Browns, Raiders seem to want someone to jump them for a receiver


As General Managers throughout the NFL continue to engage in the ritual of pre-draft press conferences, which usually entail the men using a lot of words to say not much of anything, it looks like two teams with top five picks want someone to cut the line to take a receiver.

Earlier this week, Browns G.M. Ray Farmer displayed all the subtlety of Flounder in Animal House while discussing the possibility of getting receiver Sammy Watkins at No. 4.

“It would be big, big ginormous [to get him],” Farmer said of Watkins (pictured).  “He’s a good football player. He has really good hands, can run all the routes and can be productive. Saddle him on the opposite side of Josh Gordon — wow!”

On Thursday, Raiders G.M. Reggie McKenzie said that he won’t pass on a “great” receiver at No. 5 for a “good” one later in the draft.

Unless both men are content to broadcast their true intentions to the world, it’s possible that they’re hoping to goad a team like the Lions at No. 10 or the Buccaneers at No. 7 to trade up for Watkins or Mike Evans of Texas A&M, which would push farther down the stack a player that the Browns or the Raiders covet.

With two extra weeks to discuss and debate and dissect, there’s also a chance that the guys like Farmer and McKenzie have opted for next-level Jedi mind tricks, saying what they believe under the assumption that no one will actually believe it.  Still, the more likely explanation is that they both want something other than a receiver, and that they hope someone in front of them takes someone at a position they aren’t targeting.

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  1. If the Raiders and Browns want something, you gotta figure that the outcome will benefit everyone EXCEPT the Raiders and Browns.

  2. Yes, Detroit, please line jump us (Oakland) at number 5 for Sammy Watkins. We can use all the lower round picks we can get, including a potentially better receiver later in this draft.

  3. “It would be big, big ginormous [to get him],” Farmer said of Watkins (pictured). “He’s a good football player. He has really good hands, can run all the routes and can be productive. Saddle him on the opposite side of Josh Gordon — wow!”


    It really won’t matter much if they have nobody to get them ball.

    Cleveland hasn’t had a decent quarterback since Bernie Kosar and even then he told them what to do. Not the other way around.

    Cleveland is where even a good quarterback goes to die.

  4. All of this pre-draft BS is so ridiculous. Just move the draft back into mid-April so we can be spared the insults to our intelligence – Hyping one player and dogging another to mind-fugg the rest of the league.

  5. If Watkins is still on the board @ # 5, the Browns will take him. He’s the best skill position player in this draft. The Raiders will grab him as well if he’s still on the board. The expectation is that one of the “just good” QBs will inevitably tumble down the board. Watkins however will not tumble.

  6. Thursday cant arrive fast enough………the dead horse continues to get beaten

  7. One of the reasons the Browns are the Browns is because they’ve consistently “reached” for a player in the first. Take the best player available at 4 and 26, Ray…please

  8. I think the Browns will trade back from the fourth pick. Having said that, if Watkins is available when they pick, he’ll be a Brown. I think he’s gone by #3 though.

  9. Its not surprising. As deep as the draft is there are only 3 premiere guys in Clowney, Mack and Watkins. If they want one of the DE they want as many of the other players gone before them as possible, including Watkins.

    Or they want their choice of this years overrated list of QBs.

  10. I watched the press conference, That line was totally taken out of context for Reggie. If anything the big line for me was when he said there was a lot of great receivers in the draft, “receivers with great size”. To me that was more of a tell that he liked Evans.

  11. I sure didn’t think I’d wake up and read of ‘all the subtlety of Flounder in Animal House ‘…Thanks Mike, made my day !!!!

  12. draft draft DRAFT DRAFT, draft.
    Draaaaft, draft! Draft news. Draft. The draft.
    The NFL Draft.


  13. For the first time all draft season, I am convinced that the Browns are going to take Manziel if he falls to them. I have hopes for Carr at 26, but I don’t think he will be there at that point.

    I hate waiting this long for the draft.


