Bruce Arians on Hard Knocks: “I don’t want to be on reality TV”


The NFL can force teams to do Hard Knocks if they haven’t been on in the last 10 years, they don’t have a new head coach and they haven’t made the playoffs in the last two years. The Cardinals are one such team. And Cardinals coach Bruce Arians will not be happy if his team is forced to let the cameras into training camp this summer.

“I don’t watch reality TV,” Arians told the Arizona Republic. “It does nothing for me so I don’t really want to be on reality TV. I would have to change totally how I coach. It would not be acceptable to a lot of people, and I’ve been down the road with some people.”

Arians has previously said that he’d fight any effort by the league to force his team on HBO, and he still feels that way.

“I think it’s a total distraction to what you’re trying to accomplish,” he said, “because everything about Hard Knocks is getting on television and being an individual. And it’s a team game.”

Unfortunately for Arians, fighting it wouldn’t work. The Cardinals — along with the Bills, Bears, Giants, Jaguars, Raiders, Rams, and Steelers — can be forced into Hard Knocks. If no team volunteers and the NFL decides that the Cardinals would make the most interesting reality show, Arians will be on reality TV whether he likes it or not.

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  1. The Seattle Seahawks really look forward towards having the opportunity of being on hard knocks.

    But for some reason their “medical facility” was off limits.

  2. This is the team that would be the most interesting to watch given how the HC feels. I think we can imagine well to some extent what the experience of those other teams would be like, so an in-depth look into the Cardinals would be really fascinating and the obvious choice.

  3. Knowing that Arians doesn’t want the cameras around probably makes it all the more likely the Cardinals will wind up on the show, to be honest. From the showmakers’ perspective, it makes more potential for the fights and drama and stupid petty stuff that makes the reality TV wheels turn.

  4. I just don’t see why they would pick arizona over the bears, giants or steelers.

    It seems like Bruce is giving them more of a reason to pick them just by complaining. It would be interesting TV if the coach is so against it.

    Whoever gets picked I am sure I will watch some of it.

  5. I have always respected Arians since his two stints in Indy and for what he has done in Arizona, heck of a coach and really connected to the players. I respect the fact he wouldnt want a good portion of the team’s business aired on TV, including firing people on camera. I personally would not want my team on the show, seems like a major distraction. I live and breathe NFL info year round but have absolutely no interest in watching it. I take it the ratings/money is good or Goodell/Owners wouldnt have thier snouts in the trough. They and their ever-loving way to pull every last cent of money out of this sport is going to kill it, which is sad because it is great.

  6. There’s no such thing as “reality TV”. Some shows are rigged, while all shows are scripted to a certain extent. That’s why I don’t watch any of them.

    Arians even said he wouldn’t be himself if the Cards are chosen.

  7. Couldn’t agree more with Bruce…this ‘show’ needs to just go away.

  8. Cool beans because I really don’t care to see Bruce on TV or off….and let’s not all hipster-ish and hate on Hard Knocks as i’m betting a good lot of you who complain tune in to watch.

  9. Yeah, but letting the powers that be know that you’re actively resisting it makes it less likely they’ll tap you.

    If worst comes to worst, just hold position meetings in the handicap stall of the men’s room.

  10. Bruce looks like Mr. Anderson off Beavis and Butthead. That was a reality show. “Ain’t you them kids that been wackin’ off in my toolshed?”

  11. Love watching Hard Knocks, not so sure about forcing a team to do it. Enticing a team, that would be different. ie Colts do Hard Knocks and get the 2016 Super Bowl. But forcing a team just doesn’t sound like the right thing to do.

  12. Michael David Smith, what are the parameters for a team to be on the list of being forced? No new head coach and missing the playoffs for two years. Are there others? If not why aren’t the Jets and Cowboys on the list? Just curious.

    Michael David Smith replies: Teams that have done it in the last 10 years, like the Jets and Cowboys, can’t be forced to do it again. Thanks for asking. I have now clarified that in the post.

