Peterson’s future in Minnesota getting murkier


At a time when the clocking could be ticking on running back Adrian Peterson’s willingness to stay in Minnesota absent a competent passing game, the clock may be ticking on the Vikings’ willingness to keep him around.

The Vikings would never put it that way.  Peterson means too much to the team, especially as it embarks on a two-year detour to an open-air college venue.  Peterson’s star power will help sell tickets at a time when fans could be inclined to take a break pending the opening of the team’s new stadium — or the unexpected development of a Super Bowl contender.

But how much longer can the Vikings afford to pay eight figures to a guy who plays a position with a value that has been plummeting?  Peterson will receive a base salary of $11.75 million in 2014.  Next year, it moves to $12.75 million.  Then, it climbs to $14.75 million.  By 2017, Peterson will make $15.75 million.

As the price tag goes up each year, the Vikings seem to be planning a reduction in Peterson’s workload.

“He’s getting to the point where you don’t have to give him the ball 50 times a game for 16 games,” G.M. Rick Spielman recently said, via Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press.  “Adrian’s the face of our franchise, but [offensive coordinator] Norv [Turner] has a history of having two backs to keep him fresh, because I think it’s very important as you go through the season that they’re still strong in Week 16 and they’re still strong when you get into the playoffs.”

That’s fine, but reduced reliance on Peterson translates to reduced value financially.  At some point, the Vikings have to restructure the deal in a way that reduces Peterson’s salary and cap number.  If he balks, the relationship likely will end.  Or perhaps the Vikings will simply decide abruptly to move on, after this season or the next.

It’s a trend that could be here to stay in the NFL, with highly-compensated star players dumped without much warning in any given offseason.  Or, as the case may be, in every given offseason.

However it ends for Peterson in Minnesota, it’s starting to feel like the end is coming — and it’s starting to feel like the final portion of the ride could get a little bumpy.

207 responses to “Peterson’s future in Minnesota getting murkier

  1. Adrian Peterson is retiring in Minnesota.

    WITH a Super Bowl ring.

    Ignore the media created stories that make it seem like he’s leaving.

    They’re just people who are jealous and ignore the truth.

    The truth that he’s going to win a Super Bowl and go down as the great running back of all time.

  2. It is/was in the best interest of the Vikings to trade him and get picks..hes never going to win a championship in minnesota and we all know it.

  3. hope he gets out of that joke of a franchise
    he should be playing for a team in the NFL
    not our farm team….. ha ha ha poet boy

  4. AP should run for the hills. Idk anyone in the right mind who would want to play in Minnesota with all their obnoxious, annoying, air-headed fans…

  5. staffordsyear says:
    May 4, 2014 11:00 PM
    It is/was in the best interest of the Vikings to trade him and get picks..hes never going to win a championship in minnesota and we all know it.


    Coming from a Lions fan, this really doesn’t hold much water, in fact it’s absolutely Comical!

  6. Just keep paying the man! Dude is such a beast he doesn’t need a two back system. Please just draft manziel and the qb issue will be fixed and in 2 years we could be a superbowl contender again. Manziel will be a star in the NFL. Just look what seattle did. They came out of nowhere. And I know they got a great defense and all but I believe that is what Zimmer will accomplish here in Minnesota. Could be just like Seattle. Very good running back with a star studded defense and that playmaker/game manger qb. Whatever happens, Adrian Peterson will be my favorite player to ever play the game.

  7. Dare i say a monster trade to the Cowboys? ala Herschel Walker but reversed?…

  8. Adrian Peterson is retiring in Texas.

    WITH a Super Bowl ring that he bought in a pawn shop.

    Ignore the media created stories that make it seem like he’s a good father.

    They’re just people who are educated and know the truth.

    The truth that he’s going to watch the Super Bowl at home in Texas every year and go down as another great running back who never won a Super Bowl.

  9. If the Vikings cut AP the fan base will revolt. Honestly he is the only reason to pay $150 to see a Vikings game these days.

  10. staffordsyear says:
    May 4, 2014 11:00 PM
    It is/was in the best interest of the Vikings to trade him and get picks..hes never going to win a championship in minnesota and we all know it.


    Coming from a Lions fan, this really doesn’t hold much water, in fact it’s absolutely Comical!


  11. Tough call to make in the years ahead. You don’t really want to pay an aging back that kind of money, but you don’t get better by walking away from him.

  12. Reduced reliance on Peterson means fewer wins. He was the only reason that team won any games lately. So pay him equivalent to his importance to the team.

  13. Peterson is the only star on a dismal club. As soon as the new stadium opens he will be cut. 2015 will be the last year he plays for the Vikings. He will sign with a club that has a chance at a Lombardi as his career winds down. By 2016 the Rams look like a good fit for this guy. Again the poet is drunk on Old Style while eating a Spam Sandwich with a pile of Old Dutch chips and some Schwans ice cream waiting for desert. Who knows, maybe my Seahawks have a spot for the guy if he accepts market value? Go Hawks!

  14. We HAVE to listen to you, staffordsyear. There is absolutely NO ONE with more credibility concerning losing than a Lions fan. The Vikings are rebuilding and look to improve. The Lions rebuilt and lost even more games.

    Yup. You have all the credibility in losing there is. Lucky you.

  15. Teams never let the best running backs in their history go or do anything that would force them to play for another team. Just ask Emmitt Smith, OJ Simpson, Franco Harris, LT, Shaun Alexander, Jamal Leiws, Eric Dickerson, Marcus Allen, and Earl Campbell.

  16. No one will trade for him without a re-structured deal. He will be cut, and no team with an expensive QB can afford him.

  17. They’ve front loaded a lot of contracts and managed the cap well, so they can afford it, particularly since even if they draft a QB, with the 5th yr option they can keep him through 2019 on rookie contract. There is no reward for having unused cap room, so as long as he is worth having around on the roster, it’s unlikely they will part ways. Trading him is not happening.

    The fact they want to keep him fresh to extend his career is not surprising since he is so explosive and talented with the ball that he still produces against 8+9 man fronts.

    Saying his value is “plummeting” is dramatic, but it does bait controversy and stir up emotions, so congrats on that.

