Adrian Peterson looks forward to catching more passes


Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has healed sufficiently from his groin surgery that he was able to participate in the Vikings’ minicamp this week.

Still, it’s three straight offseasons with surgery for Peterson and the Vikings have talked about cutting down on his carries in hopes of keeping Peterson healthier and fresher as the season moves into the final stages. One way they’ll be doing that is by using Peterson as a receiver more frequently in offensive coordinator Norv Turner’s offense, something Peterson said he’s looking forward to putting into motion.

“It’s all about winning,” Peterson said, via the Pioneer Press. “I’m trying to win a championship. If that’s taking less of a pounding, and being more productive in the passing game, I’m all in for it. Any way we can get that done, I’m all in for it.”

Wide receiver Greg Jennings said his head was spinning earlier this week as a result of the diverse options Turner is installing in hopes of creating a more productive attack in 2014 and the change in orders for Peterson signals a more balanced approach will be a big part of what Turner has planned.

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  1. And Adrian is Looooooooo00se! Touchdown Vikings!! That’s right, feed him early and often Norv!

  2. Perfect landing spot for Manziel. Quarterback whisperer and offensive guru, Norv Turner would be a great fit for Manziel, who can hold a clip board while Cassel and Ponder start ahead of him (for half a season). A.P. would take further pressure off of the rookie as he learns from arguably one of the best ever QB coaches in football history, Norv Turner.

  3. I never understood why they didnt throw more screen passes to him. 1 point per reception in my league. Would have been at least an extra 5 points a game.

  4. I feel like this coaching staff knows exactly how to use the talent on the team. Unlike past coaches have misused them. Peterson had probably over 90% of the carries and gerhart didn’t touch to the ball until peterson was wearing down. Even if Peterson has less carries he could still break the single season rushing record. Im sure there was plays last year where he just couldn’t break the run downfield cause he was over used. And this would be the season to crush the record playing outdoors and all and still having QB problems.

  5. I am a big AP/Vikings fan, but I have watched him bobble and drop a ton of passes. I wonder how well this will play out?

  6. “It’s all about winning,” Peterson said, via the Pioneer Press. “I’m trying to win a championship”

    With who? Were you traded yet?

  7. AP just tipped the Vikings hand for the draft. Since they currently don’t have anyone to throw those passes, they will drafting a QB.

  8. Does that mean Ponder is back at qb since throws in the flat are about his max for arm strength?

  9. He sounds like a guy who has already given up.

    He’s never been the same since the Packer defense prevented him from breaking Eric Dickerson’s all time single season rushing record.

    All day, but 9 yards short, Peterson.

  10. Norv is new to the job.

    The past 2 viking coaches always pulled that RB on 3rd downs/passing situations because he can’t pass block and he doesn’t catch the ball very well.

    Norv perhaps thinks he can teach an old dog new tricks and make that RB an NFL back.

    Then again it could be more about the vikings quarterback situation than the RB’s issues.

  11. They’re still working on his pass catching? If he can’t catch passes by now (he’s almost 30, you know), he’ll never be able to. Just hand him the ball already. He’s your only weapon anyway…. Sheesh. Vikes coaches really suck.

  12. “He sounds like a guy who has already given up.

    He’s never been the same since the Packer defense prevented him from breaking Eric Dickerson’s all time single season rushing record.

    All day, but 9 yards short, Peterson.”

    The Pack didn’t stop him. The coaching staff of the Vikes did by pulling him out of the game so he wouldn’t get injured in a game which the Vikes were going to win and also the last game before playoffs.

    AP’s Stats for that game: 34 carries 199 yds 1 TD

  13. The people that actyally know football and know what they are talking about do believe adrain peterson is very capable of breaking the rushing records. If adrian peterson doesn’t break the single season rushing record this season I will never comment on a pro football talk article again and let the packer trolls continue trashing the Vikings comments section. Bank on it! This is the year! This is the perfect system for a running back to get many a yards! Taking less carries seems like it would hold him back but it will only make him healthier and faster and stronger to get those 20 to 30 to 40 to 50 to60 to 70 to 80 to 90 yard runs. Instead of only getting 2 to 3 cause he is to banged up. SKOL PACKER TROLLS!

  14. If the Vikings had any class, they would cooperate and trade Peterson to a team where he wants to go.

    He is the best and has been the best RB in the game for the past 5 years and truly deserves a chance to get into the playoffs, a necessary step to get to the Superbowl.

    The last place Vikings are just wasting his talents. He might be a lousy father (that is when he is even informed he has a kid) but the NFL would be better off if Peterson played for a winning team.

  15. Cant believe someone said AP is the vikes only weapon. Know your stuff before you comment. What about Patterson?’ experts consider him the most dangerous weapon in all of the nfl. Just as much as dangerous as percy ever was perhaps more because he can stay healthy and actually play. Jennings is a weapon and fights for extra yards. Rudolph too. He is a big bodied tight end and if he ever goes one on one with a safety, he will make the catch. Put the ball in jarius wrights hands and he could stretch the play. Vikings got many pieces my friend its just we had no qb and a terrible coaching staff and no luck.

  16. 9 measly yards to immortality, with only the Packer defense standing in the way.

    But then the Packer defense stiffened, and said “NO, ADRIAN PETERSON. YOU ARE NOT WORTHY!!!!!”

    And then the following week the Packer defense ended Adrian’s magical season in humiliating fashion.

