Cowboys’ stadium could host the NFL draft


The NFL draft has become such a blockbuster event that if it were held in an NFL stadium, it could draw tens of thousands of fans. And so it’s unsurprising that the Cowboys would love to host it at their own stadium.

“As you can imagine, we like the idea,” Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said on 105.3 The Fan, via the Dallas Morning News. “Anything that we can do at AT&T Stadium for our fans, give them a more up close and personal look at, I think would be a plus. I think it’s something that the league is seriously taking a look at. They’ve actually looked at making it multilocational in terms of doing a day in New York and a day in another city, something like that. There’s a lot of things being discussed. At the end of the day, we’re trying to make our game better for our fans, and that includes all aspects of it. Certainly, we want our fans to be able to get up close and personal looks and I think looking at something like this is something that our fans might enjoy.”

There’s little doubt that the opportunity to watch the first round of the draft live at Jerry Jones’s billion-dollar palace (plus the opportunity to see what Mike Mayock’s face looks like on a 1,000-inch HD TV) would draw football fans from throughout Texas and beyond. But the NFL also has good reasons to keep the draft in New York.

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  1. I think they should move the draft around the country. I’m not a Raiders fan, but it would be great theater seeing those fans cheering and jeering in costume. Other locations would be fun to watch too. I don’t like the idea of splitting up the locations. Day 1 – NY, Day 2, Green Bay, Day 3 Oakland is a stupid idea.

  2. First hand look at how jj blunders his draft year after year. This way cowboy fans can’t say they NEVER saw it coming first hand look.

  3. Anything to make Jerry Jones money. Well, anything aside from a winning team.

  4. I don’t like the idea of splitting up the locations. Day 1 – NY, Day 2, Green Bay, Day 3 Oakland is a stupid idea.
    Yeah, that would suck for any players attending thinking they would go in the first, but dropped into the later rounds.

  5. Why don’t you allow teams to bid on the event just like the SUPERBOWL.

  6. I hate the poll choices! Give me a choice of “Move it around the country” without the qualifier.

  7. The cowboys are kidding themselves of they think 80,000 are coming to watch the draft. Round 1 may draw. 2-7 doubtful

  8. This a a great idea. Plus, Dallas fans won’t have to wait long for their team to pick, and can be at home on bed by 9.

  9. Having it in Dallas for a year would be good. As long as Jerry is in charge, the Boys will probably have an early pick!

  10. I think it’s great… Creative ideas for fans getting to see the draft … Prefer warmer climates to vacation at same time for those die hards…. How about losing SuperBowl team get to host draft? How about moving the combine too? Hold it warm in AZ or Florida

  11. This is too funny. Now cowboy fans will get a direct look at how jj blunders his drafts year after year. No excuses cowboy fans because you where there.!!!!! 8-8 at best.

  12. Something about it ny so I wouldn’t wanna see it move but could make more money going to different cities each year cause as a niners fan it be hard for me to ever go but there just something special rb out New York and hearing the jets fans Bo Bo there pics.

  13. I am not sure the stadium seating will be finished by draft day and I would hate to delay the draft even longer.

  14. How about the team city with the first overall selection gets to host the draft? It’d be a consolation prize for the fans of that team. Unless it ends up in the wastelands of Minnesota (which is a high probability most seasons).

  15. None of the options in the poll interest me, so put me down for an abstention. I don’t think Jerry Jones’ palace is impressive at all. I think he spent way too much money for too little and it’s silly to go out of the way and move the draft from NY to his place which to me is a disappointing and underwhelming construction job. To move the draft there gives his place extra credibility that he doesn’t deserve to receive and I think teams should be encouraged to come up with better stadiums in the future and not uninspiring like AT&T Stadium. I’d really hate to see the draft get invested over there, that would be highly annoying.

    Come up with a new and innovative idea about how to screw with the draft, otherwise leave it alone. But they should come up with something to make it more interesting and exciting for the fans. It’s about time they come up with some new ideas that are a little more expansive beyond just not tipping the picks before they are made. Like Jerry Jones said, the NFL should be looking for any and all aspects of the game that they can improve, so it’s about time for less pretend talk and more real action.

  16. Good place to have it. Maybe Goodall will not have a seat , or maybe the stage won’t get in, of course it will snow in may then!!!

    What a joke!!!!!

  17. Just rotate the event like the Super Bowl,better yet hold it in the city that WINS the Super Bowl as a bonus for that team’s Fans.

  18. The best part of watching the draft is Jets fans booing their first round pick. Only in New York.

  19. Keep it in NYC for one and one reason only. The NFL headquarters are in NYC. It is amazing that you have a billion dollar industry making more and more money daily and they can’t even secure a good place to have a draft in NYC. And meanwhile the Javits Center , which is supposed to house events like that is never mentioned. Good job NFL!

  20. What do I think? I’m starting to think what Mark Cuban said about the NFL is looking more and more accurate.

  21. Why not award all the winning franchises ?
    For example Team A wins the Superbowl (although we know then Minneapolis would never have the draft there) The following year the draft Party would be held at the Champs venue.
    The Atrium at Lambeau is beautiful and easily holds thousands of people

  22. I really think it should move around. Every NFL fan in an NFL city would love to have a chance to watch the draft in person. Why should just those around NY get to enjoy the NFL version of Christmas live? Would some cities be less attractive to hold the draft, probably. But that doesn’t mean something can’t be thought of to determine which city gets to host the draft.

    To the guy who basically said, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” then I would retort that for a large majority of NFL fans who don’t live near NY that it is broken and should get fixed. NY is a great place, but that doesn’t mean other fans in other cities don’t deserve to enjoy the draft live, like those in NY get to do. If you can host a Super Bowl, then why couldn’t you host a draft?

