Report: Packers working on extension for Mike McCarthy


Packers coach Mike McCarthy said earlier this offseason that he feels like he’s “at halftime” in his tenure with the team eight years after being named head coach.

A 16-year run as a head coach with the same NFL team isn’t something you see all that often and McCarthy’s got a long way to go, but it seems the Packers would like to make sure he stays on track. Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that team president Mark Murphy has been working toward an extension with McCarthy.

McCarthy has posted an 82-45-1 record with the Packers, won four division titles and taken the team to the playoffs six times overall. When you look at those marks, it’s easy to understand why the Packers want to make sure that McCarthy doesn’t go anywhere.

McCarthy last signed an extension in Green Bay in 2011 and that deal runs out after the 2015 season. He makes about $6.5 million per year, which puts him in company with other coaches like John Harbaugh and Tom Coughlin who have won at least one Super Bowl and behind the likes of Bill Belichick and the newly-extended Pete Carroll. McGinn writes that “it’s unclear” where the compensation would fall in an extension and that Murphy’s overtures were met with “grumbling” by some on the team’s board of directors.

One potential source of friction is that General Manager Ted Thompson’s contract expires after the 2016 season. There’s no word on extension talks on that front and Thompson declined to discuss his future on Saturday. If Thompson, who is 61, were to move on, a long-term extension for McCarthy could be a stumbling block with a new G.M. from outside the organization.

They’ll need to figure that out as they figure out how to proceed with McCarthy, but it is difficult to see the Packers shaking things up unless things go very poorly in the near future.

77 responses to “Report: Packers working on extension for Mike McCarthy

  1. I dont know why they would after last season. Its Aaron Rodgers’ team anyway. Mike McCarthy is just ‘there’ hes just good at being ‘around’. Best of luck to Aaron Rodgers and ‘his’ team.

  2. Give him and the GM credit for cutting ties with Favre and replacing him with Rodgers. I never would have thought Rodgers would turn out to be as good as he is.

  3. If people don’t think Thompson will resign Seattle better lock up their GM because he is a Green Bay native and would be the Packers first choice to replace Thompson as he was a disciple as well. Reggie McKenzie would be an option as well. Neither of them would have any problem inheriting McCarthy which would be the same for most GMs. There are some options inside the Organization to replace Thompson as well. The only reason for grumbling is that I could see some board members wanting McCarthy to coach out at least next year before looking to extend him.

    Be great to keep the coach and QB together for as long as Rodgers is around. The Packers threw some good years away with Favre because they had a couple of coaches that couldn’t reign him in.

  4. If McCarthy continues winning as he has and TT leaves, there isn’t a GM out there that would want to replace him and outside of MAYBE John Schneider, no GM has the football/political capital to pull off replacing him here in GB. A .646 winning percentage over 8 years isn’t something that’s easily replaced. That’s long enough to take out seasonal anomalies. He’s tied for 3rd best in the league at winning percentage amongst active coaches and the guy he’s tied with has coached 32 less games than Mike. He’s all of .009 away from #1 for winning percentage in the NFL.

    An extension for Mike McCarthy wouldn’t hamper a GM search once/if TT leaves.

  5. Now that Mike McCarthy is re-signed and Kevin Lansflisi is out of the news… the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers can move forward and COME OUT strong in the 2014 season.

  6. I would wait until after this season for an extension. Hopefully Rodgers has a full season without injury and they get back a few other players missing from last year, then they can get a better idea of where this team is at. If they stumble to a 8-8 record or worse or don’t make the playoffs with the majority of their starters all season I would reconsider a extension.

  7. The 3rd worst coach in the NFC north behind Caldwell.he would have been fired in his first year without shaaron Rodgers.oh well.have fun looking up at the newly improved vikings this year.mike zimmer>McCarthy.SKOL

  8. You have to shake your head at Vikings fans on PFT. They are 0-4 in the Super Bowl and have a history that amounts to pretty much nada. A complete ZERO franchise with an embarrassing Four Fails in the big game.

    And yet they suffer delusions of grandeur, and troll marquee teams like Green Bay and even the reigning Super Bowl Champs. It’s really astonishing.

  9. He’s just got that Superbowl pedigree. What a tremendous situation for Packer fans. The Thompson/McCarthy era has been a tremendous success thus far, and these guys will be treated like royalty for the remainder of their lives.

