Vick concedes starting job to Geno Smith


The competition between Jets quarterback Geno Smith and Mike Vick already is over.  There was one?

On Saturday, Vick conceded the position to the second-year signal-caller out of West Virginia.

Geno’s the starting quarterback for that football team,” Vick said Saturday at a personal appearance, via Dom Cosentino of  “Ultimately our goal is to try to help Geno become the best quarterback that he can be.  Myself and [third-stringer Matt Simms] are all trying to put him in a position where he can get better from year one to year two.”

Before signing with the Jets, Vick insisted he’s still a starting quarterback.  After signing with the Jets, he made it clear that he plans to compete, and the team made it clear that the competition for the starting job will be open.

Maybe Vick, who has had a hard time making up his mind about which jersey number to wear, will change his mind once or twice, or more often, as offseason workouts unfold and as training camp approaches.  Or maybe Vick has been around Smith long enough to realize that the best way to win the job is to make Smith believe he’s already won it.

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  1. That’s the smartest thing a QB in his position can say……… and not mean it.

  2. He said the same thing last year about foles and kept his word. Say what you will about is past transgressions but he’s a darn good teammate and football mentor.

  3. “That” team, but then “our” goal. Vick is just playing games or he’s confused. There’s an interesting story lying in the background of his thoughts or what the conversations with the coaches have been like. Vick is subtly indicating that so maybe later on he will spout off with some more specifics.

  4. All the negative about Vick is getting old…His last year in Philly,he helped Foles become a better player. Always on the sidelines helping (unlike Farve and even Montana who pouted) showing Foles what he could’ve done better. How to be a better team mate, better person in gneral ect..he could’ve folded his cards when he went to prison, but he didn’t. I don’t like what he did back then. But I admire how he grew and changed his life and others lives around him.He was a great team mate in Philly and was noticed for it and they voted him team MVP for it every year. If Geno listens to Vick and soaks it all in…he’ll be a better QB and person for it. Not to mention team mate. If Geno does get benched or hurt for a little bit. I know Vick will be supportive to him and the Jets. NY will love him.

  5. how can anyone spend one red cent to watch a team lead by Geno Smith?.. the Jets are pathetic

  6. Vick wants to start, he just isn’t going to do anything that would hurt his ability to play football with the Jets or any other team that he might in the future.

    Fans are funny in that they want the players to just fall in order and just accept their role. Coaches usually don’t want that at all. They want competition everywhere unless that role is being filled by a HOF player. Players want to start and 99% of the time they don’t care about mentoring the young kid to take their job.

  7. You can put Peyton manning on that team and the receivers are still going to suck. Why? They have none!

    I thought after years of being sabotaged in Baltimore by a horrible offense… Rex Ryan would make sure he built up an offense. But all he did was mirror the ravens team he left. All defense, no offense.

    With the league rules the way they are these days, you gotta have an offense.

    …unless the league decides to let you get away with penalties all day like Seattle last year.

  8. I’d say Chip Kelly and his offense and coaching staff was what helped Foles become a better QB, not anything Vick did.

  9. bucky the badger hit the nail on the head- mike vick got this gig by being a supportive teammate last year rather than rocking the boat. he showed maturity and put the team first; attributes never before attributed to mike vick.

    that being said, both vick and i (and probably bucky as well) think he’ll be the starter for the jets by september.

    the important take is howver that vick has finally figured out that either way the decision falls, he is better served saying exactly what he said.

  10. Meanwhile, the NYets have just conceded the division, once again, to their “Daddy”, New England.

  11. Geno isn’t and won’t be a genuine starting caliber QB in the NFL…

    Second string should be his ceiling, spot starter.

    Vick had so much potential and really only had one really good season as a QB and that was in 2010.

    Could Vick have a productive season or two with the Jets? Yes, he could but nothing in his NFL career suggests that he will be very good or great.

    His HIGH water mark for passer rating with the Falcons was 81.6 and his passer rating for his time with the Falcons was only 75.7, which isn’t very good.

