David Carr: Browns have shown interest in bringing me in with little brother


Back in March, Derek Carr said that he had heard interest from teams in signing his older brother David to serve as a backup if they selected Derek in next week’s draft.

The younger Carr didn’t specify any of the teams that were interested, but his brother was a bit more forthcoming this week. David Carr told Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer that the Browns were one of the teams that suggested there might be a Carr family reunion on their roster.

“Yeah, they’ve definitely been one of those teams that have expressed interest,” Carr said. “There are probably about six or seven teams that have been real interested in that scenario, so we’ll see what happens. It’s going to be exciting.”

There have been reports that the Browns have a deep interest in adding the younger Carr to their team, although there’s been similar reports about other quarterbacks at different points in the process. At this point, things will play out the way they play out for both Carr brothers but it does seem like big brother may be able to ride back into the NFL on his little brother’s coat tails.

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  1. This dosnt really ad anything to the conversation, but if anyone wants to know why the great QBs arent jacked? Just look at Carr and Tebow. Shows good work ethic to get ripped, but…

  2. still could happen. nothing forcing their hand to keep vince or thigpen thats for sure.
    But if they do it, it becomes a carnival atmosphere around the team and lots of questions for younger bro to answer regarding his older brother getting schnockered 70 times his rookie yr and never recovering.
    david carr needs to open an insurance agency somewhere,he has been done so long he is withered and wilted on the vine

  3. I think it dilutes the competition for starting qb. Would Derek worry about his brother trying to take his job and therefore put more effort in? Idk, seems a little nepotistic imo.

  4. All that means is that there’s 0% chance wither Carr is on the Browns this season.

  5. Pettine and Farmer know VY’s tenure won’t end well. There will probably be a steaming pile of poo left of someone’s doorstep when it’s all said and done.

  6. Given the number, and variety, of QBs supposedly being considered by the Browns, either they have no clear strategy, or they are sending a lot of disinformation.

  7. I really hope they don’t draft Carr, he only played against one tough team (a bad USC team, at that) and he was terrible. If he can’t handle pressure from an upper-level DI college, he’s going to get destroyed in the NFL.

  8. I’m sorry, but I’m really doubting this story. It would be foolish to have brothers on the same team at the same position. Talk about Able and Cain. Besides a QB coach doesn’t want coaching interference by a big brother.

  9. so when did this come out ? after the Browns signed VY ?

    sour grapes on older Carr ? like someone said, it would be like a carnival if two more QBs came into Browns camp…. then again.. it just might be Deja Vu all over again”.. (Browns the last many years.. Holmgren especially)

  10. “Here with my Carrs, I feel safest of all, I can lock all my doors, It’s the only way to live, with Carrs…”.

  11. David Carr is still better than anyone else the Browns have. Or the Bills. Or the Titans. Or the Jaguars. Or the Vikings.

  12. I think this is David’s way of creating the impression that 6 or 7 teams are interested in his brother by saying those teams are interested in bringing him in a mentorship role.

    It is actually kind of smart, though I’m not sure if any teams will fall for it. Doubtful Carr gets picked up. Honestly I could see teams NOT wanting a dude’s brother mentoring him on the team.

  13. a lot good it did for Carson Palmer to have his brother on his team in cincy. “Carson,…stop throwing pick six’s” carson: “0k, my bad”

  14. Hmm, maybe David let the cat out of the bag in an attempt to irk Brown’s management so they won’t draft his brother.

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