    I doubt they’d be having these extension discussions if he had finished in last place for 3 of the past 4 seasons – like the hapless and tasteless Vikings.

  10. Yeah its always funny at how much hate & envy the vikings fans have for us packer fans heck they couldnt even beat us when we lost our starting qb tie game pretty sad viking fans yall are gonna be in last place in nfc north 3-13 or 4-12 and i see bears at 8-8 lions at 7-9 and packers at 11-5 or 10-6

  11. It’s nice to see the little dog of the NFCN Vikes fans display their Pure uncut jealousy of a team they only wish they could call their own. A history and tradition second to none and something called championships. It’s easy to understand their inferiority complex.

    The only thing people remember about the Vikings history is cokehead who ran the ball the wrong way losing what was at the time a record 4 Super Bowls.

  12. Look, I’ve got no dog in the Vikings/Packers fight – I’m just a football fan. And I’m sorry but the Vikings suck. They’re just a badly run team. Remember, the first step in recovery is admitting there’s a problem.

  13. Admit it rather than spending your entire life being madly jealous of GB vikingdefender ?? You have a mediocre team at best and it’s not going to get better anytime soon. Packers will win the division again in 2014 and this team is built for a Super Bowl run this year. Who needs rookies. Kevin Williams is coming in for a visit just so he can play on a winning team for once. Obviously the Vikings won’t win this year and most definitely won’t even get a sniff at a Super Bowl for years to come.

  14. Slightly easier to have a good regular season winning percentage when the rest of the division is wildly inconsistent. Then the playoffs come, and so do early exits. Wasn’t it the Bears they beat to get to their 1 Super Bowl?

  15. You can’t take the silly hapless and tasteless Viking fan comments seriously.

    I’ve noticed that Viking fans have a vile and seething hatred of the Seahawks and their fans now that they’ve won a championship. I used to think Viking hatred was just a Packer/border/inferiority thing, but it appears their real aversion is to winning.

    Remember when they hated the Saints?

    They just hate anyone who won’t embrace the suck with them.

  16. Elliot Wolf is being mentored to take that job when Ted wants to retire. Unless John Schneider wants to come back home, Elliot is on the fast track.

  17. Green Bay GM job is one that a lot of well-qualified people around the league would jump at the chance to get. No billionaire attention-starved owner leaning down and yelling in your ear.
    When the laconic Thompson decides to ride off into the sunset, Packers will have plenty of good options to replace him.

  18. The board of directors is grumbling because they’ll have to have another fake stock sale to cover it,because when they don’t sell out they can’t pay the bills!

  19. I think many of you are right that this is Rodgers’ team but McCarthy does a tremendous job preparing his team for the game. Once its kick off, Rodgers takes over. They have a combo there with Rodgers and McCarthy as long as they don’t step on each other toes, that would be a quick downward spiral with Rodgers’ personality.

    Go Bears!

  20. Longest winning streak for divison titles in the NFC North belongs to the vikes its 6 years in a row. Packers have only won the division 3 times in a row. Packers have finished the worst team in the league twice. Vikings have never accomplished that hapless and tasteless stat.


  21. Gotta love Vikings fans. Supposedly, everyone on the Packers other than Aaron Rodgers is terrible, and McCarthy is a terrible coach. Yet…..they keep on winning the division, and won the Super Bowl.

    How is it that the supremely talented Vikings continue to be one of the worst teams in the league? With so many PRO BOWLERS!!!!, my 65 year old mother should be able to step in at QB and lead them to the playoffs every year!!! How is it that a one man team with a terrible coach continues to dominate a team with so many PRO BOWLERS?

  22. Pretty easy to win when you coach brett favre to Aaron Rodgers. When Aaron went down McCarthy the beaver was exposed.
    Seriously? They went 2-2-1 and won the division with a third string qb who wasn’t good enough for the raiders! Not having a serviceable back up is the real mistake….can’t fault McCarthy for the coaching though.

  23. Mccarthy completely overhauled rodgers mechanics in aarons first three seasons. Rodgers was on his way to being just another jeff tedford failure until mike got a hold of him.

  24. thevikesarebest says:
    May 4, 2014 2:08 PM
    The 3rd worst coach in the NFC north behind Caldwell.he would have been fired in his first year without shaaron Rodgers.oh well.have fun looking up at the newly improved vikings this year.mike zimmer>McCarthy.SKOL


    You mean Mike McCarthy’s first year in 2006 when they went 8-8? His quarterback that year was Brett Favre… Hard to take you desperate Vikings fans seriously when you don’t know something so basic.