    His value will increase with an offensive system that can take advantage of the 8+9 in the box that he creates with deeper passes, and increase even more if the Vikings can get a QB to take advantage of those fronts like Russel Wilson does thanks to Marshawn Lynch (where as say Alfred Morris benefits more from RG3, OL, and one cut system than the other way around). Patterson’s development vs simple coverage will also result in more explosive plays as a result of the threat AP creates and in turn take pressure off of AP. All of this will negate Peterson’s aging and fewer caries, and if he stays healthy he should be more effective in the carries he gets.

    He still was among the most productive RBs and finding that level of production at RB is not easy, especially vs defenses playing with 75% 8man fronts or more. Still easily the most dominant back in the NFL. Lynch #2 by far. Foster, McCoy and others are just good system backs.

  18. AP is a lock for at least 2 more years…and TBH I’d bet he’s there in 2016 when they open the new stadium provided he’s still playing/healthy.

    He’s an all time Viking favorite and it would be great to see him open the new Stadium….

    Great career already AP I hope you can do it a few more years…time will tell, but after 30 it’s typically all downhill…and pretty quickly.

  19. PFT the Vikings are about 5 years out from competing. It’s going to take that long to figure out our QB situation and then pray he develops…

  20. “The truth that he’s going to win a Super Bowl and go down as the great running back of all time.”

    Really? In an era where no one can name the starting RB for half the teams in the league, where no one is even talking about the RBs who’ll be drafted on Thursday? Dream on.

    The pendulum may swing back and forth, but Jim Brown, Walter Payton, Emmitt Smith, OJ Simpson et al are safe.

  21. Such a waste of incredible talent! May spend his entire career playing for a useless franchise. 1 career playoff win for AP?? He will never be remembered as one of the greats because of this.

    Oh yeah, the Vikings have already been mathematically eliminated from this years playoffs!!

  22. By the time that they would really let him leave, he would be passed his prime anyway. Not a vikings fan, but he means far too much to that franchise. Without him, that team would have been a complete and utter joke. The only decent QB they’ve had in recent history, Brett Favre, only went there because Adrian Peterson was there.

  23. Dont be suprised that he is either traded to Houston for their #1 this year and next year…


    Dallas #1 draft choice and second round as well… IF NOT #1 NEXT YEAR and a player to be named..

    Both teams in texas is closer to the playoffs than MN…

    Either team will get the Vikings #8 pick… Plus the NFL WANTS PETERSON IN TEXAS…

  24. He will retire without going to a SB, unless he buys a ticket. It’s too late for a trade to a contender, Green Bay has enough quality RB’s.

  25. Calvin Johnson will never win a super bowl in Detroit yet he makes the same money as Peterson. Where is all the outrage there? Where are the people yelling for the lions to move on?? It’s all crap just shut up and leave it alone. The day Adrian is gone is the day the Vikings have literally no hope for success

  26. If you’ve got a zillion dollar player with incredible stats and are going 4-12 or thereabouts every season, there’s no point in keeping the player.
    Every team figures that out sooner or later.
    $12m is a lot to spend for SportsCenter highlights.
    Use the money on two or three positions of need. Build a team.

  27. When you’re the BEST at what you do trends like the over blown “diminishing value of the RB” is little more than hogwash!!!

  28. staffordsyear says: May 4, 2014 11:00 PM

    It is/was in the best interest of the Vikings to trade him and get picks..hes never going to win a championship in minnesota and we all know it.
    I guess hindsight is 20-20. This guy must regret the lions not trading Barry Sanders back in the day.

  29. Apparently their isn’t anything else worth writing about, so how about we start speculating about Peterson’s future with the Vikings??? The truth is we don’t know what’s going to happen. If he shows any signs of slowing down I could see a contract restructure. However, If he’s still going pedal to the metal, they just may pay the man.

  30. Ask Desean Jackson if he thought he would be cut. Those sal cap numbers are huge no matter how good AP is and the tread is gonna wear fast @ 300 carriesa season.

  31. The running game is the foundation of football. It’s where it all starts. And with the greatest rusher in the NFL it’s ludicrous to suggest that he is going to be paid too much. You’re spending way too much time worrying about how much money the man is making and then trying to put a negative spin on it. And besides. Nobody has any idea what Norv Turner has up his sleeve this season.

  32. Barry never won a ring. Nothing is guaranteed no matter if you are the goat.

    Barry played for a equally horribly detroit team with no qb just like seattles farm team in minni

  33. No doubt his career is getting murkier in the never compete for anything Minnesota Vikings. Isn’t it such a shame that one of the greatest players of this generation was cursed to play on one of the WORST franchises in the NFL. Never competitive, always in the toilet behind every NFC North team… Too bad Favre retired eh? Only time they did anything, and it will be real sad when we look back at the career of AP and see his highlight run was being bounced back in 09 in the NFC championship game.

  34. What’s with the 50 carries per game reference? He has averaged a hair under 20 per game for his entire career (19.7 or 21.2 if you only count games started).

    So what’s he going to do, drop from 20 to 16 for a total of 4 reduced attempts? Talk about blowing things out of proportion. Obviously Spielman is just frazzled by thinking about this topic and he naturally went overboard without thinking very much about what he was saying.

  35. I like the “unexpected development of a Super Bowl contender” line. Yes, that would be very unexpected. Poor poet, if only being a d bag translated to his team being relevant.

  36. IN san diego we never thought tomlinson would play in another uniform!! it happens vikings fans,emmitt smith in arizona,tomlinson in new york,tony dorsett in denver,etc…..

  37. I don’t understand contracts like this when the Vikings were so far under the cap when they signed Peterson. They should have front loaded it more so it could have been more affordable later to keep him and sign higher priced veterans that can make an immediate impact

  38. Another flaw to Spielman’s logic/Norv’s OC philosophy is that they’re under the assumption that the team will “get into the playoffs.” Scrap the idea, and let the workhorse work.

  39. As a Vikings fan, I have to agree with staffordsyear. Minnesota won’t likely be a contender in Peterson’s timeline, but he deserves a Super Bowl ring. Minnesota would also benefit more from the draft picks we could get by trading him to contender who wants to win now.

  40. The problem for Peterson is that he knows that he’s either going to have to take the money and be overpaid by the Vikings due to his ridiculous contract or demand a trade to a team that has a QB in place to get him a ring. Too bad the Packers just drafted Eddie Lacy.

