Lions’ G.M.: We’re not trying to trade Ndamukong Suh


Lions General Manager Martin Mayhew says defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh is staying in Detroit.

Amid talk that Suh could be traded, Mayhew said today that he isn’t involved in trade talks surrounding Suh.

Mayhew did say that one team called him in January to inquire about whether Suh might be available, and that Mayhew said no.

Of course, teams often claim that they’re not trying to trade a player right up until the point when they trade that player. So just because Mayhew says now that he’s not working on a trade doesn’t mean there won’t be a trade.

But even if the Lions are willing to trade Suh, that doesn’t mean they could find a trade partner. As the Buccaneers discovered when they tried to trade Darrelle Revis, trading a highly paid player isn’t easy. And with Suh due to make $12.55 million in 2014 and due to hit free agency in 2015, it would be difficult to move him. Even if the Lions wanted to, which they say they don’t.

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  1. History tells me that when you come out and say you’re not trying to trade a player, you are trying to trade that player.

  2. Vikes shut this guy down every time they play him!
    Hope they keep him forever.
    Non-factor player, but fun watching his head spin when AP runs by him!!

  3. There are a few teams who have significant cap space that are well below the 89% threshold that needs to be met over a 4 year period. Perhaps a team with a lot of space can justify a high price filling contract in order to add a unique major impact player that they didn’t have before. Not every team can spend all the cap space that they are required to spend on only mediocre players. There is plenty of room for an occasional large contract here and there.

    And if the Lions are in a weak negotiating position with Suh and he’s looking for top dollar which the team isn’t in a comfortable position to offer in addition to him maybe not wanting to be here, then I would think it wouldn’t be that much of a challenge to trade him since other teams can afford to take on his contract a little easier and find him to be more valuable for their team.

    Detroit might be able to come out ahead by moving him. Did Mayhew immediately say no to the other team when they called, or did he ask what they were offering first, and what would that team offer? I’d like to know, it might be critical information if there isn’t a way to come to terms on a deal for him to remain with the team!

  4. He’s not trading Suh b/c no one wants Suh at that price. Aside from being overpaid & overrated he’s far from a team first guy.

  5. “we’re not trying to trade Suh” is a very different statement than “we will not trade Suh”

  6. Suh is a guy that should bring a lot in return if he is traded. If the Lions aren’t offered a substantial amount it would make sense to figure out a way to keep him. Then again, he is going to be wanting a lot of money in his next contract and I am not sure it would be smart to cave to his

  7. “…Mayhew said today that he isn’t involved in trade talks surrounding Suh.” As of that day, that hour, that minute and that second he wasn’t talking about a trade, however he didn’t say he didn’t talk about it the day before and he doesn’t say he won’t discuss it tomorrow. GM’s specialize in not accurately answering questions and in giving misleading information to whoever will listen, especially this time of year. There have been more GM “quotes” in the last week than in the three months before. After the media told us most of what they get two weeks before the draft is garbage and meant to mislead other teams, they still report every word the GM’s say. Perhaps every column should end with “but we believe this is BS, but we have to report something.”

  8. Nod, nod…wink, wink!
    Yup…HAS to be in process and they’re trying to nudge up his value

  9. Weasel words. The Lions are not TRYING to trade Suh; it doesn’t mean they aren’t PLANNING to trade him on Thursday night when a team ahead of them is on the clock.

  10. Isn’t that exactly what Chip said about DeSean a few months ago? Smoke and mirrors… Don’t believe anything coaches and GMs say this time of year.

  11. Think of how many Lions fans would need to get their WWE fix on Thanksgiving elsewhere if they didn’t get to see the annual Suh stomp/cheapshot fest on Turkey Day… no way they trade him.

  12. Key word here is “trying”. Entertaining…maybe, contemplating…perhaps, trying, no way

  13. laugh at the Vikings fan who thinks they stop any1. worst team in America with the worst gm. I can see vikes drafting manziel and being a bust. not much they do right. lol

  14. His exact words were somebody called in January giving them a lowball bid he shot it down immediately ….we are not going to trade Suh

  15. Trade him. Get another first round pick for him. He’s a garbage human being who will never learn his lesson regarding how to behave like an adult in the NFL.

  16. He has that “Raider Mentality” of the past. I think he belongs in a place close to home in the north west. Frisco, Seattle, Oakland…… I think it will happen. If not this year, next for sure. Detroit deserves someone committed to Detroit. Period.

  17. I love reading comments when a Suh article comes out. Most of these people only know what Sportscenter shows. They can’t WANT to trade him, because then they get nothing. They would have to be willing to take on a contract of someone in return, which they aren’t.

    Suh will ride out his contract in Detroit and then book outta town. That’s what this whole agent thing was about this winter.

  18. It will probably never happen, but imagine if they traded Suh to Tampa for the Bucs #7 overall pick! Can you imagine the havoc that Suh and Gerald McCoy could wreak in opposing back fields?

  19. First off any team can afford him. His cap hit is low. The lions have to carry most of the hit since it is deferred money. I thnk the new team woukd only show 3 mil cap hit in a suh trade. Lions only get 3 mil in relief. The issue is the return wouldnt be worth it since lions would need to draft his replacement in rd 1 or 2 and they wont get a high pick for a guy with a expiring contract at dt.

  20. Just let him go before he assaults another player on the field. Nobody wants to trade for a criminal.

  21. Didn’t the Eagles say the same thing about DeSean Jackson…before it was crystal clear they were trying to get rid of them

  22. Sun is the dirtiest player ever that I can remember. When he stomped that Green Bay player on the ground he (Suh) should have been banned from the NFL forever.

  23. I would love for Jets to get Suh, but I dunno how it works out for 3-4 defense, which suh plays 4-3 def DT.. and Jets pretty loaded with Richardson, M0 Wilkerson, and Harrison.. I guess Suh can play DE while Richardson moves up to outside Rush OLB.. it would be EPIC and INSANE to see how those 3-4 players wreck offense every game days!

    Jets still ranked highest cap room, and have room for Suh, like I said, only if he fits in the 3-4 Def… I’m so sad =(

  24. They rode endomikong all the way to the playoffs last yea…..the year befo…..well they won the wild car….

    I hope they keep him 4ever

  25. Can someone seriously fill me in on why Suhs extension is taking so long? I really dont see why an extension is taking months. Someone fill me in.

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