Bengals a possible landing spot for Teddy Bridgewater


Publicly, the Bengals say they’re all in on Andy Dalton as their starting quarterback. Privately, the Bengals are discussing drafting Dalton’s replacement.

That’s the word from Chris Mortensen of ESPN, who says former Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater is in the discussion for the Bengals as they prepare for next week’s draft.

The Bengals have the 24th pick in the first round of the draft, and they would probably prefer to use that pick on a cornerback, an offensive lineman or a defensive lineman. But if the players they like at those positions are off the board when the Bengals are on the clock, Bridgewater would be a fallback option.

Dalton has started all 48 games, plus three playoff games, since the Bengals drafted him in 2011. He has shown promise at times, but his terrible showing in the Bengals’ playoff loss this year has left a bad taste in the mouths of many Cincinnati fans who think the team needs to move on. Dalton is entering the final year of his rookie contract.

If the Bengals do move on, Bridgewater may be the quarterback who takes his place.

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  1. Yeah… Cincinnati is going to draft a quarterback in the first round to replace the guy who passed for the 3rd most touchdowns in the NFL and the 7th most yards in the NFL (when the teams REAL NEED is at corner/center/guard).

    Freaking clueless.

  2. So they are going to draft this kid to replace the QB that took your team to the playoffs, when this kid struggled at a scripted pro day?

  3. When a lot of Ravens “fans” wanted Joe Flacco gone the most, he ended up winning a Super Bowl that year. Not saying it’s gonna be the same for Dalton but stick to him. He’s done some great things. Just gotta get over that hump of winning when it counts the most.

  4. Enough with the Bridgewater talk., you act as if the entire draft depends on it.. Give it a rest

  5. This is too much Cheese for the Bagels, Although Dalton is a product of AJ and company, they have bigger needs to take care of with a 1st and 2nd rounder, but those guys in the 3rd like Murray, Mettenburger, Garropilo are all fair game

  6. 34- 3 record at TCU

    1st NFL Season = Playoffs
    2nd NFL Season = Playoffs
    3rd NFL Season = Playoffs

    Please get Andy Dalton a LEGITIMATE #2 wide receiver (like Wes Welker in Denver, Julio Jones in Atlanta, Alshon Jeffery in Chicago, Steve Smith in Baltimore, etc.).

  7. That’s why we call them The Bungels of Cincinnati. !!!! I am so sorry but how can anyone root for a professional team in the great state of Ohio. Year after year your Hearts are rip out and high expectations.

  8. This is why bad teams stay bad. Dalton is every bit as good as Flacco and Eli but does not have the talent around him to win.

    Curious that some if these young QB’s are under the gun to get better but the guy that threw 7 INT’s in 2 playoffs games is constantly praised – Andrew Luck is so overhyped it is incredible. He is good but he is not a HOF QB. You would think the way some talk it is Luck and then everyone else for these young QB’s. Replacing Dalton at this point is just plain dumb. Draft some talent around him. Seems like it is simple but clearly it’s not.

  9. Don’t you think if the Bengals were really concerned about getting a QB to replace Dalton they would consider trading up to get the QB they really would want and not just settling for the QB that would slip to them at 24? Buckle up, Andy is our man next year and for the future.

  10. Ohhh Bengals, you’ve got a pretty good QB, don’t pull a “Browns” and hit the panic button thinking you’re gonna save the day by bringing in a new QB everytime your QB has a bad game/season. Thats called the treadmill of disaster, put faith in Dalton and start fixing your defense

  11. Bridgewater is not even close to being as good as Dalton, and he’s nothing special. This would be dumb.

  12. They already have their franchise QB in Dalton. Maybe they could move up to the top 4, and take WR Watkins to play opposite of WR Green. SB!

  13. Dalton is a poor man’s Romo, but it is still early yet in his career. The Bengals are friggin’ packed with talent, and if they continue to draft intelligently and strengthen an already strong roster, the combination of Dalton’s hoped-for improvement in the playoffs and one of the strongest rosters in football should put them over the hump. Pass on Bridgewater.

