Report: Koa Misi doesn’t want to move to the middle

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We mentioned recently a report that the Dolphins were planning on shuffling their linebackers, and moving Koa Misi to the middle.

Apparently, the guy in the middle of that plan isn’t crazy about it.

According to Andrew Abramson of the Palm Beach Post, a team source said Misi “is not on board with the plan.”

The source said Misi told coaches he wasn’t sure about the added responsibilities and mental requirements, with the source noting “It’s too much for him.”

Putting Misi in the middle would have allowed them to rotate two of Jeff Ireland’s last big buys as G.M., with Dannell Ellerbe moving from the middle to the weakside, and Philip Wheeler from weakside to strongside.

But if Misi isn’t interested in going along with it, the plan doesn’t make much sense.

Nor does a player asking out of increased responsibility.

31 responses to “Report: Koa Misi doesn’t want to move to the middle

  1. Sounds like Costanza when he was getting primed for a promotion — and was freaking out because he hated and was terrified at the thought of the increased visibility/responsibility.

  2. Good for him. The player knows better than to let coaches push him into a role he is unsuited for.

    This guy worked his way up from junior college to Utah to the NFL– and all players should do what is best for themselves. The NFL uses and abuses then kicks them out the back door.

    Players should:
    –Try to play in cities where they want to play.
    –Play positions they want to play.
    –Get as much money as they can at any time they can.
    –Retire before getting too banged up to live a normal life.

  3. I can’t believe this. Typical dolphins. He gets basically a promotion n instead of embracing it and making it his own, he does not want it. He rather contribute less. We def need to draft a middle linebacker in one of the rounds. The dolphins can’t miss with drafting receiver,middle LB, O line, and corner. Unless they choose someone who is not talented.

  4. Koa Misi is right – he plays in the right position and shouldn’t be forced. The Dolphins will probably draft a middle linebacker who can tackle. Wheeler contract is guaranteed for this year but that doesn’t mean that he will be starting. This Miami linebacker expensive mess was one of Jeff Ireland’s finest. Hickey will address it. Maybe soon if CJ Mosley is available at #19.

  5. The plan is good. Misi is just showing what a weak man/player he is. Trade him for a Mac and continue with the LB plans.

  6. Although i am a big fan of pushing yourself and trying new things because most of us need a little stress to keep us going, sometimes it takes a smart person to realize if something is just to much. Hope that doesn’t sound to contradictory.

  7. If we had an NFL-caliber head coach who had the pulse of his team & leadership skills, this would have been addressed quickly and never made the news. But of course we are now in Steve Ross era-of-shame, so we look stupid once again.

  8. Honestly, he’s probably be a fairly bad middle backer. Misi isn’t really known for his work ethic or motor. He’s just an OK linebacker who can set the edge against the run in a mediocre fashion. I’m not sure that I want him taking on the MLB responsibilities. Where he is right now, he’s not a liability. That’s the best that can be said for him.

    The real problem here, which they’re not addressing by moving Misi, is that Wheeler is terrible and we gave him a huge contract. I’ve never seen an NFL linebacker with less instinct for the ball. He overpursues, takes bad angles and can’t she blocks. That means he’s useless against the run and as a rusher. How is he in coverage? Even worse than he is at everything else. I’m not sure that pushing him to the other side of the problem solves anything. Ellerbe is just OK, but overall, he’s the best of the three.

    Overall, this is a pretty sad bunch of backers and I’m not sure that shuffling the deck chairs on that sinking ship is really going to fix anything.

  9. If Koa Misi is refusing to move to middle linebacker to help out the team then GM Dennis Hickey needs to trade him and see what he can get for him. The Dolphins don’t need “ME” type players.

  10. Bye misi, being in the middle is too much mentally for you? Just showed your true colors, he’s a mediocre outside linebacker and would possibly thrive in the middle, but can’t handle the responsibilities? Bye bye. Another Ireland flunky. Good luck Seahawks w your Ireland acorns!

  11. OK.. get your Dolphins hatred out of your systems. First off, I would be the farm that Misi never said anything close to this. Mr. Abramson (a blogger from the Post) is paraphrasing “a source” at the Dolphins. This means Misi (3 removed from the report) probably said something like “I have not played that position and I will have to learn quite a bit more in order to benefit the team”. In the meantime, I hope they get Shazier or Mosely, bump Ellerbe to the wlb and toss Wheeler to the Bench and Special Teams.

  12. Ya’ll seem to have pretty strong feelings on Misi – which I guess suggests that you believe this article to be 100% factual. It’s all hot air until September kids. GO FINS!

  13. I think that middle linebacker might almost be the most important position to fill. I know we need o line but there is a lot of depth there. Last season we got destroyed over the middle. I can’t even count how many third downs n long we let up. If we can stop that, it give the dolphins a must better chance of winning. Even with our o line problems we were in basically every game last year n our defense blew a good amount of them by allowing the other team to drive down n score. N our kicker really screwed us too

  14. “A man’s got to know is limitations.”
    – Dirty Harry: Magnum Force-

    That said, he has never played or even practiced at the position. I wouldn’t give to much credence to the source.

  15. Koa’s attitude is very disappointing! He just got a big raise, which did not match his mediocre production. Koa is never going to dominate a football game as an outside linebacker. Tight Ends record bonus money days when Misi is defending them.

    Koa needs to embrace this move and become a big bruising inside linebacker; capable of stuffing running backs when they dare to come inside. Maybe Zach Thomas can help this guy improve his pass coverage.

    If Koa doesn’t want to be the solution then he is part of the problem. Let’s package Misi and Ellerbe in a deal with our fourth round pick for a high third round pick. We cut salaries, get everyone’s attention and pick up a stud player – well, more or less! Go Dolphins!

  16. I don’t buy this report at all. I can swear I read an article some months ago, with quotes, where Misi was open to the idea.

    Miami journalism. The only sports writer in America worse than Jason La Canfora is Armando Salguero.

  17. …and when the coaches saw his paycheck, they said “It’s too much for him”

  18. He isn’t good a outside linebacker. Why would they look to him for a promotion?

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