Jaguars not planning for Justin Blackmon being available this season


Wide receiver Justin Blackmon was suspended for three-quarters of the 2013 regular season, and it appears the Jaguars are ready for the potential of being without him for all of 2014.

Jaguars G.M. David Caldwell said Friday that having Blackmon on the roster for 2014 was “not something we’re counting on,” according to Mark Long of The Associated Press and other reporters present.

Caldwell also indicated he would be “relatively surprised” if Blackmon were available this season, per John Oehser of and other media.

The No. 5 overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, Blackmon has hauled in 93 passes for 1,280 yards and six touchdowns in 20 NFL regular season games. He showed considerable promise in his four games a season ago, racking up 415 receiving yards. However, he was suspended indefinitely in November for violating the substance-abuse policy.

Blackmon will have to apply to NFL reinstatement. Should he eventually return to Jacksonville, he would bolster a Jaguars receiving corps with another capable playmaking pass catcher in Cecil Shorts III. However, the Jaguars are ready to make other plans, it seems.

29 responses to “Jaguars not planning for Justin Blackmon being available this season

  1. The fact that he is saying that he doesnt expect him to be there, lends me to believe the guy is still token up. Wow, that will be a waste.

  2. If it is something they are “not counting on him” then you can book it JB got caught again. Too bad; another wasted talent.

  3. C’mon man. I know you think 6 million dollars will buy a lot of green but think about what 40 million dollars will get you!

  4. Funny thing is that the Rams were going to select Blackmon until the Jaguars jumped over the Rams to take him. Jaguars saved the Rams a lot of grief by doing that.

  5. It is too bad that he could not see that 3-4 more years of football woudl have paid for the rest of his life of tokin and doing whatever he wanted…its’ the weed affecting his decision making ability.

  6. The Hawks should trade a low round pick for his rights… Low risk, high reward. I’ve always liked this guy, especially coming out if college. He looked great last season before his suspension. Needs to stay clean!!!

  7. Being a team bereft of luck and talent, if ever there was a candidate to trade back it’s the Jags. They could easily drop back 10 spots and get three additional starters. They’re idiots if they stay at #3.

  8. The timing of this screams a smokescreen. Trying to make it look like a team with a pair of good young WRs might take watkins.

  9. Smokescreen. By rule, the team can’t talk about reinstatement. If he’s applying for it, the Jags will be waiting. This guy is unreal good.

  10. Tough spot for Jacksonville. If you trade him, you’re not gonna get much. If I’m the GM, I am keeping him. With the amount of football he has missed, there is a chance that he gets it right this time. I’ll take that chance over a 6th round pick.

  11. Really a shame to see. He has a ton of talent and is a real game changer. But is seems like the only changing he needs to do is to get the substance abuse out of his life. If he could, he’s got millions of dollars that will come his way.

  12. Hard to have sympathy for Jags. He IS as he was advertised, namely a man with severe substance abuse issues. What was the front office THINKING when they drafted him so closely to the top of the draft?

  13. What a darn shame. Such a waste of amazing talent. He’s really really good. What’s the deal with these guys? And it’s ALWAYS WR’s who seem to get in trouble. Innit?

  14. how can the league suspend him indefinitely? why is the GM not expecting the suspension to be lifted for the entire year?(for drug use?) i haven’t kept up on this so it doesn’t make sense how he can just vanish, and sort of not planned for at all, like he was never there. aren’t players usually reinstated at a predetermined date?

    drug addicts, depending on the persons character, rarely have successful “reentry” without intervention, support, rehab, and many blessings.

  15. Did you ever notice, that regardless whether it’s offense or defense, the farther the player is away from the line, the more impulsive he is, the more he yaps and the more trouble he causes through his CONSTANT drive for the spotlight?

  16. This isn’t a smokescreen or even news, the Jaguars have been saying this same thing for about six months now.

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