  14. No one is trying to get rid of Matt Ryan or Matthew Stafford so why get rid of a guy that has taken his team to 3 straight playoff appearances?

  15. Bridgewater had arguably the best year of all the top QB’s. A pro day where he missed a handful of throws and everyone forgets all his in game play, which actually mattered. If I remember correctly drew brees had a rough pro day and I wouldn’t mind having him. I’m not even a Louisville fan but after watching all of bridgewaters college games I would say he is worthy of a 1st round pick. 31TDs an 4 Ints. Not too bad.

  16. Your “franchise” QB has thrown 6 playoff INT’s and single handily lost both appearances in the post season. The position needs to be addressed.

    That said, Bustwater is not the guy that will solve the problem.

  17. That would be a very hasty move. I would have to think that Dalton gets at least one more year in Cincy.
    The people that commented that Dalton could really use another receiving option or two are likely correct. That said, Dalton has to quit imploding in the playoffs for them, if they make it that far again in ’14.
    The Bengals may well hedge their bets and take a prmising young QB in the draft…but it probably won’t be ’til a little later.

  18. I’m going to base my reaction to this story on “Morts” record as an “NFL Insider” and say there is not one kernel of truth to this,

  19. So even if you take Bridgewater, than you have a rookie QB that will take at least a couple of years to develop and sets your team back

    I think his issues with interceptions in the playoffs is the coaching/ play calling

  20. NFL needs to move the draft back up to the last weekend of April because two additional weeks of insane speculation and mock drafts are just too much to handle.

  21. The Bengals either put this out there in hopes of unloading the pick or to disguise who they really want. 0 chance.

  22. This is why bad franchises stay bad????????

    30-18 in the last three years. Playoffs in 4 of 5 years.

    Dalton wants elite money. Does anyone here think he deserves it? No. If next year is his last year due to contract demands – the a smart franchise would have his replacement ready to go.

  23. First, let’s be serious here, the Bengals are NOT trying to replace Dalton. They realize he’s talented, and that they will not be able to resign Burfict, A.J. Green, and Dalton if they can’t reach an agreement with him this year.

    Second, they signed Jason Campbell to help provide Andy with more perspective, and to help him mature as a QB. I agree with the obvious, that his numbers are good, but they do not tell the full story. All I can say regarding his numbers, is look at his AFC Offensive Player of the Month stats from October 2013 vs. November 2014 (yikes :-0)!!!! Go look at these two months and compare, and then come talk to me. I’ve never seen such a violent swing in the opposite direction. In summary of this argument, Dalton = consistently inconsistent! He needs to learn to take a sack, throw the ball out of bands, or as we all say, keep your team in the game, and don’t beat yourself!

    Regarding Bridgewater, he’s someone to come in and learn behind Campbell and Dalton. The Bengals haven’t had the same number 2 behind Dalton all three years he’s been here. Yeah, if you follow the rule that you take the best player on the board, and the center, cornerback, or other areas of concern don’t rate as high, take him (what if Dalton leaves via FA?). Keep in mind, the Bengals have been ranked top 3 in draft choices for three years straight now.

    For those of you who think the Bengals (#3 defense) need to improve on defense, I’m at a loss for words. They finished 3 after losing Atkins (some say the best), lost Leon Hall, lost Terrence Newman (4 weeks), lost Robert Geathers (most versatile player on their defense), lost Mays (a terrible safety who played great the two games he played nickel linebacker), and their best 3rd down cover line backer, Emmanuel Lamur. I’ll agree they do need another good young corner, however.

