McNair sheds more light on Texans’ plans

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It’s becoming more clear that the Texans would like to trade the top pick in the draft to someone who wants defensive end Jadeveon Clowney.

Texans owner Bob McNair addressed the team’s plans on Friday.  While intending to say nothing, he said plenty.

“Really at this point we don’t know and we really won’t know until right up at the time we have to make a decision because people are talking to us about the possibility of trading down and it’s a question of what people offer, whether their offer is such that it’s worthwhile to trade down,” McNair told FOX 26 in Houston regarding the team’s plans for the pick.

The more McNair talked, the more obvious it became that the plan is to trade the ability to select Clowney for the chance to get a quarterback, plus extra picks — or to take Clowney and then trade him to a team that drafts the player the Texans prefer.  Presumably, a quarterback.

“You take a guy like Clowney,” McNair said. “He’s obviously the best player in the draft, but he’s a defensive end.  He’s not a quarterback.  If he’s a quarterback and the best player it’s easy, but that’s not the case.  So can that defensive player have a greater impact on the success of your team than one of these quarterbacks?  It’s not a sure thing that he is. . . . If somebody wants you to drop down and they give you two or three more picks that would let you get two or three more quality players, are you a stronger team dropping down a little bit, getting these additional picks and getting more depth?”

Even if the Texans trade down to get a quarterback, McNair has concerns.

“You got three quarterbacks and all of them have some holes in their resume,” McNair said.  “A quarterback that goes out and performs for you and is a franchise quarterback is more valuable than a player playing another position, but there’s a lot more risk there.  It’s a more difficult position to play and there are lot more failures.

“You drop down and there’s another group close behind, not exactly where they are, and maybe one of those quarterbacks will become better than one of these other three,” McNair said. “There are no slam dunks. There are no Andrew Lucks out there, no Peyton Mannings. If there were it would be an easy decision, but that’s not the case.”

Regardless of how it plays out, McNair remains confident that the Texans will emerge from the three-day player-acquisition exercise in much better shape.

“I think that we’re going to greatly strengthen our team as a result of the draft,” McNair said. “We’ve got 11 picks now in the draft and it’s a deep draft. So we’re going to get some good players regardless as to what we do.  If we trade down and pick up two or three more players, we’d have 13 or 14 [draft picks].  So you’re going to see some significant strengthening of our team as a result of this draft.”

How much stronger depends on whether the Texans make the right move with the first No. 1 overall pick they’ve earned in eight years.

59 responses to “McNair sheds more light on Texans’ plans

  1. No Andrew Lucks?? No peyton mannings???
    I thought your trying to reverse your trend.

  2. Or they could pick Clowney, and then wait to see which QB drops. There is probably going to still be a good QB at the 33rd pick. If not, then trade Clowney to a team that drafted the QB you originally wanted for a 2nd and 3rd round pick? Or a 1st rounder next year?

  3. If McNair wants to be “Jerrah” Jones and blather, he should at least get some bad plastic surgery too.

  4. It’s clear that they don’t want Clowney. An entirely reasonable position.
    It’s also clear that they don’t see a player they like that they can’t get by trading down.
    It’s actually not a great year to have the first pick if you want to use it. I think there’s more value in gaining picks than in using it.

  5. The real question is if a qb and extra picks is better than clowney and a qb at the start of the 2nd. Or possibly moving up into the 1st and grabbing a qb that happens to fall.

    I personally think taking clowney and a qb later is a better option. I definitely think a top talent qb will fall due to the upper tear talent of every other position. I don’t see many teams from 15-32 that are going to pass on a plug and play guy for a backup just in case qb in the 1st.

    Not gonna happen but if it did i’d love to see them not even draft a qb. I’d rather see a MLB in the 2nd and with the extra 4th pick. Clowney in the 1st and fill out the rest of the draft with bpa. I see no issue with riding it out with fitzpatrick. Plus, letting the rest of the team get the defense and offense down will be really beneficial for next year. Then drafting a QB in the 1st next year and another draft class will put them in a good position. Especially because I like next years QB class a little more.
    If you read this all. Thumbs up if I should start a Texans blog. Thumbs down if I should not.

  6. Houston doesn’t need to draft the ‘sexy’ qb to win. They are a Russell Wilson type player away from contending. Who knows if Clowney will be a star? I would rather be the GM who fell for the hype than traded a stud. Find your qb in the 2nd or 3rd round unless someone makes an offer you can’t refuse.