    But he new he was re-signing with a loser franchise that has won nothing in 50+ years when they made him the highest paid RB in the league, so obviously he chose the money over a ring.

  41. If Peterson gets traded, it’s highly likely that there will be a riot in the state of Minnesota that ends with the state capitol being burned to the ground.

    I will likely be among the perpetrators.

  42. I know the running back market is low but if anyone deserves to get paid its this cat-class act HOF’er.If vikes dump you tommy boy will pay you,but I know jurry jones is counting out bills already

  43. After they draft Bridgewater in the 1st maybe they should look at RB in round 2. Peterson could probably fetch good value on the trade market still regardless of the position being undervalued.

  44. his value will plummet after the Vikes play 8 home games outdoors per year during the 2 seasons.

  45. It’s a ruthless, cut-throat biz. As long as he’s worth keeping at that salary level he will be. And when he’s not, he will be cut.

  46. Peterson started to drop off last year. He’s an all time great so that might buy him an extra year or two but even next year he probably isn’t going to be worth his salary.

  47. clocking
    and camp number

    Don’t rely too much on spell check.

    I agree with Shaw. Any QB will make a much smaller Rookie salary than any other team around them, and they wouldn’t have to change that for 4 to 5 years.

    Outside them signing a major free agent, not likely, they will have the budget to pay AP every penny. New stadium revenue will help make that less of an issue in 3 years.

    AP will likely retire in Minnesota. MJD should have taught every RB, even AP, what it means to be a RB in the NFL.

  48. How did his future get murkier?
    To paraphrase: His salary cap number goes up and RBs are being valued less these days….
    Is that the point of this article? How is there anything resembling news here? This just seems like pointless and unsubstantiated speculation.

  49. He is badly overpaid. But thanks to the fact that they can’t get a legitimate qb, they aren’t paying anyone else that kind of money.

  50. I wish he could play for a Super Bowl contender. Imagine him on the Seahawks! With their run first offense and great D, it would be fun to watch. Hope they trade him to give him a shot before his body wears out.

  51. I wonder how good on Tecmo Bowl he’d be if that game were still around.

  52. No great RB is going to win the SB these days anyway. If you pay the money for them you won’t afford a good passing game and therefore no ring.

  53. Its not going to end well. Peterson is on the down side of his career and his production will slide at the same time his salary increases.

    Only the Vikings could manage to have the best RB in the NFL for the past 7 years and manage to win only one playoff game. By the time Peterson leaves the Vikings, they might even have found a decent QB but never will the two share the same backfield.

    The Vikings don’t need Peterson to sell tickets, its not like 3-M and General Mills are going out of business anytime soon. They are used to leaning on the big corporations to buy tickets.

  54. You would think fans should take a break because of years of futility.

    How hard it must be to support the Vikes?

    Year in year out… when the highlight of the season is whether they can get 1-2 from the Pack.

    They ran Moss out of town twice…why not trust in Norv and get picks for AD while they still can?

  55. Without Peterson the Vikes have zero star power to draw attendance to a losing team. It’ll end costing them much more in ticket & beer sales than it will to pay his much deserved salary. Maybe the rb position’s value in general may have gone down but as with every position, there are exceptions. He deserves to at least receive the $’s on the contract that the Vikings created.

  56. Imagine him playing with a Franchise QB. No stacking 8 men in the box, also he gets to rest on 3rd down (blocking takes it toll), and finally he would be part of a bigger machine instead of trying to do everything himself.

    Could you see him on Denver’s team? The Saints? Colts?

    I do not think he can get near the record while playing for the Vikings.

  57. thepftpoet says:
    May 4, 2014 11:00 PM
    “Adrian Peterson is retiring in Minnesota.

    WITH a Super Bowl ring.

    Ignore the media created stories that make it seem like he’s leaving.

    They’re just people who are jealous and ignore the truth.

    The truth that he’s going to win a Super Bowl and go down as the great running back of all time.”

    Your foolishness never ceases to amaze me.

  58. Only way he retires with a super bowl ring is if he leaves minnesota yall had yalls best chance with the greatest qb of all time brett favre if he goes to green bay,san fran, or seattle he gets a ring it want ever happen in minnesota chumps

  59. Trading him won’t be easy. Not at his age and mileage with that inflated contract. Very few teams can afford him without a salary cut.

  60. It’s pretty funny when players get dumped due to their unwillingness to take less with their current team. And then get even less elsewhere. This has been a trend for awhile. Collusion is something that is relatively unprovable. Even when it appears so obvious.

  61. Houston Texans: Jadevon Clowney-
    There’s no way the Texans can pass on a once in a decade talent in Clowney. The Texans owner even admitted he’s the best player in the draft. Forget the smokescreens, a chance of having Clowney and J.J. watt on the same defensive line is too hard to pass on.

    Rams (Via Redskins) Greg Robinson – If the Rams didn’t trade up for Tavon Austin last year, I believe this pick would be Sammy Watkins. But the Rams go with the safe pick & the best tackle prospect in the entire draft, and solidfy the OT tackle position for the future.

    Jaguars: Johny Manziel – The Jaguars need to make a move to electrify their franchise and this gives them the perfect possibility to do it. Chad Henne is not the future and they know it, they need to take a chance to compete in their lackluster divison and this will do it.

    Cleveland Browns: Sammy Watkins – There’s no way the Browns pass up on Watkins if he falls to him. Having the chance to pair Gordon & Watkins on the same team is a dream scenario. With an already pretty solid defense, they need playmakers on their offense and he can definitely be the person to turn them into a great offense.

    Oakland Raiders: Khalil Mack – The Raiders roster definitely has a lot of holes, so I believe Reggie Mckenzie go the best player available route. Khalil Mack has been regarded by some scouts as the best defensive player in the draft and has been in discussion in the #1 overall pick. This makes it a perfect fit for for the #31 ranked defense last year, and gives them a great building block for a solid defense in the future.

    Falcons: Jake Matthews – Forget about all of the smokescreens about the Falcons trading up for a Jadeveon Clowney. The Falcons are drafting a left tackle in the first round to protect their $20 million a year investment in Matt Ryan. This will be a huge upgrade over the injury prone Sam Baker, and the Falcons steal franchise LT that may have been the first player selected in the 2012 draft if he came out of college.

