The Patriots take their turn in PFT’s draft previews


It doesn’t really feel like a draft until Bill Belichick makes a trade and this year’s lack of consensus about the ability of the top quarterback prospects makes it feel like a good chance that this year’s first Patriots deal will take place late in the first round.

With the 29th pick, the Patriots could be well positioned to benefit from a quarterback sliding to the back end of the first round by dealing their pick to a team trying to leap past their competition. An extra pick or two would come in handy for a team that is once again tweaking a strong roster rather than making any serious overhauls.

Because of age and injury, tight end and defensive line are two of the spots where the team could use some tweaks and there will be options available at both spots on the second day of the draft that aren’t going to look much different than the ones available at the end of the first round. With interior offensive linemen available well into the third day, the Patriots may find that waiting to make their first selection leaves them with a better overall draft class.

Check out our look at their needs and then let us know whether you think it is time for another Patriots trade.

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  1. they’ll all be belichick knows better than everyone else picks, and they’ll all be out of the league in two years.

  2. The draft may be deep but not at TE – BB will draft one or two but another vet on the roster makes more sense.

    As long as Gronk is healthy the Pats have proven they can beat the Broncos – and they know the Broncs can’t compete with a good D, so expect an investment in Defense early.

    OL, RB (their remaining backs are in their contract years) will be added later, and they’ll see if they can get lucky w a late round QB again a la Brady

    Overall with a healthy Gronk they are SB contenders even before the draft – a nice position to be in.

  3. The patriots don’t have the word reach in their vocabulary. They will trade that pick to some desperate shmoe and garner assets for next draft. It’s hard to see more than 4 rookies making this team this year, like Alper said they’re loaded just heed some tweaks/depth

  4. .

    Don’t be surprised if the Patriots take the top rated center with their first pick


  5. If Stephon Tuitt is there at 29 you take him, if not trade back into top of 2nd and grab a 3rd to do it.

    Then grab the a DT with that 2nd rounder you traded for, possibly grab a guy like Amaro with your 2nd and if you can double up with the ND or Iowa Tight end in the 3rd you have a good draft.

    Then get some OL help in the later rounds

  6. Pats need Oline, Dline and TE.

    The concern I have out of those 3 is Oline. With the retirement of Scarnaccia, the Pats lost the best Oline coach in the league. He took college wrestlers, other team’s scrubs and late round picks and made them into one of the best couple Oline groups in the league over and over again.

    Scar is probably the biggest loss the Pats had in this offseason.

  7. I like Nix from ND here. Willfork can be his role model this year and Nix takes the spot next. The only other option outside of a trade is TE. Amaro or ASJ from UW. Look for Nix here, he is the next anchor in NE. Go Hawks!

  8. The reason why many of belicheck’s picks don’t always make the team or are caught after two years simply because team is loaded

  9. BB thinks he is the smartest man in the room. He will trade back. But he has cut more 2nd rd picks than any team. He can find them late rd guys.

  10. Actually Belichick is almost ALWAYS accused of reaching by media talking head – who doesn’t seem to understand that how Belichick ranks guys is more important than the media talking heads rank guys.

    And of course, no team has more wins since the turn of the century – regardless of whether people think Belichick can’t draft (he’ll keep an UFA over a #1 draft pick if they won the spot)

    Of course with Belichick, a surprise is always a possibility. If there’s a guy he’s sure is a fit for his system, don’t rule out a trade up!

  11. Trade back into the top of the second and get Deone Bucannon. Put him in the SS position next to McCourty, with Revis and Browner at the corners. Add a vetern TE and Aaron Murray or McCarron with the additional pick gained from trading out of the first.

    If NE can get a hammer like Bucannon added to the secondary then the DT issue becomes alot less problematic. BB like Chris Davis and I think he will give him a chance to emerge.

    I’m not a fan of moving Mallet; however, if McCarron or Murray are still there in the 4th I think you have to make a move to get one.

  12. With the 29th pick in the 2014 NFL draft the New England Patriots trade Ryan Mallet and there first round pick to the Jacksonville jaguars for there two second round picks

  13. Belichick made one of his worst moves ever in the off season by letter LeGarrette Blount RB go the Steelers for not much more than a bag of chips…if not for Blount Pats might not have had a home game in the playoffs. He was the first big man threat they’ve had since Antoine Smith…no replacing him in the draft.

  14. As much as everyone has them taking a DT high…and they may…I actually wonder how much of a need area that is for them? Last year they lost their top 3 DT’s (Wilfork, Armstead and Tommy Kelly) for the season and all will return in 2014. Silver Saliga and Chris Jones were young guys that had to play and showed some ability. They could certainly get younger at the position but right now I think they need a pass-rushing DE more than a DT. Need to get some quality depth behind Ninkovich and Chandler Jones.

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