  13. BA is da man and reality tv is a blight on humanity.
    Look forward to the scene were he pushes the camera outta his face and storms off.
    Go Cards.

  14. Unfortunately the Steelers will be on the list until Honest Mike “Twelfth Man” Tomlin’s contract expires after the 2016 season.

    Can’t wait till the Steelers announce Tomlin’s contract extension in the middle of Hard Knocks to prolong your endless bashing of a well respected coach. Your obsession with Tomlin rivals another posters fetish with Big Ben.

  15. Making seven figures, I could put up with a lot a BS. I think what Arians fails to realize is, one, sports, for all intents and purposes, is entertainment, and as much as he must love what he does for a living, there are literally tens of millions of fans that would give a limb to be around the game and make 1% of what he does.

  16. I would actually love to see the steelers do it as a fan that now lives in ca the opportunity to see more my teams activity during training camp and preseason would be great and I agree with nofoolnodrool announce tomlins extension during the show to really irritate all the haters

  17. Professional sports is the original “reality TV” Hard Knocks is a first cousin. So called “reality TV” has little to do with reality because it’s scripted. I watch as little of reality TV as possible but I’d say Discovery Channel has some compelling programing. A&E’s Duck Dynasty is freakin hilarious, I don’t care who you are, and I thought it would be stupid. Just don’t get stuck to your couch and watch however many episodes they run in a row.

  18. The truth hurts, eh, Turtle Boy?

    The other fetish poster appears the day is complete. Maybe you and your pal who hates Tomlin could star in The Crack Pots of a Hard Knocks. Who woulda thought Rambo would sink so low.

  19. If no one volunteers I think the Steelers and Giants make by far the most sense froma demographics perspective.

    On the other hand I think the Coughlin and Tomlin potentially and intentionally would make it the most most boring experience possible.

  20. I think it’s wonderful that all you Steelers fans outside of the area and zip codes believe everything is rainbows and unicorns. That’s terrific. Good for you.
    However, Tomlin’s horrific clock-management and personal decisions are well documented. Here in the ‘Burgh, Tomlin’s inane decisions are discussed at great lengths. He’s not a very good coach.
    Secondly, if you lived in the same zip code, you’d also know that Tomlin, like Arains, has been outspokenly opposed to his team appearing on Hard Knocks.
    But we here in the ‘Burgh appreciate your interest in our team, even if you can’t provide any useful insight.

  21. But we here in the ‘Burgh appreciate your interest in our team, even if you can’t provide any useful insight.

    Are the WE you speak of you and your alter ego Mr Rambo? Who cares where a “true steeler fan” lives other than faux steeler wannabe snobs like yourself who deem themselves as the keeper of the “culture” …please stop fooling yourself. A grumpy old fart who can’t handle opinions different than their own needs help, which as a decorated Vet you are qualified to get for free…get some.

  22. It’s funny how you don’t have to put out chum for the haters to show their bad side. But I am still holding out for The Crack Pots of Hard Knocks starring the local Pittsburgh talent.

  23. It is stupid to force NFL teams to have HBO cameras in their face while they train for the season. Very unfair

  24. Arians is a smart gut. He knows what makes the show successful so he will everything he can to screw it up. A year or two of that and the show goes away.

  25. I hate that the NFL will force teams to do this if they do not want to. Just keep the cameras in Dallas and watch that team suck until they get a real GM. J.J. loves the attention anyway.

  26. Roger Goodell has set the rules re Hard Knocks. Clearly Coach Arians struggles to comprehend that while he may prefer not to be on reality TV, it is not his choice. Goodell makes the decisions and he doesn’t make mistakes (never has). Hopefully, another team will come forward to welcome the cameras, but Bruce and the Cardinals would be good for ratings. He’d be even better for ratings if he drafts Johnny Manziel next week.

  27. The NFL leans toward NY for everything because it has a large population (outside super bowl, draft, many games on prime time, etc). So using this logic the Giant’s would be perfect. But then again, I have never watched one minute of Hard Knocks, so who care’s

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