    Buccaners: Mike Evans – After trading Mike Williams to the bills for a 6th round pick, Wide Receiver immediately became the biggest need on the Bucs Roster. I believe this is a perfect fit and Mike Evans becomes a perfect compliment to Vincent Jackson – who are also very similar players. This also gives Josh McCown a very similar look to the offense he ran and succeeded in with the Bears – with two dominant outside receivers he had in Marshall and Jefferies.

    Vikings: Teddy Bridgewater – The Bottom Line is the Minnesota Vikings need a franchise QB, and I believe they are convinced Bridgewater is. The Consensous #1 QB coming

    Bills: Eric Ebron –

    Lions: HaHa Clinton Dix-

    Tennessee Titans: C.J. Mosley

    New York Giants: Taylor Lewan-

    St. Louis Rams: Justin Gilbert-

    Chicago: Calvin Pryor-

    Pittsburgh: Aaron Donald-

    Dallas Cowboys: Anthony Barr-

    Baltimore Ravens: Oddell Beckham Jr.-

    New York Jets: Darqueze Dennard-

    Miami Dolphins: Zach Martin-

    Arizona Cardinals: Blake Bortles-

    Green Bay Packers: Ryan Shazier

    Philadelphia Eagles: Brandon Cooks-

    Kansas City Chiefs: Marquise Lee-

    Cincinnati Bengals: Kony Ealy

    San Diego Chargers: Bradley Robey

    Cleveland Browns (Via Colts) – Derek Carr

    New Orleans Saints: Kelvin Benjamin

    Carolina Panthers: Morgan Moses

    New England Patriots: Austin Sefarion-Jenkins.

    San Francisco 49ers: Louis Nix III

    Denver Broncos: Xavier Sua’filo

    Seattle Seahawks: Timmy Jernigan

  62. AP sells seats and makes the team watchable. Do you think Lions fans regret not trading Sanders earlier in his career for draft picks? He is always will be a treasure for Lions fans like AP will be for Vikes fans.

  63. This is a make or break year. Outside in the cold…at home now. They enjoyed that speed in the dome. Not any more.

  64. Only the Vikings could botch their relationship with a once in a generational talent like AP. Their inability to conceal their desire to sign AJ Hawk no later than 2017 might alienate their one bankable star.

  65. This team has so many holes at a multitude of positions that having AP on board makes almost no difference. IMO they should try and trade him for some good picks in the draft while his value is still at its peak. This is a great draft as well but I don’t expect a trade that soon.

  66. Ok ok i guess i have to be the jerk that tells it like it is as usual. Adrian Peterson is top 5 RBs that EVER PLAYED THE GAME! He can stay with the Vikings and get paid but he will NEVER win a championship there. C’mon Vike fans, im not trolling ya and you know that for a fact! Peterson can be that final piece to make the contender get over the hump for the Superbowl victory. My advice. Trade Peterson while the man still has his great value. Rebuilt your crappy team. ( Don’t give me that look) Trade up in the draft for one of those QBs (Not Manziel) . Pull a Hershal Walker trade.

  67. While I know old school teams relied on running backs just because – doesn’t it seem it’s been 50 years since a SB/championship team won with a HOF-ish RB and no passing game? I man, obviously there have been SB winners who got a great game out of a random guy and amybe not as much passing but seasonwide to get there? my history of the NFl is old NFL films so maybe I just don;t know? – so it seems no team in 40-50 yrs has won it all with a world class runner but no or very little passing? It seems that for the most of the NFL, most coaches loved to grind it out but the most succesful teams were well rounded – it seems the best runners of all time for the most part played on bad teams or one and out teams (sanders, campbell, simpson, etc … even payton’s bears were losers until they got some receivers and mcmahon) bottom line, is a great RB over-rated as an offensive cog? even the packers of the 60’s passed the ball?

  68. It just seems to me, that the Vikings will keep him for 2 more seasons. They need him in order to have the tix, for new stadium, sold. I don’t think he’ll ever wear the home jersey, in the new stadium.

  69. The Falcons could use him. Package Roddy White and next year’s first pick for Peterson. Then, grab the powerful OT Greg Robinson from Auburn next week. Adrian would tear it up on the GA Dome turf.

  70. The vikes would be nowhere without him totally irrelevant. But the clock is ticking, would he be able to generate that special spark to carry the team another couple of years without that rather large contract he signed in good faith. Peterson is one of the very few players that is worth the full terms of a big contract to pan out and if he sees the team are trying to water it down this will not be good for that spark. You put that contract in front of him, just honour it.

  71. Mike Zimmer is not blind to the fact that adrian peterson is a low character guy.

  72. Running backs dont win championships. I may be a minority, but I dont think it would be the end of the world if they dealt him. However, we all know that the most likely thing will just be an extension that lowers his cap hit.

  73. In the ultimate irony, Dallas offers Minnesota 8 picks and 5 players for Peterson and 4 lower round picks…

  74. Great player (warrior) at a devalued position.

    It’s a shame to hear a good player like Ben Tate wishing he had stayed at safety.

    Don’t feel too sorry for these guys though, they’re still making millions.

  75. Did Peterson really think he would see close to $13 million next year and then even more the two seasons after? Hope he saved his money because he is going to experience a big pay cut.

  76. Pay the man.

    Foolish to move him because you’ll never get even close to equal value in return.

  77. ” the clocking could be ticking” ?
    Rrrrright… Well, the team was foolish to sign him to a mega-deal. That forced them to be stuck with a virtually un-tradeable player at a position that is no as vital as it formerly was. Yes, he is all-world, but he is only one player at a position you can fill with young, hungry players who split time. I am a Vikings fan, but felt they should have traded him PRIOR to that mega-contract… I posted such blasphemy many times on Vikings sites, but got flamed every time. Now, more are finally seeing my points, but it is probably too late. I am alone as one who would likely applaud a shrewd trade, but at this point I can’t see it happening, for lack of a trade partner. (BTW, what is a “camp number’?)

  78. thepftpoet, it’s true you don’t need an elite QB to win a SB these days but the Vikings don’t even have a Trent Dilfer caliber QB. I will agree that AP will be a top 5 all time RB, but he would still be the second rated RB in the last 20 years. Sanders did more with less.

