Giants allow cameras in their draft room

In a press release distributed on Monday, NFL Network announced that 15 teams had agreed to put cameras in their draft rooms for coverage of this week’s draft. And then NFL Network updated that announcement with word that a 16th team is on board: the Giants.

That comes as a surprise. The Giants haven’t previously allowed cameras in their draft rooms and have generally preferred to keep things close to the vest. Giants head coach Tom Coughlin, in particular, has a reputation as the type who would prefer to conduct his business without cameras present.

It would be interesting to know whether the Giants offered to allow cameras because they’re hoping that playing ball during draft week will keep them from having to allow many more cameras into their training camp for the filming of Hard Knocks. The Giants are one of the teams that could be forced to participate in Hard Knocks if no team volunteers, and they’ve made no secret that they’re hoping the NFL won’t force Hard Knocks on them.

Some day, the NFL may simply tell all 32 teams that they’re required to allow the league-owned network to have access to their draft rooms. This year, half the teams have volunteered.

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  1. Nfl execs and owners need to remember they are in the entertainment industry. I know guys like belichick and coughlin like to think of themselves as above it all, but at the end of the day they are in the same profession as lady gaga

  2. I bet you are right that they are doing this to avoid Hard Knocks. It makes sense if you really are against doing the show.

  3. HBO is paying the league and players really good money to do this show. Teams need to quit crying about it and do it. Afterwards you don’t have to do it again for a very long time.

  4. Goodell wishes other franchises were more like the Giants, Steelers, etc…

  5. Much ado about nothing. Teams point the camera at some useless corner of the room, where maybe some low level scout may sit there for a while and eat a sandwich.

    Certainly not pointed at a draft board, and any phone calls or discussion or animated conversations (if there are any) are done out of the camera’s range somewhere in the room, or in any number of other rooms or areas the team have.

    I really don’t know what the NFL or fans think will happen in that room, even an active one, that will provide anything of entertaining value.

  6. Mara, Reese, Coughlin on draft night is good television. Just an occasional glimpse works. Big draft for Reese.

  7. They should stick some cameras on Eli Manning, see what makes him throw all those picks…. In two seasons since winning the Super Bowl, Eli has thrown 44 TD’s to 42 interceptions, with 4 fumbles….. AWFUL Call Eli Manning, Joe Flacco but slightly better. This guy has lost it, and the good years have passed the Giants by, they had quite the run, but enjoy the dumpster for the foreseeable future.

  8. Bring back Lorenzen, instant HBO hit for hard knocks. Not to mention he’d start over Eli.

  9. Hard Knocks will never be forced on to the Giants, just like all anti-Giant posts always get deleted. The Giants are from New York, just like the league offices, so nothing bad or adversarial will ever be posted about them. If this post doesn’t get deleted, I’ll be amazed.

  10. Based on that pic, you just can’t deny Caughlin his shot on the big screen.

  11. If any camera crew are late…$250 fine. If a cell phone goes off at any time…$250 fine. I don’t guess anyone will fall asleep but if they do…suspension!

  12. The only thing missing from the picture with this article is Jerry Reese asking Tom Coughlin if he wants a final cigarette and a blindfold.

  13. As great of a product as they produce, sometimes I hate the NFL. The league should not force teams into appearing on ‘Hard Knocks’ or bully them into letting cameras into their draft rooms or locker rooms with the threat of being picked for the show. Goodell and the NFL won’t rest until the NFL is a 12 month show.

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