Howard Milstein a potential Bills buyer who would stay in Buffalo

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Howard Milstein, a billionaire developer who has tried to buy an NFL franchise before, has surfaced as a potential buyer for the Bills.

According to the Associated Press, Milstein has expressed interest in purchasing the Bills from the estate of Ralph Wilson and keeping them in Western New York. Milstein, who previously co-owned the NHL’s New York Islanders, owns land in Niagara Falls (about 20 miles north of Buffalo) and has ties to the state as the chairman of the New York State Thruway.

Milstein previously tried to become an NFL owner in 1999 in Washington, but he failed to get the necessary approval from the NFL’s finance committee. At the time, Milstein was partnering with Daniel Snyder, who later bought the team himself. Milstein was also one of the bidders who wanted to bring the Browns back to Cleveland in the late 1990s.

Whether Milstein can convince both the Wilson estate and the NFL that he’s the right man to buy the Bills remains to be seen. But it’s good news for Buffalo fans that a very rich man is interested in keeping the team in town.

16 responses to “Howard Milstein a potential Bills buyer who would stay in Buffalo

  1. Why is it so important to keep the Bills in Buffalo? No one blinks an eye w/ talk of the Rams, Jags, Raiders or Chargers relocating.

    To sum up Buffalo’s history’s is easy. Sub 500 then OJ. Followed by more losses until the run & gun guys got there. Then another 20 years of top 10 draft choices football, wow impressive.

    To say the fans in those other cities don’t rate as much as Buffalo is ludicrous.

  2. Anyone who will keep the Bills in Buffalo gets my vote for buying the team. And all these other posters who think the Bills leaving WNY doesn’t matter are probably bandwagon fans for whatever team they claim to support. JMO.

  3. Since Bills fans thrive on false hope and don’t live within the confines of reality, they will glom onto this like it’s already a done deal. If you need proof of this, just listen to any of them before the start of any given season.

  4. Why was Milstein previously denied? As a developer, he is in the big time, I read that his business owns over 50,000 properties. He is also in business with Jack Nicklaus and jointly owns the biggest golf course development business.
    He doesn’t have the high celebrity profile of Oprah, Bon Jovi, P Diddy or Matt Damon, but he could probably buy and sell all of them.

  5. 1) Buffalo supports the team faithfully, win lose or draw. The Bills are a major economic power in Western NY, another reason to keep them there.

    2) LA doesn’t deserve a team, be it the Bills, Jags, Rams, or Vikings. They couldn’t keep the Rams in LA, they went to Anaheim, then to St. Louis. They lost the Raiders too. LA isn’t a football town, it’s a fab town.

    3) GO BILLS!

  6. Also, head to Buffalo on a chilly Sunday in November or December take in some tailgating and a game. Do the same in Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, San Diego, or Arizona in September, and I’d be willing to bet there would be a more excited, more populated fan base at RalphWilson Staium.

  7. The next Bills owner will squeeze NY State (and it’s taxpayers) to pay for a new stadium to keep the Bills in New York. Niagara Falls wouldn’t be bad. Although the Canadian side is nicer and more developed. Lots of room for growth on the American side.

  8. Jib and Joe, maybe because the Bills sell more seats at home than those franchises even given their recent performance and the population size.

  9. a) Buffalo is a founding franchise of the AFL.
    b)Without Buffalo and their(now former) owner, the AFL/NFL merger probably wouldnt have happened. The AFL would have folded before the superbowl became a thing and the NFL may never have gotten the exposure that made them huge. Wilson illegally loaned money to Al Davis to keep the Raiders afloat. Without Davis the AFL would have folded like a beach chair.
    c) The most devout fanbase in the NFL.
    d) To prove the NFL actually cares about its fans, even in the smaller fan bases. The NFL has a nasty record of leaving smaller markets only to realize its a bad idea to alienate millions of people.
    e) To preserve the 11th largest TV market in the NFL(as of 2013)

  10. Why can’t people understand that the Rams and Raiders left because of stadium issues. Not lack of fan support. LA and California are already taxed to the hilt and politicians drew the line at public welfare for a football arena. A new stadium has been green lighted to be built by a private company.All they are waiting for is an opportunity to buy into team before they break any ground. Now, if for whatever reason the Bills leave town, how will you take it when people say “Buffalo couldn’t support their team.” Why did the Browns leave? Stadium. Why did Houston and the Colts and Cardinals leave. Stadium. If the Bills leave what will the reason be?

  11. Surprised Halbritter isn’t trying to buy the team. They have a sponsorship with the Bills.

    Think about that.

    The Oneida Nation ( Inc ) sponsors the ” Buffalo Bills “.

  12. Can I visit the parallel universe where Milstein was the winning bidder on the Browns in ’99 and Paul Warfield was the architect of a 5 Super Bowl winning dynasty?

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