  79. trade him to Dallas in a reverse Herschel walker! yes I know Dallas has no cap space

  80. Sadly for him AP he’s not going anywhere for at least 4 years. Vikings need him for the next two given they’re playing outside while the new stadium is built. Weather in December calls for running the ball, not throwing it. Even if they could.

    Then they’ll need him to attract fans into the new stadium. By this time he’ll by about 33 and over the hill. I can see them releasing him before the 2017 season start. Or getting a low draft pick, like a rd 5.

    i think he’ll go the same way as Fred Taylor & then sign a vet minimum deal with a contender.

  81. Why is Peterson still playing football? He said it was ‘modern-day-slavery’ so maybe he should use his college degree and become a CEO somewhere.

  82. poet said “Adrian Peterson is retiring in Minnesota.
    WITH a Super Bowl ring.”

    He may be right too. However he is not he is not going to win a Superbowl ring with the Vikings. He could decide to retire with them after winning one elsewhere tho.

  83. How much realistically do the Vikings think they could get for him? As good as he is I still don’t think he’d draw more than a couple of 2nd round picks in today’s RB market.

  84. He’ll be around for the next two years while they play outside and look for a QB. The will look to play old school run the ball and play D while they’re playing outdoors.

  85. Oh boy here we go again.

    I thought the reason for the falling rates on running backs is because there are more Chris Johnsons in the world and less AP’s. There are a wide number of teams that would gladly pay a running back for his performance, and the amount of respect he demands from a defense.

    In my opinion the big reason for the increase in spending on running backs is over zealous owners who found a way to treat football more like a business and less like a sport. Now after a number of failed investments they realize the risk is too high.

    Instead of relying on constant day in and day out performance, and work ethic and that something that makes them want to always be at the next level, and a responsibility to maintain an image of professionalism; the owners have been accepting a ton of risk for a break out performance.

    Look at the return on the investment and lets quantify it by that. How much do the Vikings make back on AP related gear (Not just jerseys but the shirts, team Vikings stuff, etc). Only reason we may go to a Vikings game in Minnesota is to see him.

    Put AP up on the trade block tomorrow and I would bet teams would be knocking down the door, three years from now (provided no major injury) he will still be one of the more reliable backs in the league just because of his work ethic.

  86. One day Peterson will wake up and no one will want him. He will have no connection with the people he needs most and from whom he should expect undying support. He won’t like it.

    -signed , His Fatherless Children.

  87. They could consider trading him for multiple picks, like the Cowboys did to them. This could be the Herschel Walker situation coming full circle.

  88. With the new rookie contracts, AP’s contract will be completed before a new deal can be done for a QB in the 2014 draft.

  89. As long as they keep the grade C quarterbacks they have and dont aquire and develope a grade A franchise quarterback then AP is essential to there offense. they wont be going to the playoffs in AP remaining years but that isnt his fault,maybe if they draft Johnny Football something will change in Vikingland.

  90. So Adrian leaves the Vikings, goes to play for a real team (there are, what, 25 or 26 at least to choose from?), finally gets his long-overdue ring, then returns to the Vikes for a 1-day contract in order to retire as a Viking before going into the HOF. I like it. Classy.

  91. Peterson stays for two more years. Then we see an effort to re-negotiate his contract because they’ll need to sign guys like Cordarelle Patterson, Xavier Rhodes and Harrison Smith to longer contracts.

    After 2015, I could see the Vikings cutting ties if Peterson doesn’t want to re-negotiate.

  92. It will come to an end eventually – everyone knows that. Fact of the NFL.

    The question has to be if the Vikings want to be a competitive team or not. That kind of money for a RB is simply not smart football, regardless of how you feel about your team.

    And as great as he is, he is NOT the best of all time. He can’t carry Barry Sanders’ pads. Barry is pure class.

  93. Given the market for RB’s you could also argue that no team will give him a ton of money to play elsewhere either. Adrian wants a championship and this coaching staff/philosophy gives him his best chance in MN since he fumbled away the NFC championship game. He is a physical freak, so playing at least as long as Emmitt Smith who played until he was 35 is not a question, if he wants to.

  94. “HE’S Getting to a point where you don’t HAVE to give him the ball 50 times?”

    That doesn’t even make sense.

    But what WOULD make sense is if you were improving the TEAM so that THEY were at the point where you don’t need to give Peterson the ball 50 times a game.

  95. They keep talking about the workload Peterson has had like he has been overworked. In his first 7 seasons in the NFL, Peterson has averaged 20+ carries per game twice. In Emmitt Smith’s first 7 seasons, he averaged 20+ carries 6 times. Barry Sanders, the guy that everyone complained was underutilized, carried more frequently than Peterson.

  96. AP will be gone after to 2015 season UNLESS he agrees to a substantial reduction inthe remainder of his contract.

    Kyle Rudolph, Mat Kahlil, and Harrison Smith are due to receive contract extensions over the next few years.


  97. The list of NFL RB’s who have much success after age 30 is a rather short one, especially if they are asked to carry most of the load themselves. One of the reasons most of the great RB’s were considered great, is simply their longevity; they where able to remain viable, solid players into their early 30’s…but they’re very few and far between.
    Adrian Peterson may well prove to be one of those RB’s that has success into his early 30’s, but it’s certainly no guarantee. And to make a trade, you have to have a trade partner(s), and it’s hard to see anyone placing much value on a 29 year old RB, regardless of how great they’ve been.

  98. What I always laugh at is how meaningless contracts have become in the NFL. So a player signs a multi-year mega deal contract. There is very little to guarantee any of that money beyond the scond year in most contracts. Who cares if he has a piece of paper that says they will pay him $15.75 million several years from now. Pretty much everyone, including AP, knows that he will never see that money. What really is the point of even having the contract. The team can push him to renegotiate or threaten to simply cut him loose in order to get out of paying what the contract calls for. I can remember when a contract was a contract and it meant that you were guaranteed what the contract said. Now these deals have so many contingency clauses and off ramps that to call them a contract is a joke.

  99. No evidence there is a plan to trade him, nothing but speculation on the part of someone in the press stirring things up and keep interest in the news. Not a single indication his future is “murky” except someone’s thought it might be. Keep moving, nothing to see here.

