With a league-low five picks, Colts can’t do much in the draft


The Colts have just five picks in next week’s draft, fewest in the NFL. Colts General Manager Ryan Grigson knows that limits his options.

Grigson was candid about the fact that with the Colts not picking until No. 59 overall, they’re not going to get one of the elite prospects. And they don’t have the ammunition to trade up, either.

“I have five picks. It’s not like I can offer up a whole lot to make any great moves upwards,” Grigson said.

Indianapolis traded its first-round pick to Cleveland for running back Trent Richardson and its fourth-round pick to Cleveland for a fifth-round pick last year, which the Colts used on defensive tackle Montori Hughes. Richardson was terrible last season and Hughes didn’t do much as a rookie, meaning so far those look like a couple of bad trades.

But Grigson says that with only five picks, this is a year when undrafted free agents can make a big difference.

“With a very deep draft and with all the juniors, the exciting thing is after the draft. We are going to really focus on that,” Grigson said. “We’re looking at different avenues on how we can be productive on draft day with just five picks. I think after the draft, with the depth of this draft, I feel that’s really an area to really target. . . . You know they’re at least going to make some noise in camp.”

With five picks and none in the Top 50, getting some guys who can make some noise in camp is about the best the Colts can do.

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  1. Indianapolis traded its first-round pick to Cleveland for running back Trent Richardson and its fourth-round pick to Cleveland for a fifth-round pick last year, which the Colts used on defensive tackle Montori Hughes. Richardson was terrible last season and Hughes didn’t do much as a rookie, meaning so far those look like a couple of bad trades.

    You are wrong those look like some pretty GOOD trades. They did get a 1st round RB ya know. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Just Sayin’…Go Brownies!!

  2. As a Jag fan, after Luck, T.Y. Hilton, Pagano and Arians, I was scared that the Colts were gonna be something special. With the moves that have followed, it looks like they’ll be riding Luck just like they rode Manning for all those years.

  3. Trade back your 2nd & 3rd rounders to collect 4-6th round picks. Then focus on special team players and depth. Colts aren’t a ‘special player’ away from contending, heck their D gave up 40+ points in both playoff games last year.

    If its a deep a class as everyone says & you trust your scouts, go backwards in the draft.

  4. Remember, their idea of free agent help is DHB, so they’re kidnapped screwed.

  5. They should just add bulk/depth on the lines with their five picks. Don’t get cutesy.

  6. Indy needs to draft smarter.
    In years past, many times their philosophy was to draft the best player available, regardless of position.
    Now they need to fill the holes… They can’t waste selections.

  7. amazing….Cleveland makes one good trade since they return 15 years ago..

    Buffalo swapped Kelvin Sheppard for Jerry Hughes…. that was a good deal too

    My guess is that Indy’s GM is not very good.

  8. Hmm, Colts having only 5 picks and riding out Andrew Luck “like they did with Manning” or Jags QB situation, who is their QB, and having… I don’t know, as many picks as you want?

    You realize in Mannings span in Indy was considered to be highly successful don’t you? It’s not like that failed Blaine Gabbert thing the Jags “pulled off” a fee years ago.

  9. Don’t fool yourself, Colts will be a factor again this year. They added help to their defense and their offense will be fine. D. Allen coming back will be huge and if Reggie Wayne is anywhere close to his usual self, it will be a tough day at the office for opposing defenses.

  10. Those trades are going to haunt them. They got a great young QB in Luck a good head coach and some good young talent but they are not built yet. A good draft could have made them a contender if Trent don’t progress it will set them back. All I care is Andrew Luck lights up the Eagles in week 2 which is a given

  11. There are still a few decent players after pick 50. They may Luck out and find a couple.

  12. That Laron Landry signing worked out well for them last year. Here’s the secret, he can’t practice all week just so he can play on Sunday!!! Call the Jets, I’m sure they could spot u a few picks to move up.

  13. Wait, I thought Luck and the amazing dolts would win a SB before anyone else in his draft…

    Ha ha ha ha

  14. That’s ok, with their recent history, they haven’t done much during the postseason either.

  15. Just curious why Grigson didn’t say the same crap he’s said before – “…Trent is our #1 and we got him a year early! And we are so happy with our new franchise RB….” and whatever it takes to sell more tickets and justify his sorry a** isn’t fired.

  16. Unbelievable that out of all the teams in the league to bargain with, that they let the Cleveland Clowns screw them. That’s funny.

  17. Good thing browns wasted a top 5 pick for the 26th pick. Colts could have 1 pick and better off than browns. Colts have Andrew luck. Browns have nothing. As usual. 7 years coming with at least 11 losses. So much for parody

  18. Good thing Colts have a cupcake schedule. Even without injecting talent from the draft, this team can still reach double digit wins.

  19. Yeah but Grigson is NFL executive of the year, while John Schneider, who took a team bereft of talent and turned in 42 wins, 3 playoff appearances, 2 division titles and a Super Bowl victory in 4 years gets no awards.

    This is why people like Chris Mortensen shouldn’t be allowed to vote for any awards.

  20. QB-Andrew Luck
    RB-Vick Ballard, Ahmad Bradshaw, Trent Richardson
    WR-Reggie Wayne, TY Hilton, Hakeem Nicks, Da’Rick Rodgers,
    TE-Dwayne Allen, Coby Fleener
    Need a center for the O-line
    Defense-Robert Mathis, Arthur Jones, D’Qwell Jackson, Jerrell Freeman, Vonte Davis, LaRon Landry.
    They should be horrible, what will they do with only 5 draft picks? Oh My! lol

  21. He also has a lot of players he could trade if he’s not happy with the amount of draft equity they have. A good GM would already have a plan in place that these picks would fit into or a way to make creative moves to get into a better position. But what are the Colts doing? I see no moves and a weak misguided GM who has no idea what he’s doing.

  22. The Montori Hughes wasn’t a bad move. Everyone knew he was a developmental prospect, so that hasn’t been a wasted pick.

    He only had 11 snaps last year, but he showed something in those snaps. He’ll definitely have an expanded role this year with Ricardo Mathews and Aubrayo Franklin out the door.

  23. Just getting back Ballard, Wayne and Allen from last year is like 3 first rounders…..
    Also, they picked up three good free agents in Brown, Jackson and Nicks.

    Sure, it would be good to have a couple more picks, but coming off two 11-5 seasons and playoff appearances, I feel pretty good

  24. Yet Grigson was “Executive of the Year” for drafting Luck and milking out the worst 11 win team you’ll ever see in 2012. Such an overrated group.

  25. If INDY drafts well they can at the least stay atop a soft division. Hard to feel sorry for a squad that goes from Payton Manning to Andrew Luck. This draft looks good on paper so a few diamonds will be found in the later picks. They better earn their wages this year. Go Hawks!

  26. Haha, I love all the Colts hate. 11-5, a historic playoff win, and regular season victories over the super bowl champs, the super bowl runner ups, and the NFC runner up. Browns can have the pick, they’re still the browns. As far as I’m concerned, the only team’s fans that can legitimately talk crap to the Colts are the Patriots. Until they prove otherwise, they own Luck’s team. The always hopelessly hopeful Browns and the Seahawks with their short man syndrome/inferiority complex just make me laugh.

  27. You guys have won a grand total of one superbowl with Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck. If I were you cheezy, I wouldn’t be talking trash. You wasted the career of one of the best QB’s to ever play.

  28. The Rams have been drafting early and often for years and look what it done for them. Consistently last place. Don’t sweat it Indy. You have a good foundation

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