Nantz believes Lombardi orchestrated near trade for Harbaugh

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After the Browns hired Mike Lombardi to serve as the team’s G.M., Jim Nantz of CBS provided a spirited defense of Lombardi against those who in the Cleveland media who claimed he was unfit for a job that he held for barely a year.

Now, Nantz has shed more light on the negotiations that nearly resulted in 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh coaching the Browns.

“I’ve never had this discussion with Mike.  But, you know, this whole thing about Jim Harbaugh being entertained by the Browns . .  . you know that was Mike being the one trying to execute that,” Nantz told Tony Grossi of  “That’s one of his closest friends, Jim and John Harbaugh.  [Jim was] first brought into the NFL by Mike Lombardi.  That was a real out-of-the-box move, just like the [Brian] Hoyer thing.  That actually had a pulse. I think that was closer than we ever . . . .  Can you imagine had they pulled that one off?”

Nantz pointed out that Lombardi’s son, Micky, serves as Jim Harbaugh’s personal assistant.  And all that that implies.

Ultimately, it resulted in nothing.  But as time passes it becomes more and more clear that there was much more to the story — despite the aggressive, knee-jerk, categorical denial the 49ers initially leaked to NFL Media.

Of course, look for Nantz to now backpedal on his remarks, like he recently did after suggesting the Cowboys will do whatever it takes to say “hello, friend” to Johnny Manziel.

19 responses to “Nantz believes Lombardi orchestrated near trade for Harbaugh

  1. Stick to be a boring commentator.
    Egad, you are over so exposed and ruin the Masters with your hello friends, crap.

  2. Haslam did the best thing we could have hoped for…he fired Lombardi and Banner!

    Go Browns!!!

  3. if the Brown’s were gonna overpay for harbaugh, why wouldn’t the 49ers entertain it. harbaugh is one of the best coaches in the league, anyone can be bought. I love how the haters are like oh, the 49ers are trying to trade harbaugh. of course if Lombardi calls and says I want harbaugh, of course baalke is gonna say, well what do you got.

  4. Did anyone else read this as: “Mike Lombardi is my friend and he’s a really nice guy, he’s special and doggone it people like him. He almost gets stuff done. Could someone please please give him another GM job, I can’t promise you wouldn’t regret it but its the nice thing to do!”

  5. Nantz doesn’t exactly have NFL cred…and as such he should stick to golf, for which he relies on Sir Nick way too much. BL: nobody cares, Jim.

  6. “I’ve never had this discussion with Mike”… So his comments are pure speculation.

  7. Trade Colin and Coach Harbaugh to Cleveland for the Manziel pick.

    Johnny Manziel is authentic and will be good from day one.

    Hire Brian Billick. He has a Super Bowl ring. And is very sharp and very mature, and does not embarrass 49er fans like the current coach.

  8. “That’s one of his closest friends, Jim and John Harbaugh.”

    Someone should tell Nantz they are two different people.

  9. Dumbturdi is too stupid to engineer this kind of deal. His hands are full fetching lattes and snacks for the NE coaching staff!

  10. Nantz is now an authority of the NFL and its doings. To bad he did not bring up the Pats cheating.

  11. It was either on Bull and Fox or Baskin and Phelps, where I lost all respect for nantz.

    He is really tight with Dumbardi, and he said some downright disrespectful things about Browns fans, in regards to their displeasure with having to deal with that idiot as the Browns GM.

    I know he’s friends with him, but he was calling nonsupporters idiots.

    A year later, who was wrong nantzy boy?

    Dumbardi is terrible and you are a fool.

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