  7. It’s a great year to have the first pick if you really need a defensive end and want the Clown…

    But it’s not as if the Texans’ cupboard is bare with J.J. Watt…

    The Falcons would love to have the first selection in the draft this year and lock up the Clown on the rookie contract for 4 yrs… at least…

  8. Don’t draft a QB #1 overall. Not this year. If no one wants to trade up… take Watkins or an OT…. take a QB at #33… but DON’T BLOW #1 on a QB with question marks…

  9. I’m telling y’all McNair is becoming the most meddlesome NFL owner in Texas. What a goof! He’s going to pass on whoever JAX takes & that player will own this team (kind of line we always have–even with last year’s pathetic team going 2-0 against them).

    Everything is bigger in Texas! Even owner’s egos.

  10. If none of these qb’s are worth taking, then don’t take one! They hype these guys and they all stink! I’ll never forget how hyped Akili Smith was. They say the same things every year about these guys. They’re all full of crap.

  11. Bad year for qb’s. Strengthen your team where you need it, and wait till late rounds or next year for a qb.

  12. Relax, McNair has just named Kevin Costner the new Texans GM. Those idiot Seahawks are going to be trading their 3 first round picks…

  13. Texan fans should take a deep breath. Think! You cannot get to SB unless you go thru Andrew Luck. What will it take for a decent team (Houston) to neutralize Luck? Take Clowney or Mack. Don’t trade down. Don’t try to out score Indy with a questionable QB. IMHO. Mack is the pick. Don’t try to get too cute.

  14. Clowney won’t fit well in Crennel’s defense. The qb’s in the draft pretty much suck as far as starting their rookie yr. Should have kept Shaub until they squared things away. They should draft K. Mack he is a perfect fit for that defense. Then draft a qb that O’Brian thinks is the best prospect and trade with the Pats for Mallet. (but I hear now that the Pats may not want to trade him ?) They are going nowhere without a decent qb.

  15. Wonder how well McNair knows the Bush family. They all want Manziel.

    I’m guessing taking Manziel from Texas A&M would help bring NFL market share to Houston from Dallas.

  16. Hearing McNair break down his perspective and analysis of the draft and their position makes me chuckle, but I also find it to be sad. He should have just said nothing.

  17. All that assumes that the team that took the QB you want 1. doesn’t need that QB to turn their program around as much as you do and 2. is willing to trade and take the defensive player YOU JUST STATED CAN’T HELP A TEAM AS MUCH AS A GOOD QB.

    Seriously, how does this guy get the $$ to own a team? Say I’m the Vikings and take Bustwater and then the Texans come along and say “We’ll trade you Clowney for Bust and 2 picks” – why would they do that? What’s in it for them? They OBVIOUSLY (not viking specific) need the QB or they would have simply traded up to get Clowney to begin with.

    The idea that there will simply be a partner there because you said their will, for the QB you want to begin with but don’t want to spend the #1 on is on the same level of thinking as the guy who thought “New Coke” or “Crystal Pepsi” was a slam dunk.

  18. The more the experts say go with the clown, the more i want the circus instead. Go Manziel, Go Texans.

  19. Its not fun to be the #1 pick unless there is a lock like a luck or a stafford etc.

  20. Could the Texans be trading the no 1 overall for Aldon Smith and the 49ers no 1? Yep


    How many times do we have to go over this?

    Those extra players often mean nothing and being cute is stupid. Draft the guy you want.

  22. McNair torpedoed 2013, by forcing Kubiak to start a 2nd yr undrafted practice squad player from UH after a couple bad games.. They were 2-4 Schaub and Kubiak could have at least turned it into 6-10 season.then in a fit of temper fired Kubiak after the Jax game.. dumb!

  23. So pick a player you dont want and hope a team that picks your QB will want to trade? That is so stupid! Mcnair is a business man who obviously knows nothing about leverage. Seems to me the other team would get Clowney from you and ask for some of your picks. You need a QB you take a QB with your first pick! Get the best available! Manziel is the best of the top three and guess what there are plenty of QBs left to draft at a later rnd that can be your insurance policy. We are lucky to have a coach who is excellent at developing QBs so this is a no brainer!

