Kevin Williams weighs retirement against low-money deal

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For veteran defensive tackle Kevin Williams, the options are becoming more and more clear:  Play a 12th season for not much money, or call it quits.

Williams recently told Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press that the former Viking doesn’t plan to play for peanuts.

“If it’s not worth the risk of going back out there, I can’t say I’ll do it,” Williams said. “I don’t see [taking a low-value deal] at this point, but you never know. . . .  I’m not one of those guys that’s afraid to go home.  I’m comfortable going home.”

Plenty of factors go into the decision, surely.  How much has he banked after 11 seasons with the Vikings?  What other opportunities does he have that don’t entail further wear and tear on the joints, bones, and brain?

Ultimately, the question is whether a guy wants to keep going.  It’s an intensely personal decision-making process that Williams may not be able to completely resolve until late July or August (or September) roll around.

Since it became clear the Vikings wouldn’t bring him back after signing what seemed like 17 defensive linemen in free agency, Williams has visited the Giants and Seahawks.  His best bet to get more than the minimum or close to it could be to wait for someone to get injured.

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  1. I wanted to say that not much money is better than no matter and is still a lot of money but since it’s football, it is a risk that has to be weighed. Is that six figure salary worth a potential complication after football in compared to what you’ve made so far?


  2. Is there such a thing as “low-money” for a 12 year veteran? I suppose it’s all relative. If he’s played his money smart he’s probably already set for life, along with his family, so no financial pressure to play. Then again, the “low money” deal for one year is probably more than many Americans earn in a lifetime…

  3. Minimum pay for a player with 11 years is 910,000 this season. That as much as someone making 50k a year makes in 18.2 years. He would be wise to make it and be happy doing so.

  4. Easy fix, Load his contract with incentives, He can still play, and would help the Vikings coming in on situations. He can still stuff the run.

  5. If its just about the money, retire… If you want a shot at something special, come to Seattle…Its good, either way…

  6. I’m not exactly sure what the vet minimum is but I think it’s around a million, I’m a little insulted to saying that’s playing for peanuts

  7. Hahaha… 4 x what the average American makes????guess again….UDFA start at 500,000 plus plus plus… I do agree the longer he stays the worse the effects on the body are.. The toughest part isn’t the money but the friendships and the dressing rooms etc…

  8. Unfortunately, I just don’t think Williams has much left. His best bet may be to try to transition to the Nose tackle position instead of the Under tackle.

    But his skills have deteriorated over the years, and after Pat Williams left, that became more obvious.

  9. Would love to see the Vikings make an offer for him to come in as some sort of assistant coach. If he’s interested in that sort of thing, of course.

  10. If he isn’t on an NFL roster now i assume he isn’t getting drug tested.

    Gain the 15 ibs of muscle that a 6 week juice provides and come back for that one last ride of being in the center of the arena were few men tread.

    They say people are happiest from 50 – 70. I doubt that holds true for people who have such a brilliant first 30 years.

    Either way Kevin has a great problem at his feat….i’m pretty sure he’ll comeback if anyone will have him.
    Don’t they all……and wouldn’t all of us?

  11. I would say he has one more year left in him. He is a solid contributor. Nothing Flashy. I wish I had enough money where playing for six figures wasnt good enough for me. Hope he goes to a good team that makes a playoff push.

  12. The biggest consideration for to simply retire and call it a day is having to face the Packers twice, particularly Lacy. He is tired of getting beaten by the Packers and wants no part of Lacy’s upcoming MVP season.

  13. As far as the NFL is concerned the Williams wall won the Star Caps issue. Those men fought with their own money to prove that they didn’t use PEDs. Kevin absolutely destroyed teams last year when he played the nose and I would love to see him come back for a final year with the Vikings. Especially in Zims Defense

  14. He’s probably worried that, like Winfield, he doesn’t have what it takes to beat out Seattle’s younger players. Time to retire big guy. No title for you.

  15. Never heard of this guy. It’s not surprising though. Vikings games are not broadcast to a national audience due to their history of losing.

    Keepers of

  16. 4x what the average american earns isn’t enough to risk paralysis, brain injury or worse.

    Might be best to keep himself on the shelf and then pitch himself to a contender in need of depth later in the season! Possible earning the same amount if enough teams have a need

  17. Who would want to play for the Vikings, period !! Especially having to play a couple years in a college stadium outside which was not designed for winter use. Of course it might be fun to see if they could beat a college team, HaHa !

  18. He should sign with a team that has at least a chance to go to the big show. The Ravens, Steelers, Giants, and New England could all use him and a cool mil is not chump change in anybody’s book. Screw the Queens. They should have treated him with more respect, but they don’t seem to know what the word means.

  19. Most consecutive division titles in the NFC North was accomplished by the Minnesota Vikings. Double the amount of what the greenbay packers had. SKOl!

  20. 4x what the the average American earns? NFL Vet Minimum for 2014 for someone w/ 10+ years of service is 955K+. Last I checked the average American doesn’t make 250k.

    I’d love to play just one year at a salary like that.

  21. Packers have finished as the worst team in the NFL twice throughout history. The Vikings have never been the worst team in the NFL. Facts for your cheesebrains!

  22. Vikings are always in the spotlight, always being talked about. Even if its a down year. We usually always get primetime games. Every REAL NFL fan knows a legend like Kevin Wiliams. Even with all the star studed defensive lineman the Vikings have produced.. Kevin Williams will go down as a Viking great.

  23. Did you guys even read what his options are???? Hes not deciding between retirement or the Vikings. .. the vikes dont want him back.. its either the seachickens or the giants.

  24. From 1973 to 1995 the packers couldn’t get a division title. Longest period of time the Vikings went without winning the division was 8 seasons. Vikings have 18 division titles inthe nfc north. Packers have 13.

  25. 99% of all Americans will never see $1,000,000.00 in their bank account and if Kevin played 1/3 of his cards right he should have 5 times that in his bank now and he would be well advised to add another $650,000.00 ( after Obama and his taxes grab a third of it)..,,

    He be a backup or a relief player on run downs and that is ez money.

    I’d love to have his problem.

  26. He must be terrible if the Vikings don’t even want him back. If he really wanted to play for the Vikings again, I have some advice.

    Sign with the Packers and then when you get cut, the Vikings will snap you up in a NY minute whether you can play or not.

  27. I think losing the season series to the Packers for 4 straight seasons has robbed him of his will to compete, just like the rest of the hapless and tasteless Vikings.

  28. If Mr. Williams loves the game he will play for what the market values. If he has lost that loving feeling he will retire. Either way he was a solid player and I would like to see him get a shot at a ring with the Hawks because if he has the love he can help us travel the long and winding road to the Lombardi. Hey KW, come up to the house of the 12’s so you can feel the love of the greatest fans on EARTH!

  29. Mr. Williams, if you want to know what it feels like to love the game and loveplaying the game for one of the best coaches in history, come play at CenturyLink field for the Seahawks. Just ask players who have played in the green and blue before, Sidney Rice, Michael Bennett, Earl Thomas, Russell Okung and Russell Wilson. Just about every player that comes to Seattle falls in love with the game all over again. It’s about the fans, it’s about the owner valuing the people, the men inside the uniform. It’s about getting the best out of yourself with a coach who cares about every aspect of the athletes game and man as a person that makes everything worth it. This is a system that works and in his extraordinarily efficient at creating a competitive environment for players to reach their potential. If I played for an NFL football team, the only places I wouldn’t want to play if I had a choice would be; Green Bay or Seattle. #GoHawks

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