Decision day coming for 49ers on Aldon Smith

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The 49ers have one day more to notify linebacker Aldon Smith that they plan to exercise the option that would extend his rookie contract from four years to five.

By all appearances and indications, the 49ers are wrestling with this one.  As explained during Thursday’s Pro Football Talk on NBCSN, the team genuinely wants to help Smith — even if helping Smith hurts the 49ers.

If the team decides that he needs the wake-up call that comes from not having the $9.75 million option for 2015 exercised, and if that move provides the wake-up call, the 49ers will face a more difficult situation next year, with Smith, Colin Kaepernick, and Michael Crabtree all becoming eligible for free agency at the same time.

For the team, the far better outcome would be for Smith to convince them that he has gotten the message, and that he understands that the 2015 salary is guaranteed for injury only, giving the team the ability to pull the plug between now and next year, if Smith continues to make mistakes and bad decisions off the field.

Ultimately, it could be that the team wants the lingering uncertainty to hammer the point home to Aldon Smith that, this time, he really is down to his last chance.

It’s a smart move, since it would be far better for the 49ers if the man who has racked up 42 sacks in 43 career regular-season games changes his ways without changing teams.

11 responses to “Decision day coming for 49ers on Aldon Smith

  1. Done deal that he’s getting extended. The Niners want to look like they’re struggling with the decision so they appear to give weight to his lack of character. If they weren’t going to extend him, they would have told us already.

  2. Oh just stop it. We all know they will extend and would under even worse circumstance. I’m sure they feel making him wait untill the last day is punishment enough.

  3. The team of turds will resign him and then proceed to talk bad about other teams and their personnel decisions.

    The Santa Clara 49ers. LOL
    Quest for 1 ring now LOL.
    Whiner sucks. LOL

  5. Like all other teams, the 49ers understand the true value of a premium pass rusher – especially in these pass happy days.

    They’ll give the impression of prevaricating over this one, to lessen the inevitable criticism that comes their way when they go ahead and extend his rookie contract.

    I’m not calling out the 49ers on this one – there would be a queue of around 31 NFL ready to sign Aldon Smith should he not get extended.

  6. That’s 43 sacks when lining up next to Justin Smith, zero when not. Maybe they should extend Smith 1st.

  7. Pretty sure we will lock Kaepernick up before training camp they are just waiting for Rodgers money to come off the books June 1st. So i don’t think they will have a Big issue using the 9 million it is going to cost them to excersise Aldon’s option.

  8. haha. so many haters. “santa clara 49ers” “49ers quest for their 1st ring” hahaha….

    man you guys are reaching

  9. I agree that there are concerns with Aldon Smith – I always shake my head when such gifted and talented people, that have everything on a platter, the world is theirs for the taking and they can’t figure it out. In a completely selfish way, I hope Aldon Figures it out and he is a 49er for life and breaks the all-time sack record and we win 5 more Superbowls over the next 10 years. But I will be happy if we find that this young man fixes his life and doesn’t rot in prison, as some of his recent decisions indicate for him.

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