Eagles sign U.S. Army Ranger Alejandro Villanueva

Several collegiate standouts will join the Eagles via the draft this week, but Monday brought a reminder that there are a variety of ways to get to the NFL.

Alejandro Villanueva followed a rarely traveled one. The Eagles announced that they have signed Villanueva as a free agent after he spent the last four years as a U.S. Army Ranger. Captain Villanueva served three tours in Afghanistan and has received the Bronze Star Medal for Valor, the Ranger Tab and many other commendations during his years of service.

Villanueva’s unusual football story goes beyond his military service. Villanueva, who measures in at 6-9 and 277 pounds, started at left tackle during his junior year at West Point and then moved to wide receiver as a senior in a shift of responsibilities that’s rarely seen outside of backyard touch football games. He led the Black Knights with five touchdown catches this year but Chip Kelly and company are going to take a look at Villanueva as a defensive lineman, which is another position he played during his college days.

Villanueva spent a little time with the Bengals four years ago before doing his military service and took part in the Super Regional Combine earlier this year. He told Albert Breer of NFL Network that he’ll head back for another tour if he doesn’t make it onto an NFL roster.

“The four years I’ve had in the Army have been the best four years you could ask for,” Villanueva said. “The guys I served with … above me and under me … were phenomenal guys. They were good experiences that made me the man I am today. But now, I see this as a win-win situation. Obviously, I’m trying to get to a team and contribute. But if I can’t, then I can’t wait to get back to the Army and serve in the same manner that I have.”

Villanueva¬†may be a long shot, but he’s an awfully easy one to root for.

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60 responses to “Eagles sign U.S. Army Ranger Alejandro Villanueva

  1. Guarantee a roster spot for this hero. He has EARNED it in so many more ways than any of the prima donnas that come out of the NCAA or have previous NFL experience.

  2. REMIND ME: Why consensus All-American Michael Sam won’t be drafted?!?

  3. Just curious as to what moron would thumbs down thanking CPT Villanueva for his service.

  4. dryzzt23,

    I doubt the Captain would want a roster spot simply based on his military service. I’m sure he wants to earn his spot on a team. Also, most college football players are not primma donnas.

  5. From a fellow Ranger and Eagles fanatic lead the way brother!!! Welcome home now time to bang it out in the field. RLTW 1/75th

  6. I think Howie Roseman knows what he is doing. Howie and Chip must have their reasons for giving Captain a shot, hopefully he makes the best of his shot.

  7. 6’9″ soldier?!? Oh yes indeed, let’s kick the tires on that. Two things are given- he is in shape and he can’t be easy to throw around.

  8. How’d you like to be the enemy and looking straight at this 6’9″ giant of a US Army Ranger charging over the hill at you?

  9. As a veteran I approve of this. Give the man his shot. I hope he is better than Danny Watkins. Hoo-ah (even though we say Hoo-Rah in the Navy).

  10. A 6 9′, 277 pound, ex-army ranger! If that guy can harness his physical potential, and get some solid coaching, he could be dominant. Either way, great story. I’ll be rooting for him.

  11. Guy has to be athletic.. 6-9, 277, and after playing a couple years of Offensive Tackle, got moved to WR and had 5 TD cathces?? what Tackle has ever moved to WR? I despise the Eagles and their wanna be fans, but Ill root for this dude to be sucessfull. Good luck Capt!!!

  12. @dbldmr… The morons who thumb down folks who wish this kid well are the same morons who gave thumbs down when everyone was posting positive thoughts and prayers for Jim Kelly.

    What can I tell you… some people have way too much free time on their hands!

  13. a 6’9 277lb man would disrupt any offense even with minimal coaching on technique.

  14. How about a peek at the TE position? A quick tackle with good hands.. can block and catch.

  15. 6’9″ on the battle field?!? Holy crap. Can you imagine this dude running at you with an M-16 or whatever they’re carrying these days?

    Would love to see him make the team.

