Draft Needs: Seattle Seahawks

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With the NFL Draft approaching, we’re taking a team-by-team look at the needs of each club. Next up is the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks earned a decisive 43-8 victory over the Denver Broncos to win the Lombardi Trophy for the first time fin franchise history in February. However, Seattle has had to watch several contributors leave through free agency, which has been a blow to the team’s depth. The Seahawks enter the draft with just six picks to patch some of the holes created this offseason.

Guard/Tackle: The offensive line was the weakest point of Seattle’s roster last season. The line was highly inconsistent and the struggles were exacerbated by a combined 18 games missed due to injury for Russell Okung, Breno Giacomini and Max Unger. Giacomini (NY Jets) and Paul McQuistan (Cleveland) are now gone and the team has declined their 2015 option on former first-round pick James Carpenter.

It’s created needs at guard and tackle for Seattle that need to be addressed. The Seahawks think highly of second-year options Michael Bowie and Alvin Bailey as potential replacements but more depth and competition is needed.

Defensive End: Despite re-signing Michael Bennett, the Seahawks felt the defensive end position was still enough of a need to make a run at Jared Allen in free agency. While Bennett and Cliff Avril are the likely starters, Seattle needs another pass rushing option outside for when Bennett slides in to tackle on passing downs to replace Chris Clemons. The Seahawks also need to figure out how to replace Red Bryant as a two-gap end on run downs.

Wide Receiver: Golden Tate moved on from Seattle this offseason and signed a five-year deal with the Detroit Lions. It’s left a void for the Seahawks to fill in their receiving corps. Sidney Rice re-signed on a one-year deal but both Rice and Percy Harvin have a long history of injuries. Their health will remain a question until they can prove it isn’t anymore. Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kearse and Ricardo Lockette will be back but the Seahawks could still try to add another playmaker at the position.

Defensive Tackle: Brandon Mebane and Tony McDaniel are both back as starters inside. However, Seattle is looking to replace the 5.5 sacks of Clinton McDonald as an interior pass rusher. Second-year tackle Jordan Hill showed flashes as a rookie and could fill that role, but he battled injuries and only played in four games last season.

Mebane has a sizable cap hit in 2015 as well that could lead him to potentially be a cap casualty next offseason. Seattle will have to find some long-term solutions along the defensive interior.

Cornerback: With Brandon Browner (New England) and Walter Thurmond (NY Giants) leaving in free agency, the Seahawks need to add to their depth at corner. Richard Sherman and Byron Maxwell return as starters with Jeremy Lane and Phillip Adams as competent reserve options. The addition of A.J. Jefferson also provides some veteran depth. Behind that, however, no corner on Seattle’s roster has game experience.

Linebacker: K.J. Wright, Malcolm Smith and Heath Farwell are all scheduled to be unrestricted free agents after next season. Mike Morgan will be a restricted free agent.

In addition to adding depth to the roster for next season, Seattle may have to plan on replacements for at least a couple of those players next offseason The Seahawks may not have the funds available to sign their linebackers to bigger contracts once they reach free agency and may have to turn to cheaper, younger options. It would be wise for Seattle to make sure they have strong options to turn to in the event they can’t re-sign players like Wright and Smith after next season.

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  1. Probably should look for a qb in the first two rounds. Seattle won’t be able to afford all those defensive players to win the games for them very long and they are going to need a qb that can throw the ball more than 30 times a game and not a game manager who throws less passes and holds the ball longer than any qb in the league.

  2. Sweezy actually played really well down the stretch in 2013. I think he’s got a shot at RG long term, which would be great.

    LG is a priority. Carp isn’t our guy. If Joel Bitonio is there at 32, that would be pretty nice.

    Bitonio, Cody Latimer, Juwan James, Kelvin Benjamin, Dominique Easley…. I’d love to have one of those guys.

  3. The next two years will test GM Schneider and Carroll. I bet they do fine but it’s going to be interesting.

  4. Curtis Crabtree is always on point with his breakdowns of the Seahawks. A couple of key guys that have potential to step up at DT are also Greg Scruggs and Jesse Williams (basically red-shirted last year)

    Pete Carroll basically said the defense will evolve with the loss of Red Bryant rather than try replace. Michael Bennett looked really good in his spot and held up just fine against the run. Schofield re-signing helps and Mayowa flashed last pre-season but sat behind serious talent. Even Bruce Irvin could play the Leo.

    WR/O-line depth I hope are addressed in the 1st two rounds.

  5. Watch out for Greg Scruggs at DT next season. The guy is a freak athlete for his size. Will be fun to watch. Otherwise Seahawks need a bigger receiver that can be a redzone threat, and of course offensive line help anywhere along the line. Go Hawks.

