Report: Bills could be sold by July

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The state of New York has increased efforts to keep the Bills in Buffalo, extending a contract with attorney Irwin Raij to work on getting a new stadium that would ensure the continued presence of the team after Ralph Wilson’s survivors sell the team.

“The governor wants to be prepared if there are any earlier offers to buy the team,” Lt. Gov. Robert Duffy said, via the Associated Press. “Our team is looking at sites now in Erie County, Buffalo, Niagara County. We’re just being prepared because we don’t know who the next owner will be. We’re not sure what the goals and the objectives of the next ownership team will be.”

According to the AP, early offers to buy the team are a real possibility. They report that a prospective ownership group has toured potential new stadium locations and that there is an “anticipation” that the team could be sold by July. If it is, the new owners could be approved by the other owners as early as October.

The AP source did not identify the potential buyers nor did they outline which of the possible stadium sites were part of the tour. Whoever they were and wherever they went, a sale of the Bills appear to be moving at a brisk pace.

24 responses to “Report: Bills could be sold by July

  1. Pick a spot near the Thruway between Buffalo and Rochester. Not much farther for the Canadian fans, and easier access to the fans in the Syracuse region.

  2. The BUFFALO Bills. I love that I will be sitting in my season tickets in Buffalo for the rest of my life. Section 135!

  3. more NFL blackmail of the fans / taxpayers for corporate welfare for billionaires

  4. Depending on the owner it will only be a matter of time if they want to move. The average movers and shakers of buffalo better do what they can do now to anchor the team in the region fast.

  5. The only locations that make sense are in or near downtown Buffalo or Niagara Falls to give the fans driving to the games some other transportation options like Walking,Bus,Rail and Taxi cabs.
    Use Cleveland Stadium location setup as your blueprint.

  6. how bout a retractable roof stadium your possibly get a super bowl bid
    be real folks who hates playing in them near blizzard conditions come nov-jan??

  7. Going nowhere.

    And the Clilppers should be brought back to Buffalo as well. Buy them both!

  8. There will be a huge bid from some group who wants to locate them in Los Angeles. The market is just to huge compared to what it was 20 years ago. Look at the Dodgers. Tv contract alone is 300 million a year. With all the ticket agencies alone they will sell 50k seats a game. Dont think the Bills name will last either. Not Hollywood enough. Sorry Bills fans. Bring on the Los Angeles Barracudas.

  9. It appears that this could be positive news and will stop the potential move to Toronto. Keep the Bills in Buffalo where they belong. Toronto is not a good football town and for that matter, not a good sports town unless you are named the Leafs. The only team that wins championships is the CFL Argonauts and they are ignored. I trust that the NFL and its owners will do there best to keep this team south of the border.

  10. Not a Bill fan, but it sucks to see people wishing them to move to LA.

    Good luck to everyone in Buffalo. I hope you keep your team.

  11. Just because the governor wants a new stadium and the people of Buffalo want a new stadium does not mean the new owner would a new stadium in Buffalo. Money talks and B.S. walks, and there is way way more money in Los Angeles than there ever will be in Buffalo.

    NFL teams aren’t a dime a dozen, there are only 32 of them in the entire world. Those people from L.A. Would sell their own mothers to get their hands on one no matter how much it costs or how many lies (i.e. “We’re committed to keeping the Bills in Buffalo”, etc.) they have to tell.

    Bills fans are just doing what Bills fans have been conditioned to do for the past twenty years – living on false hopes and dreams.

  12. I think the idea of moving to the Falls area makes sense. If the 49ers can move 50 miles and still be identified with SF then certainly 30 miles up the road is feasible. The rub is the tv market. The moment the Bills leave Orchard Park, they lose the PA tv market to the Browns. This was a reason Wilson balked at moving considering that Erie, PA being a predominantly Stoolers town, with a healthy amount of Browns fans, gave him some leverage. This will unfold in a really interesting way once the new owners realize what the tv market reality really is.

  13. All this talk about LA. Why would any smart owner want to go somewhere that will be part of the Pacific in the near future?

  14. NFL has a blueprint for moving the team w loyal fan base. Happened in Cleveland and they got a team right back there years later. Won’t allow that to happen again, especially w Goodell being from the western NY region. All these posts about LA Bills and stuff is just dumb. Ready for the draft now. Who we taking Bills fans?

  15. raiderforlife- The Bills are staying in Buffalo. It’s YOUR team that’s moving to LA (again). Good luck buddy…

  16. Any new Stadium should be built on the University of Buffalo campus in Amherst. Then, if the new owners bail, at least it will not only be useful for UB, but it may enable them to land a spot in one of the Power 5 Football Conferences. They are an AAU University, and the Big Ten has eyes on New York. The Big Ten will only look at AAU Universities, and there aren’t many of them. An NFL Stadium on UB’s campus would make Jim Delany’s eyes light up.

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