Senator McCain thinks Redskins should “probably” change their name


The debate regarding the Redskins name reflects for many a red state/blue state issue, with conservatives supporting the idea that the name isn’t racist and liberals pushing for the name to change.

But not every conservative insists that the name should remain in place.  Arizona Senator John McCain, the 2008 Republican presidential candidate, explained during an in-studio visit to Friday’s Dan Patrick Show that owner Daniel Snyder should “probably” change the name.

“I do believe that, if I were him, I would sit down with Native American leaders,” McCain said.  “I’d call the Native American leaders together.  And I’d sit down with them, and I’d say, ‘OK, what is it that you want?  How do you want me to do it?’  If I were him, I’d have a dialogue.  And if they think it’s that offensive and terrible I would certainly probably — I’m not the owner, he has the rights of an owner — but frankly I would probably change the name.  Myself, I’m not offended, you’re not offended.  But there are Native Americans who are.”

As to the question of whether “Redskins” is or isn’t a slur, McCain (whose state includes a large population of Native Americans) was unequivocal:  “They do consider it a slur.”

Dan also asked McCain what he’d do if he were Commissioner Roger Goodell.

“I’d say have a dialogue, and then come back to me,” McCain said.  “And if the Native Americans are not satisfied, then you ought to consider changing it.”

While McCain’s comments won’t end the debate, it’s one thing for Harry Reid to speak out against the name.  It’s quite another for John McCain to do so.

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  1. Redskin is a slur when used as such and not a slur when used as such. Same can be said for the N-Word, while most of the time it is a slur I have been told that some consider it a term of endearment. I think the issue is not whether it is a slur or not, the question is whether or not Native Americans are offended and beside one guy trying to make a name for him self and a bunch of politicians, I have not heard an answer to yet and will continue to support the Redskin name because the team does not mean it as a slur but as a term of endearment.

  2. Am I the only one who LOLd at the mental image of John McCain attempting to call all these Native American leaders and getting them in a room? How would you even open that conversation?

  3. McCain’s comments had a completely different tone than Reid’s whiny demands.
    I think we all know the liberals are going to win this battle, just as they always do. They run this country, which is what happens when the vast majority of them get their news from COMEDY CENTRAL.

  4. that old fool should mind his own business. this is not a senate debate… they have been the Redskins forever and until the PC police showed up with Obama and his gang no one thought anything about IT!

  5. Never thought I’d say this about Senator McCain . . . I love this man for being so honest!

    Now get it done, Dan!

  6. Sen McCain should stick to running the country, he and the others have enough trouble doing that; unless he’s looking for another excuse to play Angry Birds while they debate this

  7. Responding to McCain, Daniel Snyder said he would modify their team name and drop the embarrassing part. They’ll now be known simply as the Redskins and never again mention the horrid “Washington” part.

  8. The day we allow politicians and social activists to divest people of their property simply because they have a different viewpoint is the day we ceasing being America.

    (Some argue we’re already there.)

  9. They should have changed it already. How can anyone stand up for keeping the name? Tradition is not a good enough reason. If it were a slur for another minority group it would likely already be changed.

  10. The only people that are offended are professional offendee’s

    Redskin is a native term, not white slur, our ancestors would smear red clay on their faces before battle as war paint. Redskin is a term of strength, pride and honor.

    How is it offensive to have a caricature used to bring an entire community of all races together? It is not, it is a sign of honor.

    The tribe was named after the Chief… a native American player for the then Cleveland Bronchos. AN HONOR!

    Wahoo is a caricature, would you ban or arrest the guy in the park drawing them?

    Braves, well if I have to explain that word to you, you don’t belong in these conversations.

    Natives are tired of whites thinking we are too stupid to know we are being offended. And that is what we really find offensive.

  11. The Redskins & most everybody else thinks the good Senator and the rest of his cronies should concentrate on doing a better job in the Senate instead of worrying about the name of a football team.

  12. when did he become relevant again? Also, if you want to change the name Redskins, then change the name Oklahoma, which means the same thing.

  13. While he is at it, he should make sure Toronto never ends up with another sports franchise, except The Maple Leafs. We are only about 75 years from winning that cup!!! We don’t even have a clue how the other sports are played, or the rules, too hard to figure out.

  14. False narrative. Conservatives may not support the name, they just don’t think the federal government should be involved with football.