  6. Oh, that’s right, I completely forgot. The Seachickens called up Jefferson from the “farm team”. Way to go. Another steal from the Vikings to take Farwell’s place on the bench next to Rice and Jackson. And Harvin, too, if he ever gets out of the trainer’s room.

  7. Seattle doesn’t have the best of luck w/high picks spent on OL. That being said, if Cyrus Kuanjijo is there at 32, he is definitely a James Carpenter body type. Also, we’re prolly looking for a new Sid Rice, such as Martavis Bryant or Cody Lattimer.

    Whatever happens, I’m looking forward to PCJS zigging when the league (or the media) zags. I’m thinking specifically of 2012 when during Seattle’s pick the talking heads didn’t have any notes prepared for Bruce Irvin, so the audio was still about Michael Brockers from the pick before but the video was of some WVU cat putting sick hump moves on OTs for sack after sack after sack.

  8. Someone to keep Sherman’s mouth shut. Only requirement, no other duties required.

  9. Seattle has proved they have a bad wrap making high picks with offensive linemen since big walt. Alvin Bailey started from being a FA. Anything would be better then watching McQuistin getting bulldozed or Sweezy missing the blitz.

    Seattle will trade down first round and use their first on a linebacker. The linebacking core is the weakest link on the defense.

    2nd pick is the biggest WR or DB on the board. Seattle has got by with a quiet recieving core but Mr Sherman is going to want 14 mil a year so either Russell takes 2 mil a year (yeah right) or seattle will need another answer at CB. Defensive lineman are a dime a dozen, you can find potential greats in the 3rd-5th rounds.

  10. The Hawks will trade their #32 for more picks later. The Hawks are known to draft better late (cheaper guys) because they can evaluate talent at a top tier level by doing research, not just taking the best guys on the best teams.

  11. WR and OL in the first two picks in some order. We can find depth at LB and CB in the later rounds.

  12. Vikings: We take your hay and spin it into Gold.

    BTW, you are still 0-4 in the Super Bowl. And, frankly, you have no realistic hope of even sniffing redemption in the Big Game for as far as the eye can see…

  13. Total Hawk fan here but have to admit;

    Someone to keep Sherman’s mouth shut. Only requirement, no other duties required.

    that’s pretty funny.

  14. The obligatory “Seahawks can’t afford” line… Well.. Seahawks are in great cap space, they don’t have any big dead $ contracts and this team is so filthy deep that they will be contenders for years. And if they flop? It won’t be because of a lack of talent, only thing stopping this team is itself or a bunch of major injuries..

  15. The Broncos def have draft needs. Someone to run in the Geritol, for the senior citizen QB, for one.

    Sherman irritates you, with his loud, brash talk? That’s good. Think about what he does to opposing offenses “on the field”. Its called, “intimidation” and its been proven to work. Keep talking, Sherm.

    Let the other teams sign the glam stars (and lose with them), I prefer the Pete and John method.

  16. Good point made on NFL network today, teams will want that 32 pick that need a QB. This is the last year you can lock up a first rounder for a 5th year at that cheap price , but only 1st rounders. Trade Trade Trade!

  17. It’s obvious that the Seahags should look to the Ivy League for their first round choice. They need a really good chemist who can create a PED masking agent for their players. Then everything else will take care of itself.

  18. Consensus is that Seattle needs a receiver. The team lost Tate, but gained Harvin who did not play last year. Meanwhile Kearse blew past Tate in the NFC championship game and Superbowl. Seattle is better at receiver now than at this time last year. Also added the CFL’s leading receiver in off-season.
    Seattle, needs O line, edge rusher, slot corner and OLB.

  19. We don’t have too many draft needs, fortunately. Certainly not like our Single-A farm team, the Vikings.

  20. Seattle needs to find some young talent that is ready to step up in a year or two. The Hawks have way to many high priced free agents coming up in the next few years and they will not be able to afford depth when they start paying Wilson as well. Tons of talent in the front office and on the field so they should be contenders at the very least for a few years or more

  21. Definitely a depth draft for them. I say guard/tackle is clearly their biggest need. They aren’t the type of offense that needs a stud receiver. Golden Tate was pretty clutch last year but he can be replaced relatively easily. I trust them to morph their D rather than draft starters for this year.

  22. O-line, linebacker, WR are the biggest needs. In that order, but taking the best available at any of those positions will work. Not worried about the d-line at all, we have depth there and Irvin can pass rush as well. They’ll probably pick up the next best defensive back late or undrafted as that’s where Carroll and Shneider have really excelled.