  23. I love how they make is sound like its “for the fans”. It’s for the inside of their wallets through merchandise and consession sales. If there wasn’t money, they wouldn’t care less about doing it “for the fan”.

  24. I get it … Goodell and the NFL owners say “Why pay someone else to host it when we already own or rent all these other facilities?” But it comes off (as usual) kind of greedy and short sighted.
    The interest in the draft that exists now is there mostly because it has been done in a mostly classy way, in a classy venue, without too much theatrics. Overblowing it by going to somewhere like Jerry-world would, well, blow it …

  25. The fans wouldn’t even be bothered to look up from their smartphones and boo when Jerry picked a third round center in the first round.

  26. Does it really matter? I mean the draft is basically my favorite out of season day of the year but I honestly could not care less about the location. The fact that it’s in New York has absolutely no bearing on if I watch or not (I will) so I say get your money NFL, wherever that may be.

  27. I think it’d be more interesting moving from city to city! I’d love to see the draft held in cities like Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, etc

  28. I would like the idea of the draft moving to a different NFL city every year. It seems as though every NFL city has at least 1 venue large enough to host the event. Even lowly Buffalo has Sheas at 4000 seats in downtown and within 20 minutes has the covered amphitheaters at CMAC (15000 seats) and Darien Lake (21000 seats)

  29. I like the draft. I get with some friends and watch it. It’s like starting to warm up for the season.

    But honestly, I don’t know how some people pay to watch it live. I mean, a live game I understand. But the draft? You see a team hand their card, the kid walk with Goodell, take some pics, and then 8-10 minutes of dead time (in TV you’re watching the analysis, etc.) until the next team does the same. Rinse and repeat 31 more times.

    Not saying no one should go, or criticize who goes. I’m just saying I don’t think it’s as exciting and I don’t think a stadium would be an adequate venue. I could be wrong, though.

  30. Being a cowboy I say this with a heavy heart. Might as well host the draft there because from the looks of it we will never host another playoff game their

  31. I could care less where it is, or even if it’s on TV. All that maters is what player my team has drafted. Internet works just fine for that.

  32. Some aspects of football should be consistent. Keeping it in New York, has a sense of history to it.

    – A guy from southern California

  33. Great idea as NHL already does it and it is interesting to see what’s going on and watch players getting drafted! Only thing I would like to see is half the stadium full as no need for a full stadium!

  34. I like the draft in NYC but would be okay with other cities getting a crack at it.

    Definitely not at the house that Jerrah built though since he’ll probably screw it up so that people who bought tickets to see the draft won’t actually be able to get in to see it ala the Super Bowl a couple of seasons ago.

  35. Put it in the city of the team who holds the number one pick. Those cities are typically excited for the draft and will likely turn out in good numbers.

  36. If you have draft in any other city in NY, or the East Coast for that matter, time zones would come into play where viewership may be affected.

  37. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You want to give the fans what they want? Cover EVERY PICK. No one cares about any other team on draft day but their own – why would ANYone watch ads during an unneeded and redundant 20 minute revisitation of a player or move made by a division rival or worse, some team said viewer’s team rarely even plays. All this other crap is plain tedious.

  38. I don’t care where the draft is. Next year, just please have it 2 weeks earlier. Its idiotic to have the draft after workouts and conditioning has started. Its dragged on so long, I’ve become apathetic.

  39. As much as I hate the Cowboys, I’d love for the draft to be at Cowboys Stadium. Nothing better than watching the ‘Boys make useless choice after useless choice in front of their own bandwagoning fans.
    They’d be peeling off their Cowboys gear and buying niners gear at the WalMart across from the Stadium…

  40. The Cowboys need to focus more on building a winning team than capturing the rights to televise the draft…….plus the draft would suck in a venue that large

  41. It’s as much about the Draftees getting invited to attend too.

    Many of these kids have never seen NYC.

    What happens if you send it to multiple venues and a kid expected to go in RD1 doesn’t?
    He sits in a City he didn’t get Picked in?

    Seems to me it loses something if, soon to be Pro football players, didn’t get the recognition and splendor of The Big Apple.

    Not a fan of ‘losing’ the event within a stadium.
    Radio City might be a bit small in terms of seating but, a stadium is overkill.

  42. They should come to Khan’s World in Jax. #biggestvideoboardsintheworld

  43. I don’t mind if the NFL decided to move the draft to other cities but I do mind if the draft is being held at a stadium instead of inside a theater. The way I look at it, a stadium is way too big to have the draft be there and it would most likely mean that the fans would never be able to see who is actually on the stage unless they watched the video board. In NYC they hold it at Radio City Music Hall and it works, why not have the draft at a good theater in different cities. Have the cities that want to host the draft to bid on it just like they have to do with the Super Bowl. The criteria for hosting the draft would be the city has to have a good location (not a stadium) for the draft that can hold not only the staff and 32 team representatives but also at least 5,000 fans.

  44. I’m so sick and tired of COWBOYS this and COWBOYS that. ALL THE DAMN TIME!!! The NFL places them in prime time on the tv schedule so frequently that it pathetic. This isn’t the 90’s anymore and nobody wants to see the friggin cowboys all the time. The Americas team BS went away a long time ago. Makes me wonder what JJ has on the league to warrant such exposure to display such mediocrity!

  45. Lol jerry doesn’t have anything on the league besides its ESPN and all of the other sports venues not to mention all of us who blog who keep the cowboys the most successful team in sports when it comes to marketing. Like jerry or not he’s a marketing genious. What other team in any sports can claim after basically twenty years of not winning and one playoff appearance they are one if not most valuable sports team in their sport. An owner with a low sports IQ and a average team and is more talked about than any other team

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