  15. McCain conservative? Yeah, right. This is the guy the democrats courted in an attempt to put together a “super ticket” to be John Kerry’s running mate. McCain has made a living out of leading from behind and taking politically correct positions on issues. McCain spent years going on his “straight talk” tours attempting to build an image as a “maverick” within the Republican Party. Then he loses to Obama and all of a sudden becomes the Republican most completely opposed to Obama and suddenly insists that we must “build that darn fence” when he was facing a primary challenge.

  16. Gotta love it when a conservative breaks ranks on like one or two issues — you know, indicating independent thought — and he immediately gets labeled the enemy.

    The real problem with this country is not Obama or Fox News or political correctness, it’s that there are sheep on both sides of the aisle who will turn on you in a heartbeat if you don’t recite the party lines verbatim.

  17. Good lord, enough already. McCain is old and bitter. Ever since Palin brought him down, he’s been an whiny old cranck.

    And as mentioned above, he is the embodiment of the arguement for term limits. Just retire, man, just retire…

  18. Washington Senators, relevant, sounds good, and a bit of heritage behind it albeit a different sport.

  19. For once I happen to agree with Senator John McCain. He is a voice of sanity on this topic. Dan Snyder needs to simply change the name. The more that he digs his heels in, the more the problem will fester.
    I doubt that we see Roger Goodell display the leadership like we saw from Adam Silver this past week. He will avoid getting involved and focus on the big matters that really count like forcing the Draft to 4 days.

  20. McCain saying this is certainly NOT a different deal from Harry Reid saying it, thank you very much. They are one in the same, corrupt lying liberal government-should-control-everything Senators who think they ought to run the world.

    If Snyder was to sit down with Native American leaders (already did), he should ask them what they think he should do? Because they invested their hundreds of millions in the franchise, they should dictate how Mr. Snyder runs his business?

    GO AWAY, old man, we’re tired of your phony concern for others rooted in your personal financial gain

  21. No. No they shouldn’t.

    Just once I’d like to see someone who has no business getting involved say as much.

    It’s easy, “It’s a hot topic but not a political issue. I have nothing to add.”

  22. When I hear the term redskins I think of potatoes or the football team. I am probably in the vast majority on that. Not a slur at all.

  23. McCain wants dan to have a pow wow with the Chiefs to resolve differences in the name. Yet, some tribes may not have a problem with it.

  24. Having dealt with a large Native American constituency for many years, John would be just as happy if they were referred to as “Blueskins”.

  25. Who else is shocked the man is still alive. I though he wouldn’t make it through a 4 yrs term if he had won. Yet here he is sticking his wrinkled up nose where it doesn’t belong. Politics and entertainment should not mix. EVER.

  26. Mr. McCain you are such a fool… You are the poster child for why there needs to be set term limits in Washington…. How about rolling up those sleeves and fixing the nations problems like affordable healthcare affordable post secondary education taking care of the homeless…. I’m sorry but for the posters here that rant and rave about the Redskins name channel your efforts into fixing the problems in America

  27. Ughhhhh, I’ve had enough of these daggone PC pushing conservatives and their namby pamby agenda!! Lazy, good for nothings!

  28. Mr. McCain how about you change your name b/c I don’t like it?
    Leave a private business, the REDSKINS, alone!

  29. I’d rather get my news from Comedy Central than Tragedy Central aka Fox Lies

  30. I’m not sure how conferring with tribal leaders takes away from the fact that the name is racist.

    Change the name.

  31. Who the hell cares what John McCain thinks about a football team’s name. or Harry Reid. Perhaps those old men should do their own jobs for a change.

  32. Wow. A LOT of commenters in here can’t see past their own noses.

    …And if you think that’s aimed at a particular side of the aisle YOU are part of the problem.

    Who elects these politicians?

    We do.

    If your idea of solution is to publicly-whine online YOU are part of the problem.

  33. If they are going to demand the “Redskins” change their offensive name. They might as well demand the UNCF and NAAPC change thier offensive names too. Or would that be classifined as a double standard?

  34. At this point it’s pretty clear that under the auspices of “covering the story,” outlets like this one, politicians (etc) will continue push for the name change until it happens. I don’t think that most Native Americans give two craps about the name, but the media will always find the vocal minority (no pun intended). I think the whole “controversy” is entirely media-driven and stupid, but that’s me.

