Final rundown of fifth-year options for 2011 first-round picks

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May 3 has come and gone.  Which means that the window for exercising the fifth-year options on 2011 first-round picks has closed.

Which means that a final list of the options exercised and not exercised can be prepared.

Of the 32 players eligible for the option, 21 teams exercised the option.  Of the other 11, three players weren’t eligible.

Here’s the full list.

1. Cam Newton, Panthers: Option exercised.

2. Von Miller, Broncos: Option exercised.

3. Marcell Dareus, Bills: Option exercised.

4. A.J. Green, Bengals: Option exercised.

5. Patrick Peterson, Cardinals: Option exercised.

6. Julio Jones, Falcons: Option exercised.

7. Aldon Smith, 49ers: Option exercised.

8. Jake Locker, Titans: Option not exercised.

9. Tyron Smith, Cowboys: Option exercised.

10. Blaine Gabbert, 49ers: Option not exercised.

11. J.J. Watt, Texans: Option exercised.

12. Christian Ponder, Vikings: Option not exercised.

13. Nick Fairley, Lions: Option not exercised.

14. Robert Quinn, Rams: Option exercised.

15. Mike Pouncey, Dolphins: Option exercised.

16. Ryan Kerrigan, Redskins: Option exercised.

17. Nate Solder, Patriots: Option exercised.

18. Corey Liuget, Chargers: Option exercised.

19. Prince Amukamara, Giants: Option exercised.

20. Adrian Clayborn, Buccaneers: Option not exercised.

21. Phil Taylor, Browns: Option exercised.

22. Anthony Castonzo, Colts: Option exercised.

23. Danny Watkins, formerly of the Eagles and Dolphins: Not eligible for option.

24. Cameron Jordan, Saints: Option exercised.

25. James Carpenter, Seahawks: Option not exercised.

26. Jonathan Baldwin, 49ers: Baldwin’s restructured contract for 2014 eliminated the option.

27. Jimmy Smith, Ravens:  Option exercised.

28. Mark Ingram, Saints: Option not exercised.

29. Gabe Carimi, Falcons: Not eligible for option.

30. Muhammad Wilkerson, Jets: Option exercised.

31. Cameron Heyward, Steelers: Option exercised.

32. Derek Sherrod, Packers: Option not exercised.

15 responses to “Final rundown of fifth-year options for 2011 first-round picks

  1. Funny, the top 3 on this list to not have their options exercised were QBs. Just goes to show how teams desperately reach for QBs in the first round, though hard to blame them since it is such an important position.

  2. Yes, Great Draft Class! But lets look at the losers. The Titans, Jaguars, And Vikings are losers of the QB desperation syndrome. Lets imagine that these teams avoided that syndrome. Keep in mind that the QB stock was horrific but that is what feeds the syndrome. Kaepernick went in the 2nd and thats all she wrote unless you want to talk Stanzi? The Titans picked DT Casey in the 3rd,but missed on an olb in the 2nd. How would Watt or Quinn look with Kap as their 2nd rounder and Casey in the 3rd? Spectacular! The Jags were in need of OL, how about Nate Solder or Mike Pouncy in the 1st and Kap in the 2nd? And finally the Vikings Liuget, Fairly, or Wilkerson? The Vikes whiffed on a DL in the 4th. If they choose to trade down for CB Jimmy Smith and build an extra pick for a chance to trade up for Kap? I know this is hindsight, but this is the syndrome and though there are more QB’s in this draft class it just strengthens the case to pick the best player first and roll the dice on QB second. Good luck to Houston, Jacksonville, Cleveland, Tennesee, Minnesota and Tampa. Funny how the Jags, Vikes, and Titans are once again caught in the QB Syndrome. It is not coincidence.

  3. filthymcnasty1 says: May 4, 2014 12:24 PM

    The Vikings can’t draft a QB to save their mothers life.


    Ponder is greater than Weeden, Thad Lewis, Colt McCoy, Brady Quinn, Charlie Frye, Luke McCown, Spergon Wynn

    Appreciate what you have…….

  4. So basically none of the QBs taken in the 1st round except Cam Newton, has worked out. Imagine that.

  5. That is a really impressive draft class, and if you take the desperation reaches for QB’s out of the equation then it is a superb draft.

  6. Immediately following this year’s Draft, the media experts will be giving grades A to F for each team and many fans will either be excited or disheartened. Truth is, those grades are pretty meaningless.
    In contrast, the follow up whether the 5th year of the contract gets exercised or not, is a fair estimate of which teams passed or failed on their 1st round selections a few years ago. So from the 2010 Draft we have 21 passes and 11 fails. This is a decent assessment compared to whether Mel Kiper Jr gives an F grade before the player plays a down because he doesn’t like him.

  7. Exercising the option on a quarterback is a considerably different proposition that exercising on a running back, tight end, safety, etc., don’t forget. Double the cost, more or less. That factors into the option process.

  8. thegreatgabbert says: May 4, 2014 3:30 PM

    Exercising the option on a quarterback is a considerably different proposition that exercising on a running back, tight end, safety, etc., don’t forget. Double the cost, more or less. That factors into the option process.

    Thanks Blaine

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