  25. Of course quarterbacks are important, but this is where coaching can make a difference. Take Rodgers and Brady and Brees as examples. They can all see the field from sideline to sideline. They can all anticipate where each eligible receiver should be. The fact the receiver is consistently within an allowable range of where he should be, is due to good route running…..and that is due to coaching. Of course a quarterback needs to be able to throw accurately, and these three do. But an effective quarterback is only as good as the sum of his parts. The receivers must be coached to do their jobs well and do them consistently….no exceptions. To say the success of a team is solely due to the quarterback, like Rodgers, is too simplistic, even though Rodgers is phenomenal. His well-coached receivers help him be so.

    15 4

  26. Good for Green Bay, he’s a solid coach. I wouldn’t say he’s a great coach. Everyone knows this is a QB driven league and GB has one of the best, at least for a few more years barring injuries like last year. GB went 2-5-1 without Rogers last year and the two wins came agains the 4-12 Falcons and a Cowboys team that gave up a 23 point lead late in the game. Not exactly a ringing endorsement to great coaching.

  27. There is no doubt that Ponder would have flourished under McCarthy’s tutelage in Green Bay. Unfortunately they can’t develop a QB in MN to save their mother’s life.

  28. Since there are so many Vikings fans monitoring this story, I thought I’d post s trivia question. Anybody can answer it.

    Which of these players has a Super Bowl ring?

    Fran Tarkenton
    Randy Moss
    Jim Marshall
    Mick Tingelhoff
    Tarvaris Jackson
    Adrian Peterson
    Cris Carter
    Alan Page

  29. Here’s a little funny factoid for Viking fans who keep bashing the most storied franchise and the great AAron Rodgers,
    2005 NFL Draft
    Minnesota Vikings pick #7 in the 1st round Troy Williamson, WR South Carolina…their 2nd pick in the 1st round pick #18 Erasmus James, DE Wisconsin. and with the 24th pick in the 2005 NFL Draft the GBP select, AAron Rodgers, QB California. So the Minnesooota Vikings had 2 chances to draft the NFL’s highest rated passer before we jumped up to close the deal. That is not only a fact but one that every Minnesoota Viking fan gets to think about each and every Sunday that they see what #12 did. From the bottom of my heart I thank the entire Minnesoota Viking organization for drafting those two JV players.

  30. Since both teams inception the Vikings have the best overall win percentage (.593- ,565).

  31. He’s managed to keep his teams focused when adversity hits (example: 2010/2012/2013 seasons when the team was wiped out with injuries yet still made the playoffs).

    He coached some good games out of Matt Flynn, a QB not good enough for the Bills or Raiders.

    His offense still finished top 5 last year in spite of Rodgers being out for 8 games.

  32. beerbrats…the only one on your list with a Ring is Tavaris Jackson. But, of course, he didn’t win it with the pathetic Vikings (0-4 Super Bowl). He won it with Seattle, the reigning Super Bowl Champs.

  33. boomboombrown says:
    May 4, 2014 6:43 PM
    Since both teams inception the Vikings have the best overall win percentage (.593- ,565).
    90+ years filled with 13 championships
    vs 50+ years of … I guess wins over the 80s Packers and the Lions.

  34. The stock isn’t completely worthless. It allows those of that want to support our team to do so while not burdening the taxpayers that may not want to or can’t afford to support the team.

    This unique setup also assures us that our team can never move. Your Vikings almost followed your Lakers to L.A. over stadium funding. And when the stadium they’re attempting to build now wears out, you’ll have that same worry again. And again again and again and again.

  35. Don’t Mock the Stocks!!

    A public teams provides benefits to all fans, whether you like the Pack or not:

    1- Public financial records . How much does your team want taxpayers to pay for that stadium?
    2- Financial news from which other financial data of private teams can be estimated;
    3- The stocks are a legal piece of ownership, even if the rights are restricted; and
    4- Its a good time – and having a good time is what this is all about.

    Like the Packers or hate em, just Don’t Mock the Stock!


  37. What would you rather have hanging on your wall right now; a Packer stock certificate or a Randy Moss Viking jersey? They cost about the same. One can proudly hang on the wall for 100 years. Guess which one?