    As for Snyder, he’s an idiot. He really has two choices: Change the name now, or just tell everyone it’s not changing because he doesn’t consider it a slur in the context in which its used. Don’t meet with Native American groups and try to pander. Just make a decision, explain it, and be done. But this is Snyder…the Barack Obama of his football team. Pretty soon he’ll be pushing an internet video as the cause of controversy.

  35. does anyone remember that McCain spent years in a PoW camp while fighting for his country?

    Maybe you don’t like him – but geez give a guy a little respect.

    I’m damn sure he’s a hell of lot better person than those taking shots at him. And I’m a left winger.

  36. Who cares ?

    McCain has no power over Snyder.

    2004 Annenberg poll, tells you all you need to know on this.

    Redskins is a term that originated with Native Americans. – Ives Goddard ” I am a Redskin “

  37. On a related note, Redskins players and their fans think politicians should worry about doing their own job which they seem to be failing miserably. Any time they spend on this subject is time they could have used to try to improve the poor job they are doing now.

  38. Reid and McCain together? That’s the clearest sign yet that a government bailout for the Washington Redskins is coming.

    No joke– it will happen.

  39. Is he ” speaking out” if he asked a question? And he’s on both sides of the fence, they should have a dialogue and sit down, if they’re offended. Seems only the left media is against it. And I see it on here when nothing pertaining to actual football is going on.

  40. Can’t say enough about Senator McCain’s service or sacrifice but as a politician, he is beyond worthless. Of course he thinks they should change their name. He sides with the left on everything else, why not this as well? Senator, stop making a show of it and just change parties already. you’re a democrat at heart so why not make it official? BTW, how about paying attention to really important things like, you know, jobs, the economy and our disastrous foreign policy!

  41. Somebody needs to clue the conservatives and haters in that change is coming! The only reason that the name hasn’t been changed is due to the weak political clout of native Americans but now with all the news about the Clippers this would be a good time to male it right.

  42. Again where were the Peter Kings, Bob Costas’ and all these bandwagon hoppers when Tim Hasselback and Rex Grossman were our QB’s? I get it take up the cause when it’s popular and the redskins are in the news. See 1999 when Norv won us the division title and the 1991 SB team and the influx of name change protests, and realize that these people could care less about native Americans and their feelings. Because if they did, this name change debate would have been on the table EVERY YEAR for the last 30 some odd years and not when the team was good or when RG3 showed up and made the redskins relevant in sporting news.

  43. How can we have an informed opinion without knowing how Warren Moon, Donovan McNabb and Rob Lowe think about this?

  44. “Probably” is an understatement. That name should have been changed decades ago. But good for McCain, any support helps

  45. Why the hell would McCain comment on this…there’s Congressional issues to discuss! Oh wait…he’s on a sports show with Dan Patrick. That would probably explain it.

    Also, I didn’t know it was so horrid to side with the other party in you know…a bi-partisan Congress. How dare he take the side of Democrats in an issue when he’s a Republican!!

    Sometimes people don’t need anyone else to make them look dumb, they just do it themselves..but I do like to help the cause.

  46. It was funnier hearing Harry Reid, who has the morality of a snake, demand a change in the name.

  47. I love all these people bashing McCain for being “not a real republican” or “a liberal fool”.

    He won 31 Republican primaries in 2008 and was THE Republican nominee for President! Let’s not act like he’s some turncoat state politician from a heavily democratic district.

  48. Tough road to hoe for Senator McCain. He’s already had to deal with a delusional Alaskan Governor who thought she was VP material; now he has to deal with a delusional NFL owner who still thinks he’s a GM.

  49. Thanks John, I’m thinking everyone will sleep better knowing you voiced your opinion on this matter. We owe you so much now.

  50. Frankly, McCain isn’t considered much of a conservative, anymore… He should head up to Red Mesa High School in Teec Nos Pos, Arizona, the school’s athletic teams are known as the….wait for it….REDSKINS!!

  51. Worry about your own state John and take care of those border crossers who work in Arizona and don’t pay their taxes.

  52. Call all the “Indian leaders” together…rofl! Would that be the recognized tribes or would it include all those whose tribe had been terminated by the government and technically would no longer be “Indians” despite their birth right? Would that include AIM leaders or are they considered “subversives” although they are on tribal rolls and have the required quantum blood? Are we talking city Indians or Traditionals?…
    I like John McCain but think he should stick to what he knows like helping veterans…the Phoenix VA is shameful!
    Next up, the Chiefs gonna change their name too and the Cleveland Indians?

