Giants “hopeful” David Wilson returns, but won’t affect their draft plans


The Giants signed Rashad Jennings as a free agent, giving them a strong option for a starting running back come the fall and lessening their need to rely on 2012 first-round pick David Wilson as he makes his way back from last year’s neck surgery.

Wilson is waiting for doctors to give him the go-ahead to take part in the team’s OTAs, something he expects will happen as he’s feeling no pain in his neck. Giants General Manager Jerry Reese said Thursday that the team also expects him back, but he also made it clear that they aren’t exactly planning a major role for Wilson.

“Well, obviously if we have him, that it gives us more depth at the position,” Reese said. “We brought Jennings in and we had Michael Cox from last year who we’re hoping is developing, but David Wilson, he’s really kind of a bonus for us if we can get him back and we expect him. He’s on schedule to be back and we’re very hopeful that he will.”

Reese said that Wilson’s status will have no bearing on the team’s draft plans, saying that they would take a back they like whether or not Wilson is in the mix. After diving into the discard pile multiple times for backfield help last season, finding such a back may not be a bad idea.