Vick changes mind again, switches to No. 1

If Vick were this indecisive in the pocket, he’d never throw a pass.

After picking No. 8 and then changing his mind and then picking No. 8 again, Vick has once again changed his mind.

Vick has decided (for now) to wear No. 1 for the Jets.

It’s unclear why he picked No. 8 and then unpicked No. 8 and then picked No. 8 again and then unpicked No. 8 again.

It’s also unclear how he persuaded punter Ryan Quigley to give up No. 1.  The more important question is whether Vick can wrest No. 1 on the depth chart from Geno Smith.

If Vick does, if he struggles, and if the paying customers let him hear it, the question then becomes whether he’ll show the hometown fans a different kind of No. 1.


97 responses to “Vick changes mind again, switches to No. 1

  1. #1 is better on a number of levels….

    Rex can change his cartoon wife tattoo to #1 – and then in the future, the next QB can just take #11, #12, or #13 etc and it’s less of a challenge to remove the old tattoo and add a new one

  2. 1 is for the QB1; the starter; the one that leads.

    8 is for a modern cutting-edge QB that is known for converting 8ers when PATs are nixed from the game, so maybe he should switch back later on, that way he can be 1 now and you can h8 later.

  3. He worries about everything but the stuff he should be concentrating on, like route progressions and not turning the ball over every other touch of the ball.

  4. Can’t he just go get run over by a Purina delivery van and disappear so I can go back to rooting for the Jets again?

  5. Sorry, that’s Geno’s number. You can have 10. Sanchez doesn’t need it any more.

  6. I get why guys are attached to their numbers, but come on… when you’re in the twilight of your career on a new team, the headlines should be “Vick humble, but ready for QB competition”. Not this number nonsense.

  7. Vick hate is very weak by now. Unless it’s directed at his completion percentage – or his durability – but then it’s not really hating. So just lay off him.

  8. Vick is now, and always has been to stupid to play QB on any pro level, just not enough grey matter. His mediocre career was over 2 years ago… Jets fans, brace yourself for paying this loser for NOTHING. He should wear the number “0” to match his NFL career!

  9. He got Quigley to give up #1 by making Quigley realize that he is terrible and won’t be on the team next year. With one of their 12 picks the Jets will pick a punter and he will be better than Quigley. Actually, regardless of their position, there is a good chance that all 12 players the Jets draft will be better punters than Quigley.

  10. Watch. Vick will be the starter…. for the whole season. The number on his jersey doesn’t matter. He is the best Jets QB.

  11. I guess he didn’t want to be 1 number after Geno and decided he would show everyone who was the number 1 QB on the Jets. Pull up the clown car the circus is back.

  12. Well, that doesn’t sound to egotistical or narcissistic.

    Geno was fortunate to have a down trodden Sanchez on sideline last year, but Vick is going to be in his head and his already fragile psyche will be trashed. It doesn’t matter who starts, Vick won’t last long physically, and Geno will regress (yea it’s possible).

    A team of egotistical has been.

  13. is vick trying to do a psyche job on geno smith, and attempting to tell him in no uncertain terms that he is (the) #1 QB?

    indecision is not a quality for a QB to be proud of, or to display for the world to hear, especially when it’s regarding something as mundane as choosing a uniform number! good luck with that, jets.

  14. Kid:
    Dad, why is there a little star next to Seattle’s name for their Super Bowl?

    Son, they believe that if your not cheating your not if you want to get paid think peds…

  15. We really like it.
    I hope you give it a name.. errr a #.
    Your life goes on,
    Good luck dude.
    Our friends didn’t.
    Rin Tin Tin, Lassie, The Taco Bell Dog, Brian Griffin [from The Family Guy], Spuds Mackenzi, Santa’s Little Helper [The Simpsons], Toto, Odie, Pluto, Scooby Doo, The 101 Dalmatians, Old Yeller, Hooch,

  16. Closest thing the Jets will get to #1 this year. Now next year’s draft is another story.

  17. He is that indecisisve in the pocket… that’s why he ran for a thousand yds at Atlanta…. That’s why he has nevber won a championship, that is why he never will

  18. If Vick were this indecisive in the pocket, he’d never throw a pass.

    He is that indecisive. That’s why he is on the jets and that’s why he is hurt all the time.

  19. Vick will win the starter role and get the Jets to the playoffs. He played like a man on fire in 2010 when he was scared his career was over. See that Redskins beat down? Best game ever. Except for the Giants whoopass (also known as the Miracle at the Meadowlands II).

