Byron Bell signs restricted free agent tender

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The deadline for restricted free agents to sign offer sheets with other teams has passed, leaving those players with the choice of signing their tender offers or sitting out the offseason program in hopes that their absence will lead to a long-term deal.

Panthers tackle Bryron Bell was in that predicament and chose the first option. Bell has signed his tender, guaranteeing him $2.187 million for the 2014 season.

Bell started at right tackle for the Panthers for most of last season and turned in an inconsistent body of work. With Jordan Gross retiring, the Panthers have floated the idea of moving Bell to the left side this year and coach Ron Rivera has said he thinks a return to his college position might lead to better results.

Bell may get a shot on the left side, but the Panthers are expected to address the tackle spot later this week so there’s probably some competition to come before September rolls around.

13 responses to “Byron Bell signs restricted free agent tender

  1. I watched just about every minute of all 17 Panthers games last year, and I can’t remember this clown ever actually blocking anyone. Good thing for Panthers fans I’m not the GM. I’d be giving the Rams all kinds of picks to take Robinson at #2.

  2. So he goes from being the worst right tackle in the NFL to the worst left tackle.

  3. Great! They’re paying this guy over $2 million to stand around and watch Cam get sacked. Geez! He does NOT know how to tackle! Why even keep him?!

  4. So we have a undrafted takle, which all 32 teams passed up, for a reason. Now he’s gonna protect our franchise QB? This all makes no sence! It doesn’t matter if you have the best wide recever in the nfl if your QB is on the ground or gets hurt! Where are we then? 2010 all over again, I don’t know, just sayin.

  5. Jordan Gross was a great, smart player… At his retirement he sent a couple not so subtle hints to Gettleman that Byron Bell is a starting caliber tackle in this league moving forward for the Panthers. If Jordan is willing to use his last moments of the only team he has ever known to reiterate his belief in Byron Bell then I have to believe him. If he and Ron Rivera believe Bell can be a left tackle then that is how it should be.

  6. I’d cringe if Bell is protecting Cam’s blindside this season. But there is something to be said for switching back to his natural position. Even though he’d generally face superior pass rushers, sometimes a linemen is just more comfortable with his hands and footwork on a different side. But at minimum the Panthers need some competition for the spot in camp.

  7. This guy was a “turnstile” at RT last year and I see Cam doing a lot of running for his life next year. Moving him to LT to protect Cam’s blindside will make no difference. A good pass rusher will be all over this guy and Gettleman failed to sign a veteran in free agency. Gettleman has a plan…to go 4-12

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