  53. why the hell is the government in this debate? should’nt they be worrying about unemployment and the other things to improve this country’s many monetary problems? go back and work on some things that will make a difference not something that is flat out stupid like this is! it was slur in 1932 when the team formed,why wait 82 years to whine and cry over it?

  54. McCain wants a dialogue? OK, how about a dialogue about how he ran one of the most incompetent Presidential campaigns in American history? McCain isn’t personally offended by the Redskins’ name? OK, I’m personally offended that his plan of verbal attack during the Presidential debates was to allow his opponent to steamroll over him….all right, so I’m still a little upset that the 2008 Presidential election was a one sided affair, but why do I have to read about McCain’s views on the Redskins? Daniel Snyder doesn’t tell him how to vote in the Senate (although that might not be a bad idea!). I’m obviously suffering from McCain overload.

  55. this guy would also shove 100 million illegals into the US so he could sell more catchup. He has great leadership qualities and decision making skills! LOL

  56. Oh go away already, you know what I find more offensive? There is a bridge that takes you out of Virginia into Maryland and DC know as Woodrow Wilson bridge, one of our Presidents who was also a known Klan member, you know what else Jefferson Davis Hwy, now if you know you’re history we all know what he fought for…and if I can live with that, we can live with the name Redskins…and I have Cherokee, Blackfoot and Choctaw blood and i’m not offended not one bit. John McCain and Congress actually offend me more!

  57. As Gandhi once famously said:

    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

    The team with the slur for a nickname has already moved through the first two stages and is now in full on fight mode. Won’t be long before the name is gone.

  58. …… fix here…..change the name to the “Washington Warriors”……….keep the logo…..everybody’s happy!

  59. Those against the name would never accept ” Warriors ” with a Native American logo. Give it up.

  60. One old rightie says something that actually makes sense and the 2014 ‘my way or the highway’ base unleashes in him as if he was a Kennedy..
    The land of the parrots.

  61. Senator McCain couldn’t get his own Republican posse to the round table to stop the government shut down. Most of them are white and as unconcerned about the racial division in this country as I am about an at rolling a bowling ball.

    They should address the real issues concerning American Indians that their own ancestors are responsible for putting their and they are responsible for keeping them there.

    They can hardly hold their racially charged tongues from blurting out borderline racial epitaphs about the current Presiding Chief Executive of this counrty.

    He needs to introduce a bill that will remove the reservations and bring all of America to a standard of living above the poverty level who desire to work to get there.

    It’s a crying shame that people are expected to live on less than $10.00/hr. In a country where a gallon of gas, loaf of bread, bottle of water and some meat and cheese to go in the bread takes more than the hour of pay.

    Shut up all politicians. All you care about is yourselves. You are so disconnected from the working class and so unaffected by the things that affects us until election times.

    You want stick your noses into Daniel Snyders business and you are a 1000 times more offensive than he could ever be.

    Nobody has ever heard of the name Redskins as a racial slur until America has become the “Law Suit Capital” of the world.

    Dan Snyder pays out more money to players than probably 75% of the other teams or more and is not using a football team to get rich through the oppression of people being racially slurred.

    Did McCain know about the antics of Donald Sterling? Shame on him for missing this jerk with his keen sensitivity of bigotry going on around him.

    Man please start another conversation and leave the Redskins alone so that the foundation that has been set up can finish exposing American hypocrisy at it’s finest. Suddenly Dan Snyder is the great oppressor and untouchable name caller.

    I could be offended by being called black because my skin is redish brown, I’m a Redskin and American born. So any of the names that you refer to me could be offensive except the true color of my skin. I’m not offended by the name and I’m old enough to have experienced oppression by bigotry.

    This man doesn’t have to change a name that has never been used for racial oppression and just like the historical image of the original inhabitants of this country that was on the nickel with the image of the buffalo on the back, so is the proud heritage of a people who should not be forgotten who only have their presence in the image of a proud sports team that should not be fothat they are still fighting to win against all adversity to be recognized as a people. Let the real racially biased oppressor be identified!

  62. mdf53 says:
    May 2, 2014 5:03 PM
    “It’s a crying shame that people are expected to live on less than $10.00/hr. ”
    I don’t know ANYBODY who “expects” people to live on this. A real straw man argument.

    Most people who are paid at that level don’t stay their for their entire lives. It is entry-level/low-skill that pays that.