  23. If the Seahags continue dishing out record contracts to different positions, they’ll be garbage in 3 years. There’s a misnomer that they draft so well- last year’s draft looks awful so far. And outside of Chancellor in the 4th in 2010 and Sherman in the 5th in 2011, they haven’t been wildly successful in the late rounds like everyone thinks they have. With the players they’ve lost already so far, the Seahawks could easily finish 9-7 or worse in a tough division.

  24. The “Dynasty” will die nasty. Its gonna be hard to repeat as some of the delusional hawks fans are saying they will because no longer will they be the hunters, hawks will be the hunted.

  25. They need a ref who will give them touchdowns even when it’s intercepted by the other team.

  26. Lots of posters on here say the Seahawks will be garbage in 3 years because of salary cap.

    I am fine with that. We won a Superbowl.

    If the price of a Superbowl is a year or two of garbage because you have to pay players their worth, then I, and probably most fans, would take it.

    A Superbowl win for your team is such a thrill rush, I will take that exchange any day.

  27. Seahawk haters will never feel the rush of a championship in the MODERN era. Some of you can relive the accomplishments of your team, 20, 25 years ago, if you were even a fan then, but mostly you’re lame PED jokes and lame Seattle weather jokes bother us not.

    It’s ridiculous you have no insight into the draft or other teams rosters if your a fan.

    At some point even you have to admit the Hawks beat the hell out of the rest of the league in 2013, drug free and full of talent and great coaching.

  28. Don’t see the linebacker need some of you were talkin about. Perhaps for depth. Bobby Wagner played great last season, K J Wright as well…Then there was the other OLB…Oh yeah, the superbowl MVP! Not bad…

  29. Last season, QB Russell Wilson absorbed 51 sacks — 44 in the regular season and seven more in the playoffs.

    Pete NEEDS a Strong draft for the O-Line this year.

  30. Why does everyone, experts AND fans, always assume that whoever won the Superbowl last year will win it again next year? Why do they always assume that whatever happened last season will be the same as this season?? And why do the same people…which is just about everyone….assume that change does not occur?

    Seattle was great last season. It was THEIR year. It happens sometimes. All the forces of the Universe just come together. Now here is reality for this year.

    Seahawks lost 5 defensive players, including 13 sacks from those players. That’s just the sacks…doesn’t include the Pressure that Clemons, McDonald, and Bryant has at times. Ya know what? That’s a whole lot of defense to lose, plus Seattle had a gift last year because all those pass rushers stayed healthy including Bennett and Avril. What history tells us is that Superbowl teams usually benefit from extraordinary healthy players during their SB run…but that there aren’t many teams that ever duplicate that health 2 years in a row. The NFL is just a brutal sport and injuries even out for all the teams….Seattle had a good one last season for their defense. Combine a few injuries this season with losing 13 sacks and I think you Seattle fans are going to be somewhat amazed at how more scoring will be occurring against your team. I predict that it will occur right off the bat in the first game when G.B. goes to your town. That is going to be a great game.

  31. I am not a Seattle fan but certainly not bashing the Hawks. Just giving an open minded analysis after reading all the Homers talking about everybody being jealous or hating, etc.

    It’s hard for hometown fans to step back sometimes but it appears even harder for all the “experts” on ESPN to do the same. Year after year they all predict the exact same thing: repeat performance. Last year some of them said Baltimore was even STRONGER going into 2013. …..and we know what happened there. The proof is in the pudding. Nobody ever repeats in the NFL because parity is what they want and that is what has occured. Seattle I believe can make the playoffs…depending on if Russell Wilson stays healthy. He is fantastic.

  32. Seattle Seahawks. SuperBowl Champion Seattle Seahawks. The team that dismantled the greatest offense in NFL history. Wilson…Lynch…Harvin…Sherman…Thomas…Chancellor…Wagner…Bennett…Baldwin…Avril…Mebane…Unger…Okung…K.J….Irvin…Smith…Maxwell…Miller…Pete Carroll…

    This team is loaded. Let’s go do it again!

    GO HAWKS!!!

  33. To anyone saying Seattle was healthy last year as the reason for their success wasn’t paying close enough attention.

    Their depth and young talent is what shined when we had injuries to Browner, Thurmond, Wagner, Bennett, KJ Wright, Clem and not to mention offensive side each over 8 games out or more Rice, Harvin, Okung, Breno.

    Green Bay does not put Seattle at risk. The NFC West being a powerhouse top to bottom is what makes repeating a true challenge.