  100. None of this would be happening if the Packers hadn’t heroically denied his attempt at breaking the immortal Eric Dickerson’s record.

    All day, but 9 yards short.

  101. Funny if is wasn’t for the cheezeheads he would never have gotten that close to begin with, or did you forget it took them 3 games 2 of which he ran thru you for over 200 yards to figure out how to stop him . But really he might want to look away from the vikes he he does want a ring .

  102. For one Adrian Peterson is not overpaid at all. He deserves every penny he gets cause he delivers year in n year out. His production is crazy good. Whenever you are considered to break emmitt smiths rushing records you deserve to be paid like a quarterback. He will go down as a top 10 or top 5 player even to ever play the game. And its because hes doing things running backs should not be doing in todays game. You might say its cause hes never had a qb but look what he did in 2009 with the best quarterback to ever play the game, brett favre he had his 3rd highest amount of rushing yards in a season. He also had the most touchdowns he has ever had in a season 18. I believe if he plays with a better quarterback it would only make him better. You would think if his quarterback stinks he would get a ton of rushing yards. I think his career is half way over and hes already over 10, 000 yards in a season. He needs 8, 000 some yards to beat emmitt smith, I believe he can for sure get 8, 000 to 9, 000 more considering he will take less carries and be slowed down a bit in 3 to 5 years. I also think he will break eric Dickersons single season rushing record at one of these seasons at tcf. Outdoor games means more running situations.

  103. “thepftpoet says:
    May 4, 2014 11:00 PM
    Adrian Peterson is retiring in Minnesota.

    WITH a Super Bowl ring.

    Ignore the media created stories that make it seem like he’s leaving.

    They’re just people who are jealous and ignore the truth.

    The truth that he’s going to win a Super Bowl and go down as the great running back of all time.”

    …now please excuse us as we are late for our meds and it is time to put on this straight jacket, put him in his rubber room and lock the door…

  104. “Adrian Peterson is retiring in Minnesota.

    WITH a Super Bowl ring.

    Ignore the media created stories that make it seem like he’s leaving.

    They’re just people who are jealous and ignore the truth.

    The truth that he’s going to win a Super Bowl and go down as the great running back of all time.”

    An example of too much wacky weed in Minnesota.
    None of this would be happening if the Packers hadn’t heroically denied his attempt at breaking the immortal Eric Dickerson’s record.

    All day, but 9 yards short.

    The Packers had less to do with it than the Vikings coaching staff who took him out of the game the week before with several minutes left in the game.

    The Vikings and Dallas are fine examples of teams loaded with talent and a front office so screwed up they will never get it right. The Lions will be in the Super Bowl before the Vikings ever will. Mark it down.

  105. Relax AD is happy and he will win a SuperBowl in Minnesota.
    He is not going anywhere, his playing time and touches won’t diminish for at least two more years.
    I am looking forward to the Vikings new chemistry with Zimmer at the helm.
    Yes the NFL is changing and the running game is of lesser value for most NFL teams.
    But the Vikings have the best RB in the game and are still building around Adrian.
    Late this season the Vikings close out the year with most games at home and yes outside! Anyone who saw the team perform late last year at Baltimore in the snow at Greenbay in the cold need not be misinformed. This team is tough and plays very well outside in bad conditions! Can’t wait for this year to start………….Rock N’ SKOL!

  106. I hate hearing any complaints from my Vikings.

    It’s as if they can’t look on the bright side of things.

    Not having any Super Bowl rings is a GOOD thing. Especially for a running back.

    Those rings are bulky. Not having one means less wear-and-tear on the fingers.


  107. thepftpoet says:
    May 4, 2014 11:00 PM

    Adrian Peterson is retiring in Minnesota.

    WITH a Super Bowl ring

    Only if he decides to back up Lynch for a year and then return to Minnesota to retire.

  108. Peterson is NOT the only reason why Viking fans go to the games. It may be for some but not for the majority and if it is you are not a true fan in my book. whoever is playing on this team im ALWAYS watching. Every sunday. Its a ritual..Theres many different reasons why people go to the games it varys from person to person. Some people are just given tickets and may not be a big fan. Some people are huge fans and support every guy on the team. Lets try and just talk about the season ticket owners. Most of them have been lifelong fans or the Vikings have been in their family for years, parents passed down the tickets or something. People dont just go to see one guy. They go to see a team effort. When you say people only go to see AP you act like hes the only good player on the team. The team actually has a really good roster if ya didn’t know. Just lacking a qb and they were lacking a solid coaching staff. Thats why they were so ‘up and down’.

  109. “A lions fan claiming a player has no chance to win a superbowl bc hes in minnesota…. lol okay”

    And how exactly does this minimize the truth of his statement? He never said that the Lions are going to win one before the vikings or anything like that, he just said the Vikes have no shot so they should trade AP to get something in return…meaning build a team to get them to the SB.

    The statement is still true, the Vikings have no chance to win a SB…doesn’t matter who said it.

  110. How do you even have a story like this about the best player that team has somebody thats not a tool should have been cleared up anything remotely close to AP being gone.

  111. The value of running backs has been falling because of how they’re used in many offenses and the lack of many truly great ones. Not only is Peterson great but he’s essentially their entire offense so hard to argue with what he’s earning at the moment. Check back if they ever get a good QB and the story may be different then.

  112. kferguson2002 says:
    May 5, 2014 1:36 AM

    thepftpoet says:
    May 4, 2014 11:00 PM
    “Adrian Peterson is retiring in Minnesota.

    WITH a Super Bowl ring.

    Ignore the media created stories that make it seem like he’s leaving.

    They’re just people who are jealous and ignore the truth.

    The truth that he’s going to win a Super Bowl and go down as the great running back of all time.”

    Your foolishness never ceases to amaze me.


    He’s a she and a 12 year old 6th grader who hijacks her dad’s laptop.

    Maybe the Vikes will strike it big on a QB and make a run like Wilson did in short time in SEA.

    Or not. The Vikes are likely so far away from competing for a playoff spot or making even a SB run that it’s mind-blowing. To NOT think these people in MN and who knows where that keep harping about the Vikes winning big under Zimmer all of the sudden is laughable.

