Report: Packers won’t exercise 2015 option on Derek Sherrod


As the final first-round pick of the 2011 draft, Packers tackle Derek Sherrod is eligible to have a fifth-year option on his rookie contract exercised by the Packers.

It doesn’t look like that will happen. The team hasn’t made any official statement to any effect about Sherrod’s future with the team, but Rob Demovsky of reports that the team will not be picking it up.

It’s not a great shock. Sherrod has never started a game for Green Bay, broke his leg at the tail end of his rookie season, missed all of 2012 as a result of complications in his recovery and then played just six snaps on offense last season. Even though the option is only partially guaranteed, it is guaranteed in the event of a serious injury and Sherrod’s history makes counting on him a risk even when it isn’t attached to a $7.438 million salary.

Sherrod will have to earn another year in Green Bay by showing he can be a healthy contributor on offense, with the best route to playing time likely available by winning the swing tackle job behind Bryan Bulaga and David Bakhtiari this offseason.

58 responses to “Report: Packers won’t exercise 2015 option on Derek Sherrod

  1. One of the many busts and future busts that will be drafted by incompetent Ted Thompson.

    The owners should fire him…

    Oh wait, the average packer owner is an oversized 45 year old male who works at K-Mart

  2. He can hang out in the “bust” section of the NFL second hand store with Christian Ponder.

  3. This year is basically a “Let’s see how good you are when your leg isn’t snapped in half by Tamba Hali” prove it deal.

    If he looks decent in training camp/preseason, then cool – we’ve got depth this year, re-sign him on a cheap 1-2 year contract after this year – let him compete for a starting job.

    If he doesn’t pull a Mike Flanagan, then let him go I guess.

  4. The Vikings first rounders over the past 3 years:

    Matt Kalil – Pro Bowl his first season
    Harrison Smith – runner up for DROY, a great safety in both coverage and against the run.
    Sharrif Floyd – Played a backup role to Kevin Williams, too early to evaluate.
    Xavier Rhodes – the #1 rated rookie cornerback on PFF, with a 11.9 PFF grade on man coverage.
    Cordarelle Patterson – Pro Bowl his first season.

    This is why Rick Spielman is the best GM

  5. As a Vikings fan, I am so glad the Packers are led by such an incompetent tool as Ted Thompson.

    I mean… yeah, sure… I would trade the whole Vikings roster for all of the Packers roster in a heartbeat.

    And, of course, the Packers will win the Division again.

    But still, Ted Thompson is a tool.

    I don’t care so much about winning. I’m just happy I’m not a Packer fan because… winning gets boring?


  6. Thats really great news for the Packers. No pay for little production. The best news is that they will have the same deal in place for the 2012 and 2013 first round picks in Perry and Datone Jones. The hope is that someone will pick these stiffs up after their contracts expire so Ted can have his comp picks to Bust on…

    I lovely circle of talent……

  7. Anonymous childish insults and put-downs is the ammunition of losers. That’s all they have to fight with.

    Without exaggeration….The Packers own the Vikings. Get used to it and get over yourselves.

  8. Feel sorry for him, such a nice guy and a terrible injury. Hope he can make a go of it this year.

    At least our so called bust is because of serious injury not because the player flat out sucks hey Minnesota? Try and defend Spieladope with the ultimate bust in Ponder.

    Why are you guys so bitter? Does it have to do with the last place finish 3 out of the last 4 years? Or the 1-7-1 record against the Packers recently? Or is is about no championships in the last 53 years? Or is it because players say they are leaving just to have a chance to win? Or could it be you have no qb? Or that NFL worst defense? I could go on and on but even in Minnesota I think you get the picture.

  9. Do these teams have to pick up the 5th year option right now, or can they exercise it at any point during the upcoming season?

  10. Ted Thompson’s first round picks since 2006:

    A.J. Hawk (pick 5)
    Justin Harrell (16)
    B.J. Raji (9)
    Clay Matthews (26)
    Brian Bulaga (23)
    Derek Sharrod (32)
    Nick Perry (28)
    Datone Jones (26)

    The Vikings’ first round picks since 2006:

    Chad Greenway (17)
    Adrian Peterson (7)
    Percy Harvin (22)
    Christian Ponder (12)
    Matt Kalil (4)
    Harrison Smith (29)
    Sharrif Floyd (23)
    Xavier Rhodes (25)
    Cordarrelle Patterson (29)

    Average draft position for Packers: 20.6
    Average draft position for Vikings: 18.7

    One bust for the Vikings, one non-bust for the Packers.

    Ted Thompson certainly is a genius.

  11. Sherrod never had that first offseason, due to the strike. Then they tried to make him play G. So yeah, he struggled at first. Then he broke the hell out of his leg.

    He gets a shot to show what he can do this year.

    And btw, Ted’s drafting way late in the first round every year. Wanna know why?

