Jason Hatcher feels free to lead in Washington


Jason Hatcher has only been with the Redskins a small amount of time, but he’s noticed a big difference from his days with the Cowboys.

The veteran defensive lineman wasn’t necessarily trying to rip his old team, but he effectively did, telling 105.3 The Fan in Dallas that the Redskins have a more player-friendly locker room.

“They really take care of the veteran guys,” Hatcher said, via John Keim of ESPN.com. “They give us more say-so over the team. This is our team. The head coach don’t want to be policing the team. This is our team, so when we set the foundation for this football team, the way it’s supposed to go, that’s the way it’s supposed to go, through the players and not the coaches. It’s a players’ team, so whatever we say goes, pretty much, if it’s going in the right direction.”

Oh, so perhaps he didn’t enjoy the Jason Garrett era as much as he’s digging Jay Gruden’s style?

Setting his feelings for the Cowboys aside, Hatcher’s remarks are also interesting in his current context. The Redskins could obviously use a different approach after last year’s mess, but Mike Shanahan was also veteran-friendly.

Letting older players establish the tone in the locker room is a good idea, as long as the results on the field are there. If not, you quickly get an inmates-running-the-asylum quality that few coaches can survive.

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  1. This just in…common sense tells us that there are 30 other locker rooms in the NFL that are different from one another too. My interest in this story is that Hatcher had a career year at age 31, and never was more than a role player or marginal starter in years past. Good luck with that.

  2. OK, so the writer tells us that, “letting veterans set the tone in the locker room is a good idea, as long as results on the field are there”.

    So, given the Redskins record last season, what does that tell us about the Redskins version of letting veterans set the tone in the locker room?

    Regardless, Hatcher is a chronic malcontent. He chose to take the Redskin’s $$$ despite knowing they’d play him out of position, the same position in which he proved ineffective in Dallas. We’ll soon hear what he really thinks about how things are done in Washington when they start to question how much bang their getting for their buck$.

  3. Another Overpaid D-lineman that the Redskins picked up.

    He’ll disappear in game like Stephen Bowen

  4. He was let loose to see what he could get because in a contract year and on the wrong side of 30, he played great. Before that time, he was average at best. I figured he would end up with Washington because that’s what they do. He’ll disappear like Bowen did. Two backups, both overpaid. I’m glad he got his money, but if he was that good to begin with, he would have gotten his money sooner and still be with the Cowboys.

  5. This is the same guy who kept talking about needing leaders in the locker room in Dallas without ever stepping up himself.

  6. Bowen had a career year after leaving the cowboys 41 tackles and 6 sacks. He broke his leg last year. Get your stats straight before getting on the haters bandwagon.

  7. he went to the money and even said he was going to the highest bidder. He wont be an issue for Dallas O-Line.. Frederick and T Smith are far superior to him. Also if this draft goes heavy defensive players in the first 15 picks I wont be surprised if they take a guard in the first round just to help beef up the right side of the line.. Dallas might have one of the best offensive lines in the league this year.. Hatch will get knocked down

  8. News flash: Hatcher played 3-4 DE in Dallas his entire career until last season. 3-4 DEs primary job is to stop the run, not get after the QB. Last yr the girls played 4-3, Hatch was a DT allowed to attack, thus the career yr in sacks. But wait, you say, the Skins run a 3-4. While our base D is a 3-4, we played nickle 60% of the time. Furthermore, Hatch played sparingly his first 5+ seasons, meaning he should have fresh legs for a DT, whose careers can last well into their late 30s. Very good pickup.

    Kiss our Grits,

    Skins fans.

  9. All redskins fans can kiss the 5 rings that they will never achieve. Also Hatcher is a traitor that would rather work with a less talented team and terrible franchise with zero legacy.

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