Keyshawn Johnson not charged, resents that he was arrested

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Former NFL receiver and current ESPN analyst Keyshawn Johnson will not be charged after he was arrested on April 21 in connection with a domestic violence incident.

The district attorney declined to prosecute because Johnson’s ex-girlfriend is not cooperating with the investigation, and her injuries were minor and appeared to be caused accidentally. Johnson released a statement criticizing the decision to arrest him after Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies went to his home in response to a call about a possible spousal assault.

“I am pleased that law enforcement acted quickly and that this matter has been fairly resolved,” Johnson said in a statement. “The quick decision results from the fact that I should not have been arrested because no crime was committed. I did not and would not touch, grab or strike a woman — any woman. Though Jennifer and I are both pleased that this matter is over, we very much resent the fact that I was ever arrested in the first place. I apologize to my friends, family, fans and colleagues for this matter.”

The 41-year-old Johnson is in his eighth year with ESPN, which hired him shortly after he retired from an 11-year career in the NFL.

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  1. Wonder what prompted the police to come to the residence, someone obviously called them…

  2. I resent the fact I hear your worthless commentary on ESPN every week. They should have fired you years ago.

  3. psmith7716 says: May 2, 2014 6:10 PM

    Well SOMETHING happened, and SOMEONE called the police.



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    According to TMZ Keyshawn’s girlfriend was on the phone at the time of the argument. When Keyshawn had the fit and threw the phone down the person she was on the phone with then called the police and when the police arrived they just assumed the worst and arrested him despite both stating nothing happened. On top of that her “injury” was a scratch on her finger.

    He won’t be charged because the police themselves considered their own actions “an overreaction”.

  4. IF it was a white guy who arrested Keyshawn, its got to be because he’s a racist and he should be BANNED FOR LIFE!!!

  5. in florida, if the cops respond to a domestic violence complaint, one of the parties involved is arrested and taken away. they call it a 24 hour cool down period. standard procedure. not race related.

  6. Charges were not filed because the DA didn’t have enough evidence. In this case, the girlfriend didn’t cooperate to explain her injuries, ergo, no case. The arrest was warranted given the situation at the time: loud disturbances and injuries.

  7. He brought this on himself. Just because the girlfriend refuses to press charges doesn’t mean something didn’t happen. We see this all the time.

  8. See, the problem is that when you come off as a pompus creep, few give you the benefit of the doubt. Meshawn chose this route many years ago.

  9. Arrests are routine on DV calls because of the potential for victim intimidation. Better 100 erroneous arrests than one dead spouse that was too afraid or ashamed to admit abuse. Most difficult and volatile calls officers have to answer.

  10. LA law enforcement does it again. Keyshawn’s ex-girlfriend goes to Keyshawn’s house, starts an argument, the police are called, they both say nothing happened, and instead of escorting the ex-gf off Keyshawn’s property, they arrest him! LA law enforcement just empowered every psycho ex-girlfriend in the state. Congratulations!

  11. So, to Keyshawn, nothing happened. That’s why the police show up at his door, because nothing happened. No, he’s offended that the police showed up after nothing happened.
    Most police officers don’t show up and detain someone because nothing happened. On DV calls, they usually remove one of the people from the residence.
    Don’t forget the difference between not having enough evidence to make a charge stick and being innocent.

  12. “ex-girlfriend is not cooperating with the investigation” Is why he`s not being charged!

  13. Grabbing a phone from anyone and slamming it down, are signs of anger issues (those can escalate quickly). I bet her friend was telling her to leave him or it was one of her “male friends”.

  14. Where I live, if the cops are summoned for a domestic dispute and there is evidence of physical violence, then by law, somebody goes to jail. They have no discretion in the matter.

  15. Let this be a lesson to all. Cops have been pilloried for NOT doing this, only to have the guy kill the woman almost the moment that they leave. That’s why certain “burned” forces have instituted these mandatory cool-down arrests. Those who prefer not to spend a night in the slam would be well advised not to conduct their business in front of the world. Bacj in the day, I knew a couple who did this, during the several years that they were together, Everybody breathed a sigh of relief when they finally decided that they didn’t need the drama. Both of them went on to have happy lives, with people whom they didn’t habitually wind up like a toy propeller plane.

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