  15. Read as:

    McKenzie won’t let a WR with the same playmaking caliber as Fitzgerald or Johnson pass them in draft unlike his predecessor, Skeletor Davis, did.

  16. I doubt any of the other Gm’s lose any sleep over Mckenzie’s supposed mind tricks. He hasn’t accomplished anything since arriving in Oakland.

  17. So if Big Reg is “saying” that he won’t pass on a WR, then it means he really WILL pass on a WR. But since he knows that what you are thinking then he will go ahead and do what he said and draft a WR, but then that is what you are thinking he will do so he really won’t. Got it.

  18. The Raiders will take that corner out of Michigan St and once again allow the other teams drafting after them to get better

  19. I just realized, the Browns have the same picks they did in 1996, when they moved to Baltimore. And they had just fired the head coach, and Mike Lombardi and given the GM position to an up and coming minority (Ozzie)… Is this the Browns new beginning? Will Ray Farmer choose two Hall of Famers with his very first picks? Or will the Browns just continue to be the Browns, aka the Factory of Sadness. Even as a Ravens fan, I have to admit, I feel for the people of Cleveland; great, great football town and I have so much respect at how much you support them despite the losing. Here’s hoping you guys can turn it around (although hopefully not at our expense lol)

  20. Browns – Just a reminder, you need a QB to throw it to Watkins or Evans… You don’t have one and you’re not getting one in this draft. Be patient and draft O-Line and hope to somehow get Eric Ebron. Defensive back to go along with Haden wouldn’t hurt either

  21. PFT has to have some of the most diehard football fans out there. we love football. we disagree on a lot of things, and it is incredibly rare for basically everyone to be agreeing on a subject

    yet a lot of these new rules with the NFL, and changes, have unbelievable negative responses that seem to go ignored

    look at any PFT comment saying the draft should move back to April. it gets about 120 thumbs up and the 1-2 troll thumbs down votes(MAYBE, even they seem to be on board) Mike Mayock has said he liked it where it was, also that we don’t need 4 days, he liked 2.

    put it back where it belongs, NFL. and stop with the excuses. “schedule conflict”. that is just insulting.

  22. Browns can’t afford to pass on Watson if they have the chance to draft him BUT it’s Cleveland some how some way they will screw it up.

  23. Watkins is a terrific prospect. I can see why teams would want to trade up for that. He’s as close to “can’t miss” as they come at the WR position.

    Evans looks really good too but I’d take Watkins.

  24. No clue what the Brown or Raiders are going to do. Whatever it is, safe bet it’ll turn out to be a poor decision.

  25. I believe Manziel is still on the board @ #4, when Jerruh calls with a trade. Browns trade down, fill holes this year, and pick up extra picks for next year. (They may even reach for a QB in the later rounds.)

    They’ll make do this year (2014) with QB Hoyer, Young and Thigpen, and find out what they’ve got. Pettine & Co will take their lumps and earn their wings this year. Fans will say, “Wait ’till next year,” again.

    Another top 10 pick next year, and they will finally finish the rebuilding process with a franchise QB. The 2015 season will be the year of “putting it all together. By 2016 the playoffs will be within reach.

  26. Whether it’s Watkins or Evans or Benjamin or Lee in the 2nd, whoever lines up opposite Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate is going to see the other teams third or fourth best corner. If you can win that battle you have problems. Just as Titus Young or one of three other personalities in his head.

  27. Watkins won’t be there at either team’s slot – the Rams will get him at 2. They’re going to need serious offensive production in that division this year, and have a QB they need to get the full measure of.

    Manziel and Clowney (or maybe Mack) will also be gone, so Browns and Raiders better look to their plan B.

  28. I remember last year in March/April everyone said Tavon Austin and Cordarelle Patterson would be HUGE game-changers for the teams that drafted them. Their teams would have been better off looking elsewhere, based on their needs.
    They did well, but they were FAR from game-changers. Sammy Watkins is, supposedly, this year’s game-changer. Just sayin’

  29. Mckenzie is the worst gm in the league and his track record for drafting talent is abysmal.

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