Fulham, owned by Shad Khan, relegated from Premier League

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Jaguars owner Shad Khan’s English soccer club suffered a major setback Saturday.

Fulham, whom Khan purchased last year, has been relegated from the Premier League after a 4-1 loss to Stoke City on Saturday.

With the defeat, Fulham now will drop to The Football League, which is a notch below the Premier League, the United Kingdom’s top level of soccer.

“This is one of the worst days I’ve ever had,” Fulham’s manager, Felix Magath, said after the match, according to Fulham’s website.

Fulham has changed managers twice this season, with Martin Jol and Rene Meulensteen each leading the club before Magath took over in February. The club built a little momentum in April, winning two matches in a row. However, Fulham has not won since and blew a 2-0 second-half lead in last week’s draw with Hull City.

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  1. Luckily for the Vikings the NFL doesn’t relegate. However, with all the recent movement toward paying NCAA players maybe in 5-10 years it could be a possibility. If so the Vikes better hope they don’t end up in the SEC. The mountain west could be a good conference for them. I’d love to see the rivalry between the Vikings & Boise St every year.

    On a sidenote, i expect the jags to be much improved going forward. I believe Gus Bradley & company have made significant upgrades. I don’t expect miracles from them but I’d be surprised if they weren’t a lot more competitive or even end up around .500 next season. Under the circumstances in Jacksonville i’d call that a successful season.

  2. They were relegated to the Champions league, not the Football league. Champions league is a notch below Premier. Seadawg, if relegation had been in play for the last 30 years the Seachickens would have been dominating division III football since the 70’s. They’ve been bad a lot longer than they’ve been good. Calm down a notch.

  3. For those that are interested and I know there are few but just to get the facts right. The Champions league is the pinnacle of European club football you have to earn a place by finishing in the top four places in the Premier league. When you have failed and finish in the bottom three places you are thrown out of the Premier league and into the league known as the Championship which is the second level of English soccer. If you are bad enough every year you could slide all the way down the leagues and end up in the semi pro divisions. But on the flip you can work your way up the leagues as well. The Championship is a stupid name changed from division one a few years ago for commercial reasons.

  4. I guess this means the Tarps will be put in place in Fullmans stadium just like the ones in jaguar stadium. Great Ownership.

  5. Oh my god, don’t you have a place for soccer talk? The draft needs to get here ASAP! For the love of good sports, keep the soccer talk out of real football talk.

  6. Welcome to The Little Three, Jackson Jaguars! Signed: Wesleyan Cardinals, Williams Ephs, Amherst Lord Jeffs.

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