  38. Insults and weak-minded putdowns is the ammunition of losers. And the same ones over and over and over only demonstrates the depth of your jealousy.

  39. Packers stockholder and proud of supporting my team. You Minnesota residents can just frame your state property tax bill.

  40. GenXJay says:
    May 4, 2014 7:57 PM

    Remember when Lord Favre signed in purple ink?
    I do. And it was glorious.

    Yeah, and I also remember his pick in the NFC Championship game against the Saints. Ditto!!!

    You realize that your team wears purple because they always choke.


  41. GenXJay says: May 4, 2014 7:57 PM

    Remember when Lord Favre signed in purple ink?
    I do. And it was glorious.

    And I remember when Aaron Rodgers won the Super Bowl the same year Burt Favre and the Vikings finished in last place in the division and ended his consecutive starts streak.

    And it was glorious.

    That’s the thing with Vikings fans. The proudest moments of their franchise’s history are off-season free agency signings and draft picks. Which is why the Vikings have an unheard-of 53 year streak of off-season championships…..and zero Super Bowls.

    It’s sad, really. That much losing can warp a fragile mind. And the Minnesota fanbase is full of fragile minds.

  42. stellarperformance says:
    May 4, 2014 8:02 PM
    What would you rather have hanging on your wall right now; a Packer stock certificate or a Randy Moss Viking jersey? They cost about the same. One can proudly hang on the wall for 100 years. Guess which one?
    Nothing proud about being lied to with stock and still giving money for it. Anyone with a brain will take the jersey.

  43. wrong again boomboom.

    Packers winning percentage – .565
    Vikings winning percentage – .541


    hate all you want. but please don’t lie.

  44. If McCarthy did have extensions, he’d be the spitting image of Warren Sapp.

  45. it too, was glorious, when rodgers got a huge pay day then crumbled before everyone’s eyes.
    I cannot wait to see his scam this upcoming season. it should really bring in the ca$h for zilch production.

  46. zinjaboy says:
    May 4, 2014 9:54 PM
    wrong again boomboom.

    Packers winning percentage – .565
    Vikings winning percentage – .541


    hate all you want. but please don’t lie.


    Packers have 13 Championships.
    Vikings have 0 Championships.

    Winning percentage doesn’t mean squat, compared to that.

  47. The Vikings don’t even have one of the best winning percentages in the NFC North.

    Bears – .577
    Packers – .561
    Vikings – .541
    Lions – .455

    SKOL brotherhood, listen up – you’re not even in the top half of the NFC North for goodness sake. Go away, win a few more games, grab a super bowl ring or 2 then come back see if we let you in the goody room maybe play some golf with us. For the time being, pour us a few more beers, get us a bowl of mixed nuts and go clean our clubs.

  48. contra74 says:
    May 4, 2014
    Nothing proud about being lied to with stock and still giving money for it. Anyone with a brain will take the jersey.

    Lied to? Please explain. And put away the purple Kool-Aid.

  49. Have to love the purple trolls that the best comebacks they have is your coach is overweight. They really need an age limit in here to eliminate the childish posts. I guess when your team has been an absolute failure for a HALF A CENTURY and have taken a backseat to the Packers there really is nothing else is there other than extreme jealousy?

  50. Mike McCarthy, and especially Ted Thompson, are the most overrated duo in recent memory. Their teams have been awful. The only reason they’re still employed is because one of the best quarterbacks in all of football who’s on pace for a hall of fame career fell into their laps.

    You Ted Thompson fans need a reality check. Everyone always talks about how great the Packers are at drafting and developing. Wrong. They’re as clueless as any other team. Check out their draft history with Teddy. Pretty clear cut.

  51. Highly respect this Guy….in the end he’ll keep the Bears out of more playoff’s than Favre ever did….

  52. w/out Rodgers = mediocre non-playoff team
    w/Rodgers = mediocre non-playoff team

  53. I don’t know if you’re interested in fixing this article, but you’re wrong about the expirations of the 2 contracts (McCarthy and Murphy). If you read the McGinn article closely, you’ll see that both contracts expire after the 2015 season. McCarthy’s after the final game of the season; Murphy’s after the 2016 NFL draft. Mr Alper, you mistakenly wrote Murphy’s contract expires after the 2016 season. This is not the case.

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