Panthers have to find several contributors in this draft


Of all the teams picking near the end of the first round of the NFL Draft (which means, by definition that they were pretty good), the Panthers might have the longest shopping list.

After recovering from a sluggish start to finish a remarkable 12-4, the Panthers began the process of remaking a roster that many thought should have happened a year ago.

They were able to hang onto defensive end Greg Hardy with the franchise tag, but they lost left tackle Jordan Gross to retirement and wide receiver Steve Smith to not wanting him around any more.

They also had pre-existing issues in the secondary and on the offensive line, so it’s mandatory that General Manager Dave Gettleman finds at least three immediate contributors in this draft.

You can read the full preview by clicking right here, and then vote below on what you think their biggest need is.

17 responses to “Panthers have to find several contributors in this draft

  1. I am kind of shocked that they didn’t snag a top WR in free agency…you could argue that they don’t have a true #1 or #2 receiver on their entire roster.

  2. The real need may be for a General Manager who can relate to his employees. Right now, he has issues with Rivera and all the players who have had to deal with him.

    In his zest to be the smartest man in the room, he ran off 3/5 of the OL, 1/2 of the secondary and 100% of the WRs.

    I’m a Panthers fan who thinks that 12-4 record may be a distant memory this time next year.

  3. I really thought Carolina would offer Philly a late pick for Jackson before they released him. I guess they had enough of an undersized WR with an oversized mouth.

  4. 6-8 win team at best. Just like the Bucs a few years ago, the Panthers will fall back into the shuffle next season. Who’s going to block? Who’s going to catch passes? Who are your CBs? Safeties?

    Barring a major injury, the Saints win the division w/o much competition this season. Bank it.

  5. If you “{Bank it” that check will bounce. The Aint’s are not gonna be as good this year either. Carolina has just as much chance to win the division as any other team right now. It’s still the off season. Let’s wait until after the draft before we start making wild and outlandish predictions.

    That Panthers front seven was the best in football last year with a no name secondary. So that has not changed in fact it can be argued the secondary has improved over last years group. Cason, Harper, and Decoud are savvy veterans.

    If the defense can play as well as last year and Carolina is able to run the ball more effectively then the Panthers will contend. Time will tell.

  6. You lost your best CB, S, T, WR… Haha the best part of you talking smack, is that you bring up Roman Harper to a Saints fan. You’re whole argument is destroyed by that statement haha

    Your team is done after a fluke of a season.

  7. How are the Saints not better than last season? Byrd & Vaccarro is no worse than the third best tandem in the league. Champ Bailey, who’s a first ballot HOFer, will be our 2nd or 3rd CB. That fact should worry any team, or QB. Lorig is an upgrade over Collins at FB. Harper & Jenkins are addition by subtraction. Sproles – I’ve been calling for a trade of him since 2012. He’s lost a step, and the Eagles will see it soon enough. He can’t run as well, and he seems to drop passes a good bit now-a-days. Truth hurts bro, sometimes you just have to accept it haha!

  8. lol greenwhodat26 every position you mentioned minus our best WR was thrown together last year from spare parts and discards from other teams, not the reason we won at all so why should it be any different this year. Front 7 gave us the #2 Defense in the league last year, won us a ton of games and is all healthy, intact and returning. I get it you’re a saints fan but lets not forget until drew brees came to your team you guys were the joke of the nfc south and while I do miss those days, Carolinas d was able to keep your team in check when it mattered most last year thats why you didn’t win the south

  9. Those of you who is old enough to remember the Redskins and George Allen he won a SB with players that no one wanted

  10. anyone who thinks a rookie WR will be of any use at all when the panthers don’t have a starting caliber LT on the roster doesn’t understand football. it’s easier to find a WR who can contribute immediately in rounds 2-4 – starting caliber LTs are harder to find.

  11. They need to put weapons around Newton and get their secondary in order… lucky for them the draft is deep in WRs so they should try and get their secondary better with the first pick… if Rony or the kid from TCU is still around id take him. Address Wrs in the 2nd and 3rd.

  12. “I get it you’re a saints fan but lets not forget until drew brees came to your team you guys were the joke of the nfc south”

    The Saints have perennially been a playoff/Super Bowl contender for most of the last decade. Sure, we had bad history, but we’ve righted the ship and then some. As far as it stands, Saints 1-0 in the Super Bowl and Carolina is 0-1. Which puts them just about as good as Atlanta, but they have more history than you so they probably have the upper hand… Haha, again the truth hurts…

  13. I don’t get all the Cam hate. He’s a really good QB and will only get better. Imagine if Carolina drafted Gabbert (which a lot of ‘experts’ called)

    O line is the biggie. Anyone that worried about the WR corps next year, wasn’t paying attention during the 12-4 season. All the guys that left, their contributions were insignificant insofar as team wins.

    Also, the Saints will crap the bed this season. They’ve been in the league for close to 50 years, but their fan base has only existed a decade or so. What a joke. Nola fans should be careful about smack talking other teams with cap issues. It’s gonna be fun watching the black and gold squirm.

  14. The Panthers will struggle mightily on offense this year. Their defense will continue to take names.

  15. Brandin Cooks….. Plenty of serviceable oline talent in draft. Cooks can spread the field, Benjamin has bust written all over him. Keep in mind what Seattle did with a mash unit as an oline last season. Tom Cable coached them up and Lombardi! Get Cam a top target, enough said. Go Hawks!

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