  12. You tell me how GM’s hit on all their draft choices. Answer? Zero, none, nada, zip, zilch. TT’s draft record is as good or better than any other GM in league. Cite some GM’s records and then you can disparage TT. You can’t and you won’t. Your just jealous of the Pack always beating their divisional rivals on a consistent year in, year out basis and more often than not winning the North Division.

  13. Packer fans should take a look at the last 5 draft classes brought to them by Ted Thompson before opening their mouths about anyone else.

    Ted Thompson is the most popular and appreciated GM in the NFL North. Loved especially by Detroit, Chicago and Minnesota.

  14. Well, who can blame the Packers for this?

    I remember this draft. I was bummed the Bears didn’t grab Sherrod as all the draft gurus said we would. As a consolation prize, we got a draft bust of our own that year named Gabe Carimi.

    Win some, lose some.

  15. I guess if you want to call the guy a bust.. so be it.

    Mostly do to injuries and not being able to see if he can play is more like it.

    If your going to draft a bust in the first round though. The best spot for it is with the 32nd pick.

    Coming off a SB victory.

  16. Yeah good thing GMs are measure by something it important like 1st round picks and potential some may never see. Instead of something silly like wins.

    Christian Ponder as a top 12 pick should have been enough to get that “magician” fired, but Packer fans won’t mind seeing him stay.

  17. I thought the tag, best GM, would be associated with a bunch of Superbowl rings or consistently in the playoffs for years in a row.

    Finishing in last place for 3 out of the last 4 years suggests your GM is like the team, he sucks. Never making to a Superbowl for over 30 years is an embarrassment, like the Viking announcer had been known to say, “This isn’t Detroit man!”

    Or maybe it is.

  18. Thompson did get Randall Cobb in the next round, who has been an excellent player. Sherrod and Davon House could still prove to be contributors. Vikings, despite drafting much higher, got pretty much nothing other than Rudolph, who’s had his own injury problems.
    Of course the Packers were drafting 32nd because they had won another World Championship, the 7th one they’ve won during the time period that there’s been a pro team in Minnesota.
    And the Vikings were drafting in the top twelve because they were rebuilding then, just like today.

  19. I’m glad the Viking fans have their priorities in place when it comes to their team.
    the only fans that care about their teams Pro Bowlers, are teams like Cleveland, Jacksonville, and of course the Minnesota Vikings.
    You go girls!!

  20. Shocking. You know if Ted Thompson could make more than one good selection in his lifetime this team could be pretty good.

  21. Seriously Brohm is that all you have, people voted Pro Bowl players is a sign of what? Perhaps I’m not too bright and didn’t get the Minnesota education but I would have to believe a GM that can put a perennial winning franchise together, make the playoffs 6 straight years, win a Super Bowl, totally dominate an opposing GM with a record of 7-1-1, dominate the division and not finish last 3 out of 4, would get the nod in anyone’s book. But hey you can go ahead and lay claim once again to your 5th straight offseason championship that seems to be the only time you posters are relevant.

  22. So, “Remember,” Hawk, Raji, Bulaga, Perry, and Jones are busts. And Greenway, Harvin, and Floyd are non-busts. I know being voted to the Pro Bowl is the Viking standard for greatness, but I missed out on Floyd getting there. Patterson is a good kick returner, if that’s what you want in a first round pick.
    As many have said here, it’s just amazing that Green Bay, with so many awful players, a dumb coach and an inept GM, somehow manages to have much more success than the talented Vikings and their brilliant GM.

  23. Vikings win the draft every year – too bad that doesn’t translate into winning the games. Lame fans, pathetic franchise.

  24. Ever wonder why, with all the success the Nebraska Cornhuskers have had over the years, they have never had a pro team? Because if Nebraska got one then Minnesota would want one!

  25. Ever wonder why all of these brilliant pack fans don’t buy tickets and they don’t sellout because they have to buy fake stock to keep the team in town Pathetic!

  26. Well, I see the Vikings fans have started their annual “draft day Superbowl” a bit early this year. It must be rough having absolutely nothing else to look forward to… ever.


  27. I think Viking fans primarily hate Ted because he brought the Packers yet another World Championship.

    They really want one. They really can’t have one.

  28. Hilarious how bitter the Viking fans are.

    It must be difficult to lose year in and year out to a team that’s led by an incompetent fool like Ted Thompson. And to have him land ass-backward into a Super bowl victory….hmmm, that’s gotta smart!

    Especially since we know how great the Vikes are and all that.
    Even with their 50 + years of losing. Again, just ask their uber intelligent fans. (Have you seen Fargo?)

    This has honestly been a tough go for Sherrod. And to think I was bummed when the Bears scooped up Gabe Carimi on draft night.
    Neither lineman has done much to warrant their draft selection.