  34. I think it’s a tossup whether Seattle addresses the WR or OL with his first selection. The second round would be the opposite pick than the first. Sweezy has two years at the left guard and coach Cable indicated that it takes that long to master his system and Sweezy never played O-Line until his rookie year. This is a make or break year for Carp, and he has the potential, is the strongest and most powerful lineman on the roster. Needs to play better and according to Cable, he can. Now he’s got to play for his life. I think he will. I really like Alvin Bailey and Michael Bowie and I understand Jared Smith (another D line convert) is progressing quickly also. As far as wide receiver? I think Seattle is in better condition than many believe. Reportedly, (CFL ROTY) WR Chris Matthews (6’5″ 225 lbs. 4.4 second 40) looked fantastic in California at RW passing camp and is quickly developing chemistry with he and T Jack. Also, Taylor Price, (4.41 sec. 40) has looked promising in drills. This is NOT to say that Seattle doesn’t need a big body, deep threat to take the top off defenses. I really think the Seahawks are drafting for depth more than anything. Benson Mayowa and Greg Scruggs (now healthy) are ready to step up and perform. O’Brien Schofield and Mayowa looked incredible in the preseason last year. Kory Toomer is also finally healthy and so is Tharold Simon, Spencer Ware. Apparently, Carroll and Schneider, are really high on DB DeShawn Shead. They believe he is so athletic, he could play both corners and the SS position behind Kam. He has freakish athleticism and excellent instincts and would be a nice backup behind the Legion. Jeremy Lane is another gifted athlete and will get a lot of looks in the nickel, slot corner position. I really believe that Byron Maxwell is an emerging star at the right corner and a player who’s going to make everyone forget Brandon Browner and Walter Thurmond. I think Seattle needs to really search for the true and best position for Bruce Irvin. He’s too athletically gifted to squander and I don’t think he’s really settled in to one specific position. He was quiet last year at the SAM, but he also wasn’t exploited their, either. So, we’ll see if they can figure out a way to utilize his speed in the pass rushing game. I’m excited to see how Zach Miller, Luke Willson and a healthy return of Anthony McCoy, worked together. McCoy was really beginning to emerge at the end of the 2012 season. If he can contribute again the way he did then, the Seahawks won’t necessarily need to choose a TE with a high draft pick. Another player to watch this preseason is, Terrelle Pryor. I know that PC & JS claimed they only intend to utilize them as a quarterback, but this guy has a skill set that is so good and with his size (6’6″) and a legitimate 4.38 sec. 40, it would be great to figure out how to utilize him in other ways. Players in the draft to watch:
    WR Cody Latimer, Indiana
    WR Donté Moncrief, Mississippi
    OG Xavier Su’a Filo, UCLA
    OT Cyrus Kouandjio, Alabama
    DT Stephon Tuitt, Notre Dame
    DE Ryan Shazier, Ohio St.

    If Pete Carroll and John Schneider do as they usually do, all of this will mean absolutely zero. They’ll choose somebody completely off the grid and they will thrive in Carroll’s system. #GoHawks
    CB Stan Jean Baptiste
    TE Austin Saferian Jenkins, UW

    ILB Kyle Van Noy, BYU

  35. Too bad winning with class won’t be available in this draft. The Seahawks are thin in that department.

  36. I don’t think it really matters. This is not a good franchise. Like, at all! The second coming of Tampa Bay. Congrats on your SB victory, cling to it! Seahawk fans will be quiet again real soon. Look at the history, 40 Years and really nothing to show for it. Just keep making good rock music and let the real football states lead the way. #onetimeluckypunks

  37. In essence, you’ve traded Golden Tate for Percy Harvin……I’m pretty comfortable with Seattle’s receiver corps….likely to take one late as a development project. Too bad they didn’t have the roster space to keep Chris Harper, (Green Bay kept him on their active roster), I see offensive line as their biggest need, a LEO end, and defensive backs.

  38. pamiho32332013 says:
    May 6, 2014 1:34 PM
    I don’t think it really matters. This is not a good franchise. Like, at all! The second coming of Tampa Bay. Congrats on your SB victory, cling to it! Seahawk fans will be quiet again real soon. Look at the history, 40 Years and really nothing to show for it. Just keep making good rock music and let the real football states lead the way. #onetimeluckypunks

    Just like that 49ers team right? They had 45 years before their first championship, and that includes when there were only 8 teams! How can we expect them to succeed anymore.

  39. I think my Hawks are going to trade their first pic for more opportunities later in the draft, and to cut on costs of paying for a first rounder. I think our first three pics will be O-line, DE, then WR. That’s what I think will happen, but the Hawks always seem to surprise with there pics and moves in the draft, and we all know that John Sshneider and Pete Carroll are amazing at finding talent in the later rounds.

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