    Lastly, for any of you who say Dalton needs more talent around him, your confusing me. I think almost any NFL QB would be more than delighted to have A.J. Green, Giovani Benard, Jermaine Gresham, Marvin Jones, Mahoammed Sanu, and not to mention the young Tyler Eifert. If anything, I’d suggest we could use a bruising RB, who can pound the ball up the middle, in what could be the most physical division in the NFL? Also, sure, who doesn’t want a Sammy Watkins as their #2, or player like Wes Welker? Let’s be realistic though, lack of talent isn’t why he makes bad decisions when the pressure is on, such as throwing off his back foot into double coverage, not throwing the ball out of bounds when he should, not securing the ball when pressured resulting in fumbles. I’m not giving up on him either, in fact, I like him. He just needs to learn to play within himself and play a little smarter.

    Don’t forget, the numbers don’t tell the full story. I also remember at least 11 times when A.J. Green had to stop and wait for the ball to reach him, after he had beaton his double coverage, which allowed the defender/defenders to tackle him. Each of these plays could have resulted in touchdowns.

  24. Like Madden always said.. If you have 2 QBs, you don’t have 1. Stupid idea to consider drafting Bridgewater .. He has NFL bust written all over him. When will people learn that most college QBs are not made of the material to be a pro QB.
    Cinnci would be wise to open this can of worms. Dalton is far greater now than BW will ever be.
    (and that’t not saying much)

  25. This is just the Bengals advertising that they’d be willing to trade back to a team that wants Bridgewater at #24, if he’s still available.

  26. Does it really matter that Dalton has, as the Bengals fans keep pointing out, taken the team to the playoffs a few times— when al they do is choke horribly and save their worst game of the season for those playoff appearances? It doesn’t really matter if you make the playoffs if, every time you get there, you fold faster than Superman on laundry day. Might as well not even make the playoffs. The Bengals don’t even really make “honorable mention” as playoff teams go. Maybe the Bengals should draft Bridgewater and replace Dalton with him since it’s basically useless to have a QB who plays well during the season but is a timid, toothless chihuahua in the playoffs.

  27. Bengals wont touch him in the first round. This is BS created by the team to get Dalton to sign his long term offer. Just as every other team had done in the league at one time or another. However, the Bengals will take a QB in the later rounds and if Dalton doesn’t sign, look for Campbell to be a stop gap till someone else is ready.

  28. It’s insane to me to think that the Bengals are unhappy with Andy Dalton.
    If Matt Stafford had taken the Lions to the playoffs each of his first three seasons people in Michigan would be worshiping the ground that he walked on. It wouldn’t matter one bit whether or not he won the games.
    I guess maybe we have slightly lower standards here though.

  29. Good grief Bengals fans you’re getting as whiny as Dolphins fans (even though you guys always make the playoffs???)…cut the nonsense and support your QB who, in a tough division that isn’t as on a downside as many believe since Ravens and Steelers can bounce back with good QBs, will still get Bengals into playoffs. but you guys might to draft a WR in round 1 since AJ seems to get a huge amount of double coverage (and at least you don’t play Miami this year…I still can’t believe you can’t beat those guys home or away).

  30. How easy some people on here must think it is to find a good QB. Dalton is a good QB. Not elite but good. Keep him and continue building around him. I mean the team kept Marvin Lewis around for years when his record indicated they shouldn’t have the least you can do is keep one of your most important player around for a couple of years in his prime to show what he can do.

  31. @ johnnythek

    Dalton is not a poor mans Romo , he is better than Romo . Romo cant even get to the playoffs and the 1 time he did he choked worse than AD .

    AD will be a very good qb in this league for years to come . He is very comparable to Brees . Mark my words he will continue to be on pace with the greats

  32. Dalton is the Tony Romo/Matt Ryan of the AFC. he puts up big numbers against weak opponents, but as soon as he is up against real competition he chokes, big time. Remember that the only reason the Texans have 2 playoff wins is that they got to play the Dalton led Bengals on both occasions. To say that he doesn’t have the supporting cast is ridiculous. His pass catchers are some of the best in the league and his defense gives him the ball for a couple of extra possessions each game. They need at least a journeyman QB that can mange the game and not go into the tank under pressure. A Trent Dilfer type.