    If people don’t improve their skills to earn higher than $10/hour, no amount of Government Bills will bail them out of their poor living situation.

  63. njslonghorn says:
    May 2, 2014 1:55 PM
    McCain is the very definition of a RINO. Might as well be a democrat.
    Politics can be funny, whether watching it on Faux Nues or Comedy Central. McCain was good enough to run for president along side of that female rodeo clown, but now you disown him because he got beat.

    McCain is not the reason the GOP will never win another national election. It’s all about policy. GOP, the used car salesmen of politics. As soon as Snyder and the GOP realize that racism is a mental illness, they’ll be OK.

  64. “does anyone remember that McCain spent years in a PoW camp while fighting for his country?”

    Mc Cain was a war criminal bombing innocent Vietnamese women and children,

  65. If Redskins is a an inherently racist term, so are the phrases ” white people ” and ” black people “.

    I mean, what are we referring to? The color of their shoes ? No, we are referring to their skin color. We’ve just dropped the ” skins “.

    Did Dan Snyder walk up to the Native Americans he talked to on those 26 reservations he visited this past winter, and call them redskin ?

    No, probably not.

    Did he use the name ” Redskins ” or ” Washington Redskins ” while he was there ?

    Yes. Of course he did.

    Get it now ?

    Hail to the Redskins !

  66. Just change it to the Washington Indians imo. There’s no downside, it even sounds better, and while you’r at it change the logo too, it could look much cooler.

  67. Of course they probably should but it shouldn’t be forced by the government. Then it is a 1st amendment issue.

  68. This issue won’t go away until the Redskins change their name. For that reason alone I would support them changing their name.

  69. I want to go on the record as in favor of a name change, but what will John McCain change his name to, Joe McCain?

  70. NAACP change their name? You people are hopeless and have no understanding of race relations in this country.

    Redskins were always named that so it should stay that way? Blacks didn’t have rights until 1964, oh I get it, that should have never changed either.

  71. Gotta love all these white people deciding what is or isn’t a slur.

    “Welll, I’m a white guy and *I* don’t see it as a slur, *so it’s not a slur*.

  72. McCain is a conservative? Stick to sports guys, you’re barely qualified for that. Deleting reply in 3, 2, 1.
    Try to get real job.

  73. ” In a land of freedom, we are held hostage by the tyranny of political correctness ”

    R Griffin III

    A majority of Native Americans do not find the name of the team offensive.

    2004 Annenberg poll.

  74. I still don’t get it. How can “Redskins” be offensive but not “Cowboys”??? Not to mention “The Masters”.

  75. Mark rypien had a problem playing for the redskins when he was the qb. When he had the platform of the Super Bowl, he never came out and said the name was racist. If he had a huge problem he would have said something then and staged a liberal protest. He didn’t. For everyone who doesn’t know. Rypien was Native American and won a Super Bowl with the redskins

  76. Why is it always just the Redskins and not any other Native named team that gets mentioned? Why are they always singled out? Seems like a selective witch-hunt.

  77. “New York Yankees” should consider a name change………British use of the word often was derogatory, as in a cartoon of 1775 ridiculing “Yankee” soldiers Confederates popularized it as a derogatory term for their Northern enemies. In an old joke, a Southerner alleges, “I was twenty-one years old before I learned that ‘damn’ and ‘Yankee’ were separate words”. In fact, the spelling “damnyankee” is not uncommon.

  78. In my job, we represent some workers on the Navajo Nation. I asked a guy who is Navajo, I know well and is around my age (34) if he was offended by the name “Redskin” he said yes, and that’s all I needed to know!

    Dan Snyder and the Redskins org can think what ever they want, but if a survey was done by walking around Native American reservations across this country by walking door to door, they’d get a far different result than what that poll showed a few years ago.

    The only native Americans that support the name in the country are actually “Redskins” fans or people he pays to be at Fed Ex Field for a football game or he pays to appear on Larry Michael’s Redskins Nation
    Show. It’s a joke!

    The name needs to be changed, sooner than later and this is coming from a life long Redskins fan!

  79. You see, the difference between most people who say the Redskins shouldn’t change the name in redskins nation and Across the nation and someone like John McCain is that McCain actually asked Native Americans, like my jobs members on the Navajo Nation who live in Arizona!

  80. The minute they change their name, they won’t be in the news all the time.

    Personally, I think they should change their name to the Washington Generals.
    They lose all the time, so it seems like an appropriate name.

