Buccaneers fine with expectations of a quick turnaround


In the last few years, we’ve seen several teams make quick turnarounds from the bottom of the barrel to playoff berths or playoff contention.

In 2013, the Chiefs, Chargers and Eagles all went to the playoffs with new coaches while the Cardinals won 10 games to finish just out of the postseason. The year before saw the Colts advance to the playoffs in the same situation while the 49ers went to the NFC Championship Game in Jim Harbaugh’s first year as coach in 2011.

Can the Buccaneers be the next team to follow that blueprint? The hiring of Lovie Smith to replace Greg Schiano, a busy offseason and renewed enthusiasm from the team’s players have led some to suggest that Tampa could make a quick turnaround in 2014. General Manager Jason Licht isn’t bothered by those feelings.

“It doesn’t upset me,” Licht told Michael Silver of NFL.com. “I don’t think it upsets Lovie, either. That’s what we’re striving for — we legitimately feel like we can compete. We never use the word ‘long-term’ here. We have some good pieces, and we want to get after it right away.”

The Bucs still have holes to fill and they’ll use their six picks next week, including the seventh overall selection, to address them. This is hardly a complete rebuild, though, and that means there will be pressure to do more than just tread water in Tampa next season. If that pressure exists, you might as well embrace it and it seems the Bucs are doing just that.

11 responses to “Buccaneers fine with expectations of a quick turnaround

  1. I’m sure they’ll be fine, and then they will have to face the Saints and then their optimism will magically disappear : )

  2. Publicly stomping on the throat of your promising young qb doesn’t seem like a good first step to turning the franchise around. The national media may still be excited but in Tampa there are a lot of folks saying the Lovie affair is already over.

  3. As a descendant of Buccaneer-Americans I am offended by their logo and name, and demand money.

  4. Its all gonna come down to the play of the qb and offensive playcalling. Thats why teams like the chiefs and eagles turned it around. I hope Jeff Tedford knows what he’s doing

  5. Team poised to turn some heads this year. Don’t be surprised if they end up winning the next 3 Super Bowls.

  6. I don’t know where some people get their expert opinions from but I have not heard one word about anyone in Tampa Bay already ending their hope and excitement about having Lovie as our coach and the promise that he brings to the Bucs… No one should assume that we will automatically return to glory but history shows that the 2nd and 3rd time a Head Coach comes around is the most successful for them with the experience and success/failures that they have to learn from and Lovie is primed to get this team to where it needs to be… He has done a solid job in the short amount of time he has been here so far and I along with anyone with an even marginally level head on their shoulders are confident that with the level of respect he brings both to the team and from his players he stands a great chance to also bring with him success… Go Lovie… We true Bucs fans are behind you all the way… And through hopefully less thick than thin I know that you are going to turn this team into one of greatness…

  7. Hell, they almost beat us at CenturyLink last season. The Bucs are going to be a very tough team under Lovie Smith.

  8. cuda1234 is a liar.

    Fans are very hyped about Lovie, don’t let the guy fool ya.

    The more realistic fans know it will take more than a season to repair things.

  9. Why would anyone who follows the NFL be excited about Lovie Smith as a head coach? This team was close to being mediocre already and mediocrity is Lovie’s forte. So maybe they win 7 to 10 games per year over the next 3 or 4 seasons. If that’s what you’re after, Lovie’s your guy.

  10. Why would this not be a good turnaround spot?
    Multiple losses at the final seconds, playing against 9 games against playoff teams. All of this without Doug Martin. Then have to add the additions of Michael Johnson, Anthony Collins, Verner, Myers, Dietrich, and Jenkins. All adds to great success.
    Now if we can get a guy like McDonald in a trade back or even Shazier then we will be rolling.
    Saints fans now don’t you fool yourselves, you’ve never be head and shoulders better than us, we always play you tough and the additions on our team our greater than yours in spite of how highly you think Byrd is.

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