    Defense will get better….that’s it. Until they have a QB with a pulse and get deeper at every position on the field, they are skee-rewed. AP will get worked to death again, with no team results, he’ll get bitter and go public about it and will eventually be enough of a cancer to cut bait with. Watching him and the rest of the Vikes run out the clock as fast as they can to get back inside and out of the cold at their own home games in blowout losses this year will be the epitome of embracing the suck.

    You see….MN fans think AP cares about MN and loves MN. He cares about money and tapping baby-mommas, folks….and not much more.

    He’ll miss 4 games or more this year too. Book it.

  113. Vikings need to trade him NOW if they want to get a first rounder for him. They screwed up Jared Allen and Kevin Williams last year by not trading them for pics. Petersons value is declining after he hits 30. If they want to trade him, do it now.

    I wouldn’t want the Vikings to trade him. He is the face of the franchise and is still a unique talent. I think the guy lasts until he is 35 because his fitness is unmatched.

  114. Most people are too dazzled by his overall numbers and some ESPN highlights but in reality, Peterson is very overrated. All he can do is run. He is one of the worst blockers period and he cant catch.
    Also he misses alot of holes because he is always looking for the homerun play. So instead of getting 5 yards he gets stuffed or a loss.
    If you dont believe this then you are really watching him like you think you are.

  115. It is laughable that people follow the fake story started by BSPN that the Vikings should trade AD so he can win a SB. BSPN should cover real sports (not inserting soccor in the Top 10 highlights every night, when nobody cares about it. It isn’t catching on.) BSPN needs to report real stories. As for those soulless cowboy fans. Dream on, why would AD want to play for that dumpster fire at a circus? He wouldn’t.You have a capable back in DeMarco Murray and he doesn’t help, you still lose. The NFL needs to stop showcasing that horrible team.

  116. Does everyone realize that Peterson hasn’t even been able to finish the season in 2 of the last 3 years?

    Peterson is already broken down, and he’s not going to magically be able to avoid Father Time.

  117. “However it ends for Peterson in Minnesota, it’s starting to feel like the end is coming — and it’s starting to feel like the final portion of the ride could get a little bumpy.”
    This statement is a bigger leap than the grand canyon. That’s what you got out of the GM’s comment of needing to have a fresh RB entering the playoffs? Wow. Just wow.

    The Star Tribune just had an article, with a real interview with the player himself, about how Norv is already developing new ways to get AP the ball in the open.

  118. The majority of the people here saying trade AD are Lions,Bears& packer fans understandably. Sprinkled in with the delusional cowboy fans. It will not happen.

  119. Really not getting this “Seattle’s farm team” thing….

    So you got Harvin, who was injured all year, Rice, with his 97 catches in three years since he signed, and the incomparable Tarvaris Jackson. Yay. And Heath Farwell. I liked him, but he is just a special teamer. Other than that, what am I missing? Burleson? Yeah, he really lit it up. John Randle for a couple years before he retired?

    So you have guys who the Vikings were saying goodbye to sitting on your bench and in your training room. Good for you. Seems to me to be more like Minnesota’s rehab clinic.

  120. This story is a click generator (well played but transparent) so don’t get your collective undies in a bunch.

    Peterson will in all likelihood retire a Viking (with or without a ring) . . .

    . . . and if RB’s and Peterson are so irrelevant in today’s league why are all the fan-boys (yeah Seattle clowns I mean you) slobbering at the notion of these mythological trades.

    You can’t have it both ways (Econ 101).

  121. It’s almost humorous how all Seahawk fans foam at the mouth hoping to get talented Viking players. More sad than humorous though. I guess that’s all you can do when you’ve only been a fan of your team for 2 or 3 years. Three years ago, it was almost impossible to find a Seahawks fan posting here.

  122. I cannot fathom how much history repeats itself with this team. They ALWAYS have top end talent at key spots, and it never pans out into anything.

    If they had the Niners roster from the late 80’s, they would go 9-7 every year.

    I would really feel sorry for them. But then I have to hear about how much better they are than the rest of the midwest because they have a big mall and Prince lives there. So I laugh while they eat their sophisticated tater tot hotdish and sip Mich Golden Light with their pinky out.

  123. Does everyone realize that Peterson hasn’t even been able to finish the season in 2 of the last 3 years?
    In those 3 years, he’s missed less games than either Rodgers or Matthews. Guess they’re more done than Peterson.

  124. The Vikings have never recovered from that upset loss to the Falcons back in the late 90s..but before that like 70s they had a pretty rich history with Bud Grant and purple people eaters…at that time they had a huge home field advantage and both teams would be on the same sideline andthe viking players wouldnt even wear coats during the freezing playoff december games..people would talk more about them in a positive way of they won at least one super bowl during there 4 trips to it…Im a Raider fan but i can respect the vikings of old mainly Bud Grants team there very good team.with that said i dont think AP really fits on that team he seems more for himself type than the team players teams need to get over that hump..thats my opinion anyways

  125. Really not getting this “Seattle’s farm team” thing….
    You have to remember, all these Hawks fans have only been on the bandwagon for 2 or 3 years now. The most productive ex-Viking they’ve gotten is Hautshka (sp?). He never started for the Vikings, but was a camp casualty. Other than that, you’re right, none of the ex-Vikes have done much for them.

  126. Let me be clear- I respect and admire Peterson as a football player. He is arguably in the discussion for top 5 running backs in League history. BUT, I feel it would be in everyone’s best interest (especially the Vikings) to trade him if an equitable deal could be hammered out. That is a BIG “if”, given all financial details. But, it is never totally impossible. Two years ago, I felt the Patriots or Cowboys would have made some sense, given the benefit of money and wealth of draft picks available (in NE’s case). Or the Jets.

    Time passed, and it seemed like the hurdle of his contract made any conjecture a moot point. It would take one or two very high Draft Picks, probably a couple of players or one star – and then the partner team would have to find a way to restructure his contract and some others n their roster, to even consider a deal. Is it possible? I’m guessing it is, but incredibly difficult and unlikely.

    I think the Cowboys could have been the team to pull it off, but then they got themselves into Salary Cap Hades. But, if those issues could be worked out, start with DeMarco Murray, this years 1st Round Pick ++, and maybe there is a chance.