  81. You know who should be the most upset? African Americans at the Cowboys. Freed black slaves were the Original Cowboys. Freed black slaves were the first to start ranching and being Cowboys.

  82. Ray Hawthorne, a Navajo “code talker,” World War Two Veteran and medal of honor recipient said of the Washington Redskins NFL team that, “my opinion is that’s a name that not only the team should keep, but that’s a name that’s American.”

  83. Stevent92 has missed the whole point of the issues that are being discussed with the line chopsaw response. Out of all that was said he took a part of an illustration to make a stupid comment.

    There are people who are having trouble making ends meet because of the greedy powers to be who are not concerned about the cost of buying the basic necessities, but are acting like they are concerned about names that oppress.

    M:Cain should be concerned with the fact that his own ancestry are the reason that there is a reservation and the derogatory implementation of the name Redskins if in fact it is derogatory.

    I don’t know of anyone who expects to live on minimum wages, but I know of some who have been forced to live with that and less and not because they want to.

    Stevent92 obviously can’t relate to it and neither can McCain. It is your dismissive and indifference of the reality that keeps closet bigotry effective and strong.

    You are the man who relishes in another man’s misfortunes as the resource of your fortunes. You would follow a man with his last $10.00 hanging out of his pocket waiting for it to hit the ground so you can tell everybody about the money you found.

    You should be following him to tell him that he’s about to loose it, but that would make you your brother’s keeper wouldn’t it?

    From the strawman who recognizes and can articulate the schemes of the strawboss, Stevent92 needs to understand that your bigotry is out of the closet now and you a part of the problem instead of part of the solution,

    The American Indians don’t need a football team to change their name, they need to be given back their property and dignity that was taken from them.

    McCain didn’t take it, but he’s not doing anything to give it back either because he takes no responsibility to be his brother’s keeper as well. Imagine that. Nobody wants to address the real issues, but look for all of the convenient distractions they can to change the focus.

    If you are going to quote me, make sure that you get the context right and not distort what being said.

    Strawman to Strawboss, I’m out!!

  84. They should change there name so everyone forgets they have a bust for a quarterback makes Saint Louis look brilliant in that deal

  85. revren10 says: May 4, 2014 5:05 PM

    They should change there name so everyone forgets they have a bust for a quarterback makes Saint Louis look brilliant in that deal
    Their Genius

  86. I find anyone trying to “lie” to create an issue that is not there…. in fact, quite the contrary.. to be disgusting…

    Redskins is not a slur, has never been a slur, and Redskins should not ever even dignify debate

    Redskins name conjures up positive images and should be embraced

    Death (in figurative sense) to PC and all these miscreants trying to gain 15 min if fame by manufacturing an issue

  87. That POS Snyder saying he isn’t changing the name is just lying that to be liked. In the end he will change that name beccause it is a racist name. But he made such an issue about it that the fans won’t forgive him for it. They all lose except the NFL. The shield is protected.

  88. Absurd Washington fans cue up their false equivilanecies every time these stories appear. Always pointing the finger at other teams elsewhere. It does not chnage your cirmcumstance. Your name is racist periond. It will be changed.

  89. If “Redskins” is such a positive term, why is it we never see anyone referring to a Native American – especially Goodell and other public officials (on either side of this debate) – by that term in their presence?

    It has nothing to do with political correctness. I has everything with treating others with the dignity and respect that each of us feels we deserve ourselves and goes far beyond fan support for people who ultimately do not identify with their fans at all….except to pander to us to keep us buying tickets and being exposed to the advertising that supports the enterprise.

    While workers at stadiums honored the player strike years ago, no players reciprocated when the shoe was on the other foot.

  90. My faith in humanity is only diminished with every time this subject is broached. It never ceases to amaze how petty people can be, and for what, do they think truculence is a virtue of character? In the dozens of stories and thousands of comments posted, I’ve never seen one cogent argument, not one rational thesis, not even one, plausible premise in the defense of the perpetuation of this epithet.

  91. Look bouzouki8 ….. You wouldn’t call an extremely tall person a ” giant ” either.

    You would however have no problem talking to them about the ” Giants ” football team.

    Get it now ?

  92. More like it is time to change Senators from Arizona!
    He is nothing but an Obama and Harry Reed boot licker posing as a Republican. It is way past time for him to go and be replaced with younger new blood!

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