Jim Kelly delivers a message to fans during cancer treatment

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Hall of Fame Bills quarterback Jim Kelly, currently undergoing cancer treatment, has delivered a message to the fans who are cheering him on during this tough time.

In a video his wife posted on Facebook, Kelly provided an update on the status of his treatment.

“Hello everyone. I’m just getting ready to go to my 19th treatment for radiation and I’ve already had two bouts of chemo. Keep those prayers coming, I sure need them. Without you I wouldn’t be able to get through this. God bless you. Look forward to the Bills’ draft on May 8th,” Kelly said.

Kelly looks in the video like he’s doing OK, but his wife alluded to the strain that radiation and chemotherapy have put on him, calling it “a stretch for Jim to do this . . . but he wanted to thank everyone.”

Jill Kelly also referred to Jim as “halfway done” with his cancer treatment. We continue to wish him well.

60 responses to “Jim Kelly delivers a message to fans during cancer treatment

  1. My Dad is going through treatments now and it’s the worst. Stay strong, Big Jim. One day humans will best cancer and it’ll be one of the greatest things we’ve done as a species.

  2. Stay strong Jim. And all the best to your dad, DaveKShape. Kick cancer in the butt.

  3. Jim we are all praying for you.
    You are one of life’s great guys, highly respected and loved.
    Stay strong and keep your faith.
    You can beat this.

    It doesn’t matter where your NFL loyalties lie…when someone like this needs our prayers…it’s time to offer up all the support we can.

    Keep fighting Jim, we’re all with you.

  4. Jim “Machine Gun” Kelly . . . is Warrior !

    Beat em Down . . .
    Good Luck / In our Prayers

    Eagle Nation

  5. I used to love to watch him play… One of the greats and I’m wishing him and his family the very best. Cancer is a nasty disease to beat but he has the right attitude to do it!

    May God Bless You and your family Mr. Kelly!

  6. One day is already here. We have a cure, but there is more $ in treatment. Plus it keeps the population down. Start curing cancer and we definitely won’t have enough jobs or SS to go around. Sad truth.

  7. Says a lot about a the universal respect for a guy when you have fans from every team in the nation sending positive vibes Jim Kelly’s way

  8. spyder9669 is correct – Jim should look into cannabis oil. It’s legal in several states and it’s cured thousands of people without harming healthy cells. The cancer industry is a sham with a miserable track record. Hang in there Jim!!

  9. I am not a religious person, however, God bless you Jim. I am keeping you in my thoughts am sending you my most positive wishes.

  10. Packers Nation supports the Kellys in Jim’s battle against cancer, Cancer Sucks !!!

  11. Met him at a restaurant in Dallas about 5 years ago. He acted more excited to take a pic with me and my 5 year old son than we did. I’ll never forget how down to earth and nice this HOF QB was to two total strangers. Class act – get well, Sir!!

  12. As a cancer survivor, I tell everyone that if you are around someone who is going through chemo, know that it is even worse than you imagine it is.

  13. Looking forward to seeing you back at the stadium cheering on your Bills team. Hang in there Jim everyone wants to see you back on your feet asap.

  14. We love you, Jim. Even though many of us rooted against in your HOF career, you have been an example for all of us. Get well!

  15. Praying for you, Jim. May God bless you, make you cancer-free and give you dozens more years with your family. Be healed in Jesus’ name, Jim. Thousands upon thousands of us are with you in heart and spirit. With much love, a Chicago Bears fan 🙂

  16. Seeing the response from fans league wide, even world wide…makes me proud to be a Buffalo Bills fan. Win or lose, Jimbo accomplished something no other QB will probably come close to, going to 4 Super Bowls in a row. That was one of the most dominant teams I’ve seen in 31 years.

    The best part about it all?

    They kept getting knocked down, but they would get right back up to go at it again.

    Just like Jim Kelly taught Western New York how to get back on their feet after a battle…he is still doing it, amazing us.

    Keep truckin’ Jimbo…you can do this! ❤

    @Dave, I'm sorry for your pain, I'll keep your Father in my prayers. My Father passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2008…and it still hurts today, it sucks.

    Jim and Jill Kelly actually sent me 3 books with hand written messages of hope and inspiration inside of them. It was unreal. Amazing people…they deserve the world.

  17. Jet Nation wishes you the absolute best Jim.

    Fight on, this world is a better place with people such as yourself in it.

    God Bless.

  18. Jim I went through that, if I can do it, you can do it better. I mean, you can throw the ball further and stuff. 🙂 Sending my prayers, sir. You made the NFL better for many of us.

  19. Another cancer survivor here. After having just radiation treatment to beat mine, I can’t imagine going through radiation and chemo at the same time. Prayers are with you my friend, keep the hope.

  20. Get well soon Jim, we love you here in Buffalo. Also, what kind of person is it that would down fist messages of support for someone undergoing chemo and radiation? Speaks to their lack of empathy.

  21. Who are the jerks giving thumbs down to people giving well wishes to a man fighting cancer? If you’re going to do that, I dare any of you to put your real names down instead of hiding behind an anonymous screen name like a gutless coward.

  22. I see the downvote trolls are out again today.

    Best wishes to Jim Kelly family! And, Florio, get with it and remove the thumbs down button on stories like this!

  23. As a fellow believer, and a father of a young daughter who fought and BEAT cancer, here’s praying for you and your family, Jim, for many more blessings to come before it’s time to go home.

    God has made you an inspiration!

  24. Hey Jim, I know what you are going thru. Since Sept. of last year I’ve had 30 radiations and 73 chemos. It’s tough, I know. Hang in there, be positive and optimistic, pray and hope for the best. We will win.

  25. God bless you Jim.. Get well soon. I am trying to figure out why ANYONE would give a thumbs down on any of these posts. Wonder what they would feel like if it was a family member of theirs. Remember Karma people..

  26. I lost a close family member to cancer. The fact that cancer is an “industry” tells us all we need to know. They really have no intention to “cure” it because it is now embedded as an “industry”. This is reprehensible. Get well, Kelly.

  27. Pulling for Jim Kelly and hope and pray he can beat this. But the “he’s such a great guy” slobbering is a little much, considering he was a serial philanderer in the Brett Favre and Tiger Woods mode. He’s a flawed man like all of us, but he isn’t Ghandi like some try to portray. And he’s admitted that alcohol and tobacco use is partly for the blame for his current predicament.

    Get well Jim Kelly, but let’s hold off on granting him sainthood please…

  28. Sat next to Jim on a flight during the prime of his career – he was incredibly humble and down to earth, kind. Confirmed who he was by his “daytimer,” a paper calendar of the ’80s, that had “golf Marino” “golf Elway” dates – very cool. Best wishes Jim for the most important victory of your life.

  29. godspeed godspeed godspeed godspeed godspeed godspeed godspeed godspeed godspeed godspeed godspeed godspeed godspeed godspeed godspeed godspeed godspeed godspeed godspeed godspeed

  30. Broncos fans everywhere wish you nothing but love & compassion, and a total & complete healing! 4 consecutive Superbowls! What has your QB done for you lately? Godspeed Mr. Kelly!

  31. who are the clowns that thumbsdowns these comments? F’in cowards that hide behind laptop screens….

    God Bless you, Jim. We all know you will make it through another difficult time. Sending prayers your way.

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