Ingram heads to contract year


In 2011, the Saints gave up a 2012 first-round pick in order to get another 2011 first-round pick, in order to draft running back Mark Ingram.

The Saints chose not to throw good money after mediocre money by extending Ingram’s contract to cover 2015.  PFT has confirmed that the Saints did not exercise the fifth-year option on Ingram’s contract.

As a result, he’ll be a free agent after the 2014 season, the fourth and final year of his rookie deal.

That doesn’t mean Ingram’s days in New Orleans are numbered.  It means only that they’ve opted not to commit to $5.2 million for his services two seasons from now.  With the tailback market depressed, the Saints surely can get him for less than that, if they decide to keep him around.

Ingram has gained 1,462 rushing yards in three NFL seasons, with a career average of 4.1 yards per carry.  But he has averaged fewer than 10 carries per game as part of a rotation that typically has featured three different running backs.

If he has a big year in 2014, the Saints may not be able to keep him.  But the Saints surely would be able to get someone cheaper, younger, and healthier to join the revolving door of running backs that the Saints and many other teams now employ.


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  1. It would make sense for him to not play injured this year to help the Saints. I would try to get some guaranteed money by extending contract now; otherwise he is in line for $2MM-$3.5MM next year. He is a decent back who adds a unique dimension (big back) with decent ypc.

  2. Saints and Browns trade up in the first round to get Bama running back and they are busts losing all their value. Packers trade back gaining more value with their pick and pick a Bama running back that becomes OROY. Don’t trade up in the 1st for a RB, it just isn’t worth it.

  3. Chris Johnson has never gained less than 1,000 yards in a season, the best he could get as a FA was $4 million a year.

    Mark Ingram has gained 474, 602, and 386 in his 3 seasons. No team in the NFL would pay him $5.2 million for a year.

  4. I think Ingram could have a big year. If anyone watched him last year, he ran harder and was more elusive. He didn’t look like the same guy. If that carries over to this season and he gets more touches, he could surprise a lot of people. The contract motivation is there as well.

  5. *yawn*… another SEC bust in the NFL… much harder to succeed without the SEC’s “roid and rape” culture protecting their athletes at every step from PED’s to criminal acts.

  6. Except for maybe Marshawn Lynch and Adrian Peterson, there’s no such thing as one running back anymore. We got Cadet, we had Ivory (shoulda kept him), both of whom were undrafted if memory serves. Too easy to find backs these days. We’ll be fine at that position.

  7. Im not a big fan of ingram, but with that said, if they would give him 20 or more carries/gm he’d avg 100+yds/gm. It irks me to see them give him 1 carry and he’ll gain 8-15 yds, then take him out and not give him another carry for 8-15 plays. It doesnt really make since to do that, especially when payton is saying they are trying to establish the running gm. Against dallas last yr, he had a career #of carries (20+) and a career most rushing yds/gm with 149. If payton would give him the dang ball more than once every 8-10 plays, he would be able to show his talent and they would have a 100+yds/gm rb!

  8. I just can’t figure out how so many were wrong on Richardson AND Ingram. In the book “War Room” there is a chapter about Pioli and the 2010 draft. it was said that the chiefs scouts and front office thought ingram was the perfect player.

    the perfect player!!!! wow.

  9. Please tell me of one player not names Julio Jones that is from Alabama that is an all pro. Heck, give me some that made it to the pro bowl in the last 5 years.

    Just go to prove what a great coach Nick Saban is. He take above average talent and makes them 1st round picks. They should take some of that first round money and donate it to Saban’s favorite charity.

  10. 4.1 YPC over 3 seasons is pretty damn good. That means he would break 100 yards in a game where he gets 25 handoffs. That is what coaches look for, a guy who can average 4.0-4.5 YPC. There a simple formula to determine whether a RB is a good runner. If you multiply his YPC by 3 & it equals more than 10 yards (a first down), then you have a good runner. In Ingram’s case, you take his 4.1 YPC & multiple it by 3 downs, you get 12.3 yards. That is pretty good & someone will give him a chance to be the #1 RB on the depth chart. I wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes a solid RB in a new city that utilizes him more & he fits the bill of being a Heisman winner.

  11. Bama runs zone blocking! The only backs from bama that have had zone blocking was Lacey and the saints last season. Zone blocking is the key. Ingram had problems until late last season after the line figures it out he looked great. Zone made every bum the broncos picked up for a decade look like a great back and made a good back td an all pro!

  12. The problem with “Bama players is the culture of football 24/7 and the players get no rest between seasons and if they play 4 years they are beat up when they graduate

    Bama players also peak in college, not what you want when you are a NFL team drafting players

  13. i agree with creeldawgster,

    ingram is a back that needs to be in a rhythm. unfortunately he plays for the saints who for almost the last decade have run by committee. like the poster said, in the cowboys game he had the most carries of his career and guess what? had the best game of his career. he and khiry robinson also showed up big in the playoffs when our passing game sputtered. as much as i’ve cursed him, 4.1 ypc career average isn’t bad. i do think he can help a backfield willing to give him the carries, just not the saints’ backfield because payton likes multiple toys not just one.

  14. I criticized this pick when we went back in to get him. I didn’t think we needed him at the time bc we had Pierre Thomas, Chris Ivory, Joique Bell and another back whose name escapes me. My criticism wasn’t for going back into the draft but taking Ingram instead of LB or DL help. I hope he has a big year and last year he did show a few flashes that he MIGHT be capable of bigger and better plays.

  15. Trade him during the draft and get you J Hill. Less money and longer investment in a back with less wear

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