  127. Who in their right mind thinks that a team is going to trade for Adrian Peterson? No other team is going to take that contract, and probably wouldn’t have room under the cap for it. Maybe the Vikings will eventually cut him if they can’t work out a different contract, but that will only be after he becomes a shadow of his former self. He will either retire a Viking or he will just be hanging on somewhere else for a while. I bet he has at least two or three years of high production left in him.

  128. Just like the Lions wasted the talent of Barry Sanders the Vikings have done the same thing with Peterson. It’s sad to see HOF players get stuck on terrible teams. AP has made a lot of money in Minnesota & he’s earned every penny but I do believe it’s time he went to a team that has a realistic chance to win a SB.

    The Vikings still don’t have a starting QB & for AP this is just going to be another wasted season.

  129. It would be a shame for him to finish in any other jersey than Vikings…but I said the same about Montana and Rice with the Niners.

    I’ve said this countless times in the past few and it gets more apparent by the week. Terrell Davis went from stud to sideline dud and then out of the league all in a matter of what seemed like a day with the Broncos…right on the tail end of his prime years. The same will happen here.

    There will be no team trading for that amount of salary hit. Maybe 2 or 3 years ago, but now he’s 29 and going down the back slope…..not a chance. You can also bet that the Vikings will be asking him to take a pay cut before demanding it and then subsequently pushing him out the door towards the end.

    There aren’t any NY Yankees type teams to eat an A-Rod contract in the NFL.

  130. The hapless and tasteless Vikings have a losing record since the day they drafted Adrian Peterson. Also, the Vikings have only won a single playoff game since they drafted Adrian Peterson.

    That’s not very good.

  131. Peterson forces defenses to play primarily 8 and 9 man fronts. He’s the only back that does that in the NFL. While the position’s value in general may be declining, there is still value in having the best RB in the league.

    If the Vikings could pass well enough to push teams into 6 or 7 man fronts (or take advantage of the 8 or 9 man fronts), you would see very clearly why Peterson is still worth the money.

    Peterson + 2 above average receivers who can beat 1 on 1 consistently + average QB + average O line = top 5 offense.

  132. There is no one to compare AP to so his salary isn’t going to line up with other Running Backs. The guy is a game changer for sure. He’ll get old one day, but that day hasn’t come yet. Hopefully though he gets on a team with a shot at winning someday.

  133. Have to disagree that end is near for Peterson. He has a history and desire to prove people wrong. The beast will be playing long after you thought he would Mr. Florio.

    Saying the he will end his career on another team,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I could believe that may happen. Until then he wears the purple and is paid handsomely looking at his position league wide.

    If the Purple trade him it better be a blockbuster because his tank has fuel in it……..believe it.

  134. The article brings up a fair point. But is Peterson’s future really any murkier than the Vikings?

    This season will mark the 4th out of the last 5 that the hapless and tasteless Vikings have finished in last place.

  135. No facts , all rumor generated type of storyhere. Even with the so called (what if) clowns making up junk stories, it puts a new dimension on the term Yellow journalism..

  136. First, here’s the list of great RBs who have changed teams in the twilight of their careers and won a Super Bowl in the last 25 years: Corey Dillon (Patriots, 2004), Ottis Anderson (Giants, 1991). So if you think AP is all your team needs to reach the top of the mountain, chances are you are delusional.

    Speaking of delusional, quick reminder to Cowboys fans who somehow think their squad is superior to the Vikings: The last time the Cowboys reached the playoffs, they got stomped by the Vikings 34-3 in 2009. Sure, he’s from Texas, but if AP is going looking for a ring, that search won’t start in Big D.

    Peterson’s staying put through the 2016 season (when the Vikings move into their new home). This “story” is just a few years premature.

  137. playoffs for the Vikings? Ha, number two the situation is as crazy as having three quarterbacks on the roster. Get a clue Ricky, bye a vowel!

  138. None of this would be happening if the Packers hadn’t heroically denied his attempt at breaking the immortal Eric Dickerson’s record.

    Denied? Giving up 199 yds with time to go is denying something? I guess when you have a hapless run defense like GB, “holding” any running back to 210 or 199 yards would be considered heroic. The only reason he didn’t crush Dickerson’s record, is because they wouldn’t let him run the first third of the season. There were probably 5 games early on where he only touched the ball 15-17 times.

  139. When defenses are gearing up to stop the pass in a pass happy league why wouldn’t you want to keep the best RB in the NFL?
    They just need a better passing offense & defense to keep the games closer so the run game can still be effective.

  140. You can see this one coming a mile away. His production will slip, he’ll start getting banged up, and then he will be too expensive. Just how much good has he done them so far? I don’t see any Lombardi Trophies in that empty case.

  141. Running backs are devalued financially because they’re devauled on the field. Instead of one stud who’ll see 20+ carries a game, now teams have three backs rotating in and out and QB’s are throwing thirty passes a game. It makes sense that what’s basically a part time player in a three back rotation would get part time player pay.

    That said, AP IS the Vikes offense. He’s the most valuable, consistent and productive part of that offense and he’s gonna stay that way for a few more years yet. People say Norv Turner is all about QB’s but forget he’s the guy behind Emmett Smith. Turner knows how to use a guy like AP.

    If somebody’s gonna give Aldon “My Second Home Is Lockup,” over nine million, then the Vikes can afford to pay what’s essentially half their entire offense.

  142. theres no way the Vikes will pay him almost 12 million in 2014 to get 1200 yards at best out of him. he will be cut or traded before the season begins. In todays NFL, RB’s that are just about done are not worth any high draft picks or the high contracts they signed for back in their prime. theyre worth between 2-4 million a year at best. his best years are behind him and since he’s never been a good 3rd down back the odds of him being able to stay in the league more than a couple of more years are not very high. this is football reality. Vikes fans need to come to terms with it and move on. spend the money elsewhere to rebuild the team.

  143. For all you doubters, we will be in the playoffs in this year or next. Realize we were only 3 games out with poor coaching and inconsistent qb play. Go Vikings!

  144. Its a shame that the best RB of all time has been rotting away for so long, what a wasted talent. He doesnt have time for this franchise to rebuild. Imagine what he would do on a real team. Send him to seattle, we already took percy and sidney might as well pair him with the beast. Thunder and thunder.

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