    Hoping Derek is still able to salvage his career and give us a reliable backup.

  29. Seems I’ve hit a nerve by doing nothing other than list the first-round picks from two teams since 2006. Never said anything about Pro Bowls. The Packers have been good for one reason and one reason only: Aaron Rodgers. The rest of the team has a severe lack of talent, which is what happens when your high draft picks don’t pan out. I think that was proven when Rodgers missed 8 weeks with a slight fracture.

  30. dear ariani, pftpoet, purple u nderwear and viking fans everywhere. thanks for the laughs. no matter how many times i hear how great your team is going to be, it never gets old watching your actual season end in incompetence and failure. 50+ years and counting. You must have the patience of saints, or the football IQ s of idiots. i am guessing the latter.

  31. What idiots some Vikings fans are. They call Ted Thompson names and ridicule the Packers. All their whining can’t change the fact that no one has more championships in NFL history than the Packers.
    If the Vikings and Spielman are so great — how come you guys are probably going to be drafting yet another QB, looking for anyone who can play the position as you do every year? The last good QB you had was a way-past-his-prime Brett Favre, whom the Packers didn’t need anymore because they had yet another great one they drafted and developed.
    Vikings fans — we Packer fans really feel sorry for you. Your team has never won anything and you are sooooo jealous of the Packers, all you can do is sling mud at them because you don’t have anything else to offer.
    It’s too bad, too, because Adrian Petersen is a fine RB and he knows he’ll never get to play on a championship team as long as he’s wearing that ugly purple uniform.

  32. The only reason why the Packers have had any recent success is because they have a fantastic QB, Aaron Rodgers. Thompson lucked-out in getting Rodgers because when Favre was getting old and near retirement. (Ask yourself whether TT would have drafted Rodgers if Favre was in his late 20s; the answer is “probably not”.) Without Rodgers, the Packers would have been, at best, a so-so team after Favre left, and that would have revealed the ugly truth that TT is an average GM, at best.

  33. The only reason why the Packers have had any recent success is because they have a fantastic QB, Aaron Rodgers. Thompson lucked-out in getting Rodgers because when Favre was getting old and near retirement. (Ask yourself whether TT would have drafted Rodgers if Favre was in his late 20s; the answer is “probably not”.) Without Rodgers, the Packers would have been, at best, a so-so team after Favre left, and that would have revealed the ugly truth that TT is an average GM, at best.

  34. Aaron Rodgers is all the Packers have…….and yet they STILL own the Minnesota Vikings. No wonder their fans are so frustrated. Rodgers singlehandedly is better than the entire Viking team combined. I didn’t say it. The Viking fans did. Weird, huh?

  35. I’m not saying the Packers should (have) exercise(d) the option for Sherrod – they shouldn’t (and didn’t).
    The fact he “has not started” is due almost entirely to injury. His lower leg was gruesomely broken toward the end of his rookie season, and it has taken two full years of rehab to get to the place where he can legitimately compete for a spot.
    This training camp is the test. If he fails, yeah, then call him a bust … Until then, I think his grade should be >> Incomplete

  36. OK Vikings fans, you’ve been wanting to hear this from a Packers fan for a long time: The Vikings have had more success with their first round picks. Much of the Packers problems have had to do with injuries, but the bottom line is the Vikings players have made more of an impact.

    Now, maybe one of you bozos may want to let Spielman know that the draft actually consists of seven rounds.

    The Packers picked up rookie of the year, Eddie Lacy, in the second round last year, as well as runner up defensive rookie of the year of the year, Casey Hayward, in the second round two years ago.

    That’s why Ted Thompson is the best GM in the league. He takes all seven rounds seriously.

  37. I have a question for Vikings fans. If the Packers were lucky that Aaron Rodgers fell to them, does that just mean that they were lucky that the Vikings decided to sign a 37-year-old Brad Johnson to QB the team, while drafting Troy Williamson and Erasmus James ahead of Aaron Rodgers?

  38. Yeah if Ted is so bad why has Minnesota picked up so many of the Packers sloppy seconds?

  39. He doesn’t need to break into the O-line….nobody does. The Packers only need Rodgers. The Viking fans said so. They’re experts. They know football.

  40. 2005 nfl draft

    #7 Vikings, Troy Williamson
    #18 Vikings, Erasmus James
    #24 Packers, Aaron Rodgers

  41. Any college player waiting on draft day, can only hope that when it comes time for the Vikings to pick, they do what they do best……..pass on the pick.

  42. The Packers are a talentless team run by a moron. Sound about right Vikings fans? Enjoy last place in the division. There are apparently 3 other terrible teams in the North that are still all better than you. Must suck

  43. The Vikings used to have a pretty good running back.

    I wonder who skippy is going to try and replace him with, now that he is obviously past his prime, and not as good as half the backs in the league?

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