  17. Peterson’s 113.0 career rushing yards per game against the Packers are the most ever by anyone who has played them at least five times. Since entering the NFL in 2007, Adrian Peterson has rarely found a competent match in the Green Bay Packers defense. In fact, four of Peterson’s nine highest single-game rushing totals have come against the Packers, and only three rushers in NFL history have more career yards versus Green Bay than Peterson’s 1,541.

    You got served!

  18. Patterson is a weapon, but its not a good trade off. Our NFC North worst defense isn’t going to force many punts, so he may not get many punt return chances. He should see plenty of kick off return chances, but the NFL rules work against kick returns these days.

  19. It will be interesting to see if a 3rd O-coordinator can actually turn AP into a mild receiving threat.

    But until the draft comes in a week, who cares, lets watch our hockey team in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Since Wisconsin’s only pro hockey team is the minor league Sheboygan Fish Fryers, Pack fans are welcome to join us.

  20. I never understood why they didnt throw more screen passes to him.

    It’s because he can’t catch them. I love AD, but he’s not a pass catching RB. The fact that they want to use him that way is not encouraging. It does not show me that they are putting their players in the best possible position to succeed.

  21. Who cares what his per game average is when you lose all the time. 1-7-1 in the last nine games need I say more?

    I get a kick out of the purple posters who continually call Turner a offensive guru. This guy has been passed around more than the girl on the downtown street corner. He had all the arsenal in SD with QB, RB, WR, and TE and failed miserably. His last year there he managed to coach Rivers to his worst season by far and then after being jettisoned Rivers is back to all pro form. I guess last year when lowly Cleveland beat you Turner must have looked like a genius.

  22. Hahaha, it will take that Lacy guy three sixteen game NFL seasons to even get to 1,541!
    He won’t sniff 1000 yds rushing against the Purple gang in his entire three season career with GB.
    Sophmore slump leads to a Ted dump!

  23. Adrian Peterson is very good at padding stats against the Packers.

    Adrian Peterson is very bad at winning games against the Packers.

    Advantage – Packers.

  24. The Packers will be stronger this year than any year in the past five. They are healthy and experienced. The defense was adequate and has been improved significantly. The offense will be at a new level altogether. This….you can count on.

    The anonymous silly insults and put-downs is the ammunition of losers. If you fit that description, go ahead and keep it coming if it makes you feel good.

    If not, good luck to you and your team.

  25. oh, that’s not true. we still brag about championships. here i go:

    we have 13 nfl championships
    vikings have none

    i do so love bragging about championships.

  26. Can you imagine how many more yards he’d have in his career if the Vikings weren’t always forced to throw in the 4th quarter because there were behind? Time and time again. With the Pack he could have been a clock killer with our 4th quarter leads and piled up some serious yardage. What a shame.

  27. Lynn Dickey era…..the 70’s and 80’s hahaha! lindy Infante etc. Green Bay folks.

    All teams go through the BS.
    Vikings have had a few years of it.
    ZimZam and Norv will bring the Vikings back to contention this year, Zimmer will have nothing less.

    Packers had two decades of tasteless garbage on the field that Vikings fans thought another bailout was on the way (see Hallas family). One more year and they would have been the LA Packers.

  28. I wish for once, just once, the Pack could have a high draft pick like the Vikings do year in and year out. Do we have to have a winning record ALL THE TIME??

  29. Who is this Lindy Infante you speak of? I know of Vince Lombardi, Mike Holmgren and Mike McCarthy but Infante? Never heard of him.

  30. Norv Turner cant handle being a head coach thats why he failed to bring the chargers to success. Hes half a head coach and thats good to have as your offensive coordinator.I also think mike zimmer will be a very ssuccessful head coach. Lots of nfl players and coaches also think so. Hes finally getting his chance and he will make the most of it. This year will be tough for a totally revamped team to make the playoffs and im not expecting to but I bet we will make some flashes of potential success. 2nd year at TCF we will be competing in the NFC North again. And hopefully 1st year at the new stadium we will be a sure thing playoff team.

  31. The vikings will sweep the packers this year, get ready for a beat down oct 2nd at lambeau.


  32. the vikings got to the playoffs with riding peterson and it worked until we had to start joe webb. the next year it didn’t work and everyone got fired. the packers still try to ride rodgers’ back every year with no defense and still can’t figure out why they can’t get back to the super bowl. your team is nothing without rodgers and you will never win another championship with him, but oh mccarthy is going to help fix the defense, hahahaa!!!!! packers are terrible, terrible, terrible.

  33. i guess you’re right. we’ve been lucky. give me post season play over high picks anyday. what the hell was i whining about?

  34. If you are going to count pre-NFL/AFL merger years in your count of NFL championships, then the Vikings have one. They were the NFL champions in 1969, prior to the merger. The Super Bowl back then was simply a game between the NFL champs and the AFL champs.

  35. The Packers first round pick is a bust regardless of when he is picked. A.J. Hawk and B.J. Raji were both busts picked at 5 and 9, respectively. Maybe they’ll draft C.J. Mosley this year.

  36. So what about the down years. As the late great Lombardi said ” If you’re not winning you’re losing”. Considering Minnesota is going on 53 years and counting with none I would put them in the loser category. Looking at the Pack with 13 Titles the most in NFL history they would have to go to side of winner.

  37. The pass that was thrown to him in the photo hit him in the helmet. He’s going to do great as a receiver.

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