Jonathan Stewart is learning to crawl, walk, then run


This offseason is different for Panthers running back Jonathan Stewart.

He can actually work out this year.

Stewart is trying to push through two injury marred seasons, and has taken on some new methods in an effort to do so.

“I’m 27. Even though I’ve been banged up and still working through some kinks, the way I look at life is you have to look at the positive,” Stewart told Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review. “The positive right now is that last year at this time I wasn’t working out and right now I’m working out.”

Stewart was actually remarkably durable early in his career, missing just two games his first four seasons. But he’s missed 18 the last two, with offseason surgery on both ankles last offseason and a knee sprain last year that cost him a playoff appearance.

Stewart’s doing yoga three times a week to work on flexibility, and has worked with a group called ADAPT Training, which treats him like a baby, breaking movements down into their most primary units.

“Babies climb on things. Babies learn how to walk. They crawl. They walk sideways. It really forces your body to learn how to function properly. Stuff like that really helped get me back into the rhythm of things working out,” Stewart said. “As of right now, the things I’m doing, I’m doing pretty well, . . . But football is totally different from just training and running around.”

Stewart benefits from being one of those players who cost more to cut than keep (even after a pay cut), so the Panthers are going to hope he returns. When well, he’s proven himself effective. Staying that way lately is the bigger challenge.


11 responses to “Jonathan Stewart is learning to crawl, walk, then run

  1. Update: Since the writing of this article Jonathan has injured himself and will miss at least the preseason. On another note, his salary is fully guaranteed.

  2. If I was making millions for doing basically no work in the last 2 years I’m pretty sure I could also find the “positives”.

  3. Vikesr4reel: way to seize an opportunity to randomly throw Cam under the bus for no reason.
    I like the joke, it had me laughing all the way to the playoffs last year and I specifically thought the week 6 games against the Vikings was a real knee slapper.

  4. I love fans who second guess injured players. Most players work
    very hard to avoid injury. Stewart is a tough guy who has always played hard. I’m sure he doesn’t like being injured. Most fans have no clue.

  5. Don’t mock yoga. It really helps with flexibility, core strength, and back issues. After 4 months of doing yoga my back pain is non-existent. Plus being in a class full of flexible hot yoga chicks is a bonus.

  6. I think Carolina might be the last team to ever invest such a large amount of money in 2 running backs on the same team.

  7. What isn’t noted in the mention of Stewart only missing 2 games his first 4 years is that he almost never practiced due to those bum ankles, but always managed to be ready on game day. The last 2 years, the injuries stretched into the games. He has never been fully healthy in any of his 6 seasons. With DeAngelo now over 30 and due for a major production drop, we need Stewart this year. But if he’s healthy, he and Tolbert, along with a few runs by Cam, could give us a league-best backfield.

  8. Stewart is made of glass. The language in his contract should have forbidden yoga, but Hurney was too busy giving him the most plush RB contract in history. Counting the day’s down until the Panthers are out from under this bum’s contract.

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