    As for the comparisons to Flacco, Don’t you wish! Flacco went to the playoffs and won at least one game five years in a row. Flacco is a guy who can play under pressure. Dalton is a schlub.

  33. Loling at people who think Dalton is a “franchise” QB. Seahawks, 49ers, and Bengals. The 3 most talented rosters in football. Two of those have been to and one has won a Super Bowl with QBs just as young as Dalton I might add in a tougher conference. So what’s the excuse? And I’m really disturbed by the people saying he doesn’t have enough weapons. That offense has more than enough, certainly more weapons than either Wilson or Kaepernick have.

  34. Replace one weak arm with another ? Oniy upside is Bridgewater might not have the Dalton choke gene – he is the anti Eli or Flacco

  35. Dalton may seem to choke in the playoffs but if i was a Bengals fan i’d prefer him taking my team to the playoffs consistently than when my team had yet to have back-to-back playoff appearances in franchise history prior to him being drafted.

  36. Cincy is the 3rd best roster in the NFL? You’re dreaming. They’re lucky if they’re 3rd in the AFC.

  37. Ridiculous. Even as a fan of a rival team I can see all this is doing is making the teams with their eye on TB feel the need to move up therefore letting players Bengals really want slide down.

  38. It took Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, and MAtt Ryan 5 years to win a playoff game. The Bengals would be downright retarded to replace Dalton. Drew Brees was HORRIBLE is first 5 years in the league

  39. They got rid of Dalton’s Biggest Problem…………………………………….Gruden and his ridiculous playcalling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Teddy hasn’t even been drafted yet but he still has as many playoff victories as 0-Ginger. The only thing that the Bengals are known for in their 40+ years of existence is the “Ickey shuffle”. Keep up the good work clowns.

  41. pooflingingmonkey says:
    May 3, 2014 12:20 PM

    This is just the Bengals advertising that they’d be willing to trade back to a team that wants Bridgewater at #24, if he’s still available.

    Either this, or they are trying to throw smoke at whoever might want to trade up ahead of them to take the player they are really interested in, who is probably a CB

  42. Who needs a franchise quarterback? The best teams in the league right now are the ones with quarterbacks on rookie contracts. Just stream those QBs and save your team a whole lot of money.

  43. doctorrustbelt says:
    May 3, 2014 10:55 AM

    34- 3 record at TCU

    1st NFL Season = Playoffs
    2nd NFL Season = Playoffs
    3rd NFL Season = Playoffs

    Please get Andy Dalton a LEGITIMATE #2 wide receiver (like Wes Welker in Denver, Julio Jones in Atlanta, Alshon Jeffery in Chicago, Steve Smith in Baltimore, etc.).

    I can throw around figures about Flacco going deep in the playoffs 5 years in a row including A SB MVP Championship yet you consistently bad mouth him. Dalton is the opposite of Flacco in the postseason for 3 years now and in the NFL, it’s what have you done for me lately.

  44. Dalton is a decent QB but he consistently has one poblem area that is the worst problem to have as an NFL QB and that is turnovers. For every 4 TD game Dalton has, he seems to have just many with 3 or 4 int’s. NFL QB’s that win Super Bowls have to be consistent and Dalton may be the most inconsistent QB in the league. Im also not buying that he doesn’t have enough weapons to be sucessful because AJ Green, Bernard, Eifert, Gresham, Hawkins “formally”, and Marvin Jones should be enough for a good QB to manage. Im not saying they couldnt use another WR but that doesn’t have much to do with Dalton throwing bad int’s or fumbling the ball away all the time. Further I am not quite sure how Bridgewater went from consensus #1 pick to not even a first rounder because of a pro day and a couple of workouts. All I know is he torched Florida when he was hobbled and they were considered maybe the best defense in the country that year. Then he comes out this year and throws 30+ td’s, 4 int’s, and a 70+% completion percentage. People want to say he didnt play good competiton but yet he plays in the same conference as Bortles, and no one is questioning him. None of the QB’s are finished products but Bridgewater is the most ready from an X’s and O’s standpoint and the Bengals are a playoff team so they aren’t looking to develop a guy for 3 years anyways. Bengals fans should also keep in mind that they aren’t going to be picking in the top 5 anytime soon, so if they dont think Dalton is the answer then Bridgewater may be the best QB prospect they may have a chance to get anytime soon. If Dalton does pan out and they draft Bridgewater they can develop him and use him as trade bait ,or if Dalton somehow gets hurt or doesn’t meet expectations they have a guy with legit talent who can give them a good chance to keep winning and be the new face of the franchise.