    But the Jets only got Vick to be a stop gap, NOT a franchise QB…

    They still need one of those…

  12. Got a little left hopefully for the jets that’s all they will need from him

  13. Geno Smith will never make it as a QB in the NFL. He will be another Mark Sanchez, worse every year. Michael Vick can still play *IF* he can stay healthy. He can’t stay healthy if he gets no protection and is driven into the ground on every play. We’ll see who plays QB for the pathetic Jets in 2014.

  14. Foolish move by Rex once again. You have Vick, a great veteran, who should be starting so you can win a few games out of the gate while you develop Geno who is the future. We all know that Vick is likely to get hurt half way through the year, so by that time you put Geno into a much better situation. Instead they throw the kid to the wolves again and now HAVE to win or they win destroy Geno’s confidence and development….not to mention the future of the team and Rex. Makes no sense If Vick is not the starter why sign him at all? Geno would probably be happy to take a step back and learn from him for 8 games or so. Philly played it smart doing it that way with Foles. Again, it’s another bonehead move by the Jets.

  15. Vick, when healthy (that’s the big *) is still a better than average NFL QB. On a team with a good D and a good running game, he’s more than adequate. (you could probably say that about any better than average QB). But there’s no way he can make it through 16 games and he probably knows that.

  16. This is stupid. Why would the Jest coddle Geno? Make him at least compete for the job. He’s going to be a baby his whole time in NY if they hand him this when Vick is clearly a better player…right now.

  17. 1phillyphan says: May 3, 2014 6:02 PM

    All the negative about Vick is getting old…His last year in Philly,he helped Foles

    The negative talk is justified my blind philly fan. This guy has now quit as a professional football player, and is only out for a pay check, which he is happy to oblige from the Jets. To concede to Geno means that he no longer is interested in being a starter, and is more interested in getting paid to hold a clip board. Will always to be dog killer in my mind….sorry, but it’s the truth. This guy never deserved to get back into the NFL, and should have been banned for life from the league. That’s all…..

  18. If Vick could stay healthy he would be a top 8 qb. I hope he does. As an eagles supporter and a dog supporter I have to say Vick has earned my respect both as a player and a person. Good luck mr Vick we thank you for being a bridge between qbs and great community guy in the city.

  19. Vick is lucky to be on an NFL roster.

    If he’s the starter at any point of your season, your year is over, competitively speaking.

    He’s not good.

  20. Perfect.Now we will face the beatable Raiders with Geno and win-then SURPRISE-Vick will destroy Green Bay.Perfect smoke screen Vick!

  21. O.k. the Jets could possibly have one of the better #2 QB’s in the league. The Jets also have one of the worst #1 QB’s in the league. Glad thats settled.

  22. The Jets still won eight games with a rookie QB and no receivers. The last 4 games of the season the Jets went 3-1. They beat the Patriots. They look like they will be better this year.

  23. Why doesn’t anyone ever say, “they are paying me enough money to sit the bench or start the game and as long as I keep getting paid like this I will do whatever the current job it on that given day.”

    PS Geno is not good and was a further reach in the 3rd round than EJ in round one.

    Vick will be starting by week 8.

  24. I live in Philadelphia, and never bought the act of contrition routine that Vick was brought in with. I have to say after last year, you learn more about a person dealing with adversity then success. Vick could have torn that team apart, but he didn’t do that. For those that think he’s playing games, he’s not. He really is a good teammate and the players in that locker room are going to gravitate towards him. He’s not the most eloquent speaker, but I would look at his actions now. Not what he did in his mid 20’s, what he does now and going forward. I wish he stuck around here and was the backup for the Eagles. Wish the guy a lot of luck.

  25. So because a kid struggles early in his ROOKIE yr and then shows progression late we should write him off and go back to the drawing board? Vick is junk and deserves a clipboard. Geno’s floor is Mike’s ceiling. The Jets will always play good to great D and that is something Geno NEVER had in WV. The Jets lacked playmakers on O and that was a comfort he always had in college. 8-8 people, and the Jets were supposed to be one of, if not the worst team in the league. Not bad for rebuilding. Barring injury, we will find out what the kid is made of this yr, but to pass judgement after one season is a joke because some of the best QB’s you have ever watched would have never been under that theory. I’m glad YOU are not running my favorite team!!

  26. “I’d say Chip Kelly and his offense and coaching staff was what helped Foles become a better QB, not anything Vick did”

    I think the coaching staff plus playing time in meaningful games is what helped Foles the most. But I’m still not completely sold on him as the “franchise QB” until he puts together an entire season as the starter and shows continued improvement. As for Vick, he is what he is and his career is winding down. I wish him the best with the Jets and for his sake, hope he can stay in one piece for an entire season.

  27. Nice of him to say but its not up to him. However, its not up to him. Coaching Staff makes the decision along with Rex.

  28. Geno Smith had one of the worst rookie seasons I have ever seen. How this guy is being handed the starting job is beyond me. Yet in Tampa Bay a rookie with potential who played well in a toxic situation – Mike Glennon seems to be an afterthought and written off by the current regime. Same goes with the Bills and EJ Manuel who was oft-injured and not playing very inspiring football when he was on the field gets another uncontested chance to be the starter.

    This class is pretty deep at the QB position, the Bills and Jets would be wise to draft one in the 3rd round as insurance for the two starters that are currently being coddled and babied by their respective teams.

  29. Vick is a much better QB than Geno. All Vick has to do is stay healthy and the jets will be a dangerous team. Plus, i like the way Vick turned his life around. Dont judge him on his past, judge him on the present.

  30. Mike Glennon is an afterthought in Tampa Bay because some guys get labeled a certain way and its hard to lose that label. In the NFL a lot of it seems to have to do with where a player is drafted. If he’s anything but a 1st or 2nd round pick he’s labeled as a career backup. He has to perform his butt off to lose that label and be thought of as a starter, much less a Franchise Quarterback. Tom Brady is a poster boy for that.

  31. its not a bad move by Rex (according to some posters above)..its actually brilliant. naming Vick the starter over Geno would stunt his growth. So by Vick being the “named” back-up to Geno gives Geno the confidence he needs…and if he falters he’ll have a veteran QB with the same playing style there to step in for him when needed..NJ signed the best best up QB in the NFL. As for the poster who said if Vick was only going to be a backup, then he wouldn’t have left Philly….i say read sometimes..Vick wasn’t offered a contract in Philly

  32. Jets are much improved. Patriots are declining. Dolphins are a contender. Bills defense is starting to look scary good. Deadskins will win their division. RG3 will prove worthy of a #2 QB pick. And they haven’t drafted yet.

  33. Rex Ryan took the Jets to two championships with Sanchez at QB. Why the Jets hired him with Belichick owning the division for a decade. Patriots are drawing straws.

  34. Diva Geno Smith is a crybaby and a locker room cancer … Mike Vick is street smart and knows how to pulls this crybabys strings ! Vick will be the starting QB and crybaby Geno can be his waterboy ……. We all hate you diva Geno! Why don’t you go walk in the ring with paper champ Mayweather !!!!!

  35. Not a Vick nor a Jets fan, and I actually detested him for the whole dog fighting conviction, but I can understand the optimistic views of some here regarding Vick. I may not have watched nor seen all of his games, only those against the Giants and the Jets and usually those broadcasted on local channels here in NY, but I can see a difference, attitude-wise, with him. For one reason or another, he’s definitely matured. It may be lessons learned while he was locked up or just growing up, or a combination of both, but he’s definitely not the person he was while he was in Atlanta and his initial year or so in Philadelphia. I don’t get the knock on him either. As far as I can tell, and I’ve seen him perform quite well on the field, he can definitely be a starter on any other team.

    With regards to him “conceding” the starting position to Smith, what else was he supposed to say? I recall him stating previously that he was going to compete for the starting job, I believe he got knocked for saying that. Now, he’s saying the opposite and he’s still getting knocked. Hey, he may not be a winner for Atlanta and Philly fans, but would they rather have had someone else like a Jamarcus Russell who had a very poor work ethic and didn’t even give a fraction of the effort Vick gave? I think in this situation, Vick deserves a break.

  36. Vick is here for a year and gone. He’s no real competition (or threat) for Geno. Even if Vick wins the starting job this year, Geno knows all he has to do is wait. If he looks over his shoulder and sees a younger version of himself in Boyd who could POTENTIALLY take his job long-term, that will get him to step up his game.

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