    He is an amazing athlete if you don’t ask him to read a defense. Just let him react and throw/run.

  20. Alot is tied up in Vick’s old #7 like his MV7 things like his business or charities. Changing his # is kinda a big deal.

  21. Like the late George Carlin said, it’s best to be a spectator. Me personally, I don’t think George was talking about the Jets.

  22. It’s just math. He had 8 put in back for 1 whcih is 7 when taken away from 8. He thinks he has #7 now.

  23. Should’ve been # ZERO!
    Now I don’t wish him any injury like some but if it happens and puts him out of the game so be it. Until he gives an earnest apologies to us Jet fans (who knows what he did was wrong) I will not watch any game nor purchase any Jet related material. I will not throw away any of my old stuff either but I am not giving this KILLER and the team he’s on any of my $$$.
    I want an apology Vick, the dogs want an apology Vick, and the rest who believe what you did was immoral want an EARNEST apology. Not that fake crap you did in Philly.
    The only reason you’re on this team is that douche bag Goodell who paid the ASPCA to make that statement about you

  24. Uniform number..7, 8, 1? What does it matter? It’s always the same script. He’ll do great in training camp…have everyone overhyped, and by midseason either be hurt, or be figured out and ineffective. His uniform number should be Number 2 if you judge by what he’ll ultimately bring the Jets on the field.

  25. He’s just not an NFL quarterback. He might be worth a flyer at vet minimum as a backup but he’s gotten more than enough chances for a guy who’s never won anything or shown any kind of good pocket awareness or ability to read a defense.

  26. This guy is done. He should be worrying about his game. He never gets it. That’s why with all that talent he could never become a great QB.

  27. They should have just took the #7 from geno b/c he’s terrible he may even end up as there #3 QB and not even dress

  28. I was hoping jets would pick WR in first two rounds—–then two OL and the rest defense

    now with decker and jacoby ford I see WR is not such a big weakness now but db is

    I can see them going corner/safety if they are BPA

  29. He’s not taking this number thing very well is he.. Geno has the psychological advantage with Vick cringing every time he sees him take a snap under center with that number.

    What a breath of fresh air compared to what the controversy would be if Sanchez was still around..

  30. vick isn’t banned for life because dogs are NOT people..doesn’t matter how many sweaters or child hats u put on them..they’re still NOT people…

  31. Phila welcomed him back and he had a
    good year then got injured and Foles
    took over—–while he was winning the
    fans were on his side–every QB – in every
    town has the fans on his side till he loses
    3 games in a row

  32. Doesn’t matter what number he wears , if you wear a Vick jersey that’s all I need to know about you.

  33. semispook37 says: May 3, 2014 11:59 AM

    Since the league is still outlawing Mexico jerseys for purchase, what difference does it make?

    Really? I’m surprised they would outlaw anything they could make a cent from selling.

  34. Oh, and to this speculating on the number, the number 1 is the number of turnovers Vick has for every TD in his career.

  35. Doesn’t matter what number he wears , if you wear a Vick jersey that’s all I need to know about you.


    Well said!

  36. I love dogs! I have three dogs, but enough’s enough! He did his crime AND he did his time. He publicly speaks out against dog fighting. What more can he do? When the dog fighting story broke I was as anti-Vick as anyone, but he’s turned his life around and he became a better person. Instead of focussing on the bad he did, try looking at the good as well

  37. Vick is washed up he had a couple of good years in atlanta and thats it and never but the great brett favre in the same sentence again with the lousy michael vick heck he has like a 50 percent completion rate and the other 50 percent is to opponents on defense go ahead and retire cause u suck vick

  38. Guess he’s rather be compared to Warren Moon than to Steve Young and Troy Aikman. Good to see he’s concentrating on the important stuff.

  39. Mike Vick is the man… I can see success for him in the near future… Physically maybe one of the best QB to play the game now with his maturity and experience Vick and be something special now… Just needs that support around him…

  40. Who cares what number this loser wears. Couldn’t run a WCO, couldn’t run Chip Kelly’s offense better than Foles. Career 2-3 in the playoffs, never won a championship. Has never shown the ability to recognize a blitz & check down/set protection. He’s admitted he took the money in Atlanta & didn’t give the effort. The same thing happened to his play in 2011 after he signed the big contract with the Eagles. Mike Vick is easily the most over hyped disappointing QB career wise in recent NFL history. What a waste of raw pure talent.

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