  16. Wanna be fans? We sell out every seat in the house no matter what, guess that makes wanna be fans some of the best fans! Hope this giant makes an impact, interested in seeing him play.

  17. Does the name King Dunlap mean anything to anybody? How about Ifeanyi Momah?

    I’m rooting for this guy because of his service for our country, but he still needs to be able to play football to succeed in the NFL.

  18. How does he desrves to be on a roster? He has to make the team on his talent not his service. Michael Sam is A pass rusher who is undersize and lacks speed. He doesn’t have a true position he can play in the NFL. He ran a 4.8. I’m 34 and can run a 4.8. I wouldn’t take him.

  19. Dang, I’d like to have him on the Dolphins if for nothing else than to give the locker room a jolt of the real world…

  20. Not a fan of the Eagles, but I certainly will root for this guy, and several others on their team. Chip Kelly seems to know what he wants to do with the team and is doing it. I like this guy. Thank you for your service, Alejandro. Good going, Eagles.

  21. Well, at least the Eagles have one guy with an unquestionable work ethic, and no off-field issues!! Thank you for your Service, and best of luck, Ranger!!

  22. Great story. I really hope it works out. To make it through Ranger school with that frame is a huge (pun intended) feat. This dude is easily mentally tough enough.

  23. Moved from Tackle to WR and played some DE. Can you imagine covering a 6’9″ WR in the Red Zone. Why not try him at TE? IF he seriously made the switch from T to WR and played DL he needs to be in the NFL.

  24. The Iggles can use all of the defensive lineman that they can get. They only have four (4) on the roster that will make this team. Go man go.

  25. Big soldier = big target.
    respects for making it through CPT.
    This young man saw a lot of action & lead a lot of men.
    Shows that this individual leads with his brains , , and then the massive frame follows. Talk about adding the right example & attitude.


  26. I’m glad he’s on my team, whichever way it turns out.

  27. West Point and an Army Ranger, with combat medals is enough accomplishments for a lifetime regardless what happens in his NFL experience. The fact that he will return to The Rangers if need be says a great deal about this amazing man as well. Thank you for your service Captain.

  28. As a Navy and veteran of Desert Storm…welcome Home soldier !! (sorry about Navy waxing you all again btw)…I’m not sure about his abilities to actually make the team but, we are ALL rooting for you !!..the mental toughness you have and the desire to be the best will be nothing short of inspiring to all fan and your team mates. At 6’9 maybe Chip will give him a shot at a redzone TE target, or maybe a Rush LB, a Punt Blocker?..Chip make a spot for this guy even if its a practice squad player..KEEP HIM HOME..he did his country proud. Keep him here. Plus, I’m sure he is already Sixer starter material..Anyways..Thank you for your service young man and again WELCOME HOME !!!

  29. Holy Crap. Please let this guy be the next Manster.

    Even if his play isn’t as scary as Reggie White’s or Jerome Brown’s, he’d basically provide depth at three freaking positions at once. Can he kick too?! I wonder what his wingspan is, 7ft? Man. And we thought Braman was King Kong…

    I don’t think they’d go through the motions with this man if he didn’t stand a good chance going by what they’ve seen already. If they’d can a guy over chemistry I imagine it may be a reason to hire as well.

    Forget the double (triple?!) teams he’d draw as a wide-out or what he might do as a pass rusher, Chip’d probably keep him around to block for Shady and to have a warm body that could fill in on *either* line.

    Plus he may know some chop blocks the NFL hasn’t even seen yet.

  30. very disappointed in all the redskins fans with their thumbs down, ya HTTRs; good luck Capt!; & redskins – have fun w djax, & snider, ha

  31. I think he had a cup of coffee with the Bears a year or two ago. That is just ridiculous size plus obvious toughness so if he makes it onto the roster that could be fun to watch.

  32. Oh my god! i forgot the jeremy bloom skier great kick returner pick-up. hilarious.

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