Is quarterback a draft need for the Bengals?


The Bengals haven’t drafted a quarterback since taking Andy Dalton in Round Two three years ago, and they probably could get by without drafting one this year. The club has a durable starter in Dalton, an experienced backup in Jason Campbell and two viable candidates for the third quarterback role in Josh Johnson and Zac Robinson.

However, there’s a case for Cincinnati to add a passer, as we noted in our look at the club’s draft needs. Dalton can test the market after this season if he so chooses. The club has reportedly talked contract with Dalton, but owner Mike Brown has indicated striking a deal for a quarterback has its challenges.

So now, the floor is yours. Should the Bengals draft a quarterback next week, or are they set at the position for now? Let us know via the poll and in the comments.

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  1. P Manning has the NFL record for most 1 & done’s, but he’s AWESOME!!! Now this guy has 3 one and done’s & everyone says he should be done in Cinny. Hypocrisy at its finest.

    Give Dalton time. He’s a good QB that took over for an awful franchise. He’s not a $17m/year QB but certainly a middle tier QB and does well w/ talent around him.

  2. You have to give Dalton another year before you start trying to replace him. QB is the premium position in the NFL, why wouldn’t you want to be stocked at it? Every team should be trying to find their next starting QB or at least develop a guy you can trade if he really pans out and your already set with a starter.

  3. Andy Dalton is the Tony Romo/MatT Flynn of the AFC. He puts up very impressive statistics during the regular season; especially in east games, but chokes in the post season. The Bengals will never get anywhere with him. They would be better off with a good, sound journeyman QB who can manage games without going into the tank. They have a good enough defense to win it all.

  4. The Bengals’ postseason futility can be summed up with two words:
    If Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisberger and Joe Flacco can win Super Bowls, most assuredly so can Andy Dalton, who is every bit as talented as Manning, Roethlisberger and Flacco.
    Winning Super Bowls isn’t about QBs. If it were that simple, Peyton Manning would have more than one, which is one more than Dan Marino has.
    Having an “elite” QB hasn’t been instrumental in winning Super Bowls for nearly 15 years now, starting way back with Trent Dilfer.

  5. If he’ll take a mid-tier contract, they can build up the rest of the team and have a better SB chance than someone like the Ravens who have killed the cap on their QB.

  6. You could do much worse than Andy Dalton. Much worse.

    This coming from a REAL San Francisco fan….you know, the kind of fan that went through the JT O’Sullivan, Tim Rattay, Shaun Hill, etc. years.

  7. It’s not as though he should shoulder all the blame. Last year if Bernard hadn’t fumbled 5 yards from the end zone and green hadn’t let that deep sideline pass that was dead on target go through his hands perhaps Andy wouldn’t have been pressing so hard and making stupid mistakes.

    The year before he had a piss poor game but he wasn’t helped by a game plan that didn’t include Green until the second half and a defense victimized by the short pass to the tightends repeatedly. For some reason Zimmer never gave up on Malaluaga as a top coverage lb.

    I personally believe the majority of blame needs to be on ol’chuckles who can’t handle preasure games and it reflects on his players, an o-coordinator who wanted to show the nfl how clever he was, and a d-cord who has his guys that he’ll play regardless of how they were playing.

  8. As a. Bengals fan I can tell you this as a guy who’s seen Andy Dalton play every game he’s ever been in…If you do not have a strong arm in the NFL you had better be accurate (At least above-average). Andy Dalton does not have a strong arm, Andy Dalton is average at best in the accuracy department and he can not throw the deep ball. If anyone can post Andy Dalton’s career numbers against the AFC North I’d appreciate it because I know they’re dreadful. What about being 0-3 in the playoffs screams “Man I want to sign that guy to a long term extension!” He’s a good kid but he’s not going to get any better, he’s hit his ceiling and unless you want to waste a Super Bowl caliber team (Don’t kid yourself if this team had a better QB this team competes for a title last season) then you don’t sign this guy to an extension. The project of him being your franchise QB didn’t pan out….It’s time to move on. The only problem is as long as those seats are getting filled Mike Brown is perfectly fine with mediocrity and I think they’ll agree to a new deal with Dalton. Get ready Bengals fans, it’s going to be a looooong decade.

  9. IMO, MOST of Dalton’s playoff woes are directly related to the piss poor play calling by Jay Gruden. I’m reserving final judgement on Dalton until he gets thru this year under Hue Jackson. An OC that won’t run away from the run game like a scared little school girl. Gruden basically put every game on Dalton’s back the entire time he was there, and a lot of the time that didn’t involve AJ Green. I believe Hue will definitely lean heavy towards the run, as he has in the past, and I also think he’ll use Eifert much more than he has been. When you got two stud race horses in the barn you gotta let em run once in a while. Eifert was terribly under utilzed by Gruden. Again, just my opinion.

  10. there isn’t a qb in this class that will come in and be an immediate impact player…

    there are no free agent qbs better than Dalton…

    So who are you going to replace him with, if you draft a guy its gonna be a min 2 years before he’s ready so whoever says he needs to go so they don’t waste their super bowl contender talent, in 2 years that irrelevant… Dalton gives them the best chance to win now and years down the road, very interested to see how he does with a new OCoordinator, who will not put the weight of the team on his shoulders… will not throw the ball 40+ times a game, and hopefully knows how to utilize the best players on the team.. so NO they should not draft a qb this year until maybe 6 or 7 rounds in or a free agent Monday or Tuesday..

  11. If the Bengals somehow miraculously take Teddy Bridgewater they will have a Super Bowl title within 5 years…you heard it hear first.

  12. I remember when Andre Smith was holding out last year. Mike Brown brought him in during the draft, showed him the Bengals board, and said that if he didn’t sign they were going to draft a tackle high (second round). Andre signed. The same thing will happen with Andy. MB doesn’t blink. He will get what he wants one way or another.

  13. Andy Dalton is not worth $17 Mil per year, but that’s the going rate for a starting quality QB and if he has one more 10+ win season other GM’s will view him as a starting quality QB. I’d say draft a guy near round 3 and hope he’s good enough to be your fall back. If Andy wins a lot of regular season games this year, he’ll get paid by someone. If he wins a playoff game he’ll get paid by the Bengals. A rookie that can pressure Dalton, and be ready to step in after this year if necessary would be a huge advantage for a team that’s about to see all of it’s cap space disappear when the good guys get huge Pay Days.

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