Taking a look at the draft needs of the San Francisco 49ers

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The 49ers have made to at least the NFC Championship game in each of the last three seasons only to fall short of winning their sixth Super Bowl.

San Francisco has 11 draft picks with six coming in the first three rounds. Those selections should allow the 49ers ample opportunity to bolster their roster and attempt to wrestle control of the NFC West away from the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks.

However, San Francisco has struggled to find major contributors in the draft over the last two seasons. The 49ers haven’t had one member of their 2012 draft class start a game in the past two years. The 2013 class does looks more promising. Eric Reid posted a terrific rookie season at safety. Hopes are high for Tank Carradine and Marcus Lattimore, who are both coming off injuries. Vance McDonald, Joe Looney, Quinton Patton and Corey Lemonier played in supplemental roles as rookies.

But the 49ers will need those players – and their 2014 draft class – to develop into core members for the future instead of just contributing pieces.

You can read our full breakdown of the 49ers’ draft needs here. Cast your ballot below for what you think would be San Francisco’s best option with the 30th overall selection.

20 responses to “Taking a look at the draft needs of the San Francisco 49ers

  1. I don’t think they are picking at 30. This team is going to find a player to trade up for and make that move. Maybe 10 with the Lions if the Lions can’t find a way to move up.

  2. I see them trading up to get Mike Evans. WR is going to be a huge need area in the not-too-distant future. Boldin is a warrior but age will soon catch him, and Crabtree is probably going to want big dollars for an extension (remember, he held out as a rookie for more money), that they might not want to pay. They have the draft capital to move up the board, and probably don’t have enough roster space for all of their picks anyway. Trading up for the right guy, like they did with Reid last year, makes a ton of sense.

  3. I hope they do one of two things: either trade some of the 2nd and 3rd round picks for an extra first rounder… then pick both a receiver and corner in the first round.

    or, use all 6 of their first picks on receivers and corners. Get 2-4 of each. Then, let them compete for a spot on the roster and keep the best.

    I heard an interview by Jordan Matthews in which he broke down his responsibilities on a route tree against several possible defenses. I was really impressed with his mental preparation. That guy will be solid.

  4. I think they need to fill the Babysitter position, without a high-caliber one, a return to the Superbowl is unlikely.

  5. I would argue that they found the only contributor they needed for 2013: Reid (although it would have been nice if Patton was not injured). 2012 was a near complete waste, though.

  6. The niners are major players this draft , they will likely move up and grab a cb or wr or another highly sought after player on their board who falls maybe outside the top 10 . Their in great position to make moves this year . Hoping as a hawks fan they don’t find a top prospect whose fallen only to become a star on their system . Barr , Dennard , cooks, are all in play and should be available if they move up .

  7. SF has a perfect situation here. Moving up for who they deem their guy has to be the move. Moving up for a WR in this draft is not the play. Solidifying the trenches on either side is the move. They can stand pat for Ford or Easly but those two have glaring weaknesses. Moving up for Lewan or Donald could make a huge upgrade at either line. I hope they move up for a WR. I envy their picks this season. GO HAWKS!

  8. The past two drafts were setting up this one,there was no one outside of alshon Jeffery that woulda helped us in the draft. When your roster is stocked and you cant find room for people you draft for the future(trade picks and pick guys to develop). That’s why we have so many picks in this years draft with 4 rookies coming off injury.

  9. The 49ers will not be drafting at 30. they will definitely be drafting in the top 20 if not twice in the first round. Receiver and Corner are the two most glaring needs with Corner probably being the most pressing.

  10. Trade up to get Gilbert/Denard and then take DAVANTE ADAMS in the second. Local kid, absolute beast, strong hands, excellent ball skills. All the experts say the Niners need a speed receiver and that’s simply not true. Vernon Davis is one of the top 20 fastest guys in the league. He stretches the seam vertically. No, what the Niners really need is another Boldin-prototype, like Adams, who can make the catches *even with Sherman and Thomas and Peterson draped on them.* Take your best guess at cornerback, but Adams is the guy I really want.

  11. I think WR is too over emphasized as a need for the Niners. My wish list would be Justin Gilbert or Rashede Hageman Rd 1. CB is a clear need this year, and Hageman could be a long term D End in our 3-4 with an opportunity to learn under J Smith and Ray Mc Donald. Id be ok with a Center/Guard as well. We lost Goodwin and Kilgore is set to replace him, but isn’t proven. I’d anticipate we address that later. I’d go with this as bigger needs prior to receiver, in this order: CB, 3-4 D end, Safety, Center, WR. I think trees too much hype for the WR position this year, in my opinion it will be addressed more seriously next year. Quinton Patton showed promise a #3 prior to injury.

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