  45. Flacco’s won multiple playoff games, even before winning the Super bowl he won multiple playoff games and was in the AFC title game twice (and would have advanced if Lee Evans held on to the pass!

  46. Dalton wasn’t the problem. That run game that ranked 28th in yards/carry was the problem. Wilson, Kaep and most teams that win in January have great run games.

  47. For those who think teams only draft for need; only stupid teams draft for need the rest pick value they can use to upgrade a position either immediately or down the road. Look at the Packers Niners Seahawks etc. So picking another QB after one is failing to live up to expectations isnt rare. The expectations is aatleast winning a playoff game firstt not statistical regular season games…

  48. Fair or not QBs are expected to put the team on their back and win. It may not be Daltons fault but the expectations of a good NFL qb is to be able to win games with the team on your back.

  49. You know a fan base has been deprived of a winning team when they keep bragging about playoff appearances! We need super bowls! Nobody remembers playoff appearances.

    Picking bridgwater at 24 would be smart..Let bridgewater learn.If he was the prospect his game film put up then Bengals have a possible super bowl QB.If he doesn’t pan out then at least we know upper management is trying for a Superbowl. I am sick and tired of watching a whole regular season followed by Daltons performance in the playoffs.

    Dalton is not the answer for the ring. 1 TD in 3 playoff games …cmon!

  50. All these excuses for Dalton are pathetic and merely cement the state of the Bungals as a true loser of a franchise.

    “Playoff appearances”, the guy is a human turnover machine in big games, you can save a lot of money and get somebody cheaper to do that for you.

  51. Agreed. “Playoff appearances” doesn’t mean squat when you lose in the first round every time. If I were a Bengals fan, I’d *never* bring up playoff appearances as something to boast about. It’s more of a reminder about how dysfunctional and lame the team is when the talent they face gets ratcheted up a notch and they pressure is on.

    I’d almost rather finish with a good record, but be mathematically eliminated or something. At least then you finish the season on a high note instead of looking ridiculous and being laughed at for yet another disastrous, laughable “playoff appearance.”

  52. Sure, if the Bengals are so horrible – then why is it I can name 25 other NFL teams that are far worse off – and if the Bengals were so bad why did 2 teams hire their coordinators as head coaches after the 2013 season? Solid team as anything out there – so for those who thought they were still the Bungals, go ask NE, GB, Bilicheck etal. what they think – sure they would disagree big time with you. ——— W H O – D E Y —————–

  53. Washington is going to find out soon enough – Gruden is a joke of an OC. So if he wants to be successful with the Skins, let your OC and DC run the team as well as call the plays – and then Jay, just sit back, don’t meddle and simply check in with them on occasion. Do that Jay, and you’ll be fine.

  54. All the fans saying we should be happy because we consistantly make playoffs are fans of teams who haven’t made playoffs in years. After a few years of your team going to the playoffs and losing HORRIBLY, you’d be tired of it too. The goal isn’t the playoffs. The goal is the Super Bowl. Dalton has looked GOD AWFUL in all 3 playoff games. No need to extend him now. Make him play his last year and prove himself. If he fails (like we all expect), you let him walk. If he wins big, pay the man. He made improvements and earned it. Working with a throwing specialist in the offseason isn’t going to help him make good decisions. The INT’s will still be there I’m sure. No reason the Bengals shouldn’t draft a QB in the first 3 rounds. They need a backup plan.

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