  24. Everyone is overthinking this draft and listening way too much to gossip! This is a deep draft of talented QBs. They do not all stink and are not all the freaking same. You have strong armed QBs, pocket passing QBs, incredibly accurate QBs, Mobile QBs, game Managing QBs, quick release QBs, freak athlete QBs, and smart QBs.

  25. This is a result of having to wait longer for the draft!
    Too much over thinking and second guessing will
    ultimately leave you so confused you screw things up.
    You have an owner explaining draft strategies now, and when the draft gets screwed up the coach and GM will be left to explain why it went wrong…..

  26. Well if this get Ruben fired than it was worth losing a good bat off the bench. Good Luck Kevin. I always thought you did a good job while at Philadelphia.

  27. Since when has McNair been able to shed any light on anything? The Texans have proven they don’t have a clue.

  28. The Steelers, the Giants, the Ravens and the Seahawks — winners of six recent Super Bowls — all won with defense. While the Ravens’ QB had a spectacular Super Bowl, it was his defense that got him there. Yet owners continue to be obsessed with QBs. They need to stop watching ESPN!!!

  29. Look at the Bengal 49er Seahawks none drafted QB 1st Round. All made playoff. Jags Titans Vikings Browns Dolphins drafted QB and proceeded to tank. Luck who is the best QB prospect in a decade is the only 1st rounder to make an immediate impact.

  30. johnnyjagfan says:
    May 2, 2014 7:47 PM
    “I’m telling y’all McNair is becoming the most meddlesome NFL owner in Texas. What a goof! He’s going to pass on whoever JAX takes & that player will own this team kind of (like) we always have…”


    Jags fan definition of ‘owning:’ (the Jags are 11-13 overall against the Texans)

  31. Manziel, Bortles, Bridgewater and, most likely, Carr will be gone by the 1st round.

    They have to target AJ McCarron at #33.

  32. if i remember correctly last year pittsburg qb rothenburger.stated or his agent stated he was not happy in pittsburgh.if i am texas i do a blockbuster trade with pittsburgh.swap spots let pittsburgh get the number 1 pick .texans get the rothensburger . 2nd round ,3rd round and next year 1st round. by doing this they solve qb issue, they get 15 pick and then pick 33rd

  33. The Redskins gave up the farm to trade up for a franchise QB….what team is giving 3 picks for a guy with a questionable work ethic?

    Yes, Clowney is an athletic freak of nature, but Atlanta is the team most likely to be willing ot trade up, I doubt you get more than a 2nd rounder out of the deal.

  34. I think the Texans were in the same position the last time they had the first pick. They weren’t sold on either Bush, VY or Mario and tried to trade down to 2 or 3 and let someone else make the pick. They would have been just as happy to take the one that was left at #3 and let the others make hard decisions.

  35. I’m no expert. The only QB’s I see worth drafting in the 1st round are Manziel and Bortles. If the Rams are interested in Clowney, they only have to trade up one spot. And Bortles is the only QB I see worthy of a top 10 pick. Win-win for both teams.

  36. Bortles would be on a good team with a chance to succeed. Don’t let the 2-14 record fool you. Most of these QB’s land on bad teams and are thrown to the wolves. You draft a starter and hope they’re an impact player with a top 15 or 20 pick.

  37. I can’t hate the Texans. I like the Ravens getting ex-Texans players. Vonta Leach. Jacoby Jones. They obviously know how to draft talent. And now the Ravens have Forsett. Ray Rice has issues. And Owen Daniels. Pitta and Daniels are head and shoulders better than Ed Dickson and Dallas Clark(old man). And I would like to thank the Panthers for releasing Steve Smith. Baltimore Ravens, where players go to win Championships.

  38. Belichick and Brady are going to have their hands full trying to win their division. Not saying they won’t. But it’ll be a harder task than in years past.

  39. #1 Pick hasn’t been traded since the Texans came into the league. Holder of the #1 pick ALWAYS wants way more than FMV. Texans will be no exception.

    If ATL wants to move up, I’m sure Rick Smith will want this year’s and next year’s first, a second, and a later round pick or 2.

    They are not going to get it. So pick who you want!

    Is Manziel/Bortles/Bridgewater + Louis Nix better than Clowney + Mettenberger/Murray/McCarron

    That’s the real question. In my opinion it’s the latter.

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