. And the airport issue is rust plain stupidity. I can handle stupidity for 1 sack a game

  6. While I would never hire someone with his problems, I can guarantee you the 9ers are going to pick up the option. All Harbaugh cares about is winning. Picking up the option of one of the best defenders in the league makes that easier. All this talk about maybe not picking it up is just PR.

  7. Of course every moronic Hawk fan would want the niners to part with smith. He is the best pass rusher in the league, and he’s a good run stuffer. He wrecks havoc on Russel wilson

  8. The thing about it is he is a role model for kids. And if he wasn’t an athlete he would already be in jail. So because he is not, that is sending a terrible message to the youth. This is not just an Aldon Smith thing…this is all pro sports in general and the system is broken. He is just the latest case to prove this. Goodell needs to take charge if he cares about safety and the future of the game like he says he does. It’s obvious he, and society in general do not seem to care when an athlete screws up over and over again. The dude needs help, plain and simple. Slapping his wrist again will do NOTHING to change him. Unfortunately, he will end up doing something stupid again and could possibly end an innocent life in the process. But, eh who cares, let him play football. SMH, what a joke

  9. It’s so easy for people behind a screen to say this guy is a bad person and should be locked up. Would you say the same if you knew him? If he was your friend? Your brother? He’s a human being and he’s well liked. He makes bad decisions, more so than many, but he’s human, that happens. To say he should be locked up is vindictive and ignorant. If you say he should lose his license, that’s a better comment, due to his misdemeanor DUI charges. But jail time isn’t accurate. The bomb threat is a slap on the wrist, you don’t jail someone for that, regardless of how stupid it is to do. The felony gun charges won’t stick, so he won’t get jailed for that either. You just want to direct hate at an easy target. He should certainly be punished, he’s been disappointing, to put it lightly, but he’s a family member of the 49ers. He’s a brother to those teammates, and a son to the Front Office. I would be more upset if a family style organization like the 49ers chose to cast him off, than I ever will be at a misdirected young adult making stupid decisions.

  10. Practice what you preach? This guy should have been in jail long ago? What planet are you haters living on? Illegal possession of fire arms, DUIs (not injuring anyone or involving anyone else). Finally misdemeanor threat at an airport. Not one of those constitutes jail for any of us if you have a decent attorney. Not condoning the actions they are troubling and stupid but you people are dumb! If your issue is with consequences from the law go blog on a state or federal website morons. Your just haters. Pick up the option 49ers that would be the practical smart business move you can always cut him before the next league year begins without it costing you anything.

  11. its not guaranteed so why wouldnt you exercise the option, if he cleans up his act great and if not you cut him

  12. They’re picking up the option. The delay is to make it appear like a “tough” decision. It is just for show, so it doesn’t look like they completely turned a blind eye to his issues.

  13. Oh, how I remember the day the niners let Charles Haley go. He peed on a coach’s car,big deal. I’m really sick of the high brow, Stanford, “image” , the 49er organization seems to try to emulate. Al Davis had something to say about winning. Aldon has done nothing to deserve the degree of the “hang em high” bravado displayed here. The fact that he happens to be a black man seems to be an underling factor in all of this. His best chance to redeem himself and move on ,will be to stay exactly where he is. It is beyond ludicrous to send him away.

  14. You have until the end of the day to pick up his option, then you have until next year to decide if he has learned his lesson. If not, cut him or trade him. If he does show improvements, he gets a decent pay day ( though way less than he would have received with out off the field issues ).

  15. Did Aldon drive to the facility? Did he bring an illegal firearms? Was he screened by Security and make a bomb threat? Oh wait, the 4DWhiners just exercised their option, sorry to bring up Aldon’s pending legal issues.

  16. To all the other fans of the other 31 NFL teams look up and down your roster I guarantee you your team employs at least one member who has been arrested and charged. So in your logic your teams coaches and front office are a bunch of hypocrites who employ criminals who should be in jail. So shut up! Jealous haters. It’s amazing we haven’t won a title since 94 and your still jealous. It must be our 2 decades of dominance 5 titles 6 Super Bowl appearances 3 straight NFC Title game appearence and the fact we are starting another run while your teams haven’t had one since we ended our last one and started our most recent. LMFAO!!! Make all the jokes you want it’s not going to keep our team from being unsuccessful and it’s definitely not going to make yours any better.

  17. Richard Sherman is a tool. Awesome player but yes haters he is an idiot and if you don’t call the way he acted after the NFC title game an idiot then your an idiot. People weren’t dazzled by his actions we were laughing at him. I love how everybody says he is so smart and savvy that’s the last thing he sounded like rambling on like a moron. He loses one step and he’s done don’t cry about how people shove it back in his face. By the way Hawks fan your offense Lynch is a convicted felon so hush.

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