Warmack battles his belly bulge


Titans guard Chance Warmack became known at Alabama for a protruding midsection.  Now, he’s trying to make that a memory.

“I feel a lot more together than I did last year,” Warmack said this week, via John Glennon of the Tennessean.  “I think if I can stay in the 330- or 335-pound range, it will be good because that’s what I played at last year.  But I think the 335 looks a little different now.  I feel good about it.”

In the past, the 335 looked like a gut that was exposed as his shirt rode up in Alabama, creating the phenomenon known as Warmacking.  To make the change, Warmack has been working with former NFL center LeCharles Bentley.

“He pretty much showed me the blueprint of how to get me right,” Warmack said of Bentley.  “He just put me through a couple of things that he sets out for everybody that trains with him.  So I’ve just followed what he says and it’s been working out for me.”

Warmack has worked out so far in Tennessee, starting 16 games as a rookie.  To thrive over the long term, he needs to take care of his body and prepare himself to remain healthy and effective over the long haul.  The gut can return after he’s done playing.

If he’